Mother Futa Ch. 03

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Adam Roth was standing in his backyard, surrounded by his relatives. Today was his mother’s birthday, and his family had come over for a cookout. While he was joking with his cousins, and getting his cheeks pinched by his aunts, he was trying to keep his mind off his hot, pregnant girlfriend…and her hot mother.

He was helping himself to some chips, when he heard his mother’s voice behind her saying, “Adam, look who’s here!”

Just as he had gotten himself into the celebration with his family, he wheeled around to see his mother escorting two females into the yard. Adam recognized them at once: it was Katie and her mother, Martha. Even at three months into her pregnancy, Katie was extremely comely; she had long, golden hair, a full bosom that was well displayed in a pink scoop neck shirt, well-rounded hips that were covered in blue jeans, and bright blue eyes.

Her mother was equally beautiful, with her waist-length hair that was elegantly arranged in a braid. She was dressed a lot more conservatively, wearing a white, long-sleeved turtleneck blouse, and a denim dress. One might have confused her with a woman from a Fundamentalist Mormon community. She had a very stiff expression on her face, as if she had just walked into a church. Despite her austere appearance, Adam knew her so much better.

As he gazed at Martha’s modest top, he thought of the large, round breasts that were confined within it. His gaze made its way down to her dress; he knew that underneath, Martha Ridley concealed a massive penis, which he had seen numerous times. Fortunately, she also had a vagina, which Adam had enjoyed, as well.

He and Katie had started dating at the beginning of the year, and in that time, they had started a very intense sexual relationship. He would never have imagined that her mother would be in that relationship as well. For, despite what any of his family members could see, Mrs. Ridley in truth was a sex-hungry futanari.

“Hey, baby,” Katie said, as Adam came forward to hug and kiss his girlfriend in greeting. “Thanks again for inviting us.”

“Yes,” Martha said. “Unfortunately, we can’t stay too long; Katie needs to get home and rest.”

“Well,” Adam’s mother said. “It was nice of you to fit us into your day. Please, help yourself to some food, while you’re here. Adam, make sure you introduce them to everyone.”

“Sure thing, mom,” Adam replied.

It was strange to think that only a few weeks ago, they had spent the entire Spring Break confined to the Ridley residence, satiating their lusts with each other. A stream of images came into Adam’s mind, reminding him of all the shameful, licentious things he had done to the two females that he was escorting around his backyard. He fought to suppress the memories; now wasn’t really the time to be thinking of such things, but it was difficult.

As Katie kissed his grandfather on the cheek, he imagined how those same lips had been wrapped around his dick many times. When Martha shook hands with his Uncle Mort, he thought of how those same fingers had repeatedly grabbed his balls. He caught his Uncle Rick telling Katie a dirty joke that had her laughing madly with her eyes shut, the same expression had been seen before, except she had been naked and bucking up and down on his lap.

This was torture: seeing two women he had treated like whores interacting with his family members. He couldn’t look at both of them without imagining them mid-coitus. Adam mused at the irony of his dad cooking bratwurst sausage on the grill, and how they reminded him of the plump, fleshy log that swung between Martha’s legs.

Every second seemed to be an eternity to Adam. At long last, Katie and Martha announced that they were about to leave. The two of them gave a round of farewells as they headed towards the house.

“Adam,” Martha said. “Before we go, could you show Katie to the nearest bathroom?”

“Yeah, maybe the one upstairs?” Katie said with a mischievous smile.

“S-sure,” Adam said.

The trio walked upstairs as casually as possible. Adam knew that the two women weren’t looking for the bathroom, but Adam’s bedroom. After they were inside, Adam closed and locked the door.

“It’s about time,” he heard Katie say behind him.

As soon as he turned around, Katie pinned him to the door and pressed her mouth against his. Adam felt her tongue sliding past his lips, and met it with his own tongue. The two horny teenagers let their hands rove all over each other’s bodies as they indulged their passions.

“Ohhh,” Adam moaned as Katie kissed his neck and ears. “You don’t know how much I wanted you. I thought that I was going to go crazy down there.”

He felt a pair of hands fidgeting with the button on his shorts. Looking down, he saw Martha on her knees, unclasping his pants and pulling them down. She was breathing heavily and had a hungry look in her eyes.

“We don’t have much time,” Martha said as she grabbed his dick. “Oh, my god! You’re already so hard!”

Adam’s breathing grew Anadolu Yakası Escort more labored as she took his erect dick into her grasp and began stroking him. Adam moaned loudly, already feeling as he was about to blow.

“Shhh,” Katie urged him as she caressed his face. “You need to keep it down, this is only a quickie.”

