Mom Gives the Best Pleasure Ch. 02

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My eyes kept moving from her eyes to her tits and from there to her crotch. The black lace panties were clearly visible from the thin and see-through material of her loose Indian-style pajamas. Indian women wear long shirts which fall to their knees and cover the crotch area, so the bottoms they wear are usually really light colored and almost translucent. Very comfortable and silky as well.

I was still waiting for her to continue her sentence. I had made it clear to her I wanted to pleasure her just she had done to me. I wanted to lap at her pussy and lick it dry. I wanted to swallow every drop of the juices she secreted. I knew she was soft and sweet and sensuous down there. I knew she was aching for me, and I knew she wanted it just as much as I did. I knew she wanted the touch of a man down there! A soft and sensual touch at that. And who better and closer to do this to her than her son? This was incredibly arousing, sexy and oh so dangerous. What would happen to our relationship now? Were we even son and mother anymore? All these thoughts came and whizzed through my mind in a split second.

“Raja,” she said my name.


“Why was it up like that?” she was referring to my dick, “Do you always think this way about me? You know we shouldn’t be doing this, right?”

Why was she asking me this now? She was the one who grabbed it in the first place! She was the one who walked to the closet topless and came back with the smallest and tightest black lace bra! She was the one who called me in to hook her bra as if nothing had happened. How could we have been normal? How could I just hook her bra like I was a kid without even feeling anything when I had just seen her topless, albeit by accident. She had to be a little careful herself, and now she was reneging.

“Ma! The pleasure you have given to me is incredible. We won’t…” I stopped.

“We won’t what Raja?” she asked.

“I only…” I stuttered again.

“My dearest… Go ahead…” she put her hand on my shoulder. Her tits were now only about two inches away from my mouth as I was leaning against the bed and she was leaning over me. She wanted it. I knew she did.

“Ma, I won’t do anything that you didn’t do to me, ok?”

She burst out in the cutest laughter.

“What do you mean?”

“N… nothing,” I stammered again and looked down. All I wanted to say was that we won’t have sex. And it was true. All I wanted was a chance to bury my face in her cunt, and give her the intense pleasure that she desired.

I wanted to do what no man had ever done to her. I knew my father would never, ever go down on a woman, even his own wife. I just wanted to lick her pussy, up and down her pussy line, and part her lips and bury my tongue in there, and I didn’t know how to communicate it to her.

She was still smiling. She was so adorable. So petite and so cute! Even if she was my mom! Part of the control I had over myself had to do with the fact that I had just had an intense orgasm. If this talk was happening pre-orgasm, I would have finished sex off by now! But these were rational moments… so I continued:

“Ma I have never seen these black bras and panties before?” I knew it was silly but I had to take the conversation down to her crotch somehow.

“Oh you are silly…” she illegal bahis giggled.

“They are tighter. I am sorry I hurt you.” I said and put my arm around her neck lovingly. I meant to say the word boobs but I couldn’t say it in front of her. Maternal respect still had its marks on me.

“They are not tight!” she protested, still giggling, “You just pulled too hard! It still hurts!”

Saying this, she caressed her right tit again, pinching her nipple in. Oh man was this such a turn on!

“I didn’t!” I insisted, laughing shyly.

“Yes you did, see the nipple got squished!” she took my hand and put it on her nipple. I was now feeling her tender nipple. It was erect and pointing northward. But the tip had to be the softest thing I had ever touched!

“Awwww… Wish I could make it feel better.” I said slyly.

“You silly boy,” she laughed again.

“So the panties aren’t tight either? Ma I am sure this time you bought everything a size smaller.” I insisted, smiling with lust.

“No they really aren’t.”

“But I bet if I helped you put them on you would say I pulled them too tight, right?” I chuckled like a wise guy.

“Haha!” she laughed again.

This conversation was such a turn on. Subliminally we were both rationalizing sex. Or at least oral sex. She had seen my cock, tasted it, and made me cum and I was grateful for that, but hey: I wanted to do the same to her too, part out of gratitude, part out of lust and part out of love.

