Mom Trains Her Son Ch. 04

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Big Cock

When she woke a few hours later, she sat up and just looked at her beautiful young man. He was firm and fairly muscular. But he had large big shoulders strong arms and a thin stomach.

She lifted the sheet covering his lower body and moved it out of the way so she could look at his young beautiful cock. She saw it completely soft just laying on his left thigh and covered with her dried cum just like her pussy.

Her boy didn’t have a great deal of hair around his cock and balls. No, he didn’t shave down there, he just didn’t have a lot of hair between his legs. His soft cock had many folds of skin near the cock head and his balls hung low in their sack resting on the bed.

She loved seeing it soft now and took it in her hand. She heard him moan a little as she lifted it up to look at all of it. She examined the underside of the shaft and around the larger and thicker cock head. She rubbed her index finger up around the cock head and he moved and arched a little. She smiled.

She smiled again remembering how he had loved her body last night with his mouth and fingers. She smiled again thinking of how he licked her and finger and sucked her pussy earlier and made her cum so hard and so many times.

Like any good mom she covered him back up and got off the bed. Into the bathroom she went and washed herself clean between her legs. She was amazed that she was horny and wet again. Then she carried out a warm wash cloth and basin with warm water back into the bedroom to the bed side.

She removed the sheet again and used the cloth to clean his cock. As she did, it began to rise and become harder. She lifted his balls and she was amazed at how big and heavy they were for such a thin young man.

As she worked his cock and balls cleaning him he woke up. He just laid there his hands behind his head and watched his beautiful mom wash and play with his cock. It felt so good and looked unbelievable watching her touch him.

She looked up from his cock and saw he was wake. “Moring sweetie”, she said as she smiled down at him..

“Morning mom!” He replied.

“That feels amazing!” He told her.

She smiled again and went back to work cleaning his cock. She lifted his leg and washed all around his ass and under his balls. She worked every inch of him from his pelvis to his ass hole.

When she was done she put the wash cloth and basin aside on the night table. Then she sat there and took his cock in her hand and slowly began to jerk it off.

He watched as her hand went up and down, up and down, again and again making his swollen cock and hard. Once she was sure he was fully hard she covered the thick cock head with her mouth and began to suck it as her hand continued to pump it.

She would bonus veren siteler push down on the shaft and stretched the skin around the head again and again as she sucked. When she felt his balls become tight in the sack and his cock head throbbing in her mouth, she stopped sucking.

She told him to lay back and just relax. He did as she told him and then she straddle his thighs. She smiled down at him and then as she guided his hard young cock to the center of her pussy hole she placed the cock head inside her open hole.

Her boy moaned and arched up trying to push his cock deeper into her cunt. She stopped him and said: “Let mommy do the work right now baby. Just relax.”

Not wasting any time now she knew he needed to cum and she needed to feel this beautiful boy’s young hard cock inside her again. She sat down slowly lowering her pussy down, down, down, over his thick hard shaft.

The feeling was without words for both of them as his hard young cock moved into her body. She felt his cock enter her cunt hole going deeper and deeper as it move into her body.

When she was sitting on him and knew he was as deep as he could get she bent down and kissed him. “Today baby I’m going to teach you how to fuck.” She told him.

I want you to move your hips up and down as I straddle you and lift up some so you can drive your cock into me from under. Try it.” She smiled down at him as she talked to him.

Her son tried and did a good job humping up and down. Again and again he would lift his ass up off the ground and each time he did his cock would push deep into his mother’s cunt hole. She stayed elevated about 3 or 4 inches up off of him so when he fell back down some of his cock was still in her hole.

Again and again his thrust was driving in and out of her pussy and it felt so good to her. When he got tired she would sit on him and then she would be the one who lifted and sat, lifted and sat, down on his cock. They were fucking cowboy and he was doing a good job.

After a while she lifted off of him and kissed him as she moved around and started to suck his cock again. As she did he used his fingers to rub her clit. Without telling him to do it this time, her boy was learning.

After a few minutes of her mouth on his cock she moved around again and this time knelt on her knees and hands. She looked back at him and said: “Try it this way sweetie.”

He moved behind her and she used her hand again to reach under and between her open thighs and guided his hard and wet cock into her pussy from behind. “Hold my hips and push in and out now.” She instructed him

He moved into her and as his body met hers he began to fuck her doggie style. He held her hips as he drove his bahis young cock into her hole. He started to really ram into her. She loved it.

