Mom Son Helping Hands Ch. 03

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Mandy was in the shower soaping herself with the same washcloth she had used on her son a few minutes before thinking about how she had gotten here. She had never cheated on her husband of nearly 20 years let alone lied to him. They met at high school and married before going to the same college so that her parents could be happy with them sharing an apartment together.

She reasoned that these lies were to protect her son who had saved her life so selflessly and that her husband was just too old fashioned to understand. Mandy was a good wife, mom and Christian and she was just doing what she felt was right for the ones she loved.

As she washed her completely waxed pussy with the washcloth she thought about where it had just been and admonished herself for even bringing that up now.

After Mandy got dressed and Dan went in to shower after her, she went in to check in on Sam. Dressed in a yellow flower patterned sundress with a thin white bra and matching thong panties. This thing was functional and yet cool and pretty. Mandy was the picture of a southern belle on the outside and a porn star underneath her dress.

Mandy slowly walked up to her son’s door and opened it to find Dan dozing off on his bed still dressed the way she had left him. The sight that greeted Sam was exquisite. The dress came down to just above her knees and curved in to meet her slender waist perfectly before filling out to cover her large, 34DD breasts. It was low-cut enough to show a generous hint of cleavage but still look like something she could go to church in. The slightly flared out skirt rested on her tight ass in a way that drew attention and showed off her silky smooth legs to perfection.

“OK mister, you are excused from Church today but only for today.”

Sam groggily smiled and thanked his mom all the while noticing how hot she looked in the same dress he had seen her in a million times before but never noticed. He wondered what she was wearing underneath. He daydreamed about a few minutes ago when he had seen her in the shower and then his room. Mandy didn’t notice any of this and left the room as per usual.

Shortly after, he heard the rest of the family head to church.

All four members of the family felt uneasy somehow about what was happening at home. Dan the dad was upset that his wife had had to wash his naked son but understood why she had done it. He loved and trusted her and knew deep down that she was only doing what she had to, to take care of their hurt son. Mandy was upset at herself for lying to her husband which she had never done but also agreed that it was out of necessity. Sue was angry at her mother for flirting with Sam and not showering her with attention – not in a lesbian way, just maternal attention. Sam was feeling guilty about noticing things about his mom that he had never noticed before and vowed to go to church the next week and ask for forgiveness.

The lord works in mysterious ways and the sermon that morning at Church was titled “Helping Hand” and the preacher preached about how it was important to do whatever you can to lend a helping hand to help anyone is any kind of need. The message immediately chimed with the parents, and both formed their own ideas on how to deal with the situation at home.

Meanwhile at home, Sam took his shorts off and managed to log on to his computer and visited his usual porn sites but given his bandaged hands he couldn’t get a grip on his cock properly to stimulate it. He was hard alright but couldn’t hold the girth to jerk it and gave up in frustration. Given his free index finger and thumb, he could just poke at it and not hold his cock properly like he used to.

Utterly frustrated with his life, Sam put his thin gym shorts back on and moped around in the family room when the family returned.

“Hello my love” Mandy came in and hugged her son smashing her large melons onto her special man. “You’re up! I’ll get lunch started” she said feeling what she initially thought was the remote poking into her belly. Luckily, Dan and Sue went straight upstairs and didn’t witness the cock sandwich hug.

Mandy parted from her son slightly flushed upon realising that Sam was hard and went to the kitchen. Sam followed Mandy as she prepared lunch, watching her every move. Again, he had seen her in the thin dress a thousand times but now she was more alluring than ever before. His friends had commented on how hot his mom was for years and he had never really taken any notice.

With his dad and sister elsewhere in the house, seated on bar stool in the kitchen, Sam sat listening to his mom about the sermon he had missed all the while his cock becoming hard. If she noticed, she didn’t say anything, and Sam grew in length and girth enjoying the relative freedom his baggy shorts allowed. He wanted release so badly but didn’t know what he could do about it.

Later the whole family sat around together to eat lunch and then Dan was called into work on an emergency and had to leave abruptly.

Dan returned just as Mandy was getting dinner out of the oven and the children joined them for Silivri Escort another pleasant dinner. Mandy was now dressed in black leggings and a thin black vest without a bra – her usual home outfit.

They were a two shower a day family Mandy and Dan both sat down to talk after dinner once the kids had left.

