Mistress, May I Have Another?

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Slave’s head felt like it was caught in a steel vice. Mistress had him in a headscissors, her bodybuilder’s thighs wrapped around his skull from behind as she sat on the couch of her bedroom, the knee-high black leather boots she wore locked at the ankles. She was scissoring him hard, pulsing the massive, 30-inch thighs on his head, and slave whimpered like a stuck pig.

“Say it, headscissor slave,” Mistress growled, holding the seat cushions of the couch in her fists. “Say it!”

“Please, Mistress….may I … have…another?” slave squeaked.

“ANOHTER WHAT?” she roared, hunkering down to put on an even more violent squeeze.

“Another headscissor squeeze!!!” slave cried, his hands pulling at the thighs the held him and the nylons held up by garter belt.

Mistress smiled – and squeezed with all she had, her booted legs creaking noisily, her monstrous thighs expanding in the nylons that could barely contain them, her giant ass flexing in steel as she used it to power down the hold. Slave’s hands fell away and he passed out cold.

“Weakling,” Mistress sighed, standing up to shake the cramps from her legs.

She looked at herself in the mirror, next to wish hung an assortment of her tools of the trade: Leather whips, canes, handcuffs, cock-torture devices, ball vices, 12-inch strap-on dildo, speculum, all of it designed to inflict as much pain on her high-paying customers as they could bear – and afford.

But this slave was easy, as were all her leg-worshipping, scissor-loving devotees. All it took was dressing up her 24-year-old, 6-foot-3, 180 pound, rock-hard bodybuilding body and putting the squeeze to them, and for 500 bucks an hour.

“Saps,” Mistress growled to herself as she watched slave struggle to his feet, his ridiculously small cock hard in the black Speedos she made him wear to accentuate the paunch and paleness of his 60-year-old CEO body.

Slave stood before her, dwarfed by her at his 5-foot-6 frame. She crossed her majestic arms, biceps bulging across her leather-clad chest, thick striations of pec muscles rippling. Her black leather gloves fisted, she shook back her mane of jet-black hair and laughed at him.

“Worm,” she growled, suddenly backhanding him across the face. “How DARE you ask me for another scissors when you have yet to worship THESE!”

She wobbled a giant thigh, the massive slabs of muscled quad meat quivering as she shook it side to side and then blasting down to rock-hard steel as she stopped it suddenly. Slave whimpered.

“On your knees and start at my boots,” she ordered him. “Lick.”

Slave dropped like a stone and began slobbering over Mistress’s shiny black boots, sucking the toes, up the instep, worshipping the leather-covered calves. Not an inch remained untouched by the time Tipobet he was done as she stood stock-still, those big arms and massive biceps flexing.

“Thighs,” she hissed. “Worship my thighs, the thighs that will kill you!”

Slave knelt up and started tonguing Mistress’s gigantic right thigh, running his worthless tongue up her nyloned knee, up over the insanely huge, bulging quad, digging it into the thick furrows of muscle where it joined in a deep crevice on the side. Along the back he continued, her bulging hamstring devoured by his sucking mouth, her black- pantied ass inches from his adoring eyes, that magnificent double mound of muscular meat hanging in sexy chunks from her tiny panty.

“The other,” she spit, and slave obeyed, repeating the ritual on her other thigh, the giant left one, lifting one hand to rub the majestic quad as it stuck into his face.

“How DARE you touch my thigh!!” she screamed. “You did NOT receive permission to touch, only lick! Now ask me to be scissored again!”

“Please…Mistress…may I have another…headscissors?” he groaned meekly.

“You didn’t beg,” she growled. “You’ll pay for that!”

Slave whimpered and stuck his head into the crushing maw of Mistress’s opened thighs from the front, the bulk of her 30-inch limbs obscuring his head, devouring it. She stood on crossed feet and squeezed; Slave screamed horribly, his hands involuntarily shooting to the limbs crushing him.

She let him go and sat on the bed, one big leg crossed over the other. Laughing to herself, she recalled the other scissor knockouts of the day: One in the calves from the front, another from behind, also in her booted calves, a figure four, her delicious leg tucked into his throat, a reverse facescissors, his nose trapped in the musky warmth of her sweaty asshole, a straight headscissors, a neckscissors. This slave was fond of knockouts and she obliged him many times, one session racking up 56 scissor KO’s in the course of a single session.

Slave grogged awake, coming to his knees before his Mistress.

“Your time is nearly up, slave,” she hissed, slapping his face. “What would you like to do to please me with your orgasm?”

“I…I’d like to be headscissored in your magnificent thighs and masturbate on your boots, Mistress!” he gushed excitedly.

“No, that wouldn’t please me,” she said derisively. “I want you to pull your worthless cock while I pound your balls with my boot! And if you DARE cum on my boots or my leg, you WILL lick it off!”

“But Mistress,” Slave whimpered, knowing she never gave him what she wanted, always concocting some new and more bizarre ending to their sessions. “I…I…”

“You what, slave?” she snapped, grabbing his chin in her big hand and jerking his head around. “You PAID Tipobet Giriş for this and you want what you want?”

