Morning Wake Up Call

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The bright, morning sun poured in their bedroom window. She rubbed her eyes and rolled over. He was still asleep, his now mostly gray hair splayed across their pillows. His face, now lined with wrinkles wasn’t the same as when they’d met, but she thought him all the more handsome now. He’d kicked off most of the blankets, like he did every night, his arms and legs all askew. His lips, she looked right at them. She wanted to kiss him but she didn’t want to wake him, she didn’t want this quiet moment to end. But all moments end, and her urge to kiss his lips overtook her desire to remain in the moment.

She leaned over him and brought her lips to his. Kissing him softly, a gentle wake up on this sunny morning. He woke as their lips touched; his deep, blue eyes shone with surprise at her wake up kiss. She motioned for him to be quiet as she unbuttoned his night shirt, kissing his chest as she squirmed her way downwards. His body wasn’t hard like when they were young, but she thought this softness was worth more than youth. As her lips brushed against his hairs, he felt an old, familiar stirring beneath the sheets. It wasn’t very often he felt this way anymore, but it made no difference to her. For her, sex was 95% mental, and all his mental faculties were sharp as ever.

She reached the waistband of his pants, running her fingers around porno indir the band. Her soft touch brought goosebumps of anticipation to his skin. She pulled the pants down, just a bit, and kissed him so softly along his hips. Pulling the pants down farther, she traced the outline of his hip bones with her fingertips first, then her lips, and finally her tongue. She ventured inwards from his hip bones, licking her lips as she saw his erection. She gently ran her fingernails across his balls, he arched his back a bit at the sensation.

Next, she took his erect cock in her hands, and placed the tip right at the opening to her mouth. Looking up at him so their eyes met, she began running her tongue in circles around tip, slowly working her way downward. When the head was in her mouth, she sucked just a bit, then removed him from her mouth and began kissing his hip bones again. She continued her way down her legs as he watched her, hungrily. Her hair had kept it’s dishwater blond color, her eyes still the same blue-gray as the day they’d met. Her body soft from carrying their children, but he found it every bit as sexy as her yoga days. There was something about watching a woman age gracefully that he found more beautiful than any cover girl. Maybe it was that she was his woman.

She kissed her way down to his feet, rokettube running her fingers up and down their length, sucking lightly on his toes in a way that made his loins ache remembering her mouth, just moments before. She kissed her way back up to his middle and continued where she left off. Taking him in her mouth as far as she could while holding eye contact with him. It made him feel young again, to see his cock in her beautiful mouth. He put his hands on the back of her head and controlled the speed of her work. She moaned at the feeling of him controlling her, she’d always been very self-sufficient, but something about him controlling her made her lose herself. The sensation of the moan, along with his control of her work quickly brought him to the point where he had to decide whether or not to come in her mouth. She was a diligent head giver, always finishing what she started, drinking down his come with pride. But today he wanted to feel her warm, wet pussy clenching him tightly. So he pushed her head off his cock and brought her face to his. He kissed her, much more deeply this time than when she’d woken him. His tongue exploring her mouth.

“Climb on top of me,” he commanded, and she excitedly obliged. Her breasts, though aged, were still something he marvelled at. He reached up to squeeze them as she seks filmi aligned her pussy lips with the head of his penis. She lowered herself down onto him, squeezing her kegel muscles tight around him once he was fully inside. They remained for a moment in this position, eyes locked, kegels tightened and loosened over and over, until they could take it no more. She then began to ride him. He loved watching her face while she rode him, the pleasure he was giving her was written all over it, and seeing her enjoyment only increased his.

She leaned forward, taking his hands in hers and pressing them out to the side, all the while continuing to rock her hips in the motion that gave her the most pleasure. He knew she was getting close from the change in her breathing, she leaned down and kissed his lips as she tried to hold back the pleasure from overtaking her. The kiss and her ragged breathing was enough for him, he grabbed her hips and held her tight as he emptied himself into her. As he grabbed her hips she could no longer resist her own orgasm and she felt her body rocked with waves of pleasure as her vagina tightened around his penis.

She collapsed on top of him. Inhaling deeply, as she breathed in the smell of him. It still made her crazy, even after all these years. She rolled off and lay next to him, holding his hand in hers. She turned to look at him again, his face had such a big smile, the smile that melts her heart, day after day, year after year. A big, sloppy grin, “Good morning!” He said with a chuckle. “Good morning to you.” She grinned back. Come what might, today would be a good one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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