“Look, I’ve thought about this and realised that Sam’s going to need to be properly washed down there, otherwise he’ll get an infection or something.” Said Dan as a matter of fact. “And I’ve come up with a plan.”

“Oh god, me too. I’m so glad you’re being mature about this. What’s your plan?” Asked Mandy just to make sure that they were both on the same page.

“What’s yours?” Asked Dan confidently.

“You should wash him.” They both said in unison. “What? Did you just say that I should wash him? I thought you’d wash him” they both continued echoing each other.

“Errrr, honey, I just said that he’d need to be properly washed which would include touching it… you know, his thing… and you know… I’m a man and I can’t do that to another man.” Dan pleaded.

“So you want me, his mother to touch it when it’s all hard?” retorted Mandy getting furious with her husband. “You are the father, and this is a man issue, and you should be helping him. If our daughter Sue was in the same position, I wouldn’t expect you to go and wash her all naked.”

“Who said anything about hard” Dan said completely ignoring her logic about their naked daughter.

“What? Of course, he’s going to get hard if someone is going to touch it and wash it vigorously.”

Dan knew he could not wash his son, it was too disgusting and so decided to beg his wife to do it instead. Eventually Mandy relented as she knew even if she forced him to do it, he wouldn’t do a proper job. “She had to lend a helping hand to her son” Mandy thought recollecting the sermon.

It was decided that Mandy would wash Sam twice a day in the parent’s bathroom as it was larger. Dan suggested that she should leave the bathroom door open and not spend too much time around his privates.

“What do I do exactly, if he… you know get engorged?” Mandy genuinely asked Dan.

Dan chuckled. “Don’t get me wrong honey, I know you can still probably turn heads and all, but no son gets hard when his mom touches his thing. Thinking about it, he was probably hard earlier due to the meds, but I bet if you’d touched it, he would have lost his boner.”

“Can still probably turn heads?” Mandy repeated Dan’s words angrily.

“Errr…errrr, no, I mean, what I meant to say is that just to be on the safe side and not to give any reason for our son to go to therapy, why don’t you wear a one-piece swimming costume?”

Mandy stood there starring at Dan and then stormed off furiously to get her son showered but on the way up she thought about the one-piece idea and thought it best if she did wear one. The only problem is that Mandy did not own a one-piece as all her swimwear were bikinis – some of them pretty revealing.

At the top of the stairs, Mandy went to the first room down the corridor and knocked and then opened it. “Honey, can I borrow your one-piece swimsuit? I’m going to have to bathe your brother and I didn’t want to ruin any of my expensive ones, and I know you are now wearing your bikinis. I’ll buy you a bikini this week to replace it.”

“Eweeee” Sue mock vomited as she gave mom the swimwear. “I can’t believe I have to wash it in the morning after it’s been in the shower with that twerp”

The Smith children took turns with the chores including collecting the washing from all the laundry baskets, sorting it out and loading the washer and then hanging it out to dry in the yard. It was Sue’s turn this month.

Swimwear in hand, Mandy next went to her son’s room. “Hey baby, I’m going to get changed and will come and get you to take a shower.”

“Changed? What will she wear?” Sam thought and then immediately chided himself for thinking such irrelevant thoughts. “What difference does it make what she’s wearing? I’ve got serious blue balls and her washing it isn’t got to help. She’d probably have to rub her small delicate hands all the way up and down his shaft. He wondered if she’d play, no, wash his balls again. If only there was a way he could cum…”

Sam genuinely couldn’t think of a solution to his problem and was worried about getting hard in front of his mom again.

Mandy found her husband on their bed watching TV and walked past him to the bathroom and got changed into her daughter’s one-piece swimwear. Mandy filled out the conservatively cut swimwear a lot more than her daughter, resulting in her looking like one of the big breasted Baywatch girls in a one-piece struggling to keep all the assets in. The front managed to hide the bottom 75% of her breasts leaving a good portion on show. Likewise, the crouch area stretched so much that a camel toe formed and looked more like a high French cut suit. Checking herself out in the mirror, Mandy thought back to what her husband had said earlier about “can Şirinevler Escort still probably turn heads?”. Even more annoyed now, Mandy marched out of the bathroom and figured from the TV sounds coming from the downstairs family room that her husband had moved there.

She entered her son’s room and found the angelic boy waiting eagerly for their shower.

