Mikey , Ms. Stark Ch. 02

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The other club members encouraged him to continue his tale. He took a swallow from his glass and stretched a little, then leaned forward to continue.

“Well, I am glad you are all enjoying my little story. Your enthusiasm has inspired me to keep spinning the tale. Everyone refresh your drinks, take a break and when you return there will be more for you to hear.”

Everyone did just that, getting more coffee or wine, stepping outside for some air or using the facilities. They all returned and gathered ’round again and the man started the next chapter in the story of Mikey and Ms. Stark…


The next day was Saturday. It’s a good thing it was, too, considering how much energy Mikey and Ms. Stark expended through the night. The both needed time to recuperate. Ms. Stark was laying on her side, behind Mikey who was also on his. With her arm over his waist she clutched him against her like a child might clutch her favourite teddy bear.

Mikey woke up in this clutch and immediately panicked. He went rigid with fear and shivered. His trembling woke his teacher, who immediately snuggled closer and rubbed his stomach while whispering softly into his ear, “It’s allright, Michael. Everything is allright.” The warm embrace, coupled with the soothing tone of her voice, was enough to calm him. It wasn’t his vile mother trying to take advantage of him or his violent father who had come to hurt him. It was Ms. Stark, his teacher, who would protect him. He nestled more firmly back against her and they both sighed in relief.

Mikey felt safe. He could not remember ever feeling safe like this before. He put his hand over his teacher’s and relaxed, bathing in the warmth and feeling of safety.

Ms. Stark felt needed. As a teacher she often felt taken for granted, helpless and generally that her talents were wasted. She would try to help her students, both scholastically and personally when needed, but generally got the cold shoulder. Her stern demeanor was probably the reason, she thought to herself. This felt different. She had made an immediate and significant difference in this boy’s life, a change for the better. It felt good.

The things they had done last night also felt good. Oh, and how! She was surprised to find she felt no guilt regarding her seduction of her lovely student, and why should she? They had both enjoyed themselves immensely. She idly reminisced as she lay against Mikey while feeling a barrier fade away. She wondered what other barriers he might inspire him to break.

Then that annoying responsibility kicked in. She had taken a boy in need into her home and now she had to take care of him and in more ways that just sexually. For instance, he needed new clothes. When she appropriated him from his parents he had only his schoolbooks, backpack and the clothes he wore. That would hardly be enough.

“Good morning, Michael,” she whispered softly into his ear, “how did you sleep?” Michael turned onto his back and Ms. Stark caressed his cheek. Michael smiled and said, “Good. I slept really well. I don’t think I ever slept so well.”

“Well, I am glad you find my bed so comfortable. I would very much enjoy lying here with you all day, but I fear we must get up now. We have things to do today?”

“We do? Like what?”

“Well, young man, you can’t wear the same clothes every day. We will have to get you some new ones. I also think it is time for a haircut. You look like you mother cut your hair.”

“She did. She said it wasn’t worth spending the money on for something she could do for free.”

“Well, your mother obviously is not a trained hairstylist. We’ll get you a nice cut that suits you. Then we will see about some new glasses. Those ones make you look like a fly.”

Mikey lay there with her, wishing he could stay there. “Ma’am, can’t we stay just a little longer?” Ms. Stark shook her head. “No, Michael. The day is wasting, time to rise.” The boy sighed and rolled out of bed, stretching as he stood. His manhood was flaccid, dangling between his legs almost to his knees. He had to steady himself on the nightstand as a wave of dizziness washed over him. He needed his medication to counter his low blood pressure, but first he needed to pee! The morning was the only time he was soft enough to do it. Soon after he took his medication he’d be “up” for the rest of the day and night.

He took a moment to gaze upon the beautiful, voluptuous form of his teacher. Her long, dark hair contrasted her milky white skin. Her luscious curves, long legs and supple waist were a boy’s dream! He couldn’t believe she had taken him in like she did. Not only that, she hadn’t run away screaming when she saw the size of his penis. Instead, she had adored it and used it to bring about great pleasure to both of them. He smiled at the memory, wondering if he’d imagined it all. Then he turned and trudged into the bathroom.

