Milk from My Neighbor Ch. 02

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AN: Thanks for all the votes and comments. In Chapter 1, neighbors Sam and Kaye fell in love and got married. They are now expecting a baby. This chapter can stand alone but it’s better if you’ve read the 1st chapter. It’s a fetish story and a love story as well. This is a work of fiction.


“Honey, I’m home!”

Sam entered the apartment, carrying his briefcase and two bags of groceries. He laid them on the floor, then removed his coat and hung it. It was mid-October and the days were becoming chilly.

“In the kitchen, sweetie!” answered Kaye, his beautiful, pregnant wife.

He walked to the kitchen, bringing the bags of groceries. His wife was at the sink, preparing something. He paused for a moment, leaning against the kitchen wall to enjoy the sight. She was wearing a jeans miniskirt and a figure hugging green T-shirt. From behind, one would not know that she was pregnant since she still retained her luscious figure. What a sight to come home to! he thought.

She somehow sensed his presence and turned. A smile lit up her face, exposing her dimples on both cheeks. He laid the grocery bag on the floor and approached her, then gave her a deep, satisfying kiss. What a welcome! I must be the luckiest guy in the world. he mused.

As they kissed, he caressed her belly, feeling the new life within. She was five months pregnant, and her belly was rounding up nicely. He felt that the top buttons of her skirt were unbuttoned due to her expanding abdomen. It didn’t matter since he thought that his wife was sexier than ever and they were both excited to see their new baby.

After the kiss, she rested her head on his shoulder as he caressed her back and feathered light kisses on her ears and on the side of her neck. Her long, wavy auburn hair was caught up in a pony tail and left her neck exposed. Her light lavender scent was driving him crazy, and was causing the blood to rise to his member.

“Mmm… that’s nice….” Kaye murmured. “But save some for later, and don’t give me a hickey. I have to work tomorrow and I don’t want to have to cover it.” With that, she squeezed his semi-erect cock lightly, then moved away from his arms, albeit with a teasing smile.

Boy, I sure hope I’m gonna get some tonight, he thought.

“Did you get the groceries, hon?” asked Kay.

“Yup, everything in your list, including the baby wipes and diapers, size L.” He laid his purchases proudly on the table.

“Thanks. Could you feed Micki while I put these away?” She gave him the plastic bowl containing the baby’s food, then turned to arrange the groceries.

Taking the bowl, he said, “Sure, hon,” then walked towards the baby girl seated on the high chair. “How’s my little princess? Were you a good girl for grandma today?”

“Dada!” said baby Micki, as she waved her chubby arms and legs.

He set the bowl down, then picked up the one year old girl to turn her around, and gave blowing kisses to her face, neck and shoulders. Little Micki cooed and giggled as she enjoyed her stepfather’s antics.

Kaye paused for a moment to observe Sam play with Micki. I’m glad that Sam loves Micki so much, she thought. Micki was her child with her first husband Mike, her high school sweetheart who was killed in Iraq one and a half years ago. Micki was six months old when she started her relationship with Sam.

Sam and Kaye were neighbors and lived on the same floor of the apartment building. One evening, she invited him for a meal and they ended up sharing more than just food. He later moved in with her, and two months after, they got married. Now she was pregnant again and awaiting the birth of their child.

One of the reasons for her attraction to Samuel Whitfield was his affection for her baby. He genuinely cared for Micki and often played with her. Ever since he moved in, they shared the household chores as well as diaper duties. He liked to take care of the baby and was shaping up to be a good father. The adoption papers were being processed and soon Micki would be a Whitfield as well.

Sam and she never really “dated”; they knew each other casually as neighbors then they just drifted together. She was lonely and insecure as a young widow, while he was a shy, geeky programmer. He had a self-deprecating sense of humor, and was surprisingly a great lover.

Once, in the throes of lovemaking, she asked him how he got his “experience”, and he answered with an evil grin, “A gentleman never tells,” then proceeded to eat her pussy to orgasm. After her sexual high, she forgot all about it as he went on top of her and pounded her to bliss. He made her body sing with joy and could give her multiple orgasms. Her first husband Mike was a considerate lover but they were both inexperienced and were each other’s firsts.

