Missed Offense

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The weather in the city was warm and calm. An excellent day for showing off a nice tan, hours of workout training or just a simple outfit that was made with days like this in mind. Morgan had spent the first part of her day running errands and window shopping. The last half of Morgan’s day was set aside for Taylor. Taylor and Morgan had been introduced through a mutual friend some years back and would sometimes get together for lunch or would have backyard cookouts with other friends and enjoy time visiting together. Because of the arriving summer months and beautifully warm weather; Taylor had invited Morgan over to her house to swim and tan by the pool today. It was coming up on 2:00 going by her watch so Morgan left the mall and headed to Taylor’s place.

Morgan arrived at Taylor’s place exactly at 2:00. She grabbed her bag from the backseat and headed for the front door. Halfway there, Taylor came out of the front door and greeted Morgan with a hug.

“Come on in, it’s good to see you.”

“How are you?” Morgan asked. Returning the smile Taylor had given to her.

“Great. I’m good. You look super Morgan. Ready to take a dip and lounge in the sun?”

“Oh yea.”

“Well, change in there…” Taylor said pointing to the guest bathroom. “…and just come on out when your ready.”

Taylor was already in her bikini and had a mesh wrap tied around her waist. Taylor was as fit as Morgan which said a lot. They both worked out but Taylor had more children, Morgan had one. On more than one occasion both of them had been considered a MILF by passers-by, young and old alike. MILF by the way is the term some men use for beautiful women over 27 years old. It stands for Mom I’d Like to Fuck, MILF. Taylor was more spontaneous than Morgan. That’s not to say that Morgan hadn’t had her moments. But Taylor could usually be heard above the din of the crowd laughing and cutting up. Morgan on the other hand subdued herself and held poise and grace as her two main character traits that she wished to exhibit at all times. It was these traits that people noticed about her once they got by her physical appearance. Taylor was a free spirit and it reflected in her look. Tossed and beautiful. Morgan was sophisticated and stunning. Morgan checked her chest in the mirror before leaving the bathroom. The way her bikini top held her breasts just so; allowing her voluptuous cleavage to settle into soft full hills and valleys made her feel sexy. As far as she was concerned, six thousand dollars was a small price to pay for these beauties. She pulled the bottom of her top down slightly to add a little more visually and opened the door. Brad, Taylor’s husband was in the kitchen as she passed by. Morgan secretly enjoyed in attracting his glances. Sivas Escort She had the fleeting thought once that he was the kind of guy she could see herself getting with if things weren’t as they were. The two couples were friends. Brad and Morgan’s husband Troy would drink their beers and visit just as Taylor and Morgan did. They just didn’t shop together. Morgan actually didn’t realize that Brad was home, so she hadn’t put on her wrap to cover her thong bikini. She and Taylor agreed totally that there was no point to getting a tan if you were going to have a white butt. ‘That’s just not sexy.’ They would say laughing. Morgan decided to play a little bit before going out. “Hey Brad.” She said in her ‘sweet’ voice.

“Hey Morgan.” Brad said plainly, hardly looking up from the counter.

Morgan walked around the island in the kitchen with her towel in her hand.

“Could I trouble you for a drink?” She asked with continued sweetness.

“You certainly can what would you like?” Brad answered with a little more enthusiasm than before. Then he added as he looked in the fridge. “I have water, soda, juice, beer, milk and V-8. Morgan leaned back against the counter as he was looking in the fridge. When he turned around she said. “Nice cold water sounds good.” As he turned around to the fridge, his eyes glanced at her tight slender body. Morgan caught it and smiled to herself. Of all of the guys that ogled her, she didn’t mind Brad. Morgan enjoyed the tension that would build up between them. It made her feel sexy… and maybe reminded her of younger days. “So are you joining us in the pool today Brad? You have your trunks on.”

Brad handed Morgan the bottle of water knowing to some degree what Morgan was doing. Taylor had been carrying water with her when she went out. “Since there are only grown-ups here I’ll tell you…” Brad said with a sly smile. “I don’t wear trunks on days like today. No kids, nice weather…” He paused. “…I’m thinking I better pass today though.” He said and then looked from her eyes to her body and back, as if to say ‘since you’re here.’

“I guess Taylor wouldn’t like that too well huh.” Morgan said smiling back at him.

“It doesn’t seem to bother her when I do, since she never wears anything when she swims and lies out. We just wouldn’t want to offend you by doing that with you here. So I stay inside and let you two have your time.” Brad’s tone had taken one of being very matter-of-fact.

“I hardly think that you could offend me that way but…okay.” Morgan’s smile became self-satisfied. She had her kicks.

“Is Taylor outside?” She asked pleasantly while looking out the window.

“Yea, she went out right before you came in here.”

“Well I guess I’ll Sivas Escort Bayan be going too. Bye.” Morgan turned and walked away from Brad who instinctively looked at her thong.

