Miracle on 34th Street

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*This is for the Winter Holidays Story Contest so please take the time to vote. Please enjoy and have a wonderful holiday season!*

Chandler and Lauren Mison were a wonderful young couple who by all appearances were living the American dream. Chandler worked as a software developer. He was creative and used his imagination to create apps. The money was good and he enjoyed what he did. He was in wonderful shape with thick black hair, piercing blue eyes, and chiseled features.

Lauren was a management analyst. She had been great at problem solving and maximizing efficiency for as long as she could remember and the job catered to her natural talents. She was petite and looked even smaller next to Chandler. She had dark brown hair styled in a pixie cut, dimples, a button nose, pouty pink lips, and beautiful hazel eyes.

They had everything that they could possibly want… money, a beautiful home in the best part of town, amazing friends, an incredible sex life, and they enjoyed a healthy and adventurous lifestyle. By all outside appearances they should have been one of the happiest couples you’d ever meet but what no one on the outside saw was the pain the two of them suffered from being unable to conceive a child of their own.

They had been trying for three years to start a family of their own. They had not had much luck. There was nothing more that Lauren wanted than to be a mother and she felt like a failure when she was unable to do the one thing she believed all women were supposed to be able to do. When the doctors broke the news to her that she wouldn’t be able to conceive Lauren had spiraled into a deep, dark depression. She didn’t want to be touched. She just wanted to disappear.

Maybe it was the fact they had tried so hard to start their own family that Lauren saw babies everywhere. No matter where she went she saw pregnant women and newborns. Maybe it was the fact that Christmas was just around the corner that the family dynamics of the holiday season were making her ache every time she saw parents with their children enjoying their holiday traditions. Whatever it was, each time Lauren saw a family, a pregnant woman, or a newborn she felt a lump form in her throat, her eyes welled up with tears, and she became so chocked up that she had to excuse herself to cry alone in the nearest bathroom and compose herself.

Chandler’s sister Karen and her family were coming to visit for Thanksgiving. As always Chandler and Lauren hosted Thanksgiving at their house and Lauren prepared the Thanksgiving feast. Karen and Rich showed up on their door with Allen, their two year old son and when Lauren opened the door she saw Karen’s five month baby bump. Lauren tried her best to be happy for Karen and Rich. She plastered on a fake smile while they all exchanged greetings and she held Allen tight to herself, trying to swallow down the painful lump in her throat. As soon as she had a free moment she excused herself to her bathroom and broke down sobbing. No matter how hard olgun porno she tried she couldn’t be happy for her in laws. It was so easy for them to have children. They hadn’t even tried to get pregnant with Allen. It was a mistake. They had been dating for a couple of months when Karen’s depo shot failed and they found out they were going to be parents and now here they were two years later with a baby girl on the way. Lauren sat with her back to the bathroom door, her hands around her knees, rocking herself as she wept with her grief. As always, she stood up, washed her face, touched up her makeup, plastered on a smile, and made her way to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner.

The weekend was stressful for Lauren. She tried to get away as much as possible to escape her grief. She ran to the grocery store for things she didn’t really need, she volunteered at a local soup kitchen, she ran the Thanksgiving morning 5K Turkey Trek, and she would just get in her car and drive around thinking. Chandler didn’t say anything to Lauren. He knew she was hurting and he couldn’t do anything to help her which tore him up inside. He would do anything in the world for her. When she finished running the Turkey Trek she went home and put together the Thanksgiving dinner. When Karen asked if she needed help Lauren cut her off saying she had it all under control. She just wanted to be alone. Lauren had never been so happy to see family leave and for the holiday to end.

As per tradition the day after Thanksgiving Chandler and Lauren got their tree permit and went to the forest in search of the perfect tree. They searched through after tree until they found one that Chandler joked looked like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree and to his amusement Lauren agreed it was nice for a change. They laughed as they talked about their fondest Christmas memories, reminiscing on years gone by. It had been awhile since Chandler last saw Lauren smile. Her smiled warmed his heart and he remembered what those pouty lips felt like around his cock and before long his cock was standing at full attention, begging for Lauren’s attention.

He reached out and ran his fingers through her hair. She stopped giggling and stepped closer to him, wrapping her arms around his waist. She looked up at him and he saw all the love she had for him in her eyes. He leaned forward and kissed her lightly. Her lips parted and their tongues danced. Their hands roamed over each other’s bodies, their breathing became ragged, and their kiss became more passionate. Chandler kissed his way down Lauren’s jaw line and down her throat. He nibbled on her ears as he undid the top buttons of her black wool coat and her button up shirt to reveal the tops of her milky white breasts. Chandler kissed down her cleavage as he slipped his hands under her clothes to play with her nipples. He wanted to rip her clothes off but he didn’t want her to catch a cold out in the snow so he made due.

He kneeled down in front of her and porno held her coat and shirt up just enough to play kisses across her stomach, nibbling at her soft skin. He cupped her pussy, rubbing circles across her sensitive lips as he playfully bit at her. He stood up and reached down into her jeans and through her lace panties to grab her ass and pull her against him. Lauren melted into Chandler. She held him tight, pushing his jacket and flannel shirt away to feel his skin.

