More Fun with Frank , Bill Ch. 05

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As I intimated in one of my experiences I have shared, I was hoping to have some fun with my senior lovers, and some of my young admirers from the local supermarket where I teased and dressed very slutty.

I had informed Mike, my husband, of my teasing Frank, Bill and the two young lads from the LIDLs store. Also of how I had brought myself to a climax in the car as they watched me use a cucumber and fingers on myself.

Whilst Mike was incredibly turned on and happy for me acting so tartily, he was understandably nervous about where it may lead to.

I was keen to do whatever he would allow, and after much persuasion, and with some conditions, he agreed to me having some fun!

The conditions where:

Firstly, it had to take place well away from our home, so that the young lads would have no idea where we lived.

And secondly the young lads must use protection whilst penetrating me. My regular senior lovers don’t, but it wouldn’t be sensible to have full sex with such young guys without protection.

I of course agreed and we had a wonderful fuck as he talked to me about how I would soon be ‘enjoying young cock.’

I was both nervous and excited at the prospect, and after telling Frank and Bill of Mikes agreement, we all set to organising it.

Frank decided he would try and organise the lads from the store, whist Bill agreed to get the venue sorted.

Bills wife was very pleased when he unexpectedly, organised a weekend visit for her to her sister down south. This gave us the venue. Bills house.

Frank meanwhile, had returned to the store and had managed to have a chat with one of the lads with whom we had enjoyed our recent fun.

The date was set for Friday 27Th January. There were to be the two of my senior lovers and there lads from the store. The two from the previous fun and Keith, the youngest lad.

They all were due to finish work at 7pm on Friday night and none of them were working on the Saturday.

The plan was for Frank to collect them and for them to be brought to Bills house.

I asked Frank what they chatted about whilst organising it, and he gladly told me in detail.

The lads had asked if I had enjoyed performing for them in the car, Keith was apparently very jealous he hadn’t seen it!

Frank assured them that it was genuine, and that they would all be getting to have full on fun with me this time. He said they were all very excited and seemed keen and eager as hell. He told them to make sure they provided condoms.

Keith had excitedly been asking if he would be able to ‘spunk on her face.’ Frank assured them they could spunk anywhere and as many times as they could! He had informed them that once I got going I could be a ‘dirty, cock hungry slut.’

I was absolutely wet as fuck with Frank giving me all the details of how they had talked about tekirdağ escort me.

Also of how horny the lads were feeling at the thought meeting me again.

The week leading up to meeting them all was spent with damp knickers, a growing nervous sensation, slowly building up until the Friday afternoon.

On getting home I immediately packed a bag for my planned overnight stay at Bills.

His wife was safely dispatched off on Friday afternoon. Bill and Frank had supplied some new porno DVDs for to get us all in the mood, and I had been instructed on the variety of outfits and toys I had to take with me!

My bag finally packed, Mike was given a kiss and a cuddle to send me on my way and I was whisked off to Bills!

On arriving at Bills I was furnished with a little Dutch courage, a large G&T and I eagerly unpacked my bag.

I had taken with me three vibrators: my large purple toy, my long double ended dildo and my black fist shaped toy.

The outfits I had decided on taking where:

1) My shortest mini skirt, white in colour, my red undies and suspender belt set and my white thigh high boots.

2) My seamed black all in one body-stocking and my sluttiest black high heels.

I didn’t bother with panties or bras. I was sure i wasn’t going to be in need of either very much!

Frank lovingly assured me I would be ‘a knockout’ in what I had chosen.

He also told me that lads would be providing some veg from the store.

We laughed at this, thinking of how excited they would be at getting me the biggest cucumbers and veg to have fun with.

The time rolled on and I had decided to wait till the lads turned up to get changed into my sexy outfit. I wanted to keep the tension building and was eager to ensure our fun was going to last all night if possible!

The time ticked on, and soon it was time for Frank to head off to collect the 3 young lads. My stomach was churning with nerves and excitement as Bill and I eagerly waited for his return.

My cunt was getting increasingly moist at the thought!

The wait seemed like an eternity!

Bill and I sat eagerly anticipating what was to come.

To be honest I needed a further couple of G&Ts to keep my courage up. Bill was very turned on at this point, anticipating some fun and also that the thought of me being fucked by such young lads in front of him.

“I can’t wait to see you taking some young cock,” he told me.

I was equally turned on, but also nervous as hell at the same time.

After about 45 minutes or so of waiting, we heard Franks car pulling up in the driveway. My stomach was now doing somersaults, whilst my cunt was moistening heavily.

Frank came in first, Bill rushing into the hall to meet him. I waited in the living room as the door opened.

Frank came in first, smiling from ear to ear.

Bill followed, quickly joined by my three younger admirers.

