Mom’s Long Day

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We had just moved to a new town, my mother and I. The divorce was still a fairly raw wound for both of us. My dad had been screwing around on mom, she found out they split up. Since then dad had become a raging asshole, so we moved. The whole divorce had kind of put my college plans on hold, and I had resigned to be there for mom. Our new house was smaller than what we were used to, and everything seemed close and confined, but we called it ‘cozy’ and got used to it. Once we were settled mom lined up some job interviews and took the train downtown. I guess she had three interviews all space pretty comfortably apart, but by the time she got home she was beat.

“What a day!” She exclaimed. She laid her purse on the kitchen table and headed into the bathroom. She came out with a wet facecloth and sat heavily on the couch laying the facecloth across her eyes and tilting her head back. I looked down at her sleek form, mom was almost forty, she had had me young, barely eighteen when I was born, dad was almost twenty six when I was born, and his desire for younger women had never abated, hence the divorce.

Mom had stayed firm and tone though, in high school all my friends had joked at how hot she was. Her dark hair cascaded down around her shoulders, it was disheveled, but still looked good. She had worn a suit jacket and somewhat short skirt, the way she leaned back pushed one breast up so rather than cleavage I could see the rise of one breast above her otherwise respectable cut camisole. The suit jacket was tailored to snug in around her waist a little and accentuate the swell of her chest, which was pronounced and still hadn’t sagged. The skirt came to about two inches above the knee, I was sitting in the chair and couldn’t help but notice that her legs were parted just enough to see that one of her thigh highs had fallen a tad, because I could see the top.

“Oh my poor feet.” Mom said kicking off the business pumps and rubbing the balls of her feet. She never moved her head or the face cloth, and when she did this I got a flash of thigh that made me turn away. Even turning away I thought of my friends’ words echoing in my head. ‘Your mom’s legs go all the way to the penthouse bro’.’ I blushed at the thought.

“Do you want a foot rub?” I asked.

“Oh that would be wonderful.” Mom said.

I got up and walked over sitting on the coffee table between her legs. She put one foot on either side of me, on the table. I scooted the table back a little so I could set a foot on my lap and began massaging it. I firmly bent her toes to stretch out her instep, and she moaned honestly. Then I started rubbing the ball of her foot and her arches. I looked up when she did just by reflex and while her eyes were still covered I involuntarily saw something that drew my attention. With her right leg lying on the table beside me and her left leg bent in my lap, her skirt had ridden up quite a bit. I could see her panties. It was the red that had caught my eye.

At first I quickly looked away, but as I continued to massage her foot, and she continued to coo and moan, I watched her face and she definitely couldn’t see me. I figured what the heck and looked again. This time I looked closer. I had moved up to her ankle and tendons, as I stared at her crotch. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but there was something painfully erotic in it. I could see the swell of her bulge and a bit of bumpiness above it that must have been hair. I felt my own crotch begin to stir.

“Alright next foot.” I said and I laid her left leg beside me a little further away then it had been and picked her left into my lap, careful not to lay it on my crotch, because I now had a rapidly hardening erection. A quick look to her face confirmed that she wasn’t paying any attention, and as I began working her foot I reverted my eyes back to her crotch. Her legs were parted only slightly further, but it was enough. In the shuffling of switching feet, her panties had shifted and a thick black tuft of pubic hair stuck out one side. As wrong as I knew it was it was becoming highly erotic for me, and I wanted more. I worked the massage firmly, and she continued moaning and mmmming and ahhhing.

This time after the ankles, I gently squeezed her calf well below her knee and kneaded it slightly as I did.

“Wow you’re tense.” I said. She moaned, a little and added an mmmhmm. “Do you want me to do your legs?” I asked and was amazed that my voice hadn’t cracked. She was silent for a moment, panic struck she was no fool, surely she knew what I was up to!

“That would be nice.” She said, but she didn’t move her head or the face cloth. I had always run and been athletic, so I knew all about stretching and muscle groups. I knew what I wanted to do, and it did make sense before the massage, but it was a little brazen. Oh well worst case was she didn’t go for it.

“Alright, but first I just gotta’ have you stretch your hamstring for a few seconds. You’ll bedava bahis have to bend your leg and hold it.” I waited for a response.

