Mom’s liberation chapter 3

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Samantha or Sam as everyone called her, sat in the back seat of her brother’s truck. She just turned 18 one month ago, and had been trying to get out of her dad’s house since her birthday. He was an unbelievable tyrant that tried to control every single aspect of her life! It was pure hell on earth! She had only two friends because of him, and had it not been for her mom going behind his back, she’d have been totally embarrassed. He outright said she must use pads because tampons were for sluts and whores. He didn’t think she should shave either. Again thank god for mom! Her brother and sister both left home as quick as they could after their 18 birthday because of their dad. About a week back she came home from school, and found her mom sitting in the floor by her dad’s feet. She looked like she’d been crying, and she had red handprints on her face. She also had a fat lip. Her clothes were almost winter attire. She had on a long sleeve blouse and long heavy denim ankle length dress. Her Mom waved her off with a look that told Sam to be careful, and make herself small. Sam said hello as she came in like normal. Her mom began to speak but her dad smacked her in the head

“You no good fucking whore! You won’t speak a goddamn word in my house! You’re nothing but a pile of steaming dog shit stinking up the place. So you best keep your fucking mouth shut!”

Sam had seen her dad like this before. He was very mean and hateful! He believed he was always in the right no matter what. That’s the way it went for 6 days. He treated mom horrible! She wasn’t allowed to talk at all, or sit on any furniture or even sleep in the bed! On the 6th evening, he went through Sam’s room and personal things. He slapped Sam several times and spoke to Sam like he had been doing with her mom. Sam’s Mom came in and braced him she’d already dialed 911 and had the police on the way. Sam’s dad was arrested and taken away in a police car. Sam and her mom left that night, most of their stuff packed in her mom’s van. Her Mom sent Tonya in the van, to their brother Mike’s house, knowing he’d keep her safe from dad. Tonya was able to transfer to a store in Mike’s town, so she kept her job. Mom and Sam went to a battered women’s shelter, because her mom didn’t want to burden Mike with all of them. Mike wouldn’t allow that and drove up to picked up Sam and their mom. Sam didn’t know why her dad acted like he had, but didn’t care now that they were away from him. Mike was cool, he’d dealt with their dad, and wouldn’t come around him after he went to the Army. He’d visit when he could be sure his dad wasn’t around. He’d write and call fairly regular. He got out of the Army and already had a house and a job lined up. His girlfriend lived with him and everyone but their Dad liked her. The family only met her once, but that was enough, she impressed them. Ruth Sam and Tonya instantly fell in love with her. Dale being the bigot he was hated her because she was black! That was another reason Sam hated her dad because of his narrow minded bigotry! So Sam was content sitting in the back set of her brothers extended cab pick-up. She had her headphones on her ears, but hadn’t turned them on. The conversation in the front seat was very interesting, so she acted as though she was asleep. She heard her mom tell her brother about their dad catching her masturbating. Sam knew that would have sent him into orbit. She also heard her mom say sex with her dad wasn’t any good. The conversation was strange to hear. She knew about sex, but never heard it talked about from her family. The subject was completely off limits! Now her mom and brother were openly talking about sex! Then it got really weird, as they talked of sex with each other! Mike had made remarks that he’d like to see their mom masturbate, and they spoke of how it would affect Sam and Tonya to know their Mom masturbated. Sam was trying hard to process the conversation, the one levent escort thing that did come through was an image of Ruth, as Mike had appointed it, because being called mom weirded her out for the sex conversation, playing with herself. Sam visualized Ruth with two fingers in her hole and rubbing her clit. Sam was a C cup but with her build they looked somewhat bigger. She was 5 foot 7 115 pounds dishwater blonde hair and the same messed up eyes as all her siblings one green one hazel! Her nipples were hard and pressing against her bra. Her pussy was hot and she really wanted to rub it, but didn’t dare move. Sam heard her mom say she was wanting sex with her kids and Carol! Sam wasn’t sure if she meant it or not, but Mike just acted like it was nothing. Even saying if Ruth had something with Carol he wanted to watch! Sam was quickly realizing her brother had developed a weird outlook on sex. He even told Ruth it was alright to do what felt good! Sam was getting hornier by the second! Mike spoke about him and Carol how they talked about fucking other people and actually did from time to time. He talked about oral sex and how he loved to do it to a female. Sam’s head about exploded thinking about her brother going down on her. Licking her slit shoving his tounge in her entrance playing with her clit. Sam had to do something, she was on fire! She had to get a little relief somehow. Mike spoke on Carol’s sister and how he’d like to get her in bed. Sam shifted so they couldn’t see her pants opened and her hand inside them. She unbuttoned her jeans eased the zipper down. Her jeans were a bit baggy, which helped her in her current situation. Her right hand slid