Morgie and Tay-Tay

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I couldn’t believe it: my daughter Morgan and her bff Taylor were kissing on her bed. Not open-mouthed face sucking lying full length beside each other, just teasing touches mouth to mouth as they sat on their ankles: a tongue snaking out to tease the other occasionally, with lots of giggling and stroking each other. Morgan’s arm was squeezing Taylor’s just above the elbow, while Taylor’s hand was almost touching Morgan’s left breast.

They were very different in build. Morgan was tall and willowy, with long dark hair that went halfway down her back. Her butt was on the small side but perfectly rounded. Taylor was more voluptuous, with shoulder length blond hair; she was a head shorter than her friend. Taylor wore a white tube top than showed off her deep tan and blue shorts; Morgan was wearing a blue t-shirt and green shorts. Morgan’s skin was porcelain, and never liked the sun very much.

It was luck I saw them: Morgan’s door was open, which meant her mother and I could come in anytime. I’d just gotten home from a long day at the office, and wondered how my baby’s day went. My tie and jacket were sitting on the living room couch and I was on my way to slip into something more comfortable.

At times we let her have guests with the door shut, but only other girls. This scene was making me re-think the rules. There was no problem seeing two girls kiss, for I downloaded lesbian scenes regularly on my desktop. It was thinking of my own youngest child, my cute little girl in pig-tails who called me her boyfriend when she was little, as a lesbian that was tough. The realization shocked me. My cock had other ideas, and started stirring in my jeans.

I couldn’t look away. My little girl was so happy making out with her friend, and part of me was glad to see it. She had been pretty glum ever since her mother walked out on us three weeks ago with our pool boy. Actually I was pretty glum about it as well, and didn’t understand how she could leave me after over two decades of commitment.

Taylor opened her left eye and looked at me. She got a little stiff even though Morgan was running her hand up and down her side, and said: “Morgie, your dad is looking at us!”

Morgan snapped her head around, her mouth open in surprise. At least it looked like surprise, there were something about the look in her eye that made me doubt it. “Daddy! What are you doing in here!”

“You left the door open, Morgie. Just wanted to chat with my little girl, see how she was doing.”

She gave me a manufactured pout, and put her hands on her hips. “But Daddy, you just invaded my privacy. I was just…having a little fun with Tay-Tay, and…we wanted to be alone!”

“Honey, your door was open. If you wanted privacy, you should’ve closed it.”

Taylor gave her friend a disbelieving look, and said to her: “Morgie, you need to be more careful. I thought you shut the door. Now your dad’s seen us and I don’t know how much longer we can keep our little secret. He’s probably gonna run off and call my Dad right away!”

Morgan started playing with the end of her hair and smiled broadly at her friend. “I don’t know, Tay-Tay. Daddy’s pretty cool, and I’m sure we can come up with some way to convince him to keep our secret.”

Oh, I was sure they could. This sounded a bit manufactured, a little bit of a set up.

“Hope so, Morgie,” Taylor said with doubt in her voice. “Don’t want it all over campus tomorrow I’m a lesbian. It’s still not cool at my college.”

Morgan looked at me over her shoulder with a twinkle in her eye, her dimples showing. “I think we can persuade Daddy we’re not lesbians. Right, Daddy?”

“I don’t know. If you’re happy, I’m sure I can get used to it.” Well, Escort bayan I was lying: I sure as well knew how they could prove they weren’t lesbians, but really, I didn’t care if they were. Maybe they’d do something interesting to persuade me. “What do you have in mind?”

A strange glow lit up Taylor’s eyes, and Morgan’s right hand went to the bottom of her shirt. “Maybe Tay-Tay and I can show you a little bit, Daddy. Help you with the bulge in your pants. Oh, I see it, I see it.” She turned to her friend. “Tay-Tay, you’ll like seeing my Daddy’s cock, it’s the nicest one in the world. Let’s get him a turned on so he’ll come out and play.” With that, she flipped her t-shirt over her head, her puffy nipples getting hard and the buds poking up and out. Morgan’s tits were like her mother’s: almost all areola, and very sensitive. I wanted to suck them the moment I saw them.

How did I know they were sensitive? A couple of months earlier I took Morgan out for the 19th birthday. It was a fine restaurant: we had an excellent meal and a wonderful time together. When we got home, I opened a bottle of champagne, and as we drank, things got a bit silly. After we finished the bottle we went to tequilla shots, and my memories became very fragmented. We started cuddling on the couch in front of the fire, and her blouse was up; Morgan never wore a bra. The next morning we woke up in her bed together naked: my head hurt like hell and my cock was sore. She was grinning like a maniac.