Dan sensed that Mandy was pissed off at him when she stormed past him to get to the bathroom. Deciding to give her some space, Dan went downstairs to watch TV.

Sam had a massive hard on that was causing his shorts to tent. It was a combination of the meds and the fact that he hadn’t jerked off in almost two days. He was hoping the walk to the bathroom would make it go away but no luck. Mandy walking ahead of Sam didn’t notice Sam’s state of arousal.

Mandy ushered Sam into her bathroom and left the door open as she had agreed with her husband. Even if she was angry at her husband, she saw no reason not to. Sam followed his mom into the bathroom admiring her perfect pert and full bottom.

In the shower Mandy wrapped plastic bags around his bandaged hands. Sam occasionally glanced down as his mom stood in front of him adjusting his hands and was rewarded with the spectacular view her stretchy one-piece. Her boobs looked like they were going to tumble out and jiggled as she moved around.

Having removed his t-shirt Mandy knelt in front of Sam and noticed the tented stretchy shorts. Mandy thought back to what her husband had said earlier: “Don’t get me wrong honey, I know you can still probably turn heads and all, but no son gets hard when his mom touches his thing. Thinking about it, he was probably hard earlier due to the meds, but I bet if you’d touched it, he would have lost his boner.”

Mandy pulled on Sam’s shorts and his penis sprung up nearly slapping her face. Mandy thought the penis looked like it was going to burst. It was filled with so much blood that the head was purple, and the veins throbbed with every quick heartbeat.

Mandy got off the floor and directed Sam into the shower and started washing him as she had done previously. She was more relaxed now and so absentmindedly allowed Sam’s cock to poke and prod her as she washed him. Mandy thought that her husband was right, and that Sam would soon lose his boner as he was with his mom. After some time, Mandy noticed that Sam was still not going soft and concluded that maybe just touching her body wasn’t going to make it go down, and that her actually touching it with her hands will.

Having washed all other parts of her son, Mandy finally knelt down in front of the angry looking purple canon and started washing him around his private parts. She soaped up her hands and reached down for his balls, at the same time wrapping her other hand around his cock. Mandy relished in the thought that her husband was wrong; Sam was hard despite her touching him. A smug smile appeared across her angelic face.

Sam was unprepared for the feel of her soapy hand on his cock, and it was almost too much to bear as one hand soaped his balls while the other lathered his cock. More confusing was his mom’s smile.

“Dan is just a big oaf” Mandy thought to herself as she washed her son’s privates absentmindedly. “Sam is hard and me touching him hasn’t made it go down. Sometimes I wonder if Dan thinks I’m not attractive anymore and repulse people. Sometimes I think Dan doesn’t know how a man’s thing is supposed to work” the distracted Mandy thought to herself as she continued to clean Sam’s shaft with glazed eyes.

Sam struggled to control himself as Mandy soaped up and down the shaft a few times before holding his shaft, with one hand while the other soaped around the head, the sensation of her petite hand soaping the swollen glands was finally too much for him. Unable to control himself, he looked down at her boobs which were being squeezed together between her arms, making them look even bigger and fuller as she washed his cock.

“Fuck! Ugh! OH! Unhhh… I’m sorry! Oh shit I’m so sorry! Ahhh…!”

“What’s wrong dear, are you alriiiii…”

The words died in her throat as she felt something warm splash her smooth cheek and was followed by another thick rope shooting across her left eye. Many more fat loads blasted across her forehead and her nose, followed by more across her pursed lips and her other cheek. She was confused at first and it took her a moment to realise the warm liquid was coming not from the shower head but from her son’s penis head. She looked straight at the huge piece of meat pulsing in her hands as another rope of cum blasted out onto her chin, some drooled down her neck, while more dripped from her chin in huge globs onto her exposed cleavage, while still more lay across her nose, cheeks, forehead, eye, and even on her beautiful blonde hair.

Mandy remained on her knees holding Sam’s cock, immobilised with shock as load after load of cum erupted from it. Some flew past her on to the shower wall but, somehow, most landed on her – there was Şişli Escort a lot of it and it went everywhere. Mandy had never witnessed this much cum before which made processing the situation even more confusing. Dan was a half teaspoon man at the best of times.