Ms. Stark had to stifle an undignified giggle as she watched Sinop Escort him walk away. The way his dick dangled, waving back and forth as he walked was hypnotic and could have put her into a sensual trance had she not also enjoyed the view of his cute little butt. She spun to face the edge of the bed and sat up, then gasped. That hurt! Oh did her ass ever hurt! She considered the side of the cock that had jack hammered into it the night before and shook her head. How had it ever fit? No wonder she was so sore! She quickly stood up and immediately had to open her legs. That hurt too! Oh no! How could she leave the house if just closing her legs was painful? And her pussy was so strained! She took a few minutes and slowly, bit-by-bit, inched her thighs shut. It hurt, but she would just have to endure it. After all, it would be very undignified to walk about all bowlegged all day long.

She stumbled into the bathroom with the very bowlegged walk she feared and hoped the pain would fade soon. Mikey was just flushing the toilet and he turned to face her as she entered. He took one look at her tight face and said, “Ma’am, are you allright?”

“I’m fine,” she whimpered, “I’m just a little bit…overdone.” She blushed an impressive shade of crimson as she remembered riding Mikey’s mammoth meat over and over again the night before. Seeing it dangling again, she was unsurprised at how sore she’d gotten. What had gotten into her, using the boy so shamelessly like that?

This wasn’t fair! That deific dick had given her more pleasure than anything she had ever felt before. Considering how much she hurt today, she probably would not be able to fuck him again for days! Well, she’d just have to get used to it, she supposed. Still, she was unsure what was worse, not being able to make use of her new favourite toy or the agony that came after such use. That cock begged to be fucked and she couldn’t perform. She felt so inadequate.

Mikey took his medication, and then turned on the shower, setting it nice and hot. He stepped into the tub, carefully holding the side so he wouldn’t get dizzy again and fall. Ms. Stark followed him in, also holding the side of the tub, though for an altogether different and more painful reason.

The two washed up, taking their time and enjoying the luxurious warmth of the water. As they showered, Ms. Stark said, “I will make an appointment for you with Mrs. Cratt. She is a friend of mine and an excellent seamstress. I think that, considering your rather impressive manhood, you will need a custom fit. She will take good care of you. Also I will make an appointment for you with Gail, my hairstylist. She will undo the damage your mother has done to your hair. Lastly, I will make an appointment for you with an optometrist. If you need new glasses we might as well see if you need a new prescription to go with it. That will have to be tomorrow, however. There is only so much time in the day.”

Mikey was aghast! Custom clothes, a professional haircut and new glasses. “Ma’am, that sure sounds like an awful lot of money to spend on just me.”

Tut,” she replied, “These are all necessities. You let me worry about the cost.” It would cost a lot, but she could probably get a deal with her friend Mrs. Cratt. They had known each other for a long time. Mrs. Cratt had been a widow for the past three years. Her husband had died in a car accident and she had seen nobody since. Perhaps she could offer her something other than money. After all, three years was an awfully long time to be celibate.” As for Gail, Ms. Stark was certain she could make an alternative arrangement with her.

As she thought about these possibilities a twinge of guilt rose within her. Was she really considering trading Michael’s services for goods? Would he even go for it? Would Mrs. Cratt or Gail? Well, Gail certainly would, but Mrs. Cratt might not. Surely three years was long enough that she would be tempted.


Two hours later breakfast had been served, the dishes washed, dried and put away and the appointments made. The Teacher and student arrived at Mrs. Cratt’s shop. Mrs. Cratt was a thirty three year old woman with a sad demeanor. It was plain how she missed her husband. Ms. Stark felt for her great loss, wishing she could ease her friend’s suffering. Perhaps she could. Soon she would find out.

“Good morning, Eleanor,” chimed Mrs. Cratt. She stepped up and embraced her friend, then looked at the boy. “You must be Michael. Ms. Stark has used many kind words when she told me about you.” She had a warm, deep voice, the kind that instantly puts children at ease. It put Mikey at ease too.

Mikey blushed and smiled. He took a good look at the seamstress. She was not an unattractive woman. She had long, platinum blonde hair that was braided and went down to her knees. Her face was soft and rounded, adding to the impression of warmness. She stood about five feet tall and had a natural thickness to Sinop Escort Bayan her. She was not fat by any stretch of the imagination; she just had a large structure. She dressed in a manner that hid her femininity, however, as if she did not want people to notice. Ever since her husband had died she had dressed that way. She wore a plain, green dress shirt and a plain, brown full-length skirt. She looked very huggable.

“Michael needs a fitting,” said Ms. Stark, her Victorian accent contrasting with Mrs. Cratt’s warm, inviting voice. “He needs a full dresser and closet full of clothes as fast as you can make them.”

