Mom’s Big Bed Ch. 08

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A little while later, I was conscious again. My first thought was something along the lines of, WOW GREAT NAP! I was out for about forty five minutes looking at my watch. Mom I guess had woken up a few minutes before me and was lying with her head on my chest looking straight at me smiling in a wonderful warm way that said, Hi handsome! Good to see you! as she stroked my cock with one hand gently. Since then, we have made an art of wake up masturbation on each other part of our repertoire and bag of “marital” tricks over the years. She bent down and kissed me on the chest.

“Lunch? You look like you need a little fuel,” she said to me in between chest kisses. I nodded. It had been a great nap but I was ready to eat something and not just mom! We sort of had to swim out of the bowl of pillows. It was a hell of a workout getting to the edge, and then once outside the bowl Mom trotted over and grabbed her pool bag and then we both went into the kitchen.

We did a lunch of hard boiled eggs and tuna salad; what mom called “Fuck Fuel!” I was hoping for something more along the lines of a giant subway or a tub of reheated frozen lasagna from the fridge but mom told me she didn’t want me do what was coming next on a stomach that was too full; just fed! Ok, now I knew my Aunts were coming over but I guessed this was going to be more of a girl thing where the aunts and Mom sat around the pool and talked about women’s crap, and my Aunt Sharon would tell a couple of boob or dick jokes that were lame as a three legged racehorse, and they would tan a bit and sip drinks and have me run and fetch stuff from the kitchen like I usually do when Mom is entertaining. Then they would get dressed up and head out with my Mom until two in the morning while I sit up watching movies or playing video games.

I mean YES, I had just fucked my mom….but the part of my brain that was used to adolescent disappointments was just as active as my balls. A part of me thought that Mom had too much weed over the last day and a half and was making a lot of shit up. What the hell, it got me laid and stoned right? Let her tell her stories and get high and fuck me, I figured! When my aunts arrived, it would be something different for a story. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Anyhow Mom had me slug down three glasses of water and then did the same because she said she didn’t want either of us to dehydrate after what we did this morning and for what was to come. Huh? Ok, so we were out back at the pool at noon-time, only Mom had me push a little booze caddie-on-wheels out to the lounge after I filled the bucket with ice. She came out a little bit after me with a shaker of martinis and her bag under her arm. She set everything down and dropped some ice from the caddy into the martini shaker and showed me what her muscles looked like as she stood there naked except for her jewelry, high heel shoes, and sunglasses, shaking the martinis and grinning in the bright sun.

“It’s five o’clock someplace!” she quipped with a naughty wink. “Ian, grab a couple of glasses from the caddie and have some olives ready from the jar next to the glasses.” I grabbed the glasses and retrieved the olives. She finished shaking and showing off her “girly guns”, and then opened the shaker and poured into the first glass on the caddie, then the second. I plunked an olive into each one and then she interrupted me,

“Oh, …one thing,” she said taking the jar from me and pouring some olive juice into each glass, “I like my Martinis a little dirty. You learn these things when you tend bar while stripping!”

“Anything you don’t like dirty Mom?”

“Not much! Clean is such a bore,” she said punching me in the arm before handing me a glass,”now…cheers!”

We started to toast, I looked down at my drink while we did it afraid I might spill something. Mom corrected me.

“Look lover, if you are going to make a toast to a woman you are going to have sex with, make eye contact! It shows confidence and also if you toast without eye contact, its seven years bad sex! Do you want that?”

“Uh, …nope,” was all that could come out of my mouth.

“Then look at me,” she scolded with a sweet condescending smile, “and try it again.” A glass clink later staring into her baby blues and she nodded approvingly.

“Much better!” she said sounding satisfied and giving my butt a pat as she put her arm around my waist and hugged me close with one arm, sipping her drink.

“Mom, so where did you hear of this seven years bad sex thing?”

“Oh, I got it from your grandmother, Betty. She got it from her mother, -my grandmother Sabina. Oma Sabina came over from Germany with all kinds of crazy traditions that we learned about as kids!”

Mom set our drinks down on the caddie and then reached into her bag, pulling out a bottle of tanning oil. We spent the next minute slapping and swirling the slippery goo all over each other and taking extra time bahis siteleri on our fun places. My boner started rising again and my mom’s nippies looked like they could cut glass, – they pooched out with their little gold loops like two bulls with rings through their noses going to the state fair or something. I fuckin love it when they do that, especially when Ma has her tits all oiled up!