One evening, in the midst of giving him a blowjob, she was able to extract the secret from him. He mentioned that in college, he tutored girls in some math and science classes, and engaged in the occasional fling. He had several “friends Kurtköy Escort with benefits” and they all had parted amicably after college. He didn’t have a serious girlfriend until Denise, a co-worker in the Accounting department of his firm. That relationship ended badly since he found out that Denise was involved with another guy. Since then, he only dated casually until he got together with Kaye.

For Sam, he considered being with Kaye the best thing that ever happened to him in his twenty-five years. He was shy around girls and during high school, he was with the brainy crowd and was never taken seriously by the popular girls. He popped his cherry during prom night with Jackie, a friend who agreed to be his prom date. They were lab partners and liked each other’s company. They both didn’t want to go to the prom dateless, so they ended up going with each other.

After the party, they went to Millhouse creek in his hometown and sat beneath the stars. He brought a blanket for the occasion, and soon they were feeling each other up. They lost their virginities to each other, but both felt that that the experience was nothing special. They agreed that there were no sparks between them, and decided to continue on as friends.

Jackie and he went to separate colleges and he majored in computers. It was during his college days that he was able to explore his sexual skills as there were many girls who were available for the taking and who didn’t mind his geekiness. Jackie studied chemistry in college and he still got an occasional email from her as she pursued her graduate degree in Biochemistry.

Sam paused from his musing as he coaxed Micki to eat the mashed food. “C’mon, princess, open up!” he said.

As he loosened his tie and fed Micki, he marvelled at the love that he felt for the baby and her mother. Micki was a tiny replica of Kaye, with her auburn curls and dimples. Her eyes were blue, unlike Micki’s grey ones. Micki inherited her eyes from her dad Mike, Kaye’s first husband.

He was sometimes still surprised at the attraction that they felt during that first dinner together a few months ago. She was way beyond him in the looks department; she was a cheerleader in high school and her first husband was a jock.

He knew that he was no Mr. Hyde, but he wasn’t a Brad Pitt or George Clooney type either. He was just an average looking guy, and felt lucky that a girl as hot as Kaye was in love with him. Even now that Kaye was pregnant and hadn’t lost the weight from her first pregnancy, she was more attractive in his eyes.

He never liked the anorexic types that Hollywood was continually feeding the public; he preferred girls with meat on their bones. He knew that during the start of their relationship, Kaye felt insecure about her added weight, so he immediately let his appreciation for her curves be known.

After he finished feeding the baby, he saw that Kaye had already prepared their dinner on the table. The two adults sat down to eat while Micki watched them from her high chair.


Sam sat on the couch, listening to the news while he waited for his wife to join him. He had cleaned up after their dinner, while Kaye was still settling the baby down for the night. She was probably breastfeeding Micki before her bedtime. He smacked his lips in anticipation of his night time treat.

As Micki was eating solid food as well, Kaye was now producing more milk than the baby could consume, and he was happy to suck the additional supply. He had happily been doing it since he got together with Kaye; he was now addicted to the taste of the sweet offering from her breasts.

Kaye walked to the sofa and sat at the opposite end of it. She leaned on the armrest, then placed her feet on Sam’s lap. Sam played with her feet, all the while hearing about the results of the recent debate of Democrat candidates for the presidency. He had learned that Kaye liked foot massages, they often made her horny and they ended up having great sex afterwards. It was a win-win situation; her feet felt good and he got laid.

He started with the pads of her foot. He also massaged her toes and appreciated her toenails which were covered with red polish. He never thought of himself as a foot fetishist, but early on, he discovered that he enjoyed watching Kaye as she applied nail polish on her toenails. Hell, he enjoyed everything that she did to her body. His expert hands then paid special attention to her instep, then her heels, ankles and calves.

“Ohh… that feels good,” said Kaye. “You sure know how to press my buttons, Sammy.”

He knew that he was doing the right thing when she called him “Sammy”. She only called him that when they were in the bedroom and she was feeling horny or exceedingly sweet.

He repeated the procedure on the other foot, earning sighs of appreciation from Kaye, then ended by caressing her right calf. Kaye’s other foot was by now teasing his dick, causing an erection beneath his slacks.

