Milky Hippie

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Young man and pot-smoking hippie girl hit it off at a party.

Author’s Note: don’t let Nancy Reagan read this. All sexual interactions depicted are 18 years or older. Use alcohol and other substances responsibly.

The air in the room was growing hazier by the second. Somebody had forgotten to open a window. One of my friends stood up and rushed over to slide it open. The cloud of smoke soon dissipated and it was back to the fun.

I was at a house party, surrounded by friends and acquaintances. A blunt or something (I don’t know my weed terminology) was getting passed around. Partaking in such an activity was a bit outside of my comfort zone. I had only smoked twice before.

When it came to be my turn, one of my buddies coached me on it. I guess I did just fine since there was cheering from around the circle. I passed it off and sat back, waiting for the loop to begin again. It was hard for me to believe I was here.

My parents were good people but they kept me sheltered. They were very much against any drugs or alcohol. No matter how mild. This disdain toward these substances of course rubbed off on me. It was only in the past month, after significant peer pressure, that I finally gave in.

Peer pressure is bad… but this stuff wasn’t. I really enjoyed my first time getting high and then the second a week later. Beer was nice too. Finally giving in made these large hangouts more enjoyable. Especially if there were strangers.

I have a bit of social anxiety. It really only comes out if there’s a crowd or if (of course) I’m talking to a girl. It was nice that booze and weed took the edge off. I’m not advocating anyone reading this become an addict, drink and smoke responsibly of course. It’s just a new and enjoyable thing for me.

I knew most of the dozen or so people in here. Three were my close friends. Most of the rest were friends of friends. It was something of a High School reunion. After what, two years? Well that’s the excuse we used anyway.

There was this one girl sitting cross-legged on the far side that I knew I’d seen before. I just couldn’t place her. Long hazel hair, thin, light brown eyes, no makeup whatsoever. She wore a yellow tank top and a long green-ish paisley skirt. She really looked like a hippie.

Did those even exist anymore?

She resembled the hippie women I’d seen in movies. Barefoot, all natural, dreamy look about her. The only thing she seemed to be missing was a flower crown. Being a very traditional kind of guy, she was not my type of girl. Probably wasn’t, anyway.

Then I remembered who she was.

Summer Evans, my mind concluded. She was in my class in High School but I never really had any interactions with her. She became increasingly flower-power-y and spent her free time in the art rooms. She was never on my radar at all. In fact, it had to be pointed out to me when she left.

Apparently she had gotten pregnant over the summer (hahaha) and decided to withdraw from classes. One of my friends joked that she burned her bra and ran off to a commune. That very well might have been the case. Regardless, Summer hadn’t crossed my mind since the week I found out she was gone.

Well, a few years later and here she was.

The joint or whatever reached her and she inhaled a lungful of it. She passed it on to her friend with not so much as a single cough. Then she went back to chatting with her friends. The weed made a few more rounds until everyone was stoned.

I was in a great mood. We were still sitting roughly in a circle but I was chatting away with just about everybody. The room soon reached a general consensus that we were very hungry (surprise). One person suggested walking down the street toward the shops to find some food.

Afraid of getting caught by police, I refused to go with them. A friend agreed to bring me something and I’d pay him back. I watched the giggling red-eyed procession funnel out of the room and down the stairs. I expected to be the only one left.

A bleary-eyed glance over my shoulder told me that was not the case. Summer was still there. She stretched her arms out wide and then above her head, yawning. The girl stretched her back and her small chest was thrust forward. She opened her eyes and smiled when she realized someone else had stayed behind.

“You didn’t go with them?” I turned in place to ask.

“Nah, they’re probably going down for fast food or something. I’m a vegetarian, so that’s a big nope,” she explained.

“Ah, makes sense,” I replied.

“How come you didn’t go?” she asked.

“Didn’t want to get caught by police,” I admitted.

Summer cracked a grin and chuckled at that answer. She had cute little lips, they were a light shade of pink. Their natural color. Her teeth were very obviously shiny and healthy. Suddenly I was thinking about how nice it might be to make out with her right now.

“That’s a fair enough answer,” Summer finally admitted. I knew I was being paranoid but I couldn’t help it. Even as high as I was.