“Ok, it looks like we are both ready,” Ma noticed, “so what do you want to do with me? Your choice! It will be about an hour before I am going to bother your aunts on the phone because they are finishing up at the office in downtown, so until then ….what’s your poison?” She looked at me like a waitress about to take my order.

I thought for a moment, I had already cum in her pussy before lunch. My cock was all slimey with banana oil and cocoa buttery slop so I didn’t think a blowjob was the best…. While I was thinking she did this silly little dance standing in placed swaying and swishing her rear as she turned around in a complete circle, her tush-cheeks looked like an oily pair of basket balls and she reached back as she turned away from me and pulled her bum cheek to one side showing her pink little balloon-knot of a butt-hole. My cock twitched, I knew what I wanted.

“Your ass! I want to fuck you doggy style in your pussy and then finish in your ass Ma!”

“I knew it! I knew it!” she beamed at me from behind her sunglasses cackling and pooching out her butt, wriggling it like she was working a stripper pole,” I have been itching to get plowed back there again! My pussy needs more pushin’ and I was hoping you’d grease up yer thing and give my tailpipe a good push n’ stretch, just like before! Okey dokey! Let’s see what Mama has in her bag for her wittle man’s cockie wockie so he can get it up in Mommy’s NO NO – hole”! She bent down purposely letting me see her ass as she rooted around in the bag, her legs doing some weird “happy dance” and her bum continuing to do its little “circle and twerk” thing. She came up with a tube of grease and handed it to me.

“That ought make things slide a little easier,” she said, “I would have used this tanning oil but sometimes it burns just as bad as that soap! …..Oh but what a fun tortuous burn!” She was SUCH a bad girl!

We moved back over to the lounge chairs. We dropped the backs to one of them and we set our drinks on top of the caddie and Mom’s bag down beside it before Mom hopped on the deck lounge and got on all-fours. She dropped her shoulders down again and pooched up her booty in the air nice and high, pornstar style. Her hand fished around in her bag and she found a joint and her cigarette lighter which she quickly put in action. Taking a few puffs on the weed, she handed it to me and I did the same before I assumed a position behind her doggystyle- standing, still taking hits off the naughty ciggie. I passed the weed back over her shoulder and she took a couple of happy hits from it while I opened the tube of grease.

“Schmear a nice big blob back there honey,” she said over her shoulder with a big cloud of pot smoke billowing up from her face, “then schmear it around with your thumb while you bang my pussy!” I got a big gloppy blob of the grease on my left hand and put the big petroleum jelly amoeba on my fingers up to the notch in her backside -right smack dab on her pink hemorrhoid pucker! I then put the cap on the tube and set it down.

“Come on! Let’s get this show on the road! My kitty-cat needs a hot dog!” she scolded impatiently. I wasn’t one to piss her off an I got my wobbly wonder weapon in my hand after greasing it up with what was left on my fingers, and guided it to the entrance of her pussy. Mom had her head turned back at me with a big smile as my dick-head breached the opening to her cunt and pushed straight through the pink hole; sliding in right up to my balls! She exhaled another big cloud of pot-smoke. Again, the weed was working its magic along with the martinis for both of us!

We remembered our drinks and I passed Mom hers and I got mine so that we could doggy fuck and sip our martinis, enjoying the mid-day Phoenix sun. You know what they say about mad dogs and Englishmen; well this was something like that! I guess mad doggy-styling German-Americans and Englishmen fuck in the mid-day sun would be more appropriate, but where was I?….Oh yeah..yeah!

So anyhow, we are plowin like two rabid Chihuahuas in heat with our drinks and the joint, clothed only with our sunglasses and Mom’s high heels. The radio was still playing Mom’s new age hippy stuff, and the sun was beating down like something out of a Club Med ad! Mom held the joint up over her shoulder and I managed to lean forward and take a few hits off it before she put it back in her mouth. I straightened up and let the buzz smack me nice and hard. It all felt great! Pussy, booze, and pot! Gotta luv em’!

I started moving the glob of grease canlı bahis siteleri around Mom’s anal pucker with my thumb while my other hand gripped my glass and sipped my Martini just as I had been shown. Mom was doing along of the work, pushing her butt back onto my pole to meet my thrusts. My balls were rocking and swinging and Mom mentioned they were smacking her right in the clit where she liked it! Now that I had blasted my load so many times I was able to give her a good- hard-stout fucking and not care in the least about spewin’ too soon!

