Mom’s The Best

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18 year old Mike Hampton stood in the doorway to his living room and the sight he beheld made his already hard young cock grow painfully harder in the tight yellow Speedos he still wore from swim practice. He had gotten home a few minutes earlier and had dumped his t-shirt, towel and sweats in the laundry and was headed to his room to cruise the internet for porn to help relieve the knot that always built up in his young balls at practice. Being an always horny 18 year old, the sight of all those tight young bodies in wet Lycra never failed keep him half hard through practice and by the end of the two hour session he usually had some seriously over bloated nuts to pop.

Stroking his hefty 8 inch cock and emptying his aching balls was all that was on his mind but as he was about to take the back stairs to his room, he heard a soft moaning coming down the hall from the front living room. His cock responded to the noise by stretching his Speedo even more. Holding his stiff member and lightly pinching the head, feeling the pre-cum leak through the overstretched Speedo, Mike headed quietly toward the noise.

As he got closer the noises got louder. It was definitely the sounds of someone having sex. It was probably his older sister and her boyfriend. They had a pension for having sex wherever the urge hit them and he had spied on them a couple of times before. Once in the garage and once while they were out back on a chaise lounge. Both times he had stroked himself off to their frantic sex and was sure he would be able to do the same now. Sex right in front of him certainly beat sex on his computer.

Taking the last few steps as silently as he could put him to where he stood now, mouth open and his large cock painfully pulsing against the slick material, staring at the scene before him. He had peeked around the door frame expecting to see his sister and was totally blown away by what he saw instead. Instead of seeing his sister, the person on the couching moaning and cooing was his 40 year old mother Laura! And, what made him even harder was that she was straddling one of the largest blackest cocks he had ever seen and it was buried to the hilt in his mother’s grasping asshole.

She was facing him but her head was thrown back, eyes shut and a high pitched keening was issuing from her mouth. She was completely dressed in what she usually wore to work; a nicely tailored business suit, a beautiful silk blouse, black stockings and shiny black two inch heels. Only now the skirt was bunched around her middle and she had her gorgeous aqua blue Victoria’s Secret full cut bikini panties pulled to the side to allow that huge black cock access to her over stretched asshole. He had jerked off many times into that pair of panties whenever he found them dirty in her hamper and few times they had been overly crusty and used. Now he knew why. His lovely divorced mother had been hitting it with this black dude with the giant cock.

Still stroking his turgid cock through his now soaked Speedos, he stealthily moved closer to the action before him. Neither one had noticed that he had stepped into the room. His mother was slowly pulling herself up from that throbbing black cock revealing the overly thick 12 inches that had been buried balls deep in her slickened anal chute so that just the head was still in her. He could see her asshole squeeze the man’s cock head a few times before she slowly pushed down taking the amazingly long steely cock back into her stretched out ass.

He held his breath as he watched inch after inch of black veined cock flesh slowly slip back into his mother. After what seemed like an eternity, his mother’s asshole came to rest on the smooth goose egg sized balls that hung below that huge dripping cock in a ball sack that looked like soft velvet. They visibly jumped and danced in their nut sack wanting no doubt to release the load that was making them so bloated. She let out a low moan and her body shivered in delight around that big black dick. The cock buried to the hilt in his mother’s ass was so dark and his mother’s skin was so fair and the wet aqua panties that framed their sex were so hot that he couldn’t help but grasp his rigid staff, which by now was freely oozing an abundance of his pre-cum. As he squeezed more of his young fluid from his aching sheath and before he could stop himself, a low moan escaped his own lips.

His mother’s eyes shot open and she lifted her head and stared right at him. He was no more than a few bedava bahis feet from them and froze like a deer caught in headlights. She didn’t say a word but shifted her stare from his eyes down his muscled torso to the wet lump he grasped in his bright yellow Speedo. When she had fully drunk in the sight of her son stroking his leaking cock in his swimsuit before her, her gaze shifted back to his bright red face.

He was about ready to run from the room when she said, “like what you see, son? Why don’t you come closer for a better look?” She turned to her head back to the man beneath her, “Charles, we have company. I hope you don’t mind.” Charles peered from around his mother and when Mike saw his face he knew immediately who it was. His mother was being royally ass fucked by their mailman Mr. Simpson.

In his low rumble of a voice Mr. Simpson said, “Don’t mind at all. It’s real hot having your boy watching me fuck your sweet tight ass. By the looks of those little Speedos, he seems to like watching too. Come closer boy. Kneel down here between my legs and gets a real good look at my big black cock slidin’ in and out of your mama’s ass.”

Laura held her hand out to her son and he took it with the slimy hand that he had been stroking his leaking cock with. “Ooh,” she said with a voice thick with lust as she felt his slickened palm, “you really do like what you see. You have quite the mess there in your Speedo.” She pulled him gently forward and he knelt as she did so.

He was now only a few inches away from where Mr. Simpson’s big black cock was plugged into his mother’s over stretched asshole. He looked up into his mother’s face as she stared down at him just in time to see her lick the mess out of the palm of her hand, the mess he had left on it. This act made him even harder, if that were possible, and he slowly began to stroke himself though his wasted Speedo.

