Mom’s New Family Affair Ch. 13

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I’ve always been a light and almost restless sleeper, but I must have been exhausted, because I was totally out of it. Normally if Beth decided to wake me with some oral play, I always felt her initial touch and feeling her re-positioning herself between my legs to blow me. It always felt like it all started out as a dream that morphed into reality, but with full understanding of what was happening.

However, this morning was different. This time, in the twilight of my consciousness, my cock felt rock hard and throbbing, feeling it was cocooned in a hot wet mouth as someone was very lovingly sucking it, very slowly yet so efficiently as if they were savoring every moment. Beth was good at a slow bj, but the feeling of someone savoring it was something I had started relating to Mom.

I responded with an “Ohhh yeahhhhhh, that feels fantastic…” as my eyes slowly opened to slits to see the ceiling of the bedroom and I contracted my ass muscles which raised my hips just a bit so my cock penetrated a bit more into her warm, wet mouth.

I felt the soft hum of her own exclamation as she gave an “Mmmmmmmm” as though recognizing my wakening state and possibly the enjoyment of what she was doing. My hand went to her head and slid up the side of her face as I normally did to move their long hair back to better expose the side of her face and caress her head as Beth or

Mom sucked me but I was suddenly struck by the realization that it wasn’t either one of them.

Instead of the long hair of Mom and Beth that I expected, I felt the short bobbed hairstyle of Darla. A full memory of the previous night suddenly flashed through my mind.

My head lifted from the pillow and saw her looking up at me with the head in her mouth and first inch or so of my member still encompassed between her lips. She had a mischievous look in her eyes and I noticed her cheeks were high as if she was grinning though her mouth was full with the end of my cock.

“Well…! Good morning there Darla… this is a nice surprise!” I said with a chuckle as I kept my hand on her head in place and tightened and released my ass muscles again which momentarily worked my cock in deeper for a second before sliding back.

Darla’s head bobbed two more times before she let her lips slide off it and kissed the tip as she started to slowly stroke me. “Good morning yourself John” she said with a grin. “How did you sleep Darling?”

“Great, I was out like a log! Yesterday was a long day but last night was definitely worth it!” I said with a chuckle.

“Mmmmm, yes it was! And you were really out of it too. I’ve been ravaging this beautiful cock of yours for at least a good five minutes. I was starting to wonder if I was losing my talent!” she said with a grin then slid her lips over the mushroom head of my cock and let her tongue trace its edges.

“No fucking way Auntie… it feels fantastic, and I must admit I love the sight of you between my legs sucking it.”

“Her lips slid back off the tip as she said “Oh I love sucking my nephew-Johnny’s big, luscious cock!” she said with a soft, sultry giggle before sliding the head back in and giving me a couple slow, deep bobs of her head and a hummer from her “Mmmmmmmm Hmmmmmm” to make her point.

“Oh yeah, that’s it Auntie Darla, suck Johnny’s cock… Where’s Beth? I’m surprised she not here to see this” I added with a chuckle.

Darla bobbed a few more times then answered. “Oh, she’s with her Mom, and when they suggested you’ve slept long enough and that I should wake you, she was taking very good care of her. Apparently from the distant moans I heard a few minutes before you woke, it sounded like she did a good job doing it too.”

“I’d like to make you moan too Auntie…” I said giving her a big grin. “We’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I’ve wanted to fuck you for so fucking long… I really want my cock in you right now…you want to climb on up or would you prefer a different position? Ladies choice…”

“Oh damn! And I am so on the edge right now!” she said as she started moving up.

My eyes went to her hanging breasts as she released my cock and started working her way up. Her nipple tips were long and looked super hard and as she rose higher, I could see her bald pussy was wet and inviting. A thought passed through my mind and I said “Keep on coming higher Auntie. I’ve changed my mind and I want you to sit on my face and let me make you cum so I can taste every bit of it like last night… then I’m really going to fuck you and make you cum again!”

Darla let out a whimper as she moved higher up my body and as her breasts neared, I quickly took turns sucking each nipple and gnawing lightly on the hard extended tips. My hands went to her hips to hold her in position for a moment as I took turns sucking each one which produced a moan from her.

I then put pressure on her hips to continue steering her higher as I let my tongue drag down her stomach as she moved higher and finally straddled bahis siteleri my head.