Before he could respond, he gasped as he felt his dick enter Martha’s hot mouth. She hummed with delight as she savored the taste of his flesh. Adam gasped with delight as he felt her fingers enclose around his balls, gently massaging them as she sucked on him. Unfortunately, due to already being super-horny from interacting with the ladies downstairs, so he didn’t last very long. Katie tried her best to keep Adam quiet, pressing her mouth against his as he blasted his cum into Martha’s mouth.

“Mmmm,” Martha said after taking him out of her mouth and gulping down his load. “Thank you so much, honey. That should keep the both of us satisfied for the next few weeks.”

“What’s that mean?” Adam asked. He looked over at Katie, who was looking at him with a concerned expression. He knew that something unpleasant was going to happen.

“I have it on good authority that your finals are approaching,” Martha said. “I don’t want the two of you getting distracted from your studies, so, I won’t be having sex with either of you.”

“What?!? Why?”

“Like I said,” Martha said as she got to her feet. “I don’t want to distract you from your studies, whether you pass or fail your classes will not be up to me, but the two of you.”

Adam felt like arguing, but he knew that it would be useless; they all knew that it was right.

“Sooo,” Adam said. “After we pass our classes…”

Martha smiled and put each hand on the chest of both her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend. “Then, I’ll make sure that the two of you are well-rewarded for your hard work. Let that be a motivator for the two of you.”

The next few weeks saw both Katie and Adam studying furiously for their exams. Adam was already a good student to begin with, so he felt confident that he would pass his classes without incident. He even helped Katie with her studying, and when she felt that she had grasped the materials well enough for one subject, the two of them would relieve their studying tensions the best way they knew how.

On the weekend before finals week, the two of them were in Adam’s bed, late Saturday afternoon. Katie lie on her side with leg up in the air, panting and squealing, while Adam lie behind her, driving his rigid cock into her as he held up her leg. Thanks to months of working at the nursery, and amazing sex, his formerly wimpy body was gaining tone and definition. Katie, being almost five months pregnant, was finally starting to show the slightest bump in her belly. For now, Adam wasn’t concerned about her baby bump, but only thought of pumping his girlfriend full of his tensions.

“FUCK ME!” Katie grunted. “Hurt my pussy!”

“Trust me,” Adam said. “I’m going to fuck you so much, your baby’s gonna call me ‘daddy’!”

“Adam!” Katie said as she looked over her shoulder to look him in the eye. “You’ve been getting really rough, lately! I like it!”

With a snarl, he flipped himself onto his back while holding onto Katie’s hips, bringing them both into a reverse cowgirl. Adam thrust his pelvis upwards, while Katie arched her back and cried out as his hot cock shot up into her weeping cunt. Katie struggled to remain on her feet, completely unprepared for Adam’s new style of lovemaking.

Adam loved trying out this position. The sight Katie’s ass jiggling with ever upward thrust, the sound of her moaning, and the feeling of her wet pussy, they were all too much for him. With both hands, he grasped her firm buttocks, causing her to whimper with pleasure.

“Adam, I’m….oh, god! I’m going to cum!”

“Me, too. I’m…..OHHHHH!”

Both teens cried out as their loins both released their juices to one another. Seconds later, Katie was lying completely on top of Adam, panting as she brushed a loose strand of hair from her eye. They lie on the bed, both their bodies sore and sweaty.

“Oh, baby,” Katie said as she rolled off of Adam and onto the bed. “You definitely helped me blow off some steam. I didn’t realize how stressed I was.”

“I think it’s all the studying,” Adam said as he reached over and caressed her back. “I don’t remember being this horny.”

“Well, save some for my mom, she’ll definitely love it!”

“Mmm, I can’t wait to have the both of you in bed, next week.”

“Actually, that’s something that I have to talk to you about. I got invited for a weekend over at Mary Ellen’s; her parents have an apartment in Des Moines. A few of will be staying there to have a girls’ day out: going to the movies, going to the spa, that kind of stuff, which means…”

“I’ll have to spend the weekend here…with your mom.”

Katie crawled over closer to Adam and ran a finger up and down his Kadıköy Escort chest. “I hope I’m not asking too much from you, babe.”

“Ohhhh, no,” Adam said. “I don’t think that will be a problem at all.” Just the thought of having Martha all to himself was enough to get him hard again, which Katie noticed immediately.

“Good,” she said while crawling on the bed in order to bring her face over to his crotch. “Then, here’s a little ‘thank you’.”

Katie took her boyfriend’s half-limp sausage into her mouth, and began to suck on it as if it were a piece of candy. Adam smiled and sighed as he felt himself getting stiff within Katie’s hungry maw. The feel of his dick in her mouth was not as good as the good news that had just come out of it.

