Mom Came in the Bathroom Pt. 02

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The next day started a normal day in my life. I got up, got dressed, grabbed some breakfast and left for work. I ran into no one at home. It is nearly always that way. Because I am the first one to leave. At work, nothing out of the ordinary at all. Luckily for me there was plenty of work to do, so the day went over pretty damn fast. And work was a great distraction. A great distraction from thinking about my mom all the time. After work I went straight back home. Some workmates asked me if I would join in for a few drinks, but I said no. I had different plans. And hoped that mom had the same ones as I had. Or at least similar ones.

Back at home I went straight to the kitchen, but mom wasn’t in it. Then I headed over to my room, no, no naked mom was waiting on my bed for me. I just quickly dumped my stuff on a chair next to my bed. Finally I went over to the bathroom. Like I do it every day when I come back home from work. And, yes I found her. There she was, my mom. Waiting for me, her only son. Sitting on the toilet. Totally naked. Her legs wide open. Exposing her beautiful pussy. One hand playing with her clit. Her cunt swollen, wet and ready for everything. A mesmerizing view. kahramanmaraş escort I just stood there and watched her playing with herself for some time. I got rid of all my clothes while I was watching. After undressing, I began to jerk off my rock hard dick. Slow, gentle strokes. While my eyes were on my mother all the time.

Unfortunately it didn’t took long until my balls emptied themselves on the floor in front of me. It was a huge load. It put a smile on mother’s face. What came next was nothing but amazing: She went down on all her fours, crawled over to me and licked up my cum from the floor. It was the hottest thing I had seen in my life so far. When she was done, she stood up and began to kiss me. Passionate kissing. With my cum still in her mouth. And in my mouth now. But I couldn’t care less. Yes, her doing what she did made me hard again.

Mom jerked me off for some time, played with my balls, squeezed them, stopped before I was cumming again. She just stopped when I was close. She went over to the toilet, sat down, spread her legs and said: “Dig in son. Taste your mom’s pussy.”

I was time for me to kahramanmaraş escort bayan get on all my four. To crawl over to her. To kneel down in front of her. And to dig in. To bury my face between her legs. To taste her dripping wet pussy for the first time.

A shiver went through my body when my tongue touched her cunt for the first time. The taste, sweet, addictive, delicious. I stuck my tongue as deep into her as I somehow I could. Then I worked her clit while bringing in some finger action. First is slid one finger in, then a second and then she asked for a third and a forth. She clearly enjoyed herself. She moaned a lot. Tension built in her body. She began to tremble. Then she relaxed. She had an orgasm. Her first one with her son. The first one of many to follow.

But we weren’t done. It was time to fuck. Mom stood up, turned around and bend over. I took my place behind her. One thrust and I was in. My dick penetrated my mothers pussy. It felt great. It felt awesome. It felt like from another world. She latter told me, that it was the same for her.

Then I began to fuck her. Yes, slow and gentle in escort kahramanmaraş the beginning. But she asked for more. She asked me to fuck her harder. And I did. I fucked her harder. And deeper. But still in a very slow paste. I wasn’t in a hurry to go anywhere, because I already was at the goal: My mom’s vagina wrapped herself around my rock hard dick.

I have no clue how long we were at it. Could have been a minute or an hour. I totally lost myself. It was the same for her. And then it happened. All of a sudden. No real build up. I just came. Mom did the same. We came together. While fucking the first time. My balls ached when the emptied themselves deep inside my mom. My body even trembled while I unloaded my load.

After I pulled out, mom needed some time to regain herself. When she was back again, she just turned around, smiled at me, kissed me and then she collected her clothes from the bathroom floor. After getting dressed she left the room. She headed towards the kitchen, to prepare family dinner. On her way out she turned around and said: “You are a great fuck, son. We do that again son.”

Hearing her saying that put a huge fucking smile on my face. Then it was back to normal: I took a shower, spent some time in my room and joined family dinner. Mom behaved totally normal again, I couldn’t keep my eyes of her anymore. Back in my room, and latter before falling asleep in my bed, all I could think about was mom. Yes, I jerked off to her again.

Yes, a made up story. Nothing but one of my fantasies. I hope you enjoyed your read.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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