“I see,” responded the seamstress, “then let’s get to it. Michael, remove your sweater and shoes and we will get started.”

Mikey paled and stepped back a little, obviously not happy with the idea of taking off his sweater. It was the only thing that hid his incredible cock-size. Ms. Stark put a hand on his shoulder and knowingly said, “It’s allright, Michael. Do as she says.” Her voice was at once soothing and commanding and Mikey was unable to resist a command. Nearly two decades of abuse had made him very pliable. He exhaled slowly and first took off his shoes, then timidly lifted his sweater over his head.

Mrs. Cratt twitched when she saw the outline of Mikey’s humungous cock under his shirt. Holy heaven above! Her friend had warned her that he had an impressive penis size, but who ever could have imagined this? It was hard, too! This wasn’t a cock, it was a baseball bat!

Mrs. Cratt stood there, twitching a little, then hesitantly said, “Please take off your shirt, Michael. I will get better measurements that way.” It wasn’t really necessary, of course. She just really wanted to see that wonderful tool, had to see if it was real!

Mikey reluctantly did as told after looking at Ms. Stark, who nodded to him reassuringly. He unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the floor. “Now your trousers,” said his teacher in that soothing yet commanding voice. Mikey unbuckled his belt, and then removed his pants. Ms. Stark herself pulled down his underwear. Mikey stood there and let her, trembling fearfully. Why was she making him do this? Why was Ms. Stark forcing him to expose his freakish dick to this total stranger? Why was she smirking?

Mrs. Cratt stood there motionlessly staring at his pulsing dick. It was amazing! So hard…so…gargantuan! She stood there for a full minute just staring before her will broke. She could not resist taking her tape measure to it. She wrapped the tape measure around his cock’s base, measuring the circumference. Twelve inches around! Then she drew it out along his length. Sixteen inches! “Oh…my…god,” she exclaimed in a whisper!

Mikey slumped and felt completely humiliated. Ms. Stark, whom he had trusted to protect him, had just forced him to display his most reviled feature to this woman! Ms. Stark noticed his silent yet plain suffering and felt like a first class heel. Why did the boy so hate his wonderful cock? It was a marvel. A treasure. He should be proud of it and she was determined to help him become so. She leaned down and whispered in his ear, “I need you to trust me, Michael. I am your teacher and have only your best interest at heart. Your cock is a gift and you should be proud of it, not embarrassed by it. Look how Mrs. Cratt stares at it. She’s in awe and rightly so! Your cock is an awesome thing!”

Mikey looked at Mrs. Cratt, absorbing the expression she had on her face. He watched her reach her hand to it, kneeling in front of him, and touch it, as if wanting to make sure it was real. He watched her shiver as she started to stroke it and started to wonder if Ms. Stark was right.

Mrs. Cratt lovingly caressed the incredible cock in front of her, reverently running her hand slowly up and down its length. She thought about her husband, about her three years of mourning. Gods, it still hurt to this day when she thought about her loss…but three years was a long time! “I’m sorry, Richard,” she said to herself, referring to her husband. “Lord knows I love and miss you. I know I said I would never have another man, but please forgive me. I need this!”

Ms. Stark smiled at her and said, “Remember that offer I said I had for you on the phone? This is it. The full use of Michael’s cock in exchange for custom fit clothes on a one use for one piece basis. What do you think?”

Mrs. Cratt nodded as she looked at the massive meat. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. “Yes…yes, a deal…but I can’t…it’s too big. I have to work up to it. Give me a week. I will make as many pieces as I can in that time while I…prepare. Then I will collect. Please?”

Ms. Stark nodded, accepting the offer. “We have a deal. You know where I live. Come by in a week with the clothes and you may collect your fee.” Mrs. Cratt stroked the big, thick cock in front of her as if shaking her friend’s hand. She wasn’t sure who got the better bargain.


As Escort Sinop she drove to the salon, Ms. Stark thought about what she had just done. She had just offered her student to her friend in exchange for goods. The implications hit her suddenly. She was a pimp! She had just pimped her darling Michael! For some reason, though she thought she should feel guilty, she didn’t. Instead she felt POWEFUL! She liked this feeling. She liked the idea of controlling whom Michael had sex with. Her heart raced as she realized this and a wicked grin creased her lips all the way to the salon.