Over and over again he was like a young machine fucking his mother’s pussy hole. She lower her head and rested it on the bed and she pushed her ass up to him. As she did her big firm tits hung down and she instructed her boy to reach around and cup them.

He bent over her and continued to drive his cock into her. And, at the same time he cupped her hanging breasts and began to squeeze and play with them. When he pinched her nipples she cried out with pleasure and began to climax. It was an amazing feeling in her cunt holding his hot throbbing cock inside her.

When her pussy gripped his young cock and began to spaze on it. He could feel her squeeze and release, squeeze and release, squeeze and release with her muscles inside her body.

His cock was buried as deep in her as he could get it and from the gripping of the walls of her pussy he was beginning to cum too.

“OH FUCK!” He said.


He held her shoulders and let his hard cock spew his cum into his mother’s body. He arched his back and just shoved his cock as deep as he could into her. He was locked in this position and just stayed that way. Hi mom under him letting his cock throb and cum.

As his cum finished pumping into her, his mother fell flat on the bed with him still on top of her with his cock still deep in her hole. They laid there both panting! They didn’t move.

He kissed her neck and back and finally rolled over off of her. His wet cock dragged over the cheeks of her ass. He laid flat looking up at the ceiling. He just laid trying to get his breath. He had fucked her as hard and as long as he could and was exhausted. Then he slowly rolled to his side and looking at her.

Mom had her eyes closed and had a satisfied smile on her face. He kissed her and she opened her eyes and said: “h baby that was so good. You made mommy very happy and a happy satisfied lady today.”

He smiled and said: “You are amazing! You have taught me so much mom and sex with you is just fantastic. God you have suck a beautiful pussy.”

She kissed him and held him moving her body closer to him as they held each other. She stroked his face and neck as they kissed and shared tongues. She pressed her tits into his chest and felt his wet slippery cock against her lower body. They laid together and just made slow and gentle love.

She could feel his cum begin to drain out her hole and run over her thigh as she lay on her side. “I love you baby.” She told him.

“I love you to mom.” He replied.

They stayed like that for a while touching, deneme bonusu and kissing and holding each other. They were in no hurry to do anything else.

Finally she sat up and said she needed a bath. She got off the bed and walked towards the bathroom. He watched her ass swinging and her breasts bounce a little as she walked. She stopped at the door and turned to look at him. “Want to take a bath with me sweetie?” She asked him.

He jumped off the bed and hurried to the her. “Hell yes.” he said and she laughed as they walked into the bathroom.

She turned on the water and began to fill the tub. As she bent over her son ran his hand down and under her ass stroking her pussy. “Haven’t you have enough for now baby?” She asked him.

He just smiled and kept stroking her cunt. It was covered with his cum and wet from her own orgasms. “No!” He said.

I will never get enough of your love or your body mom”. she told her.

She stood up and turned to him and said: “Keep your hand under my pussy. Feel your cum running out my pussy and down my leg. That’s your love seed. Your seed shows me you love what we are doing. Feel how much you put into me.”

He cupped her pussy again and now he feel his cum dripping slowly out of her. He looked at her and asked: “Will I make you pregnant?”

She laughed and said: “I don’t think so. I’m on the pill. At least for now. But let me ask you something baby. Would you like to make mommy pregnant?”

He looked at her but didn’t answer her.

She turned the water off and they stepped into it together. Laying back against him he could see the tops of her big breasts floating on the top of the water and those long red nipples sticking out of the water.

He told her to put her arms over her head. She did and he reached under her arms and cupped them. those big tits. He strokes then and loved them with his hands. He told her that her breasts were unbelievably amazing!

She laughed and told him they were just bigger than any he had ever seen before and that’s why he loved them so much. But he kissed her neck and shoulders and told they were the best tits he had ever seen and he loved them so much. His hands made her feel good and the warm water did too.

“God this feel so good.” She said.

As the warm water covered her body soothing her and her sore pussy. from him fucking her really good and long and hard. He had done much better than she had expected. And, he was able to hold off cumming. That’s good she was thinking as she felt his hands caress her breasts.

She just laid there hands over her head letting him play with her tits as they rested. She could feel his fingers on her nipples pulling and teasing them. After a while she turned a little and she kissed him . Then she said: “Wash me. Wash me everywhere sweetie.”

She stood right in front of him and gave him the soap. “No we don’t need a wash cloth, use your hands to clean me. But do a good job.” She smiled as she began to tell him how to wash her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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