Mom, fiddled around in her bag with one hand and came up with her cell phone. She went down through her menu with her thumb while we bucked and fucked and plowed and humped, until she found the number she wanted. She dialed and soon my aunt Sharon picked up on the other end at the office.

“Hey what are you and those other girls doin at the office? You almost done with your things? Well, listen, I have something to tell you so tell them to shut up for a second,” Mom said to her older sister, ” I did it! Ian and I did the THING last night! In fact, we did it this morning and we’re doin it right now by the pool! Tell Maria, she owes me fifty bucks because I DO have the balls to do it and they are hittin me in the clit as we speak!”

There was on the other end a big pregnant pause that was followed by an inaudible shriek of something from Sharon! Then came excited mumblings and talking on the other end of the phone while Mom smiled at the excitement she had instigated with her call. A second later there was a loud collective female scream like the front seven rows of a Rolling Stones concert and Mom grinning like a fox had to hold the phone away from her ear! She waited for a second then resumed talking to my Aunt Sharon.

“So anyway, he’s here and he is giving my cunt a good pounding after lunch, ….I was wonderin what are y’doin over there? ……..Uh hunh! …..Yep! She did? That’s great! Oh tell her I’m happy for her and Becky too! …….Wha? Is that Mom, in the background?…….What is she doing there? Well, shit, if I have the whole gaggle of you at the office, ….why don’t you finish up and come over here? Bring your pool gear (Hedonism style) and some clothes for tonight. ……. Yep, I want to take this young billy-goat that is fucking me out to our favorite watering hole and breeding sanctuary after he fucks all of you by the pool!”

There was more excited talk on the other end and then Aunt Maria’s voice interrupted over the phone, “We’ll be there! Keep him hard for us!” A second later I heard my Grandmother’s voice over the phone,”…And don’t drain his balls dry before I get a chance to empty ’em!”

“Alright Ma,” Mom replied, “thanks! I won’t shag him ragged, …I promise! Love you all; see you in about 45 minutes! M’kay…kisses on your naughty bits everyone! M’bye!” Mom hung up the phone and looked over her shoulder at me. She grinned as if to say, NOW DO YOU BELIEVE ME? Ok, I was beginning to understand this wasn’t just the weed and Mom’s loneliness talking; I was really going to do all the adult women in my family! Aw shit! This was AWESOME!

Mom finally broke the silence, “C’mon sport! Wipe the stunned mullet look off your face and get to fucking me! I want you to plow my pussy hard with your poker and make me cum, and then I want you to unload your balls up my asshole! You are going to shag the shit out of your three aunts AND your grandma but I want you nice and placid first, no popping too early for them….just nice good quality fucks! We are bringing you into our little THING and if you are decent at it and you can make these women shriek and cum like banshees, then your cousins will be getting their cunts plowed by you in the future! Yep, like I said, BIG THINGS ….and that is just the tip of the ice berg!”

Mom finished the joint with a large billowing cloud of smoke and crushed it out on the concreate pool deck and then we polished off our drinks and set our glasses on the caddie. With that, I settled back into schtupping Mom’s pussy in a nice hard doggy-style fuck. I reached down and grabbed two big handfuls of ass firmly and now began to “steer the pod-racer”. Mom sensed this and dropped her head to simply let me drive but she gripped the end of the deck lounge with her fingers and still pushed back a bit against my thrusts, her teeth now gritted in a dirty snarl.

“Oh yeah baby, just like that! Fuck me with that big boner…..just….like that,” she goaded, “pound my cunt baby. Make Momma your bitch again!” A couple of locks of her hair fell forward down into her eyes, and then more and more was shaken loose; so that after several banging thrusts, a large portion of her blonde locks were down in front of her face like a submissive little sex mask from which her snarling mouth, nose, and one eye behind her sunglasses were exposed from beneath. We fucked like to mutt dogs in heat. Smacking güvenilir bahis our bodies together, mother and son – joined as one!

