More Than Just Hoops Ch. 01

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It was the day before my birthday, and I had asked Lily to join me at the Detroit Piston’s game that night against Chicago. It was hard for Lily to get away, as she was in the process of filing for divorce, and didn’t want to cause a stir, or provide ammunition to her abusive husband who had no intention of letting her leave, let alone give her what she deserved. Much to my surprise, she had answered my email invitation with nothing more than “6:00, your house.”

I left my office at 4, to make sure I could at least make the house presentable before she arrived. As I picked up things and put them away, I couldn’t help thinking about Lily and how I was about to see her for the first time in months. Lily is any intelligent man’s wet dream. Back in our fraternity days, we used to talk about the ideal woman – the one you could take home to your parents’ house for a holiday meal, and then take back to your apartment and fuck like crazy until morning. Later on, the ideal became the woman who was an asset in your business and social life, and that you could then take back to your house and fuck like crazy until morning. Lily was my ideal in college, and now almost 20 years later she was my ideal again.

It’s hard to describe all the reasons why I was head over heels in love with Lily again, but it’s not at all hard to describe why Lily was my “sex dream come true.” Lily smoldered… she was 100% lady in public, even though she was a delicious flirt, but in the bedroom (or anywhere else she was with me), she was 100% hot uninhibited lover. Even better, she was a wet dream without being slutty – I couldn’t remember her ever saying “cock” or “pussy” or “fuck,” but there was never a question that she wanted my cock in her pussy to fuck all night. Every late night phone call was full of erotic promise, and most of her notes told me she couldn’t wait to have me inside her, every way and every place I could be inside her.

Our last phone call was a perfect example. She’d called me on her way home from work. Every minute the call got more explicit and promising. She talked about how much she was wanting to get alone, and when I teased her about forcing her to her knees and “making” her suck my cock, her only response was “God, I could use some of that.” Near Sivas Escort the end of the call she told me that she couldn’t get “being with me” off her mind, and that she had a lot of ideas about what she wanted to do next time we were together. I asked her what she meant, and all she said was “well, I was thinking that maybe next time we could… ummm… skip some things…”

I said, “you mean, skip foreplay?” I could almost see her blush as she said “well… yes.”

All of that ran through my mind as I worked on the house, and as 6:00 approached. At 5:30 I heard a knock on the door. Surprised (and not nearly ready), I turned around and saw Lily standing at the door, in her long fur and carrying a bag. I wondered why she didn’t just walk in, but as I looked at her, I saw her lift a finger to her lips, and I took that as a sign that I was just supposed to follow her lead. I opened the door and she said:

“Hello, my name is Lily. I represent a company that sells, uh, intimate apparel and products, and as we understand it is your birthday, we’d like to offer you a special gift to encourage you to purchase our products in the future.”

Of course, I invited her in. When the door was closed she continued her sales pitch.

“Please understand, Jack… may I call you Jack?” when I nodded., she continued… “We hope that you take our free offer and keep and use our free gift regularly and enthusiastically. We hope that you never even think of returning it, and that you provide us every opportunity to constantly improve our performance, and that you never even think of trying another product.”

“Well,” I responded, “certainly I’d like to think that I have a lot of product loyalty… as long as you really do make every effort to keep me satisfied.”

We shook hands formally to seal the transaction, and I looked expectantly to see what Lily had in the way of a product. Without any hesitation, Lily shrugged off her long fur coat and let it fall behind her to the floor. She stood there, shyly but yet brazenly, wearing nothing but a black ribbon choker at her neck, white leather Keds tennis shoes and a pair of flirty little ankle socks. I was stunned, not by how great she looked, but just because of how she’d put herself on Sivas Escort Bayan display for me.

“Happy Birthday, Lover. I’m your sex toy” was all she said. She walked up to me, and without any hesitation unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, then bent over slightly to undo my pants and slide them, and my boxers, to the floor. I leaned over to kiss her and fondle her wonderful breasts, but she looked sharply at me and said “no foreplay.” With absolutely no other pretense, she turned around and bent over the arm of my sofa, presenting her ass and pussy for my view.

I stopped to admire the view, but Lily was clearly in no mood to wait. She turned around quickly, bent over at the waist and took my cock in her mouth for one long slow stroke.

“I thought there was no foreplay.”

“Women’s prerogative,” she answered, “I’m just lubricating you to make the experience better.”

I grinned as she bent back over and assumed her position. I bent over myself for one long delicious lick of her incredible pussy. “Hey!” she said, “that was foreplay!”

“No ma’am,” I answered, “just taste-testing the merchandise.”

Knowing that we were both about to blow the “no foreplay” rule, I grabbed Lily’s hip with one hand and guided my rock hard cock into her with the other. I pushed deep inside her, disappearing into her hot velvet lined tunnel. I heard her gasp with surprise, but I knew she was supposed to be my sex toy, and I had every intention of using her. The first stroke or two were deliciously slow, as I enjoyed both the rear-angle view and the feeling as her pussy milking my cock for everything it was worth.

“Baby, I don’t have anything handy,” I told her, as I didn’t have a condom within reach.

“No problem, lover, just tell me when you’re ready to cum… and stop talking and start fucking.”

That was all it took for me. Hearing Lily say “fuck” for the first time was too much, and I started stroking her for all I was worth. I gripped her hips tight enough to leave bruises, with my fingers lifting her ass up and my thumbs pushing her back down into the sofa. She was arching her back like a cat in heat, and she would have been shoving back at me if I hadn’t been putting all my weight into every stroke. Escort Sivas

The visual was incredible. I had rarely had Lily in this position, and seeing her pretty little asshole puckered and inviting while my cock slid in and out of her soaking pussy was almost more than I could take. One hand left her hip and reached up to grab her hair, pulling her hair back in a way I knew she loved. The other left long enough to fondle a now exposed breast and tweak the rock hard nipple that nearly impaled my palm as I caressed her. I knew it couldn’t last long, but I tried to hold back and keep from cumming as long as I could. Twice I heard little whimpers that I knew meant Lily was cumming herself, and having done all I felt I could do to please her, I knew I was close.

“Dammit, Lily, I have to cum.” I managed to blurt out, as I realized I was seconds away.

Lily quickly turned and dropped to her knees in front of me, almost quick enough to catch me before my orgasm started. The first shot hit her in the cheek, but she quickly took my entire cock deep into her throat and swallowed the rest of the large load I had been saving for her. Her lips tugged at my cock, giving “suck” a new meaning as she made sure she had every drop, massaging my balls with her free hand. She looked up at me like a porn star, as if swallowing my cum was the greatest treasure she could have. As she let my softening cock out of her mouth, she reached up to her cheek to pull the cum into her mouth. Lily licked the cum-covered finger sexily as she stood up, her other hand possessively holding my cock.

“Now you can kiss me,” Lily said, as she leaned her head back for a deep French kiss. Our tongues explored each others’ mouth hungrily, with as much desire as if we hadn’t just fucked like animals moments before. I tasted my cum and her juices, and it was incredibly delicious.

“What an incredible product,” was all I could manage. “I can guarantee that I will never return this sex toy or ask for a refund.”

“That’s so sweet,” Lily said. She licked her lips lecherously as she said “and I got paid as well.”

“Baby… If that is the currency you’re accepting, I expect you’ll be paid more than you can handle.”

I looked at my watch and saw the time. Nearly 7, and the game was going to start in half an hour.

“Think you can get ready in five minutes?” I asked Lily, who simply nodded and said,

“I have everything I need right here… and the batteries in this sex toy have a lot left in them”

to be continued…

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