Finally the loads slackened off, and Sam looked at his mom, her face a mask of cum and shock. Luckily Mandy had kept her lips closed throughout the whole ordeal. Her hair, face, shoulders and the upper slopes of her breasts were streaked with cum, some of which ran down into the valley between her breasts while some had landed on the swimsuit where her nipples were. She looked down at his pulsing cock as a few last spurts dribbled over her hand before releasing it like a piece of burning coal.

“Mmmmmuuuuuuvv. Mmmmmuuuuuuvv.” Mandy said with pursed lips careful not to open her mouth and allow the cum to seep in. Mandy pushed Sam to the side slightly to allow some of the shower water to hit her face and she finally felt some of the cum on her face and most importantly lips wash away. She was still on her knees and given that her swimwear was stretched by her large breasts, the extra sticky cum washed off Mandy’s face, neck, breasts and shoulders down her neck, down the valley in-between her swimsuit covered breasts, down her flat stomach and pooled in the swimwear material by her pussy mound. Some of the cum washed away but some of it was so thick that it adamantly stuck to Mandy’s face and hair.

Sam was speechless. He had nearly passed out from the massive euphoric release and now he too was returning to reality and dreading the life that would follow, following this incident. He has just come on his mom!

While all this was going on upstairs, downstairs Dan felt bad about pushing his wife to wash their son and decided he would help in any way he could other than wash their son because that was just gay. Switching off the TV, he made his way up the stairs to his bedroom and bathroom but as he reached the top of the stairs, an indescribable gut feeling made him slow his pace and creep towards his destination. He walked past his daughter’s closed door where she sensed someone was outside. Dan continued on his quest walking like the Pink Panther cartoon character, tip toeing his way down the corridor. He could see the bathroom door was open beyond his bedroom door and heard the water running but as the shower stall was behind the door, couldn’t see the showering duo. Having sensed someone outside her door, Sue opened her door to see her dad walking in a strange fashion.

“Errr Dad, you OK? Is your knee bothering you again?” Sue asked innocently behind Dan.

“Oh hi dear, errr yes I’m fine… just checking to see if your mom needs a hand with your brother.”

“Oh my God that’s your dad! Shit, Shit, Shit!” Mandy swore in front of her son for the first time as she jumped off her kneeling position in front of her son in the shower stall. Knowing that she could not let Dan see her in this state, Mandy quickly reached outside the shower stall to collect the towel and wrapped it around Sam’s waist. He was pretty much finished she reasoned. Mandy promptly pushed a dripping wet Sam out of the bathroom shouting that she needed to get cleaned up and shut the door just as Dan entered their bedroom. Just before Mandy closed the door, Dan caught a glimpse of Mandy in her one-piece swimwear still covered in what he deduced must have been splattered shower gel from washing Sam.

Satisfied with Dan’s muddled explanation about helping his wife and son, Sue went back to her room but feeling that something was amiss.

Unable to speak, a confused and bewildered Sam stood outside the bathroom door staring at his dad wrapped in a towel and holding his plastic bag covered hands up like it was a stickup. Dan looked at his son’s chiselled body with a mixture of jealousy and pride. Dan noticed a slight tent in the front of his son’s towel and wondered what was going on.

“Emmmm, right, let’s get you dressed shall we? Follow me.” Dan said as he walked towards Sam’s room.

As the father and son walked away, behind the bathroom door Mandy looked in the mirror and surveyed the damage. She was still covered in tick globs of cum that had refused to simply wash away. Disgusted, she quaintly peeled off the swimsuit with just her thumbs and index fingers and felt the sticky cum stretch as it parted choosing either her skin or the swimsuit to remain on. As she finally peeled the last bit of material from her skin, she was mortified to discover that a thick stream of cum had travelled down her chest to the gusset of her swimwear. She saw that the creamy cum pooled right by her waxed vagina.

“YUK! Oh my God, oh my GOD! How long has it been there? His ejaculate is touching my vagina! I hope it comes off – it must do but I may need to wash it off with zeal.” Mandy thought as she completely took off the swimwear and threw it in the hamper and jumped into the shower. “I was so angry with Dan that I got carried away and washed Sam so vigorously that he ejaculated. It’s all my fault. What must he think of me? Will he report me? Did he think I did it on purpose? I didn’t! It was an accident. Did I sin? Does it count if none of us meant for it to happen? His body just reacted mechanically. He probably didn’t even realise it was happening.” Right up there with Plato’s contemplation of the meaning of life, Mandy continued to grapple with what had happened.

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