Mom And I Go To The Drive-In

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The day had gone by uneventful. My cousin had come over to hang out for a little while and play video games with me. He lived a few houses down from me, and the rest of our family lived on the other side of town. We were a very close family.

“You boys want to go to the drive in movie with me?” Mom asked as she burst into the room.

Since my dad had walked out on us a year ago, Mom had been very reclusive and moody, so it was quite a surprise to see her so cheerful. She had even dressed up for the occasion. Her lips shined a ruby red color that contrasted very well against her tan skin. She put on a light, almost metallic, blue eye shadow bringing out her light brown eyes, and her wavy dark hair contoured her face in an innocent, but sexy kind of way. My mom, to me anyway, looked very attractive, I always thought when I get married I wanted my wife to look like her. She was very voluptuous, wide hips but not fat by any means, and she was what I considered short around 5’6″ or so. Tonight she put on a pair of tight blue jeans that looked like they wanted to burst at every seam. Her loose blouse hung limply on her shoulders showing off her cleavage of her ample breasts and barely hiding much of her stomach. Least to say, I was really caught off guard.

Naturally, just turning eighteen and graduating from high school, going to the movies with your mom was really, really lame. It wasn’t like my cousin and I had anything better to do that night, so we reluctantly agreed to go.

We had all piled into the leisure van Dad left us with and mom drove us to the drive in movie that was a few miles away from our house. The van wasn’t really that bad. It was almost like a camper. There were curtains for the windows, several radios that had headphone plugs, a small closet, and a bench seat that was shaped like a horseshoe. In the middle of the horseshoe was a table that could lower to make a king size bed in the back. We had taken it out many times when Dad, Mom, and I would go camping.

There was a horror movie playing that night at the drive in, even though mom wasn’t a big on horror films, she scared easily, she decided to stay anyway since it was the first time in a long time she had dressed up and gone out anywhere.

“We should close the curtains, and make it really scary,” I suggested.

“And put down the table back there and we can all be comfortable,” Mom chimed in.

Mom grabbed the speaker that was resting on a metal pole outside next to her. She clipped it to the window, and rolled it up as far as she could. My cousin had shut all the curtains while I pushed the table down and put a cushion on top of it. Mom sat down between my cousin and me just as the movie screen turned black signaling the beginning of the movie.

Mom said in a panicked voice, “I hope this isn’t too scary.”

“Don’t worry mom, I’ll protect you from the boogey man,” I joked and we all shared a laugh.

No more than fifteen minutes into the movie Mom had already jumped and screamed twice. Her hands were clenched onto my cousin’s thigh and my own, so tight it was starting to hurt. I smiled as I watched mom’s face as she intently stared at the screen. Every few minutes her eyes would widen, and then shut tightly just like her hand did on my thigh.

Her skin shone from the light of the screen, even in the darkness of the van. My eyes followed the curve of her shoulder, and I could see perfectly down the cleavage of her chest. My cock throbbed at the mental image of Moms melon sized breasts. I closed my eyes for a second, savoring the thought. In no time, my cock had swollen and was pushing down my pant leg. As I opened my eyes, thinking of way to cool down, I noticed my cousin looking at her too. Instantly, I felt ümraniye escort the sharp prick of jealousy flood through me. I did not like the look on the face of my cousin.

Mom screamed and jumped again, suddenly. Her hands flew from our thighs and cusped over her mouth. The next second she gasped sharply and her hands grabbed onto our thighs again, this time she grabbed right where my hard cock was hidden. I was caught in a moment of bliss and horror from my mom grabbing my erection. It was my turn to gasp sharply from the surprise of my secret being suddenly revealed. To my relief, it seemed she hadn’t noticed at all. Her hand still rested on my cock, but she said or did nothing.

My cousin had rested back on his elbows, making me glad because he wasn’t staring at my mom’s tits anymore. A few minutes had gone by, my mom’s had was still resting on my still hard cock. Without any notice, her hand slowly moved down my leg to my knee, then back up over my cock and to the top of my thighs, repeatedly. Even though my stomach lurched, and the intimidating feeling of the taboo situation I was in with mom swept over me in waves, I was in ecstasy. I knew now that she knew about my stiff cock, and was even playing with it. In front of my cousin no less.