I could sense she was eager, but she moved in a way to give me full view of her luscious pussy with her swollen inner lips protruding out of her slit as she lowered it to my face. Damn, it was so beautiful and it was so hot knowing it was Darla that it made my cock twitch and throb and I could feel it bounce lightly from the throbbing as it pointed up at a 45 degree angle toward my head and her back. With the hold I had on her hips I steered her down to my tongue which slid easily into her soaking wet cunt.

I started tongue fucking her as my face rotated into her sex from below. I could feel her warmth and wetness on my chin, lips and nose as they nuzzled to her pussy and started working my way up towards her clit. Her hips gently pivoted into my face and my eyes opened to see past her swaying breasts and extended nipples that she was supporting herself with both hands on the headboard. I could tell her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open as she softly moaned. My mouth sucked in both her labia which hung down from above as my tongue snaked between them as I worked my way to her clit.

My tongue started to flicker over it and her moans became more urgent. My lips finally surrounded it and started sucking hard as my tongue started to lash her sizeable pearl of a clit. At the same time my hands slid up and started kneading her fleshy hanging breasts and in no time I was rolling and pulling on her sensitive nipples as my lips continued to suck and tongue lash her clit.

Darla moaned “Oh my god!” and started pivoting hard on my face. I kept up sucking her clit and pulling her nipples until I finally felt her body tremble slightly just before her orgasm hit her fully. All of a sudden her pivoting went wild which forced her clit fee from between my lips as she ground her pussy into my face riding it in both pivoting and gyrating motions as she started to flood my face.

I gave her nipples one last hard pinch which caused her to yelp but in a good way considering how she ground even harder into my face as she openly moaned “Oh sweet-jez Johnny! Yes, that’s it… eat my fucking pussy!” My hands went to her hips and held them steady as my tongue went to town wildly lapping up her creamy juices from every bit of her inner surfaces as wave after wave of her orgasm hit her.

I sensed Darla calming down now… her orgasm was ebbing ever so slightly and then my hands forced her hips away from my face and steered her down my body.

Darla was breathless and seemed to attempt to say something, but her eyes went wide as she felt the stiffness of my cock at her vaginal opening and felt the sudden thrust of my cock deep into her sloppy wet cunt.

“OH god YESSSSS! Your cock feels so big, my sexy Darling!” she moaned as I held her hips in place and really started ramming it to her from below.

Darla whined and then her lips found mine over my totally soaked cheeks and chin as we locked in a passionate kiss with our tongues paring, dancing and trying to trap the other so it could be sucked as my cock continued to thrust in and out, then I suddenly slammed her hips down onto mine causing my cock to be shoved it up as deep a possible causing a considerable “puff” sound before grinding into her.

This caused the kiss to break and Darla moaned to me to fuck her hard and fast. I was able to nimbly flip her thin athletic body over onto her back where she openly invited me to continue going deep with her knees high and spread without letting my member to slide out. With my arms extended and hands in the mattress to support me, I started fucking her with firm thrusts with the hardness and tempo increasing with each movement.

The somewhat puff, puff, puff of our pubic areas slamming into each other started to take on a wetter sound and my eyes divided the time to glancing down to see my cock fuck that hot bald pussy of Darla’s and return to her face to see her facial expressions.

Darla looked me in my eyes as her hands went to her boobs and squeezed them before starting to pinch and pull her nipples, then said breathlessly. “Oh, that’s it Honey, fuck this old lady! Your slutty aunt needs your cock soooo badly!” and then struggled to lift her head to see view my cock shaft work in and out with each thrust just as I heard a moan that could only be Beth cuming from the other room across the hall.

My hand went to the back of her head to help her look as I supported myself with one arm. “Is that what you want to see Auntie Darla? See your little Johnny fucking his Auntie like a slutty whore?”

I saw her eyes go wide for just a nanosecond upon hearing my words. I thought maybe I’d gone too far calling her using the word whore.

I remember Mom saying last night Darla loves to be slutty and I was so in tune with Mom’s love of the names, it seemed like a reflex to use them on Darla. Seeing her reaction, I wondered if I had canlı bahis siteleri over extended the thrill for her.

Apparently not, because she let out and moaned “Yes, grab me by my hair and fuck me like a whore!”

I complied and grabbed a handful of hair tight to her scalp as I forced her to watch my cock as I started plowing hard in and out of her. “Cum for me whore! I want to feel you cum on my cock! And hurry slut! I can’t hold back much longer!!”

“My god yesssssss! Oh don’t cum in me! I want you to cum on my face and tits like a fucking cheap slut!” which ended with a loud moan. “OH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK… I’m CUMMMMMMMMMMMMNG!” and I felt her pussy constrict in spasms around the shaft as I continued to plow into her. Her pussy was leaking cum as she did and our coupling sounded even wetter now.

I could feel the contractions along the mushroom head of my member which by now I knew would be swollen and on the verge of spewing my load into her.

“Oh shit… Oh FUCK… Can’t hold back any longer!” and I quickly pulled out of her and straightened up on my knees dragging her head towards me by my tight grip on her hair as I used my other hand to stroke myself hard and fast. “FUCK!!” I said with a grunt and started to let it fly…

I must have fully recuperated during the night because the firsts four spasms sent streams of my ropey cum shot forward striking her forehead, cheeks, open mouth and chin before I lowered my aim to her tits after noticing her cupping them together to make a good target.

As the last spurts coated them and as the cum started to dribble from the head of my cock and I pulled her head closer and up to where her nipples were close to the level of my cock where I started smearing the head still gooey with my jism over her hard nipples which resulted in one last moan from her.

I then relaxed my grip on her hair with intentions to support her head lightly but she let her neck collapse and she fell back onto the bed with her eyes closed desperately trying to catch her breath.

“Oh that was soooo fucking hot!” came Mom’s voice from the open bedroom doorway and my head turned just in time to see Beth agree echoing Mom’s reaction saying “Yesssss, so fucking hot!” Mom stood there with her arm around Beth’s waist.

Beth was snuggled up in Mom’s embraced with her hand on her breast as they looked on. I hadn’t even noticed them the whole time and wondered how long they had been there.

A sultry chuckle came from Darla as a big smile came to her face and slowly opened her eyes as she said “Oh my god! Yes it wassssssssss! Gawd I came so hard!” she said with a chuckle. She looked at me and said “You really know how to treat a woman like a whore!” she said with a playful laugh. “Gawd, that was so good!”

“I’ve been taught well” I said with a chuckle looking at Mom then Beth for a second before giving them a wink. I thought to myself ‘What is it between Mom and Darla wanting to be sluts and whores?’ I chuckled to myself thinking ‘Makes no difference, it’s fun to do and they truly seem to love it!’

“Yes you have! That was perfect Darling!” Then she glanced at Mom and Beth. “Any volunteers to help clean me up?”

I instinctively eased off the bed and settled into my computer chair and watched as Mom and Beth took their time providing special attention in helping Auntie Darla out as I watched and fondled my semi hard meat with my tacky right hand which quickly turned to casual stroking as I thoroughly enjoyed watching them before me.

~ ~ ~

Soon after Darla’s clean up, Mom and Darla split off to get a shower and start breakfast. Beth and I cuddled on our bed as we waited for their shower to end so we could take another too. I looked at my watch and found it was only 9:00.

“So what time did you get up? It’s not as late as I thought it was.” I asked as I traced circles around one nipple with my fingertip leaned over, flicked my tongue over the hard end and kissed it as I lay on my side, supporting my head with my hand.

“I woke about 7:00 and thought I heard them talking, so I went to check on them. Their coffee cups were on the night stand and they were just lying there with Darla cuddling up to Mom as they watched the early morning news.

They looked so cute I felt like I was intruding, but they cheerily invited me into the bed with them. I think Mom and Darla were best friends before, but are full-fledged lovers now” said Beth with a smile. “I hope you don’t mind seeing her around more, because I’m sure they will be spending more time together.”

“What makes you say that? Did they say something?” I asked inquisitively.

“Not really, it’s just the way I see them look at each other and how they kiss and cuddle. I love cuddling with Mom, it feels like the love just oozes out of her and I see the same between both of them.”

“Her being around more would be fine with me, I like Darla, always have and now… I guess you could güvenilir bahis say I like her even better!” I said with a chuckle. “The two of you seem to really get along too. I’ve noticed the chemistry between the both of you.”