Chandler unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down along with her panties, leaving her with them wrapped around one leg as she unzipped his fly and fished out his throbbing cock. Chandler walked them to a nearby tree and pushed Lauren against the trunk of the tree. She wrapped his shivering legs around him, pulling him against her as they started to kiss again.

Chandler cupped her ass, squeezing her as he rocked his hips. He felt her wet pussy as his cock rubbed against her. She ground her hips back against him, moaning for him and he lifted Lauren’s body up and lowered her onto his hard cock as her arms wrapped around his neck. He thrust inside of her, enjoying the warmth from her as he pressed her firmly against the tree, his cock buried deep inside of her.

He pulled most of the way out, leaving only the tip of his cock in her warm pussy and then he thrust back into her hard and fast. Lauren rotated her hips to meet Chandler’s thrusts, her heels dug into his back as she attempted to pull her even deeper into her pussy. They clung to each other, their foreheads pressed together, their breath like puffs of smoke in the cold air, their bodies seeking release.

Lauren dug her nails into Chandler’s neck as her body stiffened and she screamed out in ecstasy, her pussy tightening around Chandler’s cock as her orgasm washed over her. Chandler didn’t slow down his thrusts. He thrust into her convulsing pussy harder and faster sending her into a series of orgasms, each one more intense than the one before. As she came again and again she looked Chandler in the eye and begged him for his cum, begged him to fill her pussy with his warm potent seed and with that he slammed his cock into her as deep as he could and pumped his cum into her womb as they both moaned out the pleasure of their orgasms. Lauren’s pussy milked Chandler’s cock until ever drop of his cum had filled her.

Their breathing began to return to normal and Chandler’s cock softened as he slid out of Lauren’s pussy. They gazed at each other, emotions flooding through them both as they stumbled to get back into their clothes to get the chill out of their system. They kissed and held each other close, Lauren resting her head against Chandler’s broad chest.

They cut down their tree and loaded it onto the back of their car. All the way home neither of them spoke a word but they held each other’s hands in the comfortable silence, feeling closer to one another than they had felt in awhile.

That night they decorated Porno 64 their tree while listening to Christmas music, singing together as the magic of the Christmas season washed over them. When the last ornament was hung on the tree and the lights were lit up they started a fire in their fireplace and put on It’s A Wonderful Life as they drank their caramel hot cocoa.

The Christmas season, as always, sped by. They enjoyed driving around looking at Christmas lights, finding the perfect gifts for everyone, wrapping everything up, caroling, baking, and filling the house with the sounds of their favorite Christmas music and movies. Late Christmas Eve they snuggled on a blanket in front of the fire, holding each other near.

Chandler ran his fingers up and down Lauren’s arms. His traced the path his fingers were taking with his lips as he tugged Lauren’s nightgown off her shoulders. He freed her breasts and instantly her nipples hardened under his gaze. He cupped her breasts while Lauren nibbled on his neck.

They looked into each other’s eyes as their lips met and Chandler pushed his body against Lauren. She ran her fingers through his hair as he leaned down and sucked at her nipples, his tongue and teeth causing her to moan.

Lauren spread her legs and Chandler’s mouth traveled down from her breasts, to her stomach, and rested between her thighs. He pressed his tongue against her clit and his fingers pumped slowly in and out of her moist pussy. Her first orgasm hit her unexpectantly and she dug her hands into the blanket riding out her orgasm as she screamed his name.

Chandler pulled his pajama bottoms off and his cock stood proudly. Lauren pushed him onto his back and took his cock in her mouth, using her tongue to massage his cock as she sucked lovingly on him. She wrapped her lips around his cock and took him into her throat, engulfing his cock with the warmth of her wet mouth. Lauren could feel that he was close to cumming and started to suck harder but Chandler pushed her off and grabbed her legs and put them over his shoulders. He thrust his cock into her pussy, pulled out, and thrust back in. He thrust slowly, moving in and out of her, each thrust met with the sounds of her pleasure ripping wave after wave of orgasmic bliss from her body. Chandler lost himself to her pleasure and started to slam in and out of her pussy, feeling her tighten around him as his own orgasm ripped through his body and he flooded her pussy with his cum. He slowly pulled out and they cuddled up together, Lauren’s head resting on Chandler’s chest. The warmth of the fire and the immense pleasure they derived from one another lulled them both to sleep.

Chandler woke up the next morning to the smell of fresh coffee, pancakes, and bacon. He groggily got up and joined Lauren in the kitchen. Lauren was smiling like an idiot. Chandler chuckled thinking he was the cause of her smile. He kissed her and they wished each other a merry Christmas. Before breakfast was ready Lauren handed him a small rectangular silver box and grinned. Chandler opened it and found a Ziploc bag with a home pregnancy test inside. He looked at the little blue plus sign and grabbed Lauren, hugging her as he spun her around.

It was a miracle on 34th Street…

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