Mom at the Cottage Ch. 04

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She wanted Jr. to keep her excited, maybe let her service him, and let make her cum, but knew that if Sr. found out what was going on between them — her, Jr. and Jr.’s friends, he would kick Jr. out of the house and then leave her. Sr. was on the verge of knowing what was going on between her and Jr. and he had a wicked temper. She could not take the chance. It was for that reason only, she made her son leave. After Jr. left the room, she kept her sun dress on but left her tits out. She knew that Sr. was upset and it took hours to listen to troubles he was encountering on his emergency trip. For the first hour she used the speaker phone so she could multi-task and pack the clothes Jr. wanted to her wear for the trip. With the clothes, underwear, shoes, belts, nightdresses, oils, make up and sun bloc the bag was full, the straps barely holding it all in. Setting the bag down, she rolled it out of the way, leaving it just outside the bedroom door for Jr. to put in the truck. She left the door ajar for some fresh air?

The last hour she was lying in bed, still with the sun dress on but unbuttoned and splayed wide open aimlessly stroking herself as she talked to Sr. She had taken her large heavily veined 9″ vibrator out and lay it on the bed beside her. Her large breasts, swollen and sore from hanging free had their nipples begin to stiffen as Sr.’s anxiety eroded. Hoping that Sr. would give her some relief she frequently stroked her toy’s long thick ebony shaft. Finally talked out, Sr. signed off wishing her a good night and to keep in touch via mobile over the weekend. She had been looking for release but Sr. was too tired to help her, relief was not offered and did not come. Frustrated she hung up the phone, went about her ablutions and, clamping her black friend between her legs, tried to sleep. With dreams of Jake and Jr. using her and Jake’s dad watching, she slept surprising well.

Rousing herself to an empty house, she made coffee and starting preparing for the trip. She watered all the flowers on the patio, did a quick dusting and called a few friends to let them know she would be away in case anything happened.

About 10:30 a.m. she went outside to make sure her large roller bag was secured in the bed of the truck. She then tucked her sun dress behind the bench seat for easy access. She did a quick tidy up of the cab, then retreated to her bedroom to dress for the first part of the trip.

Beginning with a final inspection of her nether regions she made sure she was hairless and smooth. A couple of strokes with a fine razor did the trick. A light gloss of Emu oil helped her slip into the red ½ bra to go under her white blouse. Rather than a matching set, she chose a white thong that cupped her vulva and came up above her hips. The fine white blouse she put on had long sleeves but no buttons. The overlapping lapels crossed her breasts, leaving lots of cleavage which was held in place by the blouse’s long tails which wrapped around and tied just under her bra. The short red shorts were skinny skinny. She slipped into them, felt the center seam cling to her ass and dig into her crotch. Sucking in her breath, she did up the two short zippers on either side. With an exhale, any wrinkles immediately vanished. She was pleased to see that her nail polish matched her shorts, and when she slipped on her matching red open toed shoes with 2″ heels the reflection in the mirror delighted her. The massive mounds of her breasts cupped gently by the bra could be imagined more than seen through the blouse. The slight swell of her exposed tummy was partially hidden by the large bow. The white thong appeared just above the shorts which extended down to her pubic region stopping at the juncture with her legs. “A bit more sun, and you’ll be almost perfect. Now, some lipstick to match, and I’m ready to go.” she cooed as she grabbed her sunglasses.

At 5’1″ Annie had to step up high into the truck. She liked riding high, it was always a new adventure for her. With her wrap around bubble sunglasses, she set out down the street for the 15 minute drive to the college. As she neared the college, she noticed how empty it was, then she remembered that Monday was a break day for the students, most of which had probably taken off early. Arriving early, she saw the pool’s parking lot had a few cars scattered around it. Finding some weak shade off to the side for the truck, she decided that Jr. would want her to come in and watch. With a quick check in the rear view mirror, she determined bahis siteleri her lipstick was fine, locked the vehicle and headed for the front door of the recreation complex.

