Morning with Daddy

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Big Dicks

My first attempt at a short story: one that’s romantic in nature, but yet hot and primal, too. Hope you all enjoy.

I’m always the first to wake in the morning; he’s the heavy sleeper. I look over at him and take him in, sleeping peacefully, with his gorgeous body on display. His muscles, curves, hair, skin, they’re all so hot. I feel so lucky to be in bed next to him.

I give him a gentle nudge, trying to get him to wake up. He slowly stirs, looks at me and then smiles. We share a kiss and caress each other a bit, just basking in the moment.

“Good morning, baby”, he says to me.

“Good morning, Daddy”, I reply back.

After a brief yawn and a stretch, he takes me by the hand, pulls me out of bed, and walks with me to the bedroom mirror. There we are, naked, both of our cocks erect with morning wood, pointing straight up at the ceiling. His – long, thick, and hairy; mine – much smaller in comparison, and shaved completely bare. It’s become somewhat of a morning ritual to do this, just as a reminder of his dominance over me.

It’s not unusual for him to turn me around so he can get a good look at my cute ass in the mirror, too.

“I love your ass, baby”, he whispers in my ear as he reaches down and kneads my tender flesh, followed by a spank on either cheek. I jump in surprise at the impact of his hand on my butt, and he just chuckles in amusement. “Is my little boy horny this morning?” he asks me as his fingers graze the underside of my penis, making it twitch and throb. “Sure looks like you are”, he laughs. “Well, Daddy’s horny too. I haven’t had escort bayan gaziantep a release in a little bit, and I know just the thing I need to help me unload”, he says as he rubs my ass again. “Why don’t you get on your knees and give Daddy’s cock a kiss?”

I immediately comply and drop to my knees, and there’s Daddy’s cock, staring me straight in the face.

“Don’t be shy, baby, it won’t bite”.

I move my lips to his head and kiss it, then lightly swirl my tongue around it, briefly probing his peehole and making him moan. I always love how Daddy’s cock tastes in the morning. So sweet, yet salty. I open my mouth and start to take in his length, flicking my tongue against his shaft on the way down as he lets out another moan. He puts his hand on the back of my head as I begin bobbing up and down on his penis, sucking it for all it’s worth.

My hand moves to his balls and starts lightly fondling them; I know how much he loves having his balls played with. I can tell they’re swollen and full of warm cum, and I so badly want to feel it shoot into my mouth and into the back of my throat, but he abruptly stops me and says, “Hold on, I don’t wanna cum just yet, honey. I have something else in mind.”

He picks me up, takes me back to the bed, and lays me down on my back. Then he lifts my ass up into the air, and gently spreads me open. “Mmm there’s my favorite little boy pussy”, he grunts. I feel so exposed and vulnerable, yet hopelessly horny having my most intimate parts open to my daddy like this. He wastes no time, diving right in tongue-first, starting with the outer ring of my anus and then working his way to my opening, probing it in and out expertly, in the way only he knows how to.

It feels so fucking good, but I want more. As if by instinct, he obliges, withdrawing his tongue for a moment, wetting his index finger with it, and gently sliding it inside me. As much of a slut as I am, the sheer size of Daddy’s cock warrants ample foreplay to get me ready for it. Plus, I think he just loves teasing me and making me beg for it. Once he’s worked up his first finger to the second knuckle, he wets another finger and pushes it in alongside the first, beginning to really stretch me out now.

“Does this feel good baby? You like it when Daddy fingerfucks you?”

“Oh god yes”, I moan back.

He begins to thrust his fingers in and out of me faster now. I feel like I could cum just from him doing this, but I know he has more in store for me. He pulls his fingers out of my ass and brings them up to my mouth, letting me lick my juices off them, before reaching over to the nightstand and grabbing a bottle of lube. He pours some over his throbbing cock and then gently speads some over my asshole, working it in and out ever so slightly with his finger.

“Are you ready baby?” he asks me.

I nod in approval, and he lines up his cock with my puckered hole, and slowly pushes against it. My asshole struggles to accomodate his member at first, even with the foreplay and the lube warming it up. He’s so big.

But finally, after some resistance, he’s got the tip in, and then before I know it, he’s completely inside of me, balls deep and bottoming out. We lock lips as his penis throbs deep inside my warm hole, almost as if it’s begging for him to begin thrusting his hips. He starts to do just that, rocking back and forth, sliding his length in and out of me. No words are spoken between us now, they’re not necessary at this point. It’s just me and my daddy, his cock penetrating me, making love to my ass, as we both grunt and moan together.

I wrap my arms around him and pull him closer to me, feeling the warmth of his body heat and his weight on top of me, as he pumps his cock in and out, in and out, in and out. I feel so full, so complete. He’s so big, so manly, and he is fucking me so, so, good. I wish I could savor this moment forever. He starts fucking me faster and begins to moan louder. I can feel him throbbing more and more inside me, so I know he’s gonna cum soon. God, I want him to cum inside me. I need him to cum inside me.

“Fuck baby, you feel so fucking good”, he manages to grunt out. “I’m gonna breed this little boy pussy, make it mine. You want that? You want Daddy to breed you?”

“Umf, yes Daddy, please. I want your cum inside me. Give it to me, Daddy. Cum in me.”

That sent him over the edge. His cock twitched and spasmed inside me as long ropes of cum shot deep into my ass, breeding my boy pussy. He kept pumping in and out until his balls were completely empty, and then he collapsed on top of me.

Our lips meet again, and then he whispers, “baby, you felt so good. I can’t wait to do this again.”

“Same here”, I reply with a giggle.

Exhausted and spent after a good fuck, we drift back to sleep, his cock still inside me.

I love my Daddy.

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