Mikey’s thoughts were pounding in his head. Ms. Stark had rescued him from his domestic nightmare, removing him from the house of his evil parents and taken him into her home She was getting him new clothes and more…but she had basically traded him to Mrs. Cratt! He wasn’t sure what to think of this. On the one side, he was humiliated. He felt like he had no control of his own body. On the other hand, he felt he owed Ms. Stark. How could he deny her demands when she was taking care of him, letting him live in her apartment rent-free? Besides, it’s not like sex felt bad! Mrs. Cratt was attractive, too. Not as gorgeous as Ms. Stark, but definitely the opposite of ugly.

He remembered how his cock had entranced Mrs. Cratt, staring at and stroking it with that look on her face. The same look his dad gave the beer in the fridge or that his mom gave new shoes. It was a look of desire. Mrs. Cratt desired his cock! She wasn’t reviled by it! This was a revelation. For possibly the first time ever, Mikey felt attractive!


Mikey sat in the salon chair as the hairdresser worked on his hair. He looked at her in the mirror. She looked like a bleached blonde bimbo! She was the same height as him, five foot six inches tall. She wore a tight sweater that formed snugly over her C cup breasts and tapered along her waist. Her hips flared out and made her pants look like they were painted on. With her slim frame and ample curves she looked like a model, or she would have if her make up job had not screamed out slut!

Ms. Stark watched as the boy’s hair was expertly shaped and chatted to kill time. “So, Gail, I imagine you’re still the party girl, hmmm?”

“Oh, you know it!”

“Are you still the man eater?”

“Oh, hell yeah!” Gail giggled and said, “You know my motto: “love ‘em and leave ‘em when ya find one better.”

“Until you find the right man?”

“I’m more interested in right now! As long as he’s got what I need, he’s the right now man.” She giggled as is she was a true blonde. “A nice hunk who’s nicely hung and I’m in dreamland!”

Ms. Stark grinned. Gail was pretty open about her sex life. She loved to talk about it at length. She didn’t think much of Gail’s lifestyle choice, but who was she to judge, really? Besides, she was a very good hairdresser. “Well, I imagine you have yet to meet the man big enough for you. Last time you told me you prefer getting fisted to actual sex.”

“Mmmmm. Oh god yes! No cock can ever compare to a nice, balled up fist. I get stretched sooo good!”

“Well, I don’t know about that. That depends on the penis in question.”

“Oh, come on, Eleanor, we both know that there’s no such thing as a fist sized cock!”

Ms. Stark merely grinned. Gail was crude, but she knew what she liked. “Actually…” She let her voice trail off. Gail took the bait, stopping cutting Mikey’s hair as she turned to look at Ms. Stark. “What? You haven’t seen one like that have you?” Ms. Stark’s grin widened, displaying her gritted teeth. Gail begged, “HAVE YOU? If you have, you have to tell me! You have to introduce me!”

“Gail, meet Michael.”

Gail looked back at Mikey in the mirror. This little twerp was the one? HE had the fist- sized cock? No way! No…freaking…way! “You gotta be kidding me!”

“Not at all. In fact, he was measured this morning. He is sixteen inches long and twelve inches around.” Ms. Stark watched Gail begin to drool as she looked over Mikey’s shoulder, trying to see. “I might even let you try it…if it’s worth my while.”

“Babe, if you provide it I’ll give ya both free hair service and products!” Gail finished up the haircut then spun the boy’s chair around. “Don’t keep me waiting, take it out?”

Mikey looked over his shoulder at Ms. Stark, who was locking the door and closing the blinds. “Go ahead, Michael,” she said, “Do as she asked.” Mikey sighed and stood up, then undressed. Gail’s eyes bulged when she saw the colossal cock waving in front of her. “Oh…my…GOD,” she exclaimed! “Boy, I am gonna ride you hard and put you away wet! I’m gonna use your cock like…”

“MY cock,” exclaimed Ms. Stark as she cut the hairdresser off. “It’s mine! I own it. You are merely…renting it.”

“Whatever. As long as I get to use it!” Gail hurriedly shuffled out of her clothes, completely unashamed of her nakedness, or of the fact that Ms. Stark was watching. She got down on all fours and shouted, “Hard and rough, dick-boy! Ram that cock up my cunt! Gimme all you got and don’t be gentle about it!”

Mikey again looked at Ms. Stark while Gail waved her ass in the air invitingly. “Ma’am? You really want me to?”

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