down past her waist band. Her hand went over her mound, she usually kept it shaved, but like her legs and pits it’d been 8 days since she had shaved, past her stubble to her slit. Parting her lower lips with her index finger she quickly found her clit. Mike said to Ruth about that time he’d be cool with doing anything with her! A few more flicks and she came. It was very difficult to be still and quiet. Her orgasm subsided as she lay quiet relaxing. She wanting more, but had to be careful not to get caught. She didn’t realize what changes had already taken place. As Sam lay back in the seat she heard Ruth say she was ready to stick her hands up her dress pull off her panties and masturbate, because she was so turned on! She talked about the treatment their dad gave her and what she wanted. She’d ask it from him. She more stated than asked Mike if she could do anything in front of him! He said she could do anything, he said he’d not judge. A light came on up front and Sam took a chance to look. She seen the reflection on the windshield of her mom. She had her dress up to her waist and was pulling off her panties. The reflection in the windshield didn’t give a lot of details, but it was obvious she was fingering herself! Sam was again needing to touch herself. This was so wrong, but it had her horny as fuck! Ruth warned Mike to pay attention to driving and not wreck. They pulled off the highway and it was a parking lot probably a rest stop. They parked and Sam could hear Ruth’s fingers in her pussy! Mike put up the armrest slid close to Ruth asked if he could play with her. Her view was blocked by Mike, but she could hear the squishing sounds of Mike’s fingers in Ruth’s pussy. She heard Ruth tell Mike not to stop! Then ask him if he liked her pussy! She hand an orgasm right then. Sam was playing with herself, with both hands. She thought she could get by with it, besides Ruth said she didn’t really care! Sam wanted to join in the fun in the front, but couldn’t gather the courage! She was struggling she wanted to just go full tilt on her pussy and clit. She had her left hand between her legs her index and middle fingers in her hot hole going in and out her right index and middle finger was working her clit! She heard taksim escort Ruth say it was good and she was close again! Sam wanted to just hammer her fingers in and out, and rub her clit as fast as she could. She still hadn’t realized the change that had taken place. She could hear Mike grunting some, and didn’t know for sure if Ruth was jacking him off or not. The thought that she was drove Sam closer to her own orgasm. She was shaking and hoped it wouldn’t give her away. Ruth had another orgasm, Sam thought the truck had shook with it! Mike said he was close then asked Ruth if she wanted to swallow his load! Sam was almost crazy now, she needed the orgasm that was just out of her reach! Sam heard Ruth say it was her first blow job, then called Mike a dirty boy and it was mommy’s first blow job! She heard Mike groan then Ruth gag some slurping sounds. Mike grunted groaned and moaned all at once! The truck did shake that time. As Mike had to be cumming in Ruth’s mouth, Sam found her own orgasm! It was a good one but she fought to be as still as possible, and quiet she didn’t get the full effect. Mike was breathing very heavy finally he slid behind the wheel. They left the parking lot and hit the highway. Mike and Ruth talked about what happened and agreed they were good with it Mike said she needed to trim her bush or shave it off, and Carol could help her. Ruth said she loved sucking Mike off! She said he was the first to get her off other than herself. She said she’d only been getting orgasms recently. Sam had actually been having orgasms longer than her! Sam had given a few blow jobs, been ate out by her best friend, one of the two her dad approved of, and Sam ate her out too. Ruth said she was hooked and Mike said it looked like her and Carol would be ate and fucked! Then Ruth asked what about Sam and Tonya. Mike said it was up to them and Carol would be willing for sure. Sam wondered why Mike hesitated about having sex with her and Tonya! He had no problem blowing his nut in his mother’s mouth! Ruth said she’d want to share Carol and learn about sex from them. She claimed Mike was big Sam’s imagination ran wild. She wanted to know for herself. Ruth then told Mike not to put the moves on Sam and Tonya, but not to turn them down. Oh hell she was in! She was going to be fucking Mike! Her pussy was on fire she needed a major release. Ruth was playing with her pussy again as she talked about Mike fucking Tonya and Sam. Another orgasm, Sam wanted one so bad she couldn’t think about anything, but having an orgasm. Mike had asked Ruth if Sam woke and wanted to fuck something about on her back or doggy style Sam did want to fuck! She wanted to have Mike’s dick inside her! She wanted to have a major orgasm! Ruth came hard! She slumped back into the seat. When she spoke she looked right at Sam. Sam knew she was busted. Ruth mentioned Mike giving a mental image of his cock stretching Sam’s pussy as she was on her back and her feet in the air. Ruth said she didn’t know if Sam was a virgin but knew she hadn’t had many dicks. Ruth nodded to Sam and smiled. She admitted to being a nympho slut and having trouble controlling her urges! Ruth didn’t apologize for being this way. Sam needed to cum, but at this point she had to have her pussy really worked over! She’d stopped working on her pussy when Ruth lay back in the seat. Now she didn’t care. Sam pumped her index and middle fingers in and out as she rubbed her clit