“It’s just one of my first few times smoking weed,” I shrugged. Summer took on a more understanding face and tone.

“Oh, that’s all cool. By the way, do I know you from somewhere?”

She apparently remembered me.

“Yeah, we went to High School together.”

Summer’s lips curled into the most subtle of frowns. Bad memories, I guess.

“Oh yeah, you’re… oh come on let me think. I’m really good with names… you’re… Scott?” she finally remembered.

“Holy shit, you are good with names,” I laughed. We had such a large class and never spent any time near each other. I was a bit surprised. Then again, I did know her name.

“Summer, right?” I asked.

“Yeah!” she answered with her own surprise.

“How have you been? I haven’t seen you in years.”

“Pretty good actually. It was rough… dropping out of school like that. I’m sure you heard why. Everyone did. But it wasn’t a mistake since I got to raise my kiddo and that’s been the best experience of my life,” she replied. There was a lot for me to think about.

“How about you?” she countered.

“Oh, the rest of High School was nothing special for me. I’m in my second year of college, studying physics for now.”

“Physics? You must be really smart.”

Not really. I was just good at doing math. I didn’t have much of a brilliance for anything else. I’ll still take compliments where I can get them.

“A bit,” I shrugged.

Summer rested her chin on her hand and stared off into the distance. As if she was planning her next move. Or just really high. I was just about to try restarting the conversation when both our stomachs growled.

“Wanna get some food?” she asked.

“Uhh sure, where?”

“Downstairs. Pantry raid,” she smirked.

“Shouldn’t we-” I started to protest.

“I’m just talking a few crackers is all,” she groaned.

Well, okay, if it was just that. We stood up and walked down to the kitchen. I was first out the door so I led the way. We glanced in the refrigerator quickly before using insane willpower to close it and not eat everything in there. We checked the pantry after and there were a few boxes of crackers. There happened to be spares of each so I felt a little bit better.

We smuggled our treasures back upstairs. Summer led the way this time and I couldn’t help but to admire the way she looked from this angle. She had that long, flowing skirt that concealed a lot. It still couldn’t completely hide the small but firm butt she had.

Her unrestrained hazel hair bounced and swayed as we ran up the steps. The shape of her thin but healthy torso was nice to look at too. We finally reached the top of the stairs and retreated back into the room. This time we sat down nearer to each other.

“Mmmm, so good,” she sighed, crunching on salty crackers.

“Yeah, I needed this,” I admitted after devouring another mouthful of goldfish crackers.

We made small talk and found out there was actually a decent bit we had in common. We liked a lot of the same movies, our dream vacations were identical, and we just connected very well in general. It was easy to talk to her and that wasn’t the weed’s doing. The whole time I couldn’t stop thinking about how attractive she was.

It seemed with every passing minute the young woman grew sexier. Her voice was youthful and excited. Despite having been through a pregnancy, her small breasts were still very perky. She was wearing a bra which didn’t seem very hippie-like. I wished she wasn’t, it would be amazing to see her nipples poking through her yellow top.

As our chat continued and deepened, I noticed she was looking at me quite a bit. I caught her staring but she didn’t bother to take her eyes off whatever she was looking at. There was no awkward eye contact or darting glances. Just a woman who seemed to enjoy what she saw.

We finished our crackers finally. All the talking must have slowed us down a bit. I couldn’t help but notice an increasingly pained expression on Summer’s face. Little winces here and there. Was she really that hungry?

“Wanna see something cool?” she interrupted.

“I guess,” I nodded. What the hell was she gonna show me? Something on her phone? A magic trick?

Summer stood up and walked toward the door. She shut and locked it and sat back down in her place. She patted next to her as a signal to come sit down beside her. I scooted over and assumed it was a photo on her phone.

It came as a shock when she pulled her shirt up and over her breasts. I gasped as her pert tits were finally revealed. They were trapped in some ugly, weird-looking bra but that couldn’t stop me from drooling. Summer tossed the yellow shirt aside and straightened her hair.

I remained silent in awe. What was she going to do next? Summer immediately answered that by unclasping the back of her bra and tossing it atop her shirt in the corner. My eyes bulged out of their sockets when konya escort I saw one of the perkiest pairs of tits I’d seen in my life. Finally unclothed.