“What makes you say that?” she said with a huge grin.

“I just know it Ma!” I laughed too.

“I am sure you will pull them tight so they squish my pussy, you are bad.” She said with mock anger.

“No Ma I promise I won’t squish…your p… pussy”, I stuttered.

Lust was now dropping from every word we both were uttering. Our conversations had turned to mumbles by now. With every sentence, I was exploring more and more of her soft boobs and nipples. She was intently staring at my exposed cock and getting ready to take her pajamas on. She had said the word pussy! In English! My cock was now hard again and ready to explode. She said pussy. Pussy! Hers! My mom’s. How could she talk like this and not want sex? I was rationalizing to myself. The hints were all there. I had to make a move.

“Yes you will,” she giggled, “and then say I bought small panties! And my pussy will hurt”, she again made a whimsical sad face.

“How can I ever hurt your pussy? I love you so much.”, I said, clinging to her.

This was getting silly. She HAD to cave in!

“OK try it…” she said, smiling with lust and started to open the cords of her pajamas. “And if you squish my pussy, I will punish you, ok?!” she laughed.

She stood up and let her pajamas drop on the floor. She was now standing topless, with the tiniest bikini briefs on her crotch. I could smell her pussy from a foot away. The sweet aroma was driving me nuts. I just had to dive into that furry muff!

“Ma take them off and see how softly I put them on!” I said, boasting about my soft touch.

“Ok, here…”

She grabbed the top of her panties and began to roll them down. Slowly. Sensually. Not mechanically. She took her time. She knew her loving son was about to get a full view of her doorway to heaven and she wanted to make the best out of it.

The panties rolled off. Slowly her inner thighs got exposed. The pubic hair appeared. It was neatly trimmed! She casino siteleri was no slob! She was preparing for this! The pussy hair was shapely, cute and oh so inviting. A perfect triangle that reached the upper part of the pussy lips and disappeared on the sides.

Her thighs were hairless. Her crotch only sported that triangle surrounding the cunt. Sexy to the max! Her panties coming off was poetry. Slow and sensual and inviting. The panties let go of her lips down below. They fell through into the open air. The aroma reached my nostrils, driving me insane. Beauty at its best. I must admit I am a pussy admirer. And how much admiration I had for this pussy? I can’t explain here.

Neither of us had uttered a word as she rolled her panties off. Her cheeks looked flushed. Her eyes looked dry and were wide open. Her breathing, just as mine, was now at its peak. The panties were now around her knees. Someone had to break this silence. But my voice was hoarse. I said:


But she cut me off.

“See, now put them on, hurry!!” she was half laughing and was half shy.

“Ok…” I immediately got up and grabbed the panties. I made sure I touched the area that had touched her pussy. She giggled and looked into my eyes, but didn’t say anything. She was so observant!

“Raja hurry! Mom is naked you silly thing!” she yelled. (She said in Hindi: Raja jaldi kar, Ma nangi hai!)

I slowly moved the panties up. I straightened the rolls and moved the panties toward the crotch. They were now hugging her pussy lips.

I made sure I moved them all the way up! I almost gave her a wedgie.

“Ouuuuuuuiiiiii…!” She screamed!

I was still holding the panties tight on her pussy.

“See I knew you it! You rascal.” She was laughing and giggling and was moving her legs real fast.

I was giggling too.

“Ma what happened?” I asked in a dumb way.

“See you squished my pussy…” she said with mock sadness, her cheeks were now rose red!

“Aww…. I am sorry…”

Saying this, I began to rub her pussy up and down with my finger. Just a soft sensual massage.

“Ma just lie down, lemme see where it hurt ok?” I said, dreamily.

“OK but be careful, don’t squish it!” she commanded, then laughed and laid back on the bed.

This was time to go to work! I had no restrictions. Open access!

I continued to caress her cunt lips from outside the panties on the sides. I was tracing where the panties went, up and down, occasionally touching her clit. She was so wet now, the panties were almost dripping.