Ruth spoke softly “do it baby”

Knowing Ruth was watching added to Sam’s excitement, but she didn’t know how she’d get off, like she was, she needed better access. Again her climax seemed just out of reach driving her to the brink of insanity. Ruth was watching Sam she couldn’t see much more than her pants moving from her hands.

“Do whatever you have to baby, no one will judge you in our family now!” Ruth told Sam. Sam was sliding further fatih escort into the realm of insanity, she needing relief. She kicked off her sneakers, as bad as she hated it, she stopped on her pussy pulled out her hands lifted her butt off the seat. She grabbed her jeans shoved them down then her panties her butt make contact with the seat both hands went back to working on her cooch. Ruth reached back and helped her out of her jeans and panties. Sam naked from the waist down sat sideways on the back seat. Her right leg drawn up bent at the knee her the heel of her foot against her ass check her leg pushed into the back of the seat. She put her left foot up on the back of the front armrest pushing her foot into the side of Ruth’s seat. She had Ruth’s and her own duffel bags behind her propping her up. With her pussy on display to Ruth she plunged her index, middle, and ring fingers of her right hand into her hole. Sam had never used three fingers before and it stretched and pulled the skin. Sam held her fingers still letting her walls stretch. She used her thumb and middle finger on her left hand to pinch and rub her clit. Sam began moving her right hand pulling back then pushing deep as she could in. The fingers of her left hand worked her clit over. She felt a shiver and electric tingle as a small orgasm hit. She knew she’d have several of them, but those wouldn’t satisfy her at all. It wasn’t enough to even break her rhythm. She pumped her right in and out of her pussy. She curled her fingers up as she pushed in and out. She was close, but it was still just out of reach.

“Can I help you in any way baby?” Ruth asked setting her left hand on Sam’s left calf. Ruth could read the desperation on her face. Ruth could tell Sam was so close, but still having a hard time to finally reach her goal!

Sam figure it out this past summer how to get the stimulation she needed. Sam, driven mad by this point, was filled with desperation, pain, and overwhelmed by the need to climax. She hadn’t noticed they stopped or that they were at Mike’s

“Clit or asshole! Take one please!” Ruth didn’t hesitate, shoving her middle finger in her own wet hole, she pulled it out nicely lubed. She turned in the seat reached back, stuck the tip of her middle finger on Sam’s brown hole. Sam moaned softly. Ruth applied light pressure and her middle finger slid into Sam’s shitter. Ruth slowly worked her finger in and out only going just past the first knuckle.

Sam managed to grunt out “another”

Ruth finally added her index into Sam’s tight asshole Sam pulled her fingers almost out of her pussy then shoved hard back in as fast as she could. Ruth began to get a rhythm down with her two fingers in Sam’s ass. Sam’s left hand was almost a blur on her clit. Mike turned and took over her clit “no…stop.Nnoo..mmmmatterrwwhhhAASSSHHI*IIIITT” Sam bucked and thrashed jerked shook. As her orgasm hit. Ruth figured out Sam didn’t want her to stop fingering her ass as she came. Ruth told Mike to keep up the assault on her pussy. With her free hand Ruth grabbed Sam’s right hand helping her keep the three fingers in her pussy moving. Sam finish her first orgasm she came hard. Sam didn’t act like it was enough yet. Sam soon began another hard climax she moved and shook violently her hips hunched up and down riding her orgasm to its end. Mike and Ruth worked on not letting up the stimulation. Sam hit her third orgasm went rigid then convulsed shook and flopped around. She’d pulled her right hand loose and tried to push away Mike hand. Ruth pulled out her fingers from Sam’s ass. Sam had lightly squirted a time or two is what Ruth thought, but when Sam pulled out her fingers from her pussy. The juices literally poured out of her stretched hole. Sam finally calmed down some from the monumental orgasms. She lay on the seat still propped up on the duffel bags her right leg now stretched out on the seat her left foot had dropped to the floor board she still shook and twitched. She heard voices but didn’t care who they belonged to, or what they were saying. She lay in the back seat in pure heaven. Too weak to move too happy and blissful to care.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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