He proceeded to rain light Maltepe Escort kisses on her calves, going up to her thighs. He could smell the musky scent of her arousal, hardening his cock even further. He then went up to kiss her lips, gently at first, then with increasing passion. Their tongues duelled for supremacy as one of his hands raised her shirt and caressed her breasts through the nursing bra. Her hands were busy removing his shirt from his slacks, then she ran her hands eagerly along his back muscles.

Sam abandoned her lips to stare lustfully at her full, milk-engorged tits. He then released the hooks that held the flaps, exposing her breasts to his hungry gaze. He latched on to the swollen teat and sucked to his heart’s content. His eyes closed in ecstasy, savoring the sweet taste of her warm milk. His moans against her breast caused delicious vibrations which sent delightful sensations straight to her pussy.

He enjoyed the rubbery hardness of the nipple, the warm plumpness of her breast, and most especially the milky offering of her mammaries. He relished the exquisite flavor and would never tire it. At the background, he heard the voice of the newscaster as he read the events of the day; however, the sounds emanating from his wife were more pleasing to his ears.

“Ohh… Sammy… yes… suck my tits, drink my milk,” she murmured, as her hips rose to rub against his.

As he was suckling like a babe in her arms, his other hand was busy fondling her free right boob. He palmed the soft flesh, then caught the fat nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pinching lightly. Her moans spurred him on to greater heights, causing him to suck harder and pinch her nipple further. As he drained one tit, he transferred his oral attention to its twin and suckled with renewed force.

His right hand caressed the drained tit, adding to the pleasurable sensations building up in Kaye’s lower body. He didn’t care whether the Democrats chose Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama as their official candidate; all he cared about at the moment was his sweet wife and the pleasure they derived from each other’s bodies.

His free left hand crept along her bare thighs which were already exposed by the miniskirt. She opened her legs wider, encouraging him to touch her swollen folds. His fingers caressed her moist warmth through her cotton panties, teasing her; the cloth was soaked with her juices.

“Sammy… Sammy, don’t tease,” she protested.

Releasing her tit, he asked, “What do you want, honey?” as he looked into her stormy grey eyes.

“I want your fingers,” she answered.

“You want them where?” his fingers inched higher, lightly teasing the swollen bud beneath the soaked cotton.

“In my pussy!”

“Where?” he asked teasingly, his fingers hovering but not touching her wetness.

“I want your fingers inside my pussy!” she said as her hips undulated to increase the contact with his teasing digits.

To her delight, this satisfied him as he growled and swept aside the crotch of her panties, his fingertips sweeping over her warm cunny. His mouth returned to suckle at her honey-filled teat as he inserted first one, then two fingers inside her, slowly thrusting them in and out, then increasing his speed. His fingers curled, searching for the spot that he knew would give her more pleasure.

Her hands were moving urgently on his head, shoulders and back as he kept up the slow torture. Her sighs and moans were increasing in urgency, as did the thrusting of her pelvis. The squishy sound of his fingers could be heard as he revelled in the moist offerings of her pussy. He knew that she was close to her peak so he doubled his efforts to help her attain it. He rubbed her clit lightly and slowly at first, then increased the speed and pressure to spur her on to fulfilment.

“Sammy…ohh… Sammy…. almost there…. Ohh… SAMMYYYY!” she shrieked as the feelings built up to a boil and burst within her.

As she recovered from her sexual high, she opened her eyes and found Sam watching her lovingly. He removed his fingers from her crotch, then brought them up to his lips. He sucked his fingers, enjoying the taste of her juices in his mouth. She then held his head and kissed him, their tongues swirling and duelling. She could taste her juices in his mouth and it excited her. She slid a hand between their bodies and fondled his cock through his pants.

Before things could escalate further, Sam broke the kiss. “You go to bed, honey. I’ll lock up and follow shortly.”

With a light kiss on her lips, he got up then helped her stand. He patted her butt, then said, “Go to bed, wife. I want you there, warm, wet and willing.”

She pulled his head down, then gave him a long, passionate kiss. When his hands went around her to cup her butt, she moved out of his arms, then walked to the direction of the bedroom. After a few steps, she paused and said over her shoulder, “Hurry up, husband. If you’re not there in five minutes, the offer is revoked!” Tuzla Escort she said saucily as she sauntered to the bedroom.