“I am so sorry I hurt you Ma, lemme make you feel better.” I said as she moaned.

I occasionally lifted the panties and moved my hands inside to touch her lips. She didn’t say anything and just continued to moan. I hunched over as she lay caressing her boobs and licked the panty lines. She twitched and giggled.

She loved it! I traced the panty lines with my tongue now, caressing her pussy lips with my hands. She was lifting her butt and letting me touch her ass crack. I moved my hands up and grabbed the panties from the top. There was no stopping now. No taboos. No inhibitions. No second thoughts. I slowly got up and rolled her panties down her crotch. She lifted her ass and assisted me in taking them off.

“I love you Ma!” I cried as I dived into the muff.

She was pushing her clit into my face. The juices were smearing my nose and mouth now as I lapped at poker siteleri her like a cat. I licked up and I licked down. She was now crying with pleasure. I knew no one had ever done this to her before. This was the intense kind of pleasure I knew I could give and I was giving to her. Oral sex is so taboo and so fulfilling, the apex of love for both partners!

Her legs were shaking violently as she pinched and grabbed her boobs. I was reaching up and caressing her love balloons with my long arms as my mouth did a job on her pussy.

“Ooooooo…. Lick it Raja!” she cried.

Her muffled moans had now grown into cries of pleasure.

“My pussy is burning Raja! Lick it! Make it feel goooooooooood…” she yelled.

My lapping had increased. I pierced my tongue inside her parted lips, and into the hole. I was now fucking her with my long and fat tongue, moving in and further in, but never totally out! Her hips were now moving with my tongue. The movements were rhythmic and totally in sync. We shared the same blood! Why wouldn’t they be? She knew me better than anyone else! And I knew her better than anyone else.

“Ahhhhh… this neeeeeever happened….. ever!!!”, she screamed.

I knew it. No one had ever gone down on her.

I continued to lick and suck her pussy. The throbbing pussy lips were vibrating with pleasure. The cunt was red and the blood flow there was immense! I knew all her nerve ending were being stimulated. I knew where to go! I knew what to do.

Our rhythmic tongue fucking continued and her body started to get tense. She yelled out a cry and pinched her boobs. She bit her lip hard and yelled:

“Rajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…Fuck me hard!”

I tried to dive in as far as I could.

“Fuck me like your little whore girlfriends! Fuck me like a dog you motherfucker!” (Chod de! Maderchod! Chod de apni Ma ko! Harami ke pillay!)

I took a finger, pushed up her cunt and dove in further. I licked her asshole, moved my tongue all over her ass crack and caressed her sweet tasting and aroma filled pussy as long as she wanted.

Her body was really tense now.

“Ahh! Ahhh! Ahh! Ok! Ok!! Nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!”

I knew would cum any minute now. Secretly in my heart I wished she came harder than she ever did before. I wished she came harder than I did. I wished I pleasured her more than she did to me. I loved her, adored her.

She suddenly jerked her pussy and parted her legs even farther. She was now ready to explode, and explode she did.


She yelled and exploded onto my face, smearing my eyes, nose and mouth with delicious cum. The sticky pussy juice was now all over my face as the after effects of the orgasm were now subsiding.

“Ahh.. Ahh.. Ahh..” she was panting.

I moved back but kept my hand on top of her pussy, helping her relax.

“Ah. Raja. My son, my love, my life. I love you.”

“Mom I love you more!”

She was now on relaxing, slowing down on her back, caressing her tits. She touched her pussy and tried to calm it down. It was still red and throbbing.

“See you hurt my pussy after all…” she said, smiling with tired eyes.

“I did?”

“I am joking, silly. Come up here.” She smiled with affection as she pulled me up toward her chest.

I moved up and she hugged me tight. I lay on top of her. She rolled over and we both lay on our sides for hours, hugging tight and just relaxing, skin to skin. Our crotches met. She didn’t say a word. The entire time, I lay next to her with a throbbing cock touching her pussy.

“This was the best time I have ever had,” she confessed during our pillow talk.

All I could do was smile. We kissed and went to sleep for hours.

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