Miss Laura vs. Ben

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An optimistic male squares off against a veteran amateur in the wrestling ring.


Ben was beginning to think that nobody was going to come, as the locker room took on an eerie, empty silence. But then he heard light footsteps come through the doorway.

Laura walked in nonchalantly, gymbag in her hand. Ben tried not to stare, but it was quite hard not to. She had some chubbiness to her, but for a 5’5″ frame she carried her 175 pounds well. Her long red hair curled as it draped over her shoulders and arms.

As Laura approached an empty locker, she glanced over at her opponent. He was a bit taller, maybe 5’10”, and he was definitely bigger. If she had to guess, she would say he was a paunchy 200 pounds or so. His short dark hair was neatly trimmed, but it had already begun to recede and gray a little.

“Are you Ben?” she asked, smiling as she set her bag down.

“Yes,” he replied kindly. “I wasn’t sure if you were going to show at first.”

“Sorry about that. I had to set something up by the ring.”

“Ah, gotcha. Still, nice to meet you.”


Ben offered his hand, and Laura shook it gently. Laura had a firm belief that one can tell a person’s aggressiveness through their handshake, which is why she always tried to deceptively come off as gentle as possible. Ben’s return shake was firm but still gentle. Laura knew at that moment that she had nothing to worry about.

“So,” she began as she started to unpack towels from her gymbag, “how do you know Tina?”

“Oh, we went to college together. You?”

“We met at a fitness club. College, huh? How old are you?”

“Forty-five,” he answered a bit sheepishly.

“Oh, don’t say it like that. Nothing wrong with that age. But still, you’ve got fifteen years on me.”

Ben started to kick off his shoes, picking them up and placing them in his locker. As he removed his shirt Laura tried to get a look at his physique. As she expected, he had a bit of a pot belly. Not really muscular, but not grotesque either. She did notice that his chest hair had not yet gone out of control yet, as was sometimes the case with older men.

“How long have you been wrestling?” Ben asked as he stepped out of his pants, revealing navy blue trunks underneath.

“Oh, about six years now,” Laura replied as she began to take off her shoes.

“Really? Six years? Wow.”

“Yeah, what can I say, you get into the strangest things when you’re younger I guess,” she gushed as she lifted up her blouse. Ben tried not to stare at the ample bosom contained in the red sports bra he now saw. Tina had passed along Laura’s measurements to Ben beforehand, 42-38-44, but this was the first chance he had to see how well endowed Laura was. Double Ds all the way, obviously.

“What about you?” she asked.

Ben turned to her face with almost a start, Escort Bayan as if he was being shook out of a trance.


“How long have you wrestled?”

“Oh, oh, about a year now. Been mostly with guys I know from the gym.”

“Ever wrestle a woman before?” she asked as she stepped out of her pants, revealing matching red boxer shorts.

“My wife indulged me once, but it was more for play than competition. I must say, you are quite attractive.”

“Why, thank you,” she replied, blushing a bit.

“Um, how binding is that ring?”

“Seemingly tighter than yours,” she smirked.

“Darn. So, um, how did you get interested in mixed wrestling?”

“A friend of a friend asked me to try it once,” she explained as she closed up her locker. “I just started liking the challenge more and more.”

The two casually left the locker room and approached the ring.

“I take it hubby gets a kick out of it?” he asked.

“Actually, not at all,” she replied as she opened up the ropes to let Ben enter. “It bothers him a lot when I do it.”

Ben slid through the ropes and then returned the favor for Laura.

“How come?”

“I got hurt pretty bad once when I was first getting into it,” she explained as she stepped into the ring. She walked over to her corner and started stretching her legs.

“I’m sorry,” Ben quietly replied as he slunk back toward the opposite corner. “So, where is he now?”

“Oh taking care of our two-year-old girl. I actually prefer that he’s not here. I hate audiences. I’m not doing this for anyone else’s amusement.”

Ben broke his gaze on Laura to notice something off to the side of the gym.

“So then, um, what’s with the camera?”

“I tape all of my matches, mainly for studying afterwards.”

“Perfectionist, eh?”

“Sort of. And I also sell copies on the Internet.”

“So much for nobody else’s amusement, eh?”

“What can I say, they make money.”

“Wouldn’t you need my permission to sell that?”

“Of course, or I could just blur out your face,” she smirked.

Ben approached the center of the ring slowly.

“Ready?” Laura asked.


Laura casually walked over to him, keeping a fair amount of distance between them.

“Do you also sell the tapes where you lose?” Ben asked.

“Have never lost since I’ve started taping them.”

“Well, don’t worry, there’s a first time for everything,” he grinned, half teasing.

“Oh, is that a fact?” Laura smirked again in a quasi-huffy manner.

“Oh yeah. You’re going down.”

“Care for some stakes then?”

“Sure. What would you like if you win?”

“I want your permission to use your likeness on my tape.”