Hearing her words, he sped up in his efforts. He locked the front door, then turned the TV and the lights off. He walked swiftly to the bedroom, not an easy task since his cock was filled to bursting.

When he reached the room, he saw his wife lying on the bed, pregnant and naked, with her long hair spread on the pillow and her legs spread wide. Her moist folds were shiny in the soft glow of the bedside lamp. He licked his lips, then closed the door and immediately began to undress.

He walked to the bed as his eyes took in her nakedness. She moved to the edge of the bed, and as he approached it, held her hand up to prevent him from climbing on to the bed.

“Let me help you with that first,” she said, referring to his hard-on. “And then I want you to eat me and fuck me!”

Who was he to argue? he thought. “I’m all yours,” he said.

Kaye looked into his dark brown eyes, then kneeled on the floor. Slowly, she stroked his dick, gripping it lightly, then with more force. The cockhead was dripping with moisture, and she spread the sticky liquid, using it to lubricate her hands. Still maintaining eye contact, she licked her lips, then brought her mouth closer to his cock. His member was average in length and girth, but she looked at it as if it was a very delicious meal that she would eagerly partake of.

She first licked the head, then the area directly below it, while her hand jerked him off. He made protesting sounds as she continued to tease him. He tucked her hair behind her ears so that he could see her pretty face as she continued her oral ministrations. Finally, she swallowed the head and sucked his cock, her tongue teasing the tiny opening. She bobbed her talented head up and down, thoroughly enjoying the sound of his moans and groans.

Her equally talented hands were not idle; one hand was jerking him off while the other was playing with his balls. Due to their earlier play, he was thoroughly aroused and nearing his peak. His hands gripped her head and his hips thrust forward. His balls were aching and he could feel his spunk wanting to burst forth. He was nearing the end.

“Honey… I’m gonna cum,” he warned.

With that, she increased her efforts and after a few pleasure-filled moments, he released his juices into her willing mouth.

“Ahhhhhhh…” he moaned.

She swallowed his offering, then continued to suck until every spurt was released. When every single drop was accounted for, she released his cock, then stood up to kiss him. Previously, he didn’t want to kiss after a girl had swallowed his cum, but with Kaye, it didn’t matter. They exchanged soft kisses as he struggled to control his heavy breathing.

He lifted her into his arms, then laid her gently on the bed. Her legs opened invitingly. He followed her to the bed, and after raining soft kisses on her face, neck and shoulders, he attacked her breasts with renewed vigor.

He licked one tit, avoiding the nipple at first. His hand caressed her right boob as he lashed his tongue around the aureole, taking care not to touch the heated center. Her fingers drifted along his hair, shoulders and back, caressing him. As he continued to tease her nipple, she lifted her torso, pushing the firm breast meat into his mouth. He finally relented, and wrapped his lips upon the nipple to suck. He latched on to the teat urgently, drinking from it like a man dying of thirst in the desert.

Her breasts had started to produce milk again, and with a few gentle pulls, he enjoyed the results of his oral stimulation as the delicious juices trickled into his mouth. He swallowed convulsively, relishing the flavor of the milky offerings of her firm tits. He could spend the whole night just suckling at her breasts, but he remembered the promised treasures of her nether regions.

After draining one teat, he attacked its twin, subjecting it to the same treatment. He emptied both hills of their milky contents then ventured south, stopping at her belly to caress her womb and spread light kisses on it, acknowledging the new life within.

He gazed at her shaved pussy hungrily, basking at the sight of her moist folds and the scent of her arousal. He licked the juices from her crotch and the periphery of her pussy. He touched his tongue to her wet cunt, starting at the bottom, then moved upward towards her slit. He licked a smaller area first, his tongue moving at a regular rhythm, savoring her juices and enjoying her taste. He avoided touching her clit, concentrating on the lower portion of her pussy and reserving the blood-engorged button for a later time.

“Sammy… that feels so good,” she moaned, as her hands gripped his head to pull him tighter against her and her hips moved restlessly on the bed.

He then attacked her slit, his tongue reaching into her crevice and exploring from the inside out. Her copious juices slowly burst forth, moistening her folds, making them shiny and wet. After licking her dew-filled lips, he lapped at the area around her clit, teasing her, swirling it around, not quite touching the bud. Her moans increased in volume as he continued to deprive her of that much needed stimulation.

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