I had a little more courage now, so I slid my hand through her arm and her torso and gently rested it midway down her thigh. Daringly, I rubbed my hand up and down the top of her thigh a few times slowly, matching her rhythm. She spread her legs a little to allow my hand further up. I ran my hand up and down her inner thigh and soon found the warm crotch of my mom. I finally had enough courage to look at her. She was still staring forward at the movie, but every few seconds she stole a glace at me, and then my cousin out of the corner of her eye.

Even though I was rubbing her pussy through her jeans, I still wanted to feel the softness of her breasts. Cautiously, I slid my hand up her shirt and felt the warm skin of her stomach on the back of my hand, as I cupped the bottom of her tit with my fingers. Her hand, in return, grasped my cock harder making it throb. She clenched her hand and released several times, making it seem to pulsate on my stiff rod.

Out of the corner of my eye I looked at my cousin. He was still leaning back on his elbows, not noticing a thing mom and I were doing. My daring increased. I massaged mom’s tit as frequently as I could without alarming my cousin. I glanced at mom again. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly open, I could tell she liked the way I touched her.

I felt like I was going to burst in my jeans. Mom must have sensed this because she stopped touching me for a moment. I looked over at her and her eyes were still shut and her mouth was still agape. Mom let out a small moan and her head fell into my lap. I watched as one of her legs swung over my cousin’s head. He stood up slightly and his pants fell to the floor. I caught a glimpse of his hard cock in the dull light from the movie screen.

Mom reached above her head and grabbed both of my arms. She guided my hands to her tits and I took the cue. I pulled her shirt over her head revealing the bare melon sized tits underneath. I started massaging both of her breasts, squeezing them together and releasing them. Over and over I did this as I watched my cousin unbutton her tight jeans and peel them down her legs. She was wearing a see-through pair of red panties. Quickly, my cousin peeled them off too and tossed both her jeans and panties onto the floorboard of the van. My mouth watered at the sight of her smooth mound, glimmering in the light from the movie screen.

“Aunt Teresa, you’re so wet,” My cousin purred üsküdar escort as his fingers probed her cunt.

“Eat my pussy Jose,” Mom begged of my cousin.

My eyes widened as my cousin bent down, burying his head into her soft cunt. Small moans emitted from mom as my cousin worked her pussy with his tongue. I watched as her hips began to gyrate up and down on my cousin’s face.

“Oh yes,” Mom moaned, “Shove that tongue in my cunt!”

I could see my cousin working his mouth feverishly, licking every inch of her pussy he could reach with his tongue. His head bobbed up and down. Moms breathing deepened. I watched her chest heave up and down making her breasts appear larger.

“Play with my tits baby,” Mom begged, “Pull on my nipples.”

I enjoyed hearing my mom tell me what she liked. Her voice was sweet and low. I could tell she was really going to get off. My mind was torn, I was so turned on from mom and this was my chance to fuck her brains out, but at the same time I was jealous of my cousin getting the same treat I did. Of course, my dick did the thinking for me.

“My pussy needs to be fucked Jose,” Mom purred.

Instantly, my cousin was on top of Mom guiding his hard cock into her wet pussy. I felt mom press into me as my cousin thrust his cock into her. Over and over again, I felt mom pushing into me as my cousin rhythmically fucked her pussy. Her tits shook in my hands from the force of my cousin’s pelvis. Mom ran her hands through my hair as my cousin continued his assault on her pussy. I bent down, and for the first time, I kissed her passionately on the lips. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth, as mine probed her mouth. Soon mom was moaning louder and louder into my mouth as her body started to quiver. She stopped running her hands through my hair and held her thighs back instead, allowing my cousin to slide his cock deeper into her wet cunt. I straightened up, wanting to watch mom’s tits bounce in my hands.

“Your pussy feels so good and tight, Auntie,” My cousin groaned.

“It’s been so long since I’ve been fucked,” Mom gasped for air, “Don’t worry baby, you’ll get your turn in my hot cunt too,” She continued as she looked up at me.

My mind was torn, I was so turned on from mom and this was my chance to fuck her brains out, but at the same time I was jealous of my cousin getting the same treat I did. Of course, my dick did the thinking for me.