“Hell, if you win, I’ll even do a commentary track on the DVD! Now, what about when I win?”

Laura Bayan Escort stared at Ben for a second. Finally, she spoke.

“I’ll forget about the ring on my finger.”

Ben momentarily froze upon hearing the proposition.

“Okay,” he meekly replied. “R-ready?”


Laura and Ben started circling each other, both of them with their arms outstretched slightly. Ben stepped in a little, putting him within arm’s reach.

Laura took the opportunity and grabbed Ben’s left arm. She then stepped behind him, twisting his arm up against his back.

“Yeeoww!” Ben shrieked as Laura continued to twist his arm against his back.

Ben tried to bend his body forward in an attempt to ease the pressure off his arm, but it wasn’t working. His wincing eyes started to water as pain shot up into his shoulder.

Rather than torturing him all night, Laura stepped back in front of him, but continued to hold onto his arm. She charged toward him, yanking on his arm at the same time, pulling him toward her. Laura slammed her thick body against him hard, causing him to stumble backward into the corner.

Ben only had a second to shake off the blow before Laura again careened into him, smothering him between herself and the corner pole.

“Oh my god,” Ben moaned as Laura pressed into him, “you’re tough.”

Ben wrapped his arms around Laura and tried to get some sort of hold. He charged forward, leading them both across the ring and into the ropes. The weight of their two bodies produced a nice, slow bounce against the ropes, sending them both rushing back the other way across the ring.

Ben’s arms were quickly losing their grip on Laura, so Laura stopped herself as Ben continued to charge into the opposite side of the ring, bouncing off the ropes alone. As he came flying back toward her, Laura leapt forward and slammed herself right into his chest, knocking him down to the mat.

Ben groaned in pain as he laid flat on his back, not quite sure what had hit him. As he shook his head clear he saw Laura walking away from him and toward the ropes, her back to him. He tried to take advantage of the moment.

Ben quickly got to his feet and charged toward Laura, tackling into her back. Laura gasped in surprise as they both stumbled into the ropes. They bounced off them with greater force, causing them both to fall down to the mat.

Ben immediately crawled over onto Laura and tried to pin her down, pressing his arms down on her shoulders. Ben was so incredibly aroused that he pressed his pelvis against her.

“I want you so badly,” he whispered.

“I can tell,” she answered, “but you still have to beat me first.”

Laura grabbed Ben by his hips and shoved him off her. At the last moment Ben in turn wrapped his arms around Laura as he fell to his side, pulling her onto Escort him. The struggle caused them to roll back and forth on top of each other.

Laura was finally able to stop the tumble by getting Ben back onto his back. As she pressed her weight down onto him, Ben tried to struggle in the hope of wiggling his way out from under her. He was quickly feeling his breath being squeezed out of him.

Laura leaned her face in close to Ben’s.

“Give up yet?” she cooed.

“N-never!” he shouted as he thrust his body up, bucking Laura off.

Laura got to her feet as Ben continued to lie on his back, attempting to catch his breath. Laura wasn’t going to give him too long of a chance as she leapt forward toward him, driving her elbow down into his stomach as she hit.

Ben moaned in pain as Laura slid off him and got back to her feet. Ben rolled onto his side and clutched his battered stomach.

“Still want me now?” Laura asked mockingly.

Ben’s eyes glared as he painfully sprang to his feet. With a determined growl he charged at Laura, ready to do everything in his power to take her down.

Laura was ready, though. As soon as he was close enough, she wrapped her arm around Ben’s neck and threw him into a corner.

“Aaaghh!” Ben howled as the corner pole smacked into his already sore stomach. He quickly turned to face Laura, only to find her rushing up to him and slamming her weight into him.

Ben slumped against the pole lifelessly, both exhausted and excited at the same time. Laura reached in and put him into a side headlock, pressing his head into her right breast. She pulled him into the center of the ring and continued to apply pressure.

All but helpless, Ben tried one last, almost futile attempt to get an advantage. He clumsily wrapped his arms around Laura’s waist, trying to get a grip on her ample hips.

Laura was not going to let him try anything, so with a mighty heave she fell backward, pulling him down with her. She threw Ben down onto the mat first, and then slammed herself on top of him.

Ben was completely wasted, both out of strength and out of energy. He laid on his back gasping for air. Laura got back on her feet and looked down at him.

“Well?” she asked.

“I give, I give!” he quickly answered.

Laura offered her hand to help him up. He almost refused, or thought maybe he could sucker-punch her instead, but he decided against it. He lost fair and square, and he had to accept that.

Laura pulled Ben up to his feet, and then pulled him close to her. She lovingly wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed him full on the lips.

“You did great,” she smiled.

“Thank you,” he gushed, “and congratulations.”

It would be another two weeks or so before Laura was able to start selling copies of this match, as she had to wait for all the DVDs to be pressed. The disc would prove to be very popular, helped in part by the addition of Ben’s audio commentary.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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