“Ok go ‘head.” She said. So I bent her left leg drawing her knee up against her chest, knowing it would loosen up her hamstring and glutes. I held her leg up, which put me right above her chest near her face. I could smell the remnants of her perfume, and a touch of sweat from the busy day, and when I looked down I could see the top of her lacy bra down her camisole. I held for twelve seconds and sat back down with her leg and foot. “That felt fantastic, do the other one!” Mom said. I was quick to obey, and placed her left on the table to scoop her right and repeat the motion. “Did you learn these stretches at track?” She asked.

“Yep.” I said, again looking down her shirt, after making sure her eyes were covered. Then I saw it. She had reached her hands out to adjust her skirt, which pushed her breast up, and I saw the top of a nipple through the lace of her bra, it was dark pink and looked big. I almost lost count before settling back down where I began massaging her leg starting with her calf. I turned at a slight angle, which pushed her legs a little further apart, but gave me a better angle to massage her legs.

“I’m just gonna’ slip these off.” I said twisting her thigh highs slightly on her leg.

“Oh yeah.” She said. “They’d probably get in the way.” I carefully slid the one that had fallen off first, pulling it gently down her leg and depositing it on the floor between the couch and table. For the next one I had to reach very high up her thigh, and gathering courage I gently removed it too. I had come within six inches of her crotch. She said or did nothing to stop me. Beneath the stockings her legs were smooth and flawless, I wondered why she wore them at all.

I looked at her face she was content and relaxed, and still couldn’t see me so I looked back down to her crotch. My eyes bulged. When she reached for her skirt it was to lift it up so she could stretch. The hem was now level with her bottom, and bunched up in her lap. Her panties were not only visible, but out in the light! That wasn’t the biggest shock though, as I looked it was clear that the stretching had also wedged one side of her panties firmly into her crotch. I looked in awe at one full, meaty, hair-covered lip. My erection was easily as hard as it had ever been. I focused on the massage moving from her calves to the top of her thighs. As my hands got higher I moved forward a little and she spread her legs to accommodate. I was now a little too close to see her crotch without straining, so I concentrated on giving her the best massage ever, secretly hoping to draw this event on for as long as possible.

Then a dilemma hit. I was going further and further up her thigh, getting closer and closer to the place I shouldn’t be. She for her part was moaning quietly, but I was getting into dangerous territory. Finally about two inches below her crotch I stopped and switched legs. Her moaning stopped for a second kind of abruptly.
“Gotta’ switch legs.” I said.

“Mmm, oh yeah.” She answered. Something entered my mind at that point, something in her tone of voice. I wasn’t a virgin, but I also wasn’t a ladies man, but something in her tone, made me think, maybe she had wanted me to go higher. This idea may have been fueled by my intense horniness at that point, but all it served to do was make me hornier. I laid her foot down and turned around. Again checking her face then her crotch as I began working the calf. I stared at the one exposed lip, and could not believe I was looking at my mother’s…..y’know pussy. Having said the word in my mind I greedily took the view in, and then noticed a slightly darker spot on her red satin panties. Was my mom getting wet?

I continued the massage of her leg, this time when I moved up I dared to go a little higher, as I did I listened closely to her moans. They had a breathiness to them. So I kept going and only stopped a half inch shy of her crotch. I couldn’t bring myself to touch it no matter how much I wanted to. We were both silent.

“How bought your back?” I finally said. She stayed silent for a moment.

“That would be great if you don’t mind.” She said quietly. “You are such an angel.” She added at a normal tone trying to force some normalcy back into the situation. She removed the face cloth, and I saw her look down at herself. A slight pause and she turned on the couch and shrugged off her suit jacket. Then she looked back at me. “Should I leave my top on?” She asked kind of oddly. I looked at her confused and kind of shrugged.

“It’s up to you.” I said sheepishly and all the awkwardness came to a roaring head.

“Well, in case it gets in the way.” She said. “Turn around for a second.”

“Huh.” I said, “Oh yeah.” And I turned away as she pulled the camisole off and unclasped her bra and lay down casino siteleri on the couch.

“OK,” she said.