“I hate wearing bras. I wouldn’t be wearing one now… but this one helps to catch any leaks.”


As if it was the most normal thing in the world, Summer pinched down on one of her pink nipples. White liquid, milk I realized, dribbled out onto her lap. A second squeeze and it shot out of there. Three or four needle-thin streams landing halfway across the room.

It was one of the most amazing things I’d ever seen in my life.

“You’re still lactating?” I finally broke my silence.

“Why wouldn’t I be? It’s fun,” she smiled.

She gave her tits, both of them this time, a light squeeze. Nearly a dozen streams sprayed in a scattered pattern about the floor. I noticed she was breathing deeper now. Did it feel good?

“Wanna try?” she turned to smile in encouragement at me. There was a moment’s hesitation.

“Uhh, I, sure, I guess,” I accepted.

“Right answer!” the brunette giggled.

“I’ve never done this before,” I paused.

“It’s not hard. Just come over here and squeeze gently right around the base of my nipple. Here, kinda around the areola, squeeze here and the milk will come, just watch out for it!” she instructed.

I turned to face her and gently grabbed a breast while she leaned back against the wall. This was not the first breast I had touched as an adult but it was definitely the first lactating one. It seemed heavy for its size, dense. Firm. I finally gave a light squeeze and was rewarded with a fireworks show of milk.

“There you go!” she smiled. I was about to pull my hand away when she grabbed it and held it on her breast once more. I took the hint. I squeezed again, then again. Sharp inhales from the girl both times.

“You’re doing a really good job,” she complimented. Her voice was a bit deeper and breathier than earlier. Almost like a purr.

“What does it feel like?” I finally asked.

“Very good,” she replied. A non-answer.

I gave another few sprays, starting to enjoy this. It was oddly satisfying. Kind of fun. Surprisingly hot. I couldn’t believe she was letting me do this to her.

“You’re still hungry, right?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Well, I’ve got a lot of milk to snack on,” she announced, patting both her breasts as if in pride.

I was dumbfounded.

“Come on,” she soflty pleaded while cupping her breasts.

I thought about all the things I tried recently that I was afraid of. I came around to loving them. Maybe this would be one of them. Besides, I was beginning to starve. Munchies are no joke.

I’d never heard of any sort of sexual component to lactation, and I still wasn’t sure that was the case here. It was difficult for my stoned mind to interpret her signals. Her intentions seemed to hint that she was heading in a sexual direction with this. At least I hoped she was.

“Alright, let’s try it,” I folded. Summer’s light brown eyes widened in joy. As if I’d just made her day or her week. She swept a strand of hair out of her face and repositioned herself to get comfortable. Then she motioned for me to lay down in her lap.

I had no idea what I was doing but at least she was coaching me through it. I laid my head on her soft skirt. Up close, she smelled kinda like berries or something sweet. It was a pleasant smell. I looked up to see her torso and breasts hanging over me to the left and her head looking down at me in excitement.

Her long hair dangled down to where her nipples were hanging. Summer was beginning to breathe even more deeply. This was clearly intense and exciting for her. The girl lowered her breasts and raised her knees up until we made contact. Her knee held my head up to the small but full breast.

Her damp right nipple brushed against my cheek. I briefly kissed it, hoping that was the right thing to do. A sharp inhale and a pat on my side indicated that it was. The brunette guided her nipple into my mouth and I closed my lips around it. I could already taste milk oozing onto my tongue.

It was sweet and rich. It definitely had some of the nourishment I needed. The taste was actually really nice. Summer instructed me how to latch on and suckle properly. It took a few tries but eventually I was draining her.

She had a lot of milk to give. It was coming out much faster this way. I wondered how so much milk could fit in such a small breast. It did feel pretty dense. Clearly I had a lot to learn about the female body still.

I gulped down mouthful after mouthful of her delicious warm milk. The fact that it was warm took me a moment to get used to but I soon loved it. My stomach was filling up. My arousal was rising.

Fuck, this was really hot.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any hotter, I felt Summer lower herself more. Practically folded. Girl must love her yoga. It took me a moment to realize what she was doing but it shocked me. Wide-eyed and with blood rushing to my dick, I figured out that she was spraying her other breast into her own mouth.