He could barely breathe as he watched his mother pull up again from Mr. Simpson’s impossibly large cock. Painstakingly she rose up on that big black cock as slowly as she could. The giant cock and his mother’s wide open asshole was all that filled his vision. Up close, the cock looked bigger than it had from his first vantage point. He couldn’t believe that his tiny mother could fit something that huge in her ass but the proof was in the pudding and as she reached the point where the only thing left in her asshole was the head of Mr. Simpson’s monster cock she pushed back down again and he watched as her abused chute greedily sucked it back in as far as it would go.

With his face being mere inches from their dripping communion, Mike could smell their sex just reeking from them. Still stroking his obscenely hard cock through the now transparent Speedos he unconsciously licked his lips.

Laura saw her son’s tongue snake out between his lips and shivered at the thought that he found Charles and her sex apparently mouthwatering. She began to wiggle her ass back and forth on the root of Charles’ big cock. The more she wiggled, the more her swollen pussy gushed and leaked her juice out bathing Charles’ big cock and balls with her womanly slather. Her son just stared wide eyed at their joining. She watched as he leaned in a little closer and took a long inhale of their sex. He licked his lips again and began stroking his Speedo encased cock even faster.

“You REALLY like what you see, don’t you?” she asked her transfixed son.

Mike barely shook his head but she saw it bob up and down.

“It’s alright if you want to touch us. Go ahead, I know you want to. I can tell by the way you’re looking at Charles’ big dick that you want to touch it. It’s alright. I don’t think Charles would mind, would you Charles?”

“Not at all, babe,” he replied in his rumble tones. “Go ahead boy, you can do anything you want too. A mom and her son workin’ my big nut out is hot as hell! Go on boy. Don’t be afraid. It aint gonna bite ya. It may spit at ya though!” he laughed and that made his big cock pulse in his mother’s ass.

Tentatively, Mike reached out with the hand that was not busy pleasuring his hard rod and gingerly ran his finger tips over the bloated black nut sack that hung before him. The large balls began to dance in their smooth soft sack. Upon hearing a moan escaping Mr. Simpson’s mouth he became bolder and cupped the large nuts in the palm of his hand. The balls were so big that Mike had to stop stroking himself and use both hands on Mr. casino siteleri Simpson.

Mike held one of Mr. Simpson’s swollen nuts in each hand and began to massage and rub them for all he was worth. Mike hefted them up and the skin from Mr. Simpson’s nut sack poured over his hands. He fondled them and tugged on them, feeling them becoming more and more bloated as he did so.

“Woo hoo, boy that feels awesome.” Mr. Simpson growled as he began to pump in and out of his mother’s ass. “The only thing better, would be your sweet little mouth on ’em!”

Laura reached down between her splayed legs and held her son’s face up so she could look him directly in the eyes. “Do you want to kiss them honey? Its okay if you do. If it feels good, do it. Don’t worry baby Mommy would love to see you suck on those big black balls. Go on, let mama watch you work over those big black nuts. Help Charles unload in your Mommy’s ass.”

Mike held his mother’s gaze for a few seconds more and then he did something he never thought he’d do. As he held Mr. Simpson’s large swollen balls, which were covered in his mother’s silken pussy juice, in his hands he leaned over and lightly kissed one then the other. When he pulled up, his lips were covered in his mother’s incredibly delicious juice which he licked off immediately and without any further hesitation, leaned back in and began to swath Mr. Simpson’s balls with his tongue. It was all he could do to control himself. In fact, he couldn’t control himself and he began to feed and suck and lick on Mr. Simpson’s smooth nuts like there was no tomorrow. He would suck one big ball into his mouth and then the other. He would chew on the smooth excess skin of Mr. Simpson’s scrotum and then rub them all over his face. Mike made a complete pig of himself on Mr. Simpsons nuts. He couldn’t stop himself from licking all of his mother’s juice from the giant sack.

Laura watched as her son worked the massive black balls of her mailman lover. By the sounds that Charles was making, she knew his nut was not far off. The friction of the monstrous cock in her ass and the fact that her 18 year old son, still in his sexy little Speedo, had a mouthful of her lover’s nuts was pushing here closer to her own climax.

Mike looked up at his mother to discover that she was intently watching him work over Mr. Simpson’s balls. Still looking her directly in the eye he sucked the left nut into his mouth and pulled back till it plopped out of his mouth with and audible pop. Then he did the same to the right one. He wanted to be as nasty as he could for her so while still holding her gaze, he began to lick up the underside of Mr. Simpson’s cock, nibbling and kissing the large pulsing vein as he made his way toward where Mr. Simpson and his mother were connected.

Mike didn’t stop. He got closer and closer to where they were joined in their messy ass fuck and, looking his mother in the eyes, swiped his tongue right across her asshole and Mr. Simpson’s badgering cock. He did more than swipe, he dined. Mike licked and sucked for all he was worth. He stuck his tongue into his mother’s asshole as Mr. Simpson also pumped furiously into it. He could taste them both and it made him want more. He fed like he hadn’t eaten in weeks.

