Missy Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: Punished

“I think you need to be punished,” I said. Missy gave me a funny look.

Missy was a friend. She was also a seriously hot, petite blonde with long hair, perky little tits and a nice round ass. But what really turned me on about her was her attitude. Missy somehow managed to seem innocent and vulnerable despite having done some wild things. I knew because I’d been there. Missy and I had dated for a few months back in college, a relationship which had started with a threesome but, sadly, had turned fairly vanilla from there.

What I hadn’t understood at the time was that Missy was a sub. She liked, even needed, to be dominated in a relationship. Our relationship had fallen apart partly because I hadn’t understood that. It hadn’t been a clean breakup and we hadn’t really spoken for five years. Oddly, we had become friends again thanks to Julie. Julie was my fiancée and a friend of Missy’s. Julie was also very open minded. She knew I still had a thing for Missy. She encouraged it, partly because she had a thing for Missy too.

So, five years after we broke up, here I was sitting on the floor in front of Missy’s couch. We were hanging out in her apartment, Tipobet just the two of us. We were supposed to be meeting Julie in a little while, but we had some time to kill. Having Missy alone just wasn’t an opportunity I could pass up. Especially because there was something I wanted to try.

“I think you need to be punished,” I repeated.

“Really?” Missy said, still giving me that funny look. She was wearing a white t-shirt and grey sweat-pants, nothing fancy. She had been puttering around her living room while we chatted. We’d gotten around to something she’d done lately, I honestly don’t remember what, but it had given me a chance to take things in this direction.

“You’ve been bad,” I said firmly. “Get down here.”

She gave me a resigned look and came over. I guided her down, so that she was laying face down across my legs, with her little round butt right over my lap. I rested my hands on her for a moment. Then I hooked my fingers around the waistband of her sweats and with one quick motion pulled them and her panties down around her knees.

Missy gasped. I don’t know what she had expected, but this hadn’t been it. For the first time in five years, Tipobet Giriş I looked down at her sexy round ass. I realized I’d never really appreciated those white, firm, softly rounded curves before. I ran my hand over them lightly, softly caressing one cheek, then the other. Missy’s breath quickened, deeper and faster, and she lay very still.

Suddenly, I brought my hand up and then down in a firm smack across her ass. Missy jumped and gasped. My hand caressed her ass again, soothing. Then I smacked her again, harder. She gasped a little louder. I spanked her again, harder. Smack. Smack. Smack!.

Her breathing was hard and ragged. Her gasps had become moans. I spanked her hard, over and over. Her body felt warm and strangely relaxed as it lay across me. Her legs had become slightly spread. Pausing, I caressed her ass again, softly teasing my hand across her firm white skin. Her skin felt hot under my hand.

My hand, almost with a mind of its own, wandered, tracing the curve of her ass down between her thighs. My fingers found warm wetness. I was surprised at how wet she was. Without effort, my fingers slid between her pussy lips, touching her inside. Missy Tipobet Güncel Giriş moaned and arched her hips, pushing my finger in deeper. I traced my finger along her pussy. Then my other hand came down on her ass with a firm smack. She gasped. Smack. Smack. Smack!

With one hand I spanked her ass while the other probed her soft, wet pussy. My searching fingers found their goal. She groaned as I slowly began to stroke her clit. Her hips arched upward and, as they did, my other hand came down on her ass with stinging force. With steady, increasing speed, I rubbed a tight circle over Missy’s clit. Each time I touched it, her hips would buck. Each time they did, my other hand would smack down, spanking her ass. She gasped and moaned in pleasure. Her breath quickened with every touch, with every slap. Suddenly her whole body quivered with the orgasm and she yelled at my final fierce slap on her heaving ass.

For a long moment she lay gasping, looking back at me though her long tangled hair while I continued to stroke her ass and lightly play with her sensitive clit.

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” she said.

I smiled. “I thought it was something you’d enjoy.”

She got up to kneel beside me, her sweat pants still down around her knees. “You were right,” she said huskily, “You’ve gotten good at that. What other new things are you good at?”

I leaned over and kissed her. “Find out. But first, we need to go meet Julie.”

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