Slave nodded, ashamed, averting his eyes from Mistress’s dark brown ones.

“Yes, yes, you pay, all right, you rich piece of shit, but I call the shots and always will!” she barked, spittle hitting his face as she held hers inches from his. “You rule your company with an iron hand, well, I rule MY company – and your world – with my IRON LEGS!!”

With that, she encircled Slave’s head in her thighs, pulling his face to her pussy and slamming her giant legs together, bridging up and putting on the hardest squeeze of the day, this one borne of anger. She hated rich fuckers like this one who thought they could pay for whatever they wanted simply because of their power in the everyday work world. But they were playing in her world, now, and whatever Mistress wanted, Mistress got – by force.

“Smell that cunt, Slave, I wanna hear you take a big whiff of my sweaty pussy, you hear me?” she screamed.

Slave yelped in pain and then inhaled Mistress’s cheesy, ripe vapors accumulated from the day’s session and two others that she’d had before. He gagged at the pissy- sweaty aroma and she squeezed harder.

“You don’t like that?” she barked. “Then you’ll HATE THIS!!”

She flipped him to his back on the bed and rudely reverse facesat him, pulling apart the viciously muscled orbs of her giant, white ass and impaling her sweaty asshole on his nose. She let her cheeks go and they slapped shut with a muscular thump on his face, absorbing it.

“Smell my shitty asshole, slave!” Mistress growled, gyrating on him, screwing her ass on his nose. “Smell it and I MIGHT let you live!”

Slave inhaled an gagged again, screaming, the vibrations coursing directly into Mistress’s panty-covered pussy, giving her an immediate and brief orgasm. She smiled and hunched down harder, snapping her hips back and forth driven by her muscular thighs and chiseled ass. The twin globes of her butt cheeks hollowed as she rode him, nearly snapping his nose off inside her milking shit ring. She finally climbed off and sat on the edge of the bed, making him kneel before her.

“Take those shorts off and stroke your pathetic excuse for a cock while I crush your nuts,” she snapped.

Slave obeyed, stripping down and kneeling to fist his five-inch, skinny pecker. Mistress glared at it.

“You disgust me,” she growled. “You expect to satisfy any woman with that tiny cock of yours? You may have all the money in the world, but you don’t have ANYTHING where it counts – in the prick! Now stroke!”

Slave sweat heavily as he jacked his tiny cock, tears of pain and humiliation running down his wrinkled face. Mistress suddenly shot a booted foot up Tipobet Güncel Giriş into his nuts and he fell backwards.

“Get up here and stroke it NOW!” she roared, pulling him by his hair to his knees so he could resume masturbating before her goddess-like presence. “Jerk off and don’t you DARE shoot on me!!”

Over and over she pummeled his hanging nuts with her boots, swinging one foot up, then another, as slave struggled to stay on his knees and keep pumping his engorged cock. She ballbusted him with her feet for five minutes before he finally groaned, his hand flying up and down his miniscule pecker.

“Cum for Mistress, cum for Her NOW!” she screamed, using both feet to paste his balls, holding them between the insteps of her boots and crushing them, knowing it would be hopeless for him to squirt anywhere but on her mammoth legs. “And DON’T cum on me!!”

Slave twitched and three feeble spurts of cum jetted from his fisted meat, striping one boot, another thigh and finally pooling on both knees. He stopped jerking off and hung his head in shame.

“I’m so sorry, Mistress,” he whimpered. “Please…don’t…I don’t like that…please…”

She smiled – and slapped his face. Grabbing his ears, she rammed his face into the gooey mess he’d left on her boot and thigh.

“Lick it up, slave, lick it up now,” she commanded. “You don’t, and you will never know the pleasure of my company again! Lick, short cock, LICK!”

Stung by her harsh words, Slave snaked out his tongue and gagged at the tang and taste of his cum as he licked it off one boot, then the other thigh, and finally sucked up the pool of cream on her knees. He finished up by polishing the entire length of both boots with his mouth. Mistress laughed and encircled his neck in her booted calves, squeezing hard.

“You’ve done moderately well, considering you’re a shrimp-dicked, no-balled piece of shit,” she growled. “Now dress.”

Slave slowly gathered his clothes and buttoned up his $2,000 suit. Standing before her, head bowed, he too out his wallet and handed her five crisp $100 bills.

“The price is now $1,000, Slave,” she said indifferently with a wave of her hand in anticipation of more. “You don’t like it, find someone else as good as I.”

Slave balked and Mistress stood to ram a giant thigh into his crotch, crushing his balls and driving him to his knees where she captured his head in a standing headscissors, her massive thighs expanding in a muscular swell over his ears.

“Please…OK!!!” slave screamed, holding his wallet in trembling hands behind her scissoring legs and leafing out five more hundreds, handing it up to her.

“What, no tip?” she laughed. “Oh, well.”

With that, she put on 100 percent pressure and Slave’s head was at the bursting point. Just before passing out, he frantically fished out several remaining 20’s and 50’s, slumping to the floor when she let go.

“Very good, Slave, very good,” she cooed, counting the wad of cash in her leathered hands. “At least you’re good at something.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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