Entering under the bright red and white team logo, she felt proud of the team colors she was wearing and of her support for the team. The i-pod wearing part-time student at the front desk sat up smartly as he saw her curvy backlit figure come in the door and make straight for him. “My son, Jr. said they were swimming today and I could watch. Where do I sign-in or is there a fee?’ she asked as she leaned over the low counter offering the expanse of her breasts as payment.

‘No…no need to sign in, it’s free for the practices, the door is over to your left.” he replied never once looking her in the eyes but staring blatantly at the never ending cleavage. Striding away she reached back and smoothed the waist of her tight shorts allowing more of her thong to show and then tugged up the bottoms to expose the cheeks of her bum.

Entering into the seating area of the pool, the smell of chlorine nipped at her nostrils. Annie made for the first row to get a clear view. She saw Jr. with a short older man and gave them a wave. They began to walk over in her direction as she sat down with her knees together. “Mom, this is Coach. Coach this is my mother.” introduced Jr. The seating area was raised which resulted in the shorter man was staring directly at Annie’s legs.

‘Mrs. Sullivan, I’ve seen you from a distance at the meets. Jr. told me you might stop in today. Glad to finally meet you personally.’ he boomed out, thrusting out his hand. Jr. who was standing behind the coach, caught his mother’s eye and tilting his head to the left, subtly motioned it was ok for her to open her legs. Leaning forward to shake his hand, she leisurely let her legs spread providing him with a direct view of what was a magnificent camel toe. The coach gulped in surprise and tried to look way before being caught. He couldn’t his eyes were blocked by her breasts which had spilled forward pushing at the gap in her blouse as she continued forward to reach his hand. Jr. smiled to his mom and encouraged her more with his eyes.

“Thank you coach, it is great to see the team doing so well. I think more parents should wear team colors don’t you? It is a real motivator.” she implored not letting go of his hand, in fact pulling on it and drawing him nearer to her. As they leaned together, he saw her blouse fall away from her chest and he could clearly see the red bra. He eyes widened in surprise. He had never seen a half-bra like that. Stopping at mid areola it had been specially made with openings for the nipples. Each opening had a ring of elastic, so like a cock ring, when the nipple was engorged and put through the hole, the elastic held it firm and full. They were on show, right in front of him; huge, prominent and so accessible.

Pulling his hand to her lap and gripping it with her other hand, while bending way over to get down to his level, she put her lips to his ear, “Coach, I brought a program with me, could I get you and the team to sign it for me. I would love it!” she purred dropping his hand onto the exposed inner thigh, inches from her crotch. His fingers felt the smooth skin and as he pulled his hand back he spread his fingers out, tracing a line to her knee, where she had the program balanced.

“Of course, anything, and I mean anything for a parent who is so passionate. About the team I mean.” Coach replied as he took the program. Sliding forward in her seat she presented herself to him, “Balance it on my knee if you want.’ Annie offered handing him a pen. He did just that. Slipping in between her legs, he was at eye level with V of her legs meeting at tight leg holes of the shorts which defined the protruding contour of her swollen cunt lips. He put the program on one leg, rested his elbow on the other leg, forced them apart even more, leaned in and signed his autograph without taking his eyes of the prize inches in front of him.

“Thanks coach. Can I come down onto the pool deck to get team autographs and maybe a picture.” She said as she took the pen back, rolled up the program and rubbed the long thick cylinder sensuously over her legs.”

‘Of course Mrs. Sullivan, the gate over there will get you down. May I help you?’ he graciously offered.

“That would be so kind of you, you are so gallant.” Annie said rising up and moving toward the gate. He met her there canlı bahis siteleri and took her hand to steady herself as she descended the stairs. “Coach, I think Jr. wants you to call me Annie.” she said submissively as he let her move ahead to join Jr.