I turned back and there she was. Her arms were folded under her face, and her back was completely bare. My eyes traveled lower and her disheveled skirt was bunched up around her buttocks. I could see the bottom of her cheeks, and I now knew that the red panties were thongs. Gathering myself I scooted the coffee table closer and began to rub her shoulders. (Her bare shoulders)

“Mmm that feels so nice.” Mom cooed. “I REALLY needed this thank you so much.” It was kind of awkward reaching across her from the coffee table, and after only a few moments mom could sense it. “Why don’t you just climb on, if it’s easier? It’s alright.”

“Ok,” I said, and she centered herself on the couch so that I could get a knee on either side of her. Now I knelt above my half naked mother, I was just above her bum, and with my erection I had to be careful not to lean forward or she would surely feel it. I continued my massage, rubbing her shoulders and the base of her neck. She rolled her head slightly with her eyes closed and let out a thoroughly relaxed moan. Her moans were making me hotter than anything else I think. The facecloth now lay on the coffee table.

From her shoulders I worked onto her back, and scooted back a little to do so. Now the swell of her behind was directly beneath me. I could feel my testicles sitting snugly in the crease between her cheeks. I plied her back, and she writhed and moaned growing more and more relaxed and content. I worked my way out from the middle of her back to the sides of her rib cage, and there was the edge of her breasts. I drew my fingertips lightly across each side, and then went lower on her back, now sliding off her butt between her legs. Kneeling in this fashion right between her thighs caused her to open her legs wide. I massaged my way down to the small of her back then her lower back. She didn’t say a word, just kept moaning. When I leaned forward to work back up a little higher, my erection pressed briefly against her ass crack. I carefully sat back up and worked lower on her back, I had forgotten myself for a moment. I hoped I wasn’t in trouble, ‘maybe she hadn’t noticed’ I thought reassuring myself. My hands brushed against the crumpled skirt.

“If that’s in the way you can pull it right off.” Mom said and wriggled her hips between my legs. I was stunned.

“Uh, ok.” I said. I got out from between her legs and taking hold of the waist of her skirt got ready to pull them down.

“There’s a zipper.” Mom said, stopping me. “In the middle in the back.” I straightened her skirt out a little and found the zipper. Grasping the tiny pull I eased it down through the wrinkled folds of the bunched up skirt. As I did my fingers brushed her behind and the top of the thong came briefly into view and then disappeared between her buttocks. Finally it was unzipped and I tugged the skirt carefully off. My mother lifted her pelvis off the couch to help me, and I almost came in my pants as my mothers naked ass came into view, a tiny strip of red flashing into view and then slipping into her butt.

She lay back down and spread her legs for me to again massage her back. I looked at the triangle shaped wedge of red satin covering her pussy, and noticed that it was still partially stuck inside her, and then I noticed that it was clearly discolored by dampness. I eased back in to get back to work and as I began massaging my right knee made contact with her crotch. At first we both jumped just a little, each trying to act normal, but neither willing to move. I started to massage again and she moaned and cooed. Then the slightest movement of her hips, I thought she was pulling away from my knee. Then I felt the pressure against my knee increase slightly. She gyrated; just a tiny movement, I could feel the moisture of her pussy through the panties. My own boxers were surely slick with precome. It was getting very hard to concentrate on just massaging her.

I let my hands wander down to the edge of her bum, massaging in effect her hips. I was looking straight down at her ass. Then my hands wandered across her cheeks drawing them apart ever so slightly on their way back to the small of her back. She moaned and again pressed her crotch to my knee. I could feel wet satin against my bare knee. Thank god my shorts were denim or the precome likely would’ve soaked through.

“That felt wonderful.” She said. I wasn’t sure if she meant touching her ass, or her humping my knee. Taking the chance I let my hands wander down to her bum again and she moaned loudly, louder than she had yet. I let my hands settle firmly and squeezed the cheeks pulling them again apart slightly. She moaned more and pushed her bum into my hands, rubbing her damp crotch against my knee as she did. Clearly a substantial boundary had begun crumbling slow and was now eroding right before our bahis siteleri eyes, right between my hands.