Laura held her son’s gaze as he worked over her ass and Charles big cock with his relentless tongue. Mike looked at her with his tongue buried in her ass along with Charles’ steel rod horse cock and winked at her. That did it. Her son’s nasty wink pushed her over the edge. With a high pitched keening she began to cum hard. She came so hard that she squirted a large stream of juice out of her swollen pussy that drenched Mike’s face and Charles’ pounding cock. Through all this, she never broke eye contact with her son.

Mike’s face was blessedly covered in his mother’s tasty cum and still he did not stop his persistent tonguing of their nether region. Mr. Simpson was sawing his fat cock in and out of his mother’s ass with total abandoned when suddenly he pulled all but his cockhead out of her and held stock still. Mike nursed on the large vein right where it disappeared into his mother’s ass when he felt Mr. Simpson’s cock suddenly grown bigger and then the huge vein he had been nursing on bloated up and he could feel Mr. Simpson’s nut rushing through his cock, past his sucking lips and begin filling his mother’s abused asshole with his scalding black seed.

“There it is.” Mr. Simpsons sighed. bahis siteleri “Your boy done good, Laura.” He said leaving his cock in her ass.

Mike worked the underside of Mr. Simpson’s cock until it softened enough to pop out of his mother’s worn asshole. There was a mixture of Mr. Simpson’s seed and his mother’s ass juice clinging to the deflating cockhead and Mike made no bones about popping it into his mouth and making sure it was completely cleaned of both their juices.

Mike sat back on his haunches and licked their mess off his lips. He scooped a big blob of their mixed juices from Mr. Simpson’s now sated balls and greedily sucked his fingers clean. He couldn’t believe how wonderful they both tasted. He wanted more.

His mother must have read his thoughts because she stood up leaving Mr. Simpson basking in his after cum glow and pushed him on his back. She pulled the gusset of her satiny aqua panties back over her dripping sex and stood over him with a two inch black high heel on either side of his head.

“Open up,” she said as she slowly lowered herself toward his face. “There’s more where that came from.”

Mike opened his mouth and his mother placed her panty covered, swollen beyond belief asshole right over it. She made sure her asshole was seated in his mouth. Her asshole was so swollen that it pushed obscenely against the drenched gusset of her sexy panties.

“Tongue it.” She said when she was finally settled. “Tongue mommy’s swollen rosebud you naughty boy. Tongue it good and you’ll get more of what you crave.”

Mike licked and nipped at the smooth wet satin that clung to her swollen ass lips. He ran his tongue around her engorged asshole and stuck it in her as her asshole greedily sucked at his probing tongue. Laura looked down at her sweet boy and could see his eyes looking back at hers. She reached down and gently stroked her fingers through his tousled hair. She could feel his probing tongue working her battered asshole.

“Ready?” she asked staring into his lovely blue eyes.

She felt him nod, unable to answer her with his mouth so full.

“Here.” She said and pushed down against his mouth.

Mike felt her swollen asshole open up against his tongue. He held her gaze as she pushed harder a second time and then he felt and tasted the sudden rush of Mr. Simpson’s spent load as it poured from her battered chute. He sucked and licked greedily at the tasty mess that gushed from his well fucked mother. There was a tremendous amount but that didn’t surprise him considering the size of the Mr. Simpson’s huge nuts. His mother kept bearing down until the flow became a trickle and he had sucked her torn asshole clean of Mr. Simpson’s spent seed.

When she had pushed the last of Charles’ mess out of her ass, through her soaked panties and into her son’s insatiable licking mouth Laura slowly laid herself down on top of her son and licked up what remained of Charles load as it slid down his chin. When she had collected what he’d missed, she opened her mouth above his and let the final bit of it slip from her tongue to his and ended by giving him a big soulful French kiss. He greedily sucked at the tip of her tongue as she pulled away.

“My aren’t we the hungry little man.” She said as she sat up next to him. Looking down between his muscled thighs she said, “Looks like its your turn.”

She could see the sizable lump in his yellow Speedos and knew he needed release. She kissed her way down his chest and torso and clamped her mouth around the rigid head of his cock as it pushed against the filmy material of his Speedo. She used her long red fingernails to tease and tickle his overly swollen nuts and applied suction to the swollen glans in her mouth.

“Oh mom, that’s it! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” he shouted just as a huge rush of thick viscous cum shot out of his cock through his clingy yellow Speedo and into her suckling mouth. He kept cumming. There was so much that she couldn’t keep it all in her mouth and it ran out coating his already drenched Speedo. She kept as much of it in her mouth as she could and when his spasms began to subside she leaned up to him again opened her mouth and shared his load with him. Once again he greedily sucked at her tongue getting every bit of his load from her and gulping it down like a man possessed.

When there was no more for him to eat, he lay back and stared up at her with loving eyes. “You’re the best.” He said and kissed her again.

“No, you are.” She said and squeezed his now soft cock through his sticky Speedo.

“No,” Mr. Simpson said from the couch as he waved his cock at them which was hard again from the show mother and son had just put on for him, “get over here and I’ll be the judge.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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