The loud shrill of his whistle broke the sexual tension. “Team, take a 10 minute break.” the coach’s voiced echoed through the space.

“Guys, come and meet my mom,” Jr. called out as Annie stood meekly at his side. “Mom, this is Bill, Ted, Kevin, Dan, Jeff. You already know Randy and this is Dom. Guys, this is my mom.” stated Jr. proudly. Although they had seen her, in the stands and picking up Jr.,, they had never been this close. Their eyes were big as saucers as they looked down at her.

“Hi, Mrs. Sullivan.” came the chorus of young voices. Surrounding her, Annie could not believe how big they all were. Like Jr. they were all six feet three or four inches, narrow waists, broad shoulders, long arms, big feet (does that mean anything she dreamed) and dripping wet. The small wet race suits did little to conceal their privates. Some had a small tuft of hair above their suits but many, like her, obviously shaved themselves smooth. Reaching out to shake her hand they dripped water everywhere. Numerous drops fell on her blouse, revealing more clearly what lay beneath.

The wetness caused the fabric to cling to her breasts and accentuate the large protruding nipples. Annie noticed that some of the boys had cupped their hands over their crotches to hide erections, a couple openly rearranged themselves in front of her. Randy and Dom were different, they daringly let their tenting suits display the outlines and size their sex. Making small talk, she passed the program around for them to sign. Dom purposely dropped the pen and when he picked it up, he ran the rounded end up the inside of her leg as he stood up. He felt her pelvis twitch and knees flex as she moved her feet apart. He signed the program knowing he would see her again. “Now for a quick photo.’ Jr. called out as he lined everybody up with his mom in the middle. The boys on either side, looked down her blouse as they pressed in. Annie reached behind to put her hand on their waist and in doing do, the back of her hand lightly passed over the straining cocks of the boys in the back row. Randy stood directly behind her and pressed his huge cock into her mid back. Placing his hands on he shoulders he pulled back slightly which thrust out her breasts even more.

The flash went off, but Jr. seemed unsatisfied. “We need one closer together. Squeeze in everyone.’ he ordered. They were happy to do so. The flash captured Annie sandwiched between 7 handsome almost naked hunks. It also captured the smile on her face. ‘That’s great. Mom, I’ll go and shower and then we’ll leave.” stated Jr.

“I’ll wait with your mom in the meantime.’ offered Randy. The rest of the team broke for the showers calling out, ‘Great to meet you Mrs. Sullivan.’

‘Mrs. Sullivan, why not sit over here while we wait for Jr.’ suggested Randy firmly, as he took her elbow and directed her toward her toward the bench along the wall. Annie remembered spending time with Randy, Jake and Jr. He was the only African American on the team and the white swim suit sure looked fantastic on him. It hugged his shapely butt and seemed to emphasize the huge cock that was stretching out the front. Sitting down, Annie was looking right at the tightly stretched front of his suit. He stood close and slightly off the side and raised one foot to rest it on the bench. With the pool deck clear of people this was little chance of being seen but this movement gave them more privacy. She remembered his cock to be as big as her vibrator, the same color and looking at it now, it seemed just as hard. Randy stepped in a little closer. “Annie, touch me’ he said quietly but firmly. Annie, looked at his eyes, knew that he meant it and tentatively but surely reached up. Her hand contacted the cool wet suit and found the root of his cock starting above his swollen balls. Sliding her hand outward, she found the underside ridge and followed it out to the flared head. The head caught under the waist band jutted obscenely out past his hip. Oh my, she thought, it’s gotten bigger since last time. Her lips opened slightly and her breath got shallow. He pressed his hips toward her as she tried to grip his cock. She could not grasp it because it was encased in the slippery sheath of the suit, so she caressed güvenilir bahis the cock head with her thumb. Randy pressed in again and this time his cock was under her nose. Putting his hand on the back of her head, he pulled her toward his stallion like cock. With little regard for anything, she parted her lips and played his cock like a harmonica. Her lipstick left a foot long trail along the white suit. Like ink on a finger print it disclosed a heavily veined texture and many bumpy ridges.