“So if I come out…” Brad called after her. “…I won’t offend you?”

Morgan turned and smiled modestly. “Hmmm…” she said raising her eyebrow at him. “…I don’t see you coming out but no, you wouldn’t offend me.”

The kitchen island was between Morgan and the door. She stopped and turned to face Brad.

“Now that sounds like a dare.” He said challenging her.

“It doesn’t matter.” She said impassively and then added in a more playful manner. “Your bigger problem would be offending your wife I would think. If you ever offend me, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Brad’s hands went to the band of his shorts and pulled them open and exposed his stiff cock. Morgan didn’t say anything.

“So you’re not offended?” He offered.

Morgan turned to see where Taylor was. She was floating in the pool with her top undone and holding a drink. Morgan still said nothing when she turned back to Brad.

“Just let me know if you’re offended.” He said as he stepped toward her.

Morgan instinctively looked at his erection the same way he had looked at her ass when she turned around.

Brad pulled the strapless bikini top down over her breasts. Glancing outside once more he hungrily bent toward her, took her breasts in his hands and began sucking them. Morgan gasped but didn’t resist. She tried to turn her head to see if Taylor was still in the pool but couldn’t. With her turning, Brad pulled away to see what she was doing.

He raised his eyebrows as if to ask ‘Offended now?’ Nothing. Taylor was still floating in the pool.

He took her head in his hand and pulled her toward him kissing her deeply with his tongue. Morgan reciprocated. As they kissed, Brad’s hand went to her bikini and he slid his finger under the thin fabric and into her body. Morgan’s body jerked slightly and she pulled her head back to gasp. Morgan closed her eyes and gripped the edge of the counter. Brad’s fingers fluttered inside of her body making her knees weak and body tingle. Brad then pulled her bikini to the floor.”

“If you’re not offended then turn around and watch out…and spread your legs.”

Morgan did as told; separating her legs as much as possible while standing. Brad went to his knees and buried his face between her legs. As Morgan watched outside, her vision seemed to swirl. She felt lightheaded and gripped the opposite side of the counter with her hands to stay upright. Brad’s tongue licked and penetrated her wet body like a hungry animal. Morgan moaned in a whisper. She was able to suppress the Escort Sivas loud cry that she wanted to release in her heightened erotic state.

“Is everything okay?” Brad said normally.

“Yes.” Morgan replied in a whisper.

Brad stood and let his shorts fall to the floor. He touched Morgan’s mouth and she drew in his finger with her tongue and sucked on it, attempting to reciprocate in what was happening. With his free hand, Brad held his cock and guided it into her body. When Morgan’s mouth opened to gasp, Brad drew his hands back to her hips and held them. He slid his cock all the way into her and then slid it back out stopping just before he pulled out. Brad repeated this motion over and over, gaining speed and forcefulness each time until he was thrusting into her deeply in rapid succession. Morgan forced herself to keep her mouth closed but she couldn’t restrain the moans coming from her throat. Brad’s body impacting Morgan made a slapping sound on her ass that echoed in the kitchen. She found herself thrusting her body backwards to meet his thrust until finally her hanging on the counter edge across from her was the only way she was staying upright. Her legs were useless. Morgan had come all over Brad and the orgasm she had, paralyzed her body. Brad grunted and forcefully pulled her hips into his thrust and held it. Morgan could feel his cock swell inside of her and his warm fluid pulse into her body. He slid back and thrust forward into her making his cock ejaculate the last bit. Brad pulled out and drew Morgan from the counter top. He helped her stand on her shaky legs. Morgan pulled her top back up and adjusted it until it felt right and then bent to retrieve her bikini bottoms from the floor. Brad slid his shorts back up and fastened them as she did.

“Please stop teasing me the way you do Morgan, you’ve made me want to fuck you like that for…” Brad paused for effect. “for as long as you’ve been around here.”

“I only did it because I dreamed of you fucking me like that.” Morgan said casually then added. “No strings attached Brad?”

“No strings Morgan.”

Morgan floated in the pool with Taylor, sunglasses on and eyes closed just visiting.

“What took you so long Morgan? Everything okay?”

Morgan let a smile form across her lips. “Brad was telling me how you skinny dip when there’s no company over here. Is that true?”

Taylor laughed. “It keeps my tan even and it’s comfortable. You should try it.”

“I don’t have a pool silly.” Morgan said jokingly.

Taylor sat up with a devious smile and tossed her top to the side of the pool. “So use mine.”

Morgan pulled the clasp on the front of her top and tossed it onto her lounger by the pool.

“This has turned out to be an interesting afternoon.” Morgan said languorously to Taylor. “I wonder what Pete would say if he saw me now.”

“Don’t ask, don’t tell… don’t worry about it.” Taylor said with a smile.

Morgan laid back and only thought. ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell.’ And dozed off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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