I leaned forward and gripping the blonde mane of my mother and as I fucked; pulled her mouth up to mine, kissing her mouth and probing her with my tongue. I was now taking what was mine and she was fully offering it to me; no hesitation or reservation – she just wanted to be fucked and bred by me! I rose back up into my dominant erect posture and she dropped her head mewing and whimpering now with each banging fuck-stroke, both my hands gripping the cheeky hips that had once bore me. I was a king at that moment, mating with my queen and it was wonderful!

After five or ten minutes of this, Mom began to emit the tell-tale labored moaning gasps of somebody who either has a painful belly ache or who is about to cum. Whining and moaning through her mouth and nose in OOOOHHHS and AAAAHHHS and obscene whispers of encouragement, she had her right hand up between her legs and was strumming her clit furiously like a guitar. It was about to happen. Her nasty words urging me on became garbled and slurry before finally just moans growls and grunts. Her eyes went wide and her mouth opened in the now all too familiar silent “O”, then the orgasm hit her.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHYYYYYYEEEESSSSSS!! OOOOOHHHHH IANNNNNNN! AAGGGGGHHHHHHH!” she yelled as her body trembled and her hair tossed as her head shook violently! A warm splatter of “girlie-jizz-juice,” erupted from her pee-hole and ran down my cock and balls; wetting our legs as mom dripped and messed her way through a juicy gusher of a full body blowout climax! A second spasm was directly behind it, producing another splash from Mom onto me. It was like I had just been out jogging by a puddle and somebody in an SUV drove through it drenching me only to have another truck drive through the same mud puddle and splash me again! All the while I just kept fuckin and plowin; using my arms to pull her ass cheeks down on my cock and just let that pussy of hers gush and shake and spit all it wanted to, while mom screamed and hollered and swore like she had stubbed her fucking-toe getting out of the shower! It was magnificent! Another quake hit her and her twat splashed another splatter of hot wet stuff that seemed to go everywhere, – I mean down our legs, up my belly, down my balls, up across my chest and neck, across my face; she fucking spit drops every-fucking- place with that one it seemed! It was like she had ruptured or something the way she tossed dew all over the place and screamed like something out of Game of Thrones! I still can remember that sort of, WHAT IN THE FUCK! thought that raced through my mind, but I kept pushin, fuckin, and plowin. Hey if you are going to have fun on a jet ski…you gotta enjoy being splashed right?

We finally fucked her way through her shakes, and quakes, and little tremors. Now she was hanging on my dick, impaled and breathin heavy; all mews and whimpers and sweat, it was beautiful! She looked over her shoulder through her sunglasses beneath sweat drenched locks and smiled a very weak acknowledgement of what had just happened. She sighed and mouthed a silent, “THANK YOU!”, before she puckered her mouth and blew me a kissy kiss. After a minute of resting, she looked over her shoulder and decided it was time to change up the pitches.

“Ok sport, that asshole ain’t gonna fuck itself! I got all the foreplay I need with that squirter, now son show me again what that dick can do to my backdoor!” Her face was a sweaty smirk behind those fucking sun glasses…what in the hell was she taking to keep all the energy up? Oh well….never mind that, I figured; I was ready to go and had yet to blow my load. Her greasy pink starfish parked between those two melon ball ass-cheeks was definitely NEXT on the menu for me!

I pulled my veiny throbber from her cunt to look down at my work. A little drip of twat syrup spilled out onto the lounge as I drew my dick out making it look like her wide open pierced gash was drooling or something, – totally wicked and horny to look at! Her pussy hung open slack like the mouth of the ghost villain mask in all those Scream movies; sagging open -all lazy, wet, and ragged. Her cunt hole looked a little like a pink cave worthy of an exploration effort in some National Geographic episode

Satisfied that I had given THAT hole a good solid poking, I moved my wobbler up past her taint to the greasy pink pucker of piles that was her poophole. My cock was all slimy with her girly jizz, – I mean it REALLY felt like she had squirted me with warm baby oil or something!… Anyhow all of THAT combined with the grease on her wrinkly backdoor allowed me to only lean a little bit into her, and my cockwurst pushed her pink pucker open with no fuckin problem – it was like somebody had greased a torpedo to slide right up into the snug torpedo tube for firing! One instant I was outside her rectum, the next I was in up to my balls in her greasy pink dunghole; all that came from Mom was a loud exhale through her nose and then she tossed her head back smiling skyward with a huge toothy smile showing rows of pearly whites, the sun glinting off her sun glasses. No, not her first rodeo.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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