Morgan saw my interest in her friend, and moved around behind her, her hands on her friend’s shoulders. “Tay-Tay has a beautiful body, doesn’t she, Daddy? She’s nineteen years old and perfect, just perfect. Wouldn’t ya just love to eat her up?” Morgan started moving her hands down Taylor’s chest; Taylor smiled and started giving me a sultry look. Morgan pulled down Taylor’s top, exposing an island of white in the midst of a sea of tan: Taylor didn’t sunbathe naked. “Look at her booby. Wouldn’t you like to have this booby?” Morgan cupped it and squeezed it, her red nails making a sharp contrast with the white skin. “Look at her nipple, it’s standing up for you, Daddy. She likes you.” Morgan kept squeezing Taylor’s breast, moving it upward as if the brown bud was winking at me.

“It reminds me of when I was a kid, and all the Playboy models had tanned bodies with lovely white tits.” I shifted on my feet, my pants were getting very tight.

Morgan grinned and giggled, pulling her friend’s other breast into view. “I know you like my little titties, Daddy, but these tits want you tonight. Tay-Tay loves to share them, don’t you, Tay-Tay?” Taylor nodded her head, feigning shyness. “Tay-Tay shows her boobies to everybody but she never lets anybody touch them but me. Nobody but me. Wouldn’t you like my Daddy to touch them with his big strong hands, Tay-Tay?”

Taylor nodded and licked her lip. “Please, Mr. Jenkins. Take my titties. Do what you want. They want you so bad. Please, touch them, fondle them, make them your own!”

My hands went to Taylor’s breasts as if they were pulled by a magnet. They were soft and silky, plush and sumptuous, innocent and wayward. She sighed as I touched her tits, embraced them, worshipped them. Morgan smiled broadly as I fondled her friend, her hand between her thighs. Her hands reached up to unbutton my shirt, and I let her slip it off. “Look Tay-Tay! I told you Daddy had a 6-pack.” She ran her hand up and down my muscles, teasing them. “Aren’t they better than all the boys we went to high school with? Daddy is so buff. What’s below is even better. He’s bigger than your dildo, Tay-Tay. You’ll want a piece of that, but I’m not sure I wanna share.”

Tay-Tay gave me a look Bayan escort of pure passion and then closed her eyes a moment. “Morgie, why don’t you get him nice and hard? I’m sure you know just what buttons to push.”

Morgie smiled and unbuttoned my slacks, pushing them and my boxers down to the floor for me to step out of. My pole stood out almost straight when it hit the air. The area was hairless: I kept it that way for my soon-to-be ex-wife and stayed with the habit. Actually, I enjoyed getting my pelvis waxed, especially my balls. Morgie went straight to my testicles, licking and sucking them. Tay-Tay opened her eyes and her mouth flew open. “Gosh, Mr. Jenkins. You’re so big. I gotta have some of that. May I suck your cock, please?”

Tay-Tay batted her eyes coquettishly, I touched her face in approval. She licked around the head of my penis a few times before sucking it in, shallowly at first, then deeper and deeper until her face was bouncing off my pelvis.”Isn’t she the greatest, Daddy?” Morgie said around my meat. “Every boy in school would be jealous of you! The boys all say she’s the best.” Morgie sucked both my balls into her mouth a moment, tongue swirling like a twister, before letting them out with a pop. “I love your balls, Daddy. I could suck your balls all night long.”

This was too good to be true, and I wondered what the price would be, but it was so fantastic to have my little girl licking my balls while her best friend throat fucked me, it was tough to think about anything other than the sensations. The girls switched places, with my daughter working on my cock and her friend bathing my nutsack with her tongue. “Morgie, I bet your Mom never pushed her face into your Dad’s balls.”

Morgie took a look up at me. “By the look on his face, I’d say no.” She went about her task with gusto, making my dick quiver.

“If you keep doing that, I’m gonna cum,” I said.

Morgie pulled off right away, and Tay-Tay bounced up. “Let me fuck him, Morgie! I wanna feel that wonderful cock in my cunt!”

Morgie gave her a long, open-mouthed kiss, and said: “Okay, sounds great to me.” She started stroking me, keeping me erect, while her friend arranged herself to accept my schlong between her legs. When Tay-Tay was on her back and ready, Morgie gently guided me up to the entrance to Tay-Tay’s love canal. “Ok, Daddy, put it in, but be gentle at first. You’re bigger than anything she’s fucked before.”