I stared at my hands on her ass, ass I continued squeezing and kneading her bum. It was then that I saw it. The edge of her anus peeked out for a moment as I manipulated her bum in firm circles. As I came full circle again drawing her ass apart there it was again. I pulled just a little harder and she began gyrating her hips more. I was staring at my mother’s asshole completely enamored. The few times I had had sex with a few different girls it had been in the dark, or once in a car. We touched, we kissed, I went down on my last girlfriend, but I had never really gotten to explore one’s body. Now for the first time ever I had a woman’s body laid out for me, as I touched and looked and explored. My mother meanwhile was openly humping my knee and her moans had turned into breathy rasps. ‘Was she about to come!?’ I thought to myself, I kept rubbing her ass, with a hard-on straining against itself and my jean shorts hard.

Then it happened my mother stopped gyrating and began to twitch and buck.

“Oh GOD.” She said and pressed her crotch against me with everything she had. “UH-Uh-uh…..” Her panting subsided slowly and she eased her crotch off me, I kept my hands on her ass until she moved up and then I quickly stopped. “Don’t stop it’s relaxing.” She said hoarsely. There was a thick tension in the room as I continued to rub her ass and she panted beneath me. Finally she spoke again. “Pull my panties off please.” She said. “They’re a little uncomfortable.”

I got up and grabbing the thin spaghetti straps linking the strap up her ass, to the high cut triangle in the front I began to ease them off. She closed her legs just enough to lift her pelvis again, I watched transfixed as they came down, the waist was down around her knees and the crotch was still wedged in her vagina. I could see both lips fully now, her panties had been driven completely into her by the pressure on my knee. Finally they pulled free with a bit of an elastic snap. I backed up to slide them off her legs one side at a time and then knelt again roughly between her knees. Once I eased them fully off I resisted every urge to feel the sopping wet crotch and placed them on the coffee table.

“I could do the back of your legs, I couldn’t get those before.” I said dumbly. Mom was silent for a moment and just lay with her ass raised slightly off the couch. Then she pulled her legs up and with me still kneeling; she placed her behind firmly against my crotch. She was now up on her elbows.

“I know completely and fully how wrong this has already turned out, but we both know this has already gone further than we can come back from.” She gyrated against my crotch and a sharp breath burst reflexively from my chest. She put a foot on the floor and then stood turning to face me fully. I brought my eyes across her thighs, past her thick hairy bush, noticing that its edges were neatly trimmed into a heart shape. Her midsection was toned and flat, from long hours of aerobic tapes and an incline bench, which she still religiously used. Then there were her full breasts, I don’t know cup sizes, but it would take both of my hands to circle each one. Then I met her eyes and blushed, as she had watched me check her out. She stepped up to me and lifted me by the hand to a standing position in front of her. Then she took my hand and placed it on her crotch. “I want you to massage this.” She said. “Please.”

I could feel how soaking wet she was as I spread my fingers into her slit. My index and middle fingers slid down to the opening to her hole.

“One at a time, it’s been a while.” She said as her own hands began to unbutton my shorts. I let my middle finger slip inside her then drove it gently deeper. Meanwhile I pressed against her with my palm, my old girlfriend had loved this. Mom loosened my shorts and let them fall. Next she snaked her hand over the waistband of my boxers and a moment later her fingers wrapped themselves around me. Electric tingles shot through my body and I almost came instantly. She sensed it, and taking my hand from her crotch she knelt in front of me and pulled my cock from my boxers.

“I owe you one, then we’re going upstairs and starting over right.” A moment later her tongue snaked its way up the underside catching a trail a precome that was flowing pretty evenly down me. “MMMM.” Mom said. Her tongue was so hot, when she reached the tip she put her lips around me and sucked for a moment, before running her lips down one side of me. Another swirl of her hot tongue and I felt myself coming, she quickly wrapped her lips around me and began to suck tickling the underside with her tongue as she did, and I erupted. The strongest orgasm I had ever had in my entire life. Mom grabbed my ass and manipulated me with her tongue and lips until I began to grow soft in her mouth. Then she pulled my boxers off, and lifted my shirt over my head, and led me to her bedroom.

For what seemed like an hour she explored my body and I hers, she asked me to rub her ass some more, which I did. Without the thong in the way I got an unobstructed view of her anus. She felt me beginning to harden again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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