The next week, he tried his best to keep his mind on his tests, and off of the amazing weekend that he was in for. He had five exams between Monday and Thursday, and, thanks to his intensive studying, they all went smoothly. In order to get the weekend off, he worked at the nursery from 6 AM to 6 PM on Friday.

When Saturday had arrived, it seemed like a dream come true. He showered every part of his body to perfection, had gotten a good night’s sleep last night, but was too excited to eat anything more for breakfast than a bagel. The arrangements were all set: Katie had already left earlier that morning, and he had told his parents that he’d be staying at a friend’s house all weekend, which the readily believed.

His heart was ready to leap out of his chest after he had pulled into the driveway. He quickly parked his car and ran to the front door, not even bothering to bring his luggage. A few minutes after knocking on the door, he didn’t even bother to try and keep his erection in check.

He almost forgot to breathe when Martha opened the door. She stood there in her bathrobe, her face devoid of makeup, but no less beautiful in Adam’s eyes. He didn’t even bother to wait for her to invite him inside the house; he bulldozed his way inside, closed the door behind him, grabbed the older woman, and buried his face into her chest.

“Oooooohhhh!” Adam moaned. “I missed you so much!”

“Yes, I know!” Martha cried, as she embraced him. “I couldn’t stand to be away from you for so long.”

“I passed all my classes,” he said as he pulled away from her and lifted his shirt over his head. “Now, please, let me fuck you before I go crazy!”

“Adam! At least wait until we get upstairs!”

“Aaagh! I don’t care!” Adam cried as he yanked down his pants and underwear with one fluid motion.

Martha gave him a devilish smile and made for the stairs; she got a pretty good head start, seeing as Adam was still trying to take off his shoes and socks. As soon as the young man was completely naked, he ran after her, his cock bouncing with every stair he climbed. She was already in the bedroom, by the time he reached the second floor.

Once he had reached the bedroom, he tackled Martha to the bed. Her squealing and laughter made his blood boil; he furiously began pulling off her bedclothes, which he had already started to stain with pre-cum. As soon as all of her clothes were off, Adam planted his lips to hers, and the two let their tongues slither between their joined mouths.

Martha’s nipples hardened as she felt the virile teen atop her, grabbing her luscious 36G breasts. His hands had gotten rougher; it must have been from all of the gardening work in the nursery. Still, it felt good to have her chest receive some attention. Just as the thought had crossed her mind, Adam ceased kissing her face and brought his mouth to her bosom, where he lavished it with kisses, licks, and nuzzles. The way he teased her nipples, pinching them and pushing down on them, was becoming more than she could bear.

As Adam lost himself in Martha’s rack, the moans coming from her lips were music to his ears. She raked her fingers through his hair, her desire growing stronger each second. Both of their penises throbbed with a week’s worth of anticipation, each of them hungry for attention.

“Enough!” Martha growled as she pulled his head away from her chest. “Stop messing around and fuck me!”

Adam moved down so that he was kneeling between her legs. He grabbed her balls and lifted them up so that he had easy access to her drenched pussy. Just as he was about to enter her, he remembered his promise to Katie that he would wear a condom whenever he lay with her mother.

“What’s the matter, lover?” Martha asked as she sat up. “Don’t you want me?”

“I do,” Adam replied. “It’s just that I need to grab a condom really quick, there should be some in Katie’s room.”

He turned to exit the bed, but Martha grabbed his arm to stop him.

“Adam, trust me, you don’t need to use a condom; I seriously doubt that you have any STDs.”

“It’s not that, it’s because I promised Katie that I would. She…doesn’t want me getting you pregnant.”

“You’re not going to get me pregnant…”

“But, what if I İstanbul Escort do?”

“Shhhh…” Martha put a finger to his lips to silence him. “I wouldn’t want you to lie to your girlfriend, but you need to understand that I need to have you inside of me, all of you…” She used her other hand to fondle his crotch. “…and that means your cum.”

Though Katie’s words were still resounding in his mind, his body had all but given up on the thought on getting a condom.

“I’m 40 years old, Adam,” Martha said in a low voice. “What are the odds of me getting pregnant?”

That flimsy rationale was enough for Adam; he grabbed the older woman and shared another kiss with her as he brought the two of their bodies down on the bed. As he nibbled on her ear and kissed her neck, he reached down to the lush forest of dark blond pubic hair between her legs, parted her waiting lips with his fingers, and breached them with his bare cock. Martha cried out with joy as she felt him slide inwards and outwards of her.

“Yes! Ahhhhh! That’s exactly what I need!”

Martha wrapped her arms around Adam’s body as he pumped into her with reckless abandon. As he gazed down at her beautiful face, stared at her bouncing teats, a small part of him really wanted to get her pregnant. Her cock was hard and red, wobbling with every thrