Mom’s Nylons Ch. 03

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Moms’ best friend, Jane, had caught mom and I making out on the couch while I was dressed in her nylons and make-up. Jane had turned around and left the building while mom and I separated and left the room. I went in to moms bedroom to put back her clothes and wig but was still so horny. I could still taste her essence on my tongue, and could smell her perfume all around me. Looking in her full length mirror I became aroused, and a little bit dizzy. I put on more of her lipstick and sprayed on more of her fragrant perfume. I began to stroke my straining erection while staring at my reflection, as the silky panties were caressing my balls, and I rubbed my silky legs together as well. Soon after I shook and shivered and pumped forth a massive load of cum which sprayed all over her bed. I almost passed out and my erection was still leaking cum.

That was two weeks ago and mom and I have pretended it didn’t happen. I sort of like the fact that mom knows my secret, and I can wear her clothes with her knowledge. She now gets home from work and leaves those clothes for me to wear, and jerk off in. I tried wearing her brand new panties, and pantyhose and nylons. The panties were too stiff and didn’t feel comfortable. The new pantyhose looked great, especially the silky kind, but it was missing the fact that mom had worn them on her lovely legs, and the pantie part had rubbed her pussy, as it would adjust to her body as she wore them. The nylons were okay, but mom had not slid them on her shapely legs yet. I can tell it excites her because the panties are covered in her pussy juice. I especially love to put on her worn pantyhose which smells so erotic, and is shaped like her body. I caress my nylon covered legs and imagine I am feeling moms sexy legs. I left a little cum in her pantyhose yesterday, and I notice she is wearing them today, and she gave me a big hug and kiss this morning, telling me she had a surprise for me tonight.

That night Jane came over and canlı bahis she was dressed to kill. She wore a blood red dress that was slit up to her ass. The plunging neckline barely concealed her jutting breasts. She had flaming red hair, and wore six inch red high heels that flattered her shapely legs, which were encased in opera length nylon stockings. Next to my mom, Jane has the most shapely legs in the world, which I could not keep my eyes off of. Mom was not to be out done wearing a new blue evening gown that left nothing to the imagination. Mom had put on her best jewelry and had got her hair styled. She was wearing black silk stockings and blue spaghetti strapped high heels. The two women kissed each other for a long time, which got me all excited. After some drinks, Jane told us her thoughts. She had never seen a mother and son making love and she was curious and excited by it. She knew her son was trying on her panties and jerking off in them, and it excited her. She wanted to see a well built man wearing nylons, jack off all over them. Mother was against it, saying she loved her son, and it was okay that he wore her clothes, but fucking him was out of the question. Jane sat beside mom and tried to convince her as she lightly touched and rubbed moms back and shoulders. Mom was getting aroused and started to feel Jane’s breasts and legs.

I could not believe it when Jane and mom began to kiss each other. Jane reached in to her purse and took out some black sheer nylons, and panties, and a black garter belt and told me to put them on. I had a better idea, and reached up moms shapely leg and undid her garter. Mom gasped when my hand slid up her leg and brushed her moist pussy. Jane resumed kissing mom while I slowly removed moms nylon. I then slipped the nylon Jane had given me onto moms lovely leg. I did the same thing with moms other leg, this time slipping my fingers under her panties in to her warm pussy. Jane moved her mouth down kaçak iddaa and started to tease moms erect nipple. Mom began to moan and hump my hand and soon my fingers were covered in her wonderful cum. I licked my hand, and Jane licked my hand and even mom licked my hand. Jane had me take off my pants and underwear. She smiled when she saw my erect cock, and lightly stroked it. Then mom put the garter belt on me, taking her time while she rubbed my ass. Jane carefully put the nylons on my legs, while my cock leaked a little. I slid my hand up Jane’s lovely leg and felt her wet pussy. I licked her nylon covered leg, and worked my way up to her cunt. She took my head and pushed it in to her glorious cunt. I licked her,and stuck my tongue inside her, and soon she was grinding herself into my face, and began having orgasm after orgasm.

Meanwhile, mom had taken off her dress and was playing with her nipples, while Jane fingered her pussy. I moved over to mom and began to kiss her, while my chest could feel her breasts and my dick was rubbing her pussy. Jane said,”Oh yeah, fuck your boy” while she rubbed my nylon covered legs and licked my neck and pressed her breasts in to my back. I felt moms tongue and smelt her perfume and my dick just found its way in to her welcoming pussy. Mom was biting my tongue now and she pushed her self away. I whispered in her ear that I loved her and wanted to make love to her, and wanted to fill her beautiful cunt with my cum. Jane was now feeling moms breast and I wiped some of Jane’s come on moms lips.

I moved my hand and felt moms ass and rubbed her asshole which really excited her. Jane saw this and lowered her lips to moms asshole and started to lick it. Mom began to moan, so I kissed her again tasting Jane’s sweet juices. I felt moms tits pressing in to my chest as I again pressed my dripping cock in to my moms pretty pussy. This time mom didn’t reject me and my dick slowly worked its way in to her kaçak bahis pussy. I stopped and thought this was the greatest moment of my life. I also felt guilty, and did not want to take advantage of mother. I pulled my dick out of my moms cunt since I did not want to be known as a low down motherfucker. This time mom thrust forward and in one go my erect cock went all the way in to her awaiting pussy. Mom began to thrust up and down while clawing my back and calling out my name. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Jane slid her wet finger it to my asshole right to the hilt. I felt my body spasm and my body exploded with a massive load of cum in to my moms beautiful cunt. It was like a dream come true and mother and I looked in to each others eyes and began to kiss each other. Mom put her breast in my mouth and stroked my hair while I sucked her nipple, as Jane lapped at moms pussy and licked up our juices. Soon mom was moaning again, and soon Jane was licking up more cum.

Mom said I was her best lover ever, and Jane said she could not wait until her son came home from college. Jane said I had to wear her clothes to complete the evening, and that I was welcome to go to her home and try on her clothes anytime. Jane said that she heard what I did, and she’d love to wear panties and pantyhose filled with my cum. It excited her to think that a handsome stud would wear her lingerie and get off thinking of fucking his mom. Jane said that watching a mother get screwed by her son turned her on so much. Mom watched as Jane slipped off my nylons and switched them with hers. Jane and I kissed, and felt each other up, though it wasn’t as good as making out with my mother. Jane took my half erect cock and licked it and opened her mouth and began to suck it while squeezing my nylon covered leg. Mom began licking Jane’s cunt and swallowing all of her juice . Mom guided my dick in to Jane’s waiting pussy and we began to fuck as mom licked Jane’s nipples. Mom climbed onto my back and rubbed her breasts in to my back and her cunt on the back of my leg. Mom was licking my neck and saying “Fuck Jane you motherfucker” and Jane was humping me madly when we all came together. Just then my sister walked in. End of Ch. 03

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