After a few minutes mom pushed my cousin back and rolled over onto her hands and knees. Her hand groped for my stiff cock so I guided her to it. Instead, she ran her hand up to the button on my jeans and unbuttoned them with one hand. I stood partially up and rested one knee on the makeshift bed and unzipped my jeans and slid them off. My cock sprung out and smacked mom against her cheek. Once again, mom was being pushed forward from the force of my cousin as he slid his cock back into her wet pussy. She groaned as she greedily slurped my cock into her mouth. I reached down and grabbed both of her swaying tits as mom took my cock all the way down her throat. I watched as my cousin held up his hand and he brought it down onto her ass with a sharp slap. Mom moaned on my cock as he did it. My cousin slapped her ass again, making her moan louder. Mom dug her nails into my ass pulling me harder into her face. I let go of her right tit and grabbed tightly onto her hair. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back absorbing the pleasure of my mom’s mouth. I was getting more and more excited by the second. I started fucking her mouth with all the force I could muster. She gagged a couple of times on my cock but soon relaxed enough that she could handle my cock forcing its way down her throat.

After kadıköy escort what seemed like hours of lustful fucking and sucking, mom pushed herself up, but remained on her knees. Her tits hung naturally to the side and they jiggled left to right as she turned around and faced my cousin. They began to kiss each other and my mom beckoned me with her hand to move closer to her. Mom stuck her voluptuous ass out as far as she could and revealed the pink folds of her cunt, while she kissed my cousin. I knew she wanted to feel my cock inside of her now. I guided my dick between her ass cheeks and found the slippery hole of her cunt. My cock slid easily into her wet pussy.

“Oh mom,” I groaned as I felt the warm wetness surround my shaft.

I wasted no time at all pounding my mom’s hot wet cunt. I watched her ass jiggle every time I slammed into her as I reached around mom’s body and squeezed her large tit with my left hand. I pressed my body closer to mom so I could feel her soft skin all over my body.

“Oh fuck me,” Mom nearly screamed. “Harder baby harder!”

I shoved my cock into mom’s pussy as hard and as fast as I could. After several minutes of brutal fucking, mom began to move her hips to my rhythm, fucking me back. She swung her hips left and right in a slow and teasing way. I grabbed onto her hips taking control of her movement. The sharp slapping from my pelvis banging against her ass and the deep moans of mom was all you could hear in the van.

Mom pushed me down onto the makeshift bed in the van and rolled onto her back, spreading her legs in front of me. For the first time I actually got a good look of her pussy. Her pink lips stood out, contrasting against her dark skin. She was completely shaven and to me, it was the hottest pussy I ever laid my eyes on. Mom placed her hands on each side of her cunt and opened it wide for me, allowing me to get a good look at her pussy.

I quickly knelt between her thighs and placed my cock on her pussy. I grabbed my shaft at the base and began sliding it slowly up and down mom’s slick cunt. I started to slide the tip of my cock in her pussy and then suddenly pull back out, teasing her the way she tried to tease me with her ass.

“Please, please fuck me baby,” Mom begged, not being able to handle anymore.

Happily, I obliged her. I suddenly thrust as deep as I could into her eager cunt. She emitted a deep, loud growl as my hilt banged against her clit. I watched as she pulled my cousin’s cock down to her lips and sucked the tip of it into her mouth, wrapping her hand around the thick shaft of his cock; mom began to vigorously jack him off.

“Fuck Auntie,” My cousin growled.

I watched as my mom greedily sucked down everything my cousin gave her. A few seconds later, my cousin collapsed onto the bed, breathing heavy and tired. My mom wrapped her arms around my neck, looked at me and smiled.

“Do you like my pussy baby?” She purred.

“Fuck yeah,” I growled as I thrust my cock into her pussy.

“I want you to cum in me,” Mom smiled.

Hearing those words come out of my mom’s mouth drove me wild. I fell on top of her. I could feel her large tits smashed against my chest. I could not fuck that woman fast or hard enough after that. I drove my cock into her over and over again. My dick started to swell bigger and bigger. Mom’s moaning increased in frequency as I came closer to cumming in her cunt.

“Right there baby!” She groaned, “Fuck me!”

“Oh mom,” I moaned, “I’m cumming in your hot pussy!”

Mom’s hips bucked wildly, her nails dug into my back, and her head tilted back as she came on my cock. I could feel her body spasm underneath me as she climaxed. I pressed my dick as far as it could go inside of her pussy.

I never wanted that moment to end. It had always been one of my hottest fantasies, being able to fuck my mom’s hot pussy, and it finally came true. I slowly pulled my still throbbing cock out of mom’s cunt as I kissed her ruby red lips passionately, not as a mother and son, but as two lovers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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