‘Help me Annie, show me your tits.’ Randy stated as he looked around to make sure the coast was clear. To be doubly safe, he grabbed his towel and held it open behind him to make a curtain. Annie took both hands and pulled the blouse away and tucked the lapels under the breasts. Randy looked down the slope of white flesh to see the red bra with the nipples sticking out. Annie, rubbed her breasts and tweaked her nipples, pulling them out through the elastic ring that was helping hold them rigid. The new burst of blood engorged them to be almost an inch long. Dropping the towel in lust, Randy pushed her hands away to thumb the rubbery protrusions, causing a sharp intake of breath from Annie.

“Now Annie, or should I call you Mrs. Sullivan, take me out and make me cum.” Randy told her. ‘Call me mom.” replied Annie as she raised her hands to the top of his suit. She heard an intake of breath and saw his chiseled abs contract allowing space at the waistband for her fingers. She pulled the spandex out over his swollen log of a cock and then down to release his hairless balls. The taut material contracted and was trapped below his sex. The black scepter confirmed his position as the dominant. Annie, eyes widened in shock as looked at the gigantic black cock arching out and coming to rest on her shoulder. Her small hands barely wrapped around his girth just below his cock head. She lifted his lengthening cock and stretched the skin tight as she pushed it back to his body. The cock head raised its flared ridges and eagerly awaited her lips. She leaned forward and took the end of it in her soft warm mouth.

“Hurry mom, we don’t have a lot of time.’ encouraged Randy through gritted teeth. Annie worked the magic of her mouth, lips and tongue over the end of cock. Slurping vigorously she sucked on the huge red knob. She knew she could not deep throat him, but she stretched her mouth over the flared end and left a lipstick ring four inches down the quivering shaft. Not even half way on his cock. She pulled back cupped his balls and felt them tighten. She heard a door slam and tried to see where it came from.

Randy sensing this, held her mouth tight to the end of this cock, and whispered, “I don’t care who it is, I’m close, don’t stop.’ Her eyes widened as she saw Jr. step up beside Randy. Blocking the view from the rest of the pool area, he watched as Randy thrust into his mother’s mouth. Grabbing the camera from the bench, a sudden series of flashes, was the only evidence of something happening.

“Open up mom, let Randy finish!’ instructed Jr. Pulling off the end of his cock, his mother opened her mouth and held up her large flushed tits. Randy grabbed his cock and with two strokes shot a load of hot cum into the back of her mouth. Annie gagged and the second load hit her square on the mouth and dripped down her chest to collect in her cleavage. The third blast added to the mess on her chest. Annie caught her breath, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Randy laid his cock on her tongue and fired another blast of his seed into her. She swallowed the thick salty offering as fast as she could. She scooped the cum from her cleavage smeared the dripping hot cum over her breasts and coated her nipples. She swallowed the last drops then lapped up the residual drips on his cock. Randy, pulled her face into contact with his cock and wiped it on her face. Pushing down, he made her lick his balls to finish off the cleaning. Jr. finished taking pictures when Annie stopped worshipping his cock and hung her head.

Randy slipped his softening member back into the lipstick stained suit. With a slight smile, he knew he would have some explaining to do, if his team mates saw the red slash. Randy picked up and handed his towel to Mrs. Sullivan, motioning for her to clean herself up. “Thanks Annie, you were fantastic.” and giving Jr. a slap on the back, walked away calling out, ‘See you at practice next week.’

The part-time receptionist and the coach saw Mrs. Sullivan follow demurely behind Jr. past the counter. With her lipstick smeared, her blouse in disarray and her breasts encrusted with Randy’s residue, a nod to each other acknowledged she seemed to have a satisfied glow to her face.

They followed her sexy ass in the tight red shorts right out the door.

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