When I started pushing in slowly, her cunt gobbled my cock eagerly. It was the wettest and tightest cunt I ever fucked. She gasped a couple of times as I pushed my way in, and when I hit bottom, there was a look of pride on her face. We started pumping, and Morgie latched on to Tay-Tay’s left tits, licking and sucking. Tay-Tay was pinching her other nipple hard, pulling it and twisting it.”Oh, you feel so good, Mr. Jenkins! Fuck me hard, fuck me hard, Mr. Jenkins!” Calling me Mr. Jenkins really turned me on, and I tried my best to keep up with her, coming almost all the way out before delving back into her depths time and time again. Tay-Tay’s face started turning red, getting brighter and brighter as her voice traveled up and down the scale in gibbers of delight. I could see Morgie was fingering herself intensely while working over her friend’s tit, and she looked up and me with a smile, saying: “It’s this fun, Daddy? We’ll have to do this more often.”

Tay-Tay screamed as her body convulsed in orgasm, and I held myself inside her as her vagina vibrated in ecstasy. I was close, but not there yet: I wanted to save something for my little girl. Morgie sat up, and asked: “Did you cum yet, Daddy?”

“No, not yet.”

She broke into a huge grin. “Good, cause Escort I want you to fuck me just as you did on my birthday. I need a good pounding from your magic wand, and I need it bad.”

When Tay-Tay had ridden the wave, I pulled out to find Morgie was already licking and sucking it. “I love Tay-Tay’s cunt juice, and it tastes so good on your dick. But you can’t cum yet.” Tay-Tay curled up in a ball away from us, and after a minute of cocksucking, Morgie laid down on her back and spread her long legs wide for me. “Give it to me, Daddy, fuck me hard.”

Morgie was extremely wet and ready for me; I slid all the way in with the first stroke. I started slowly, and built up tempo gradually, wanting to tease her a little since she seemed to want to go all out right away. We got into a good rhythm, and before long I felt my ass being spread, a tongue working its way inward. Tay-Tay was licking my butt, and when she reached the rim, she dove in with gusto, sticking her tongue up my ass as far as it would go, matching my rhythm with my daughter. It was heaven.

My dark haired beauty was done before I shot my wad. She sat up right away, diving once again into my ballsack while Tay-Tay moved around to take my cock in her lovely mouth. “Morgie, you taste so good on your Daddy’s dick. I could get used to this.” It wasn’t long before my cannon was ready to fire, and Tay-Tay redoubled her efforts when she felt me getting close, as Morgie devoured my balls more fiercely.

I never thought my orgasm would stop; Tay-Tay took every drop. Morgie came up and started kissing her lover, sharing my semen with her voraciously as I laid down to rest from my efforts. I stroked the girls thighs and breasts as they because available, and they seemed to like my touch. Soon, they were laying on either side of me, kissing my cheeks and stroking each other.

Morgie sat up, her elbow on my chest and started playing with my nipples. “Daddy, I think we should work out a deal.”

“Oh, Morgie? Tell me more.”

“Well, I know you need to get your rocks off pretty regularly, especially since that damn pool boy started porking Mom. It musta been real hard being hard and not having anybody to fuck you. Maybe we can take care of you now, Tay-Tay and me.”

“Sounds interesting. And what’s the price of this deal, Princess?”

Morgie pouted a little bit. “Ya know I’m working two jobs, and they’re not paying much. It’s not enough for the shoes and purses I want to buy, it’s tough being a girl. Maybe if you give Tay-Tay and me all the money we want, we’ll take good care of your cock for you.”

Tay-Tay smiled and nodded her head before leaning over to kiss my chest. “Well, Morgie, that sounds appealing, but I dunno, you might find some boys you want to hang out with, and…”

“No, Mr. Jenkins,” Tay-Tay purred. “You’re the only boy I want to fuck. Morgie and me just want to hang with our girlfriends and have fun.”

“Yeah, Daddy, we want each other worse than any boy out there,” Morgie asserted. “We’ll come home and suck you and fuck you and play with you all kinds of ways on your king bed. That way there won’t be any STDs, and if there’s any babies, they’ll be yours.”

“Yeah, Mr. Jenkins. We’ll stay away from the other boys and have your babies if you want.” She moved her head down and sucked my cock a little bit. “Wow, that tastes so good! You’ll be the only boy we’ll play with.”

It was too good to be true, and I didn’t trust them, other than believing what they said about boys. Their senior year they had mostly hung out with each other, and went to the Prom together. “I’ll think about it.”

They started bouncing up and down on the bed like little kids. “Yeah, Daddy. We’ll make you happy, just you see. You won’t miss Mommy at all.”

It would be tough, but I was ready to try. They started kissing both my cheeks, and my pecker started to revive. The look of awe and lust on their faces was genuine this time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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