Mistress Marisa’s Estate Pt. 16

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I am one of several slaves my Mistress Marisa keeps in her household. I am completely owned as are the other slaves that serve her. These episodes are written with her permission. It is my, our story…


“What were you thinking, baby doll?”

Bending forward as you sit on the stool behind me, you run your index finger up over my balls.

I wince, yelp. I am swollen from the ball restraint you have me in. Two thin boards that lock around my balls pulling them back and out away from me from behind, thin boards that lay across the backs of my legs just under my upturned butt. I am in a humbler. I quiver, butt held as still as I can for you.

“When he pee’d in your face and you looked up at me did you think I’d stop him? Did you think I’d come to your aid? He’s my lover. I love him, would never get in the way of anything he does or does not do with a bitch like you. You should know better. You Tipobet belong to us. We can do with you as we please. It was very disrespectful of you to not focus on him. Indeed. He told you to look at him! You didn’t, not after he started to pee on you. You looked to me! Disrespectful little whore! You turned your dirty little face away from him! You knew what he expected of you. He expected you to look up at him, he wanted to piss in your face! Did you think I’d stop him?!? You should be grateful he was even paying attention to you. Fucking stupid bitch!”

You are shouting, anger filled voice.

You flick very hard with your index finger off of your thumb against my right ball. I scream out, can’t help myself. I know better than to answer until told to speak but can’t hold back the reflex crying out from the pain. You ignore me. Standing, you look down at me.

I’ve been in the humbler overnight, six hours at least. Tipobet Giriş Balls aching, throbbing, face covered in tears.

“I think I’ll leave you down here for a while longer, let you think about your attitude.”

You walk to my side. Your foot at my face, you reach down and pet the back of my head.

“It’s for your own good.

You walk off to the side of me, stare.


I feel the crop come down twice hard on my right cheek.

“Oh yes, Ma’am, yes. I’m so sorry. Please tell him, please. I am so sorry…”, sobbing through the words, shaking, “…please, please believe me, so sorry…tell him, Mistress…sorry, sorry, I am so sorry…”.

You cut me off in mid-sentence.

“That’s what he said to me this morning. What a coincidence. He said just that after he fucked me real good. He said you are ‘a sorry little bitch’.”

You bend forward.

“Be silent. Tipobet Güncel Giriş I’ll be back down her before I leave for the office. You need to get dressed properly to do your house work. Don’t forget that bathroom needs your urgent care. His piss is still all over the floor where you made him mad. It had better be spotless by the time he gets home tonight. For your sake, little one.”

You walk to the door of my punishment room.

“I want you in all pink today, lots of ruffles. Lots! You are such a pretty boy when you’re in pink. That pleases me. And I like him to see you like that. My real man seeing my sissy bitch, knowing he’s no threat whatsoever to his woman. I like that. I’ll be back for you when I finish dressing and have coffee. You think real hard about what a bad little boy you’ve been. When my man wants to piss in your face you let him! Next time, open your mouth and take it like the little bitch you are to us!”

You turn off the light, door slammed closed behind you. I hear myself start to sob, crying reverberates off the bare walls. My balls ache, throb, I hurt so bad. All I can do is cry and feel so ashamed that I displeased him, displeased you. I want so bad to be forgiven.

I am your slave.

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