Two of them I obviously recognised from the encounter at the store. They entered carrying a shopping bag, obviously full of some drink and also of a few veg I could see!

The last to come in was Keith, the youngest of the lads. He had seen me a few times at the store, had watched me shopping for the veg and other items, and had commented so sexily about me to his mates. It was his descriptions of me by the lads in the car that had helped me cum off so violently.

Once in the living room Frank introduced me to them all. Steve and Peter came forward and gave me a little peck on the cheek as a little way of saying hello. I had forgotten how young they were! Peter is only 19, Steve 20.

Keith hung back as we all said hello. He appeared nervous and I’m not surprised, being a little younger.

I made a little bee line for him, and said hello.

He blushed heavily as he said hello back, to try and ease his nerves I gave him a little kiss on the lips to say hello. Not a full snog, just a little peck. He responded, his young lips kissing me back. I could feel my pussy tingling already.

We all moved to the settee and chairs and sat down. Bill asked the lads if they wanted a drink. Steve said they had brought some with them from work, handing over the carrier bags they had brought in.

“I see some other stuff in there too!” I joked.

“Yes hope you don’t mind,” Steve said. “We have brought a few more veggies for you.” He smirked as he said this too me.

“I don’t mind at all,” I replied, smiling as I did so.

Frank then got everyone sorted with some refreshments. The lads drinking some cans of lager and my regular senior lovers each settling with a whiskey was furnished with another G&T.

It was all a little nervous at first, until Bill began to be a little more explicit in his talk.

“So lads we going to have some fun tonight?” he asked.

Then he followed it up with some more chat about how much he and Frank wanted to see me ‘getting a good fucking cocking.’

I was trying to play things calmly, despite my nerves, but Bills dirty talk was beginning to have an effect on me, and the atmosphere was beginning to relax and take a bit more of a sexy vibe.

The young lads were all understandably quiet at this point. Bill taking the initiative to keep the dirty talk going.

“What did you think of Anna’s little slutty show at the store eh lads?”

“Pity you missed it Keith, she was fucking soaking in the car, she fucked the big cucumber deep up her cunt really hard didn’t you love?” he turned to face me as he asked the question.

“Yes I did and I felt so turned on,” I responded.

I could see young Keith squirming in his seat, obviously beginning to get a stiffy from all the chat and anticipation.

I was now getting really turned on and I could sense the atmosphere turning.

“I was fucking so turned on,” I said, directly looking at Keith. “My fanny was dripping by the time I got to the car, and when Steve told me what you had been saying about me it got me even wetter and turned on.”

Keith smiled as I said this to him, a slight blushing evident in his face as we continued the sexy talk.

“So boys,” I said after a few minutes. “How about if I go and get changed and then we all settle down to watch a little DVD, then see what happens”?

The older guys nodded as they sipped on their drinks. The three young lads all smiled, Steve becoming a bit bolder as we all got to know each other.

“Sure thing sexy,” he said to me, “I cannae wait to see you in some sexy undies again.”

“Oh can’t you now,” I smirked back at him. “I hope I don’t disappoint you then.”

“I’m sure you won’t you sexy bitch,” came his reply.

Keith was blushing heavily now. Peter turned to him and whispered to him as I stood up.

“What was that you were saying?” I asked.

“I was just making sure the wee man was OK,” Peter said.

“I’m sure you’re fine, aren’t you love?” I asked.

Keith nodded and shyly said, “Yes.”

“Don’t worry sweetie I don’t bite, unless you want me too!” I joked as I moved to the doorway.

“Let’s just have some fun, I will be back shortly, choose a nice, dirty DVD for us to watch and get us all in the mood,” I said as I walked out of the room.

My legs were trembling with the thought of what was to come now. I slowly went up the stairs to get changed. I could hear the men chatting away downstairs as I did so. My pussy was leaking heavily by now and I couldn’t wait to get back downstairs for some real fun.

Once upstairs I quickly slipped off my jeans and blouse and began to select my first outfit for the evening.

I had already decided that for the first session I would wear my red undies and boots.

I quickly got to work changing, and within 30 minutes or so I was ready.

I stood in front of the long mirror in Bills spare room, a room used by his family members when they visit him, and admired myself in the mirror. By this point my cunt was on fire, my juices leaking and I was feeling very, very horny indeed.

I stood and made sure I had got everything just right for my entrance.

I had applied heavy make up to my face, red lipstick, blusher and very slutty pink eye shadow.

My hair was tied up in pigtails.

I was wearing my red basque, no bra obviously, my matching red stockings and my thigh high white boots. I had decided not to bother with any panties, so as to afford easy access to my shaved fanny, which now craved attention.

I had also decided to only take my big purple vibrator downstairs with me, as I knew the lads had brought me some veggies to play with as well.

Tentatively I made my way downstairs.

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