“I think the three of us are like three peas in a pod. Each lonely in a way from not receiving the touch of someone special, full of love to give with no one worthy to give it to” said Beth as she looked me in the eyes and smiled. “At least until now for me and probably the three of us girls, maybe you too… ya think?”

I looked her in the eyes and asked softly “Do you really feel that way?” with a bit of concern in my eyes.

Beth paused and her smile grew, our eyes never breaking contact. “Before I came home, yes, I think I did, but I don’t think I knew it at the time. I had nothing to compare it to, but I did often feel a bit empty for some reason. But now everything has changed. I’ve never felt so loved in my whole life as I do with you and Mom.”

“Those days are over Baby… You’re mine and this is your extended family, and that’s forever” and I gave her a soft kiss which she eagerly reciprocated. “So, you think Mom’s the same? Darla too?”

“Remember the first night we were with Mom and how happy she was? Didn’t she say something like it was so good have life back in the house? Just think, her husband is away for months at a time and she has a partial empty nest when you’re at school. Oh, she’s lonely alright.”

“Yeah, I remember and I think you’re right. She was really happy that night and she seems to have changed a bit since. She seems much happier these days. How can you tell about Darla?”

“It’s just something I sense. You know her better than me, but I heard her story about being married to a lawyer that makes big bucks who cheated on her and ended up marrying his 22 year old secretary.”

“Ha, yeah that’s right. She got a percentage of his salary in alimony and the guy really does make big bucks. They got married when he was still in school and they had no pre-nup so she was able to take him to the laundry. I think she clears over six digits a year from it. Then she also got the house. A lot of reasons not to get re-married, I guess. Actually, I heard his new wife divorced him too and he’s on his third marriage now.”

“That sounds lonely in itself in a way. Did she date a lot?” asked Beth.

“Yeah, she’s had some boyfriends over the years but I got the impression they ended up being more like friends with benefits. I think a few of them wanted more but she put the stop to it because she didn’t want the commitment for a relationship. Plus, I think if she got married the alimony would stop. I remember Mom mentioned the other day about her having a guy she sees when he comes to town. I think that’s more her style.”

“It all seems to make sense to me. I can see where she’d love having a relationship with your mom and possibly us too. After hearing how she couldn’t have kids, was a single child and her fascination with family. I’m sure we’d all be perfect to be her adopted family and fill her emotional needs” said Beth but then added “In addition to the sexual ones, Darla gets really turned about that” she said with a giggle. “I know I can sure relate to it all of it same way too!”

“Maybe you’re right” I said with a grin and then gave her a peck on the lips. “Did she mention how she turned bi? I heard her say she did only a year ago…”

“Not really, I’d like to know myself. Our conversations were more about how sexually fulfilling it is” Beth said with a grin. “Kind of like the best of both worlds… and then there just seemed to be less talk but a lot more action, so to speak” added Beth with a chuckle.

“Maybe we can get her to tell us… By the way, what’s being planned today? Anything special?”

“Not that I know of, I think she’s going to spend the day here but play it by ear. There’s one thing I’d like to do though… lets go do something this afternoon to give them some alone time. What do you think?”

“That sounds like a good idea, from what you tell me, they’d probably like that. I know… let’s get the kayak and head to the lake. Jake and Laura are going today. I hear it’s supposed to rain later but no thunderstorms.”

“Perfect! I’d like that too. Who cares if it rains a bit, we’ll be wet anyway. Hey, I think they’re out of the shower, let’s take ours…”

We first took turns in the bathroom for some private time, regrouped and started adjusting the water temp for the two of us to share the shower. We had gotten into the habit of keeping the door open for baths and showers like we jokingly discussed days before, but actually it came in handy because it didn’t allow the bathroom to steam up.

Mom and Darla stood at the doorway as Mom asked “What would you two like? A typical breakfast or more like a brunch?” We both noticed right away Mom was wearing her new short black kimono robe and Darla wore her older blue one. It seemed apparent they weren’t wearing bras underneath from the prominent outlines of their nipples in the silky material.

“Brunch sounds interesting” and I looked at Beth “What do you think?”

Beth agreed saying that sounds special and it’s been a very special weekend, so it would be perfect.

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