Her head was very close to my chest now, her hair resting on me and surrounding my head like a 360 degree curtain. It was a little bit darker under Summer’s berry-scented canopy. My view was mostly of breast of course. Soft, supple breasts.

The flow of her milk showed no signs of stopping. Summer was expertly spraying the milk from her other breast into her mouth. She clearly had done this before. It was an odd turn-on. I heard the milk splattering as it rained into her waiting mouth.

She wasn’t exactly gaining any calories but I guess she was recycling some.

Sometimes the stray drop or stream from her spraying landed on me. I wished that I was shirtless. All I could hear was the spraying of milk and the two of us swallowing. Summer’s right hand briefly brushed my hair.

Then the delicate hand entered her skirt.

All doubts were erased. This was beyond sexual for both of us. The girl began to masturbate beneath the skirt. Her scent soon filled the room. The young mother was panting and gasping.

She started mashing her breast in my face. As if trying to smother me with it. I would have unzipped my pants and started jacking off but Summer was very much in the way. I couldn’t tell how long we had been feeding but a shuddering in her hips and tremor in her hand told me she was very satisfied.

The hippie continued to finger herself for a bit and squeeze the milk out of her breast. Finally, she lifted her chest slightly. My face was less buried in boob now. I could tell the thing was nearing emptiness.

“They get really sore when they get too full,” she explained.

“So it feels very good to get it out,” she added. Good in more ways than one, I assumed.

“Do you think I could help you feel very good somewhere? the young woman purred.

I nodded, not breaking contact with her little rubbery nub of a nipple. It was quite sensitive as her shivers following flicks of my tongue told me. Summer rubbed my clothed belly and her hand slowly trailed down to my crotch. She cupped it for a moment as it bulged out of my pants.

The brunette unzipped and unbuttoned my pants. Carefully, she freed my cock and it sprang up painfully. A blowjob wasn’t possible as long as I was suckling but I didn’t mind. It was too hot and soothing for both of us.

Instead, she sprayed down my shaft with milk from her other breast. Each spritz impacted with a fair bit of force before running down the length of my member. The powerful spraying continued until Summer was satisfied that I was sufficiently lubricated. A bit had landed on my pants but was already drying.

“I hope you don’t mind the mess,” she giggled.

“Hell no,” I mumbled into her breast.

The sexy young woman gripped my cock firmly. She gave it a tight squeeze before moving slowly up and down. Teasing and torturing. My cock was absolutely throbbing at this point. I wondered if there was any blood left for the rest of my body.

Mercifully she began to speed up. Her fingers crested the hood of my dick and rolled over the head before sliding back down to the base of my penis. I was in heaven. She kept going faster and faster. I didn’t know how she could stroke that fast.

At last, I came. One of the best of my life. I felt the cum erupt out and fall back down onto my crotch. Summer’s hand was waiting for it and managed to scoop most of it up. I heard her lick her hand and swallow the entire huge load.

We finally switched breasts. I scooted a bit and we repositioned. This time we just calmly explored each other’s bodies and caressed one another. I enjoyed the handful of ass I got through the thin fabric of her skirt. She took extra time feeling my chest and the muscles beneath.

Soon she was empty and we were done. I fiddled around with her nipples using my fingers for a moment. Both of us were sobering up now. We snuck into one of the bathrooms and cleaned up as best we could. After we got out it was still a wait for everyone else to get back.

At least an hour after they’d left, the crowd stumbled back into the room. They must have smoked again on the trip because all the young men and women were clearly higher than ever. Surprisingly, my friend had remembered my food! I wasn’t very hungry thanks to Summer but I did appreciate it.

“I’m actually not very hungry anymore, but thanks,” I eyed the salad.

“I’ll split it with you,” Summer offered as she stepped up to my side.

“Sounds good to me,” I accepted.

We found our own corner and ate. We picked up the conversations from before Summer took her shirt off. She spoke to me about incense sticks, farming, all kinds of hippie stuff. I was actually kind of interested. So was she when I told her about my studies and news in science.

Maybe we could meet in the middle and see what happens. All was certainly going well so far. The party lasted into the early hours of the morning. At some point, Summer and I passed out next to each other, leaned up against the wall in the corner. We both woke up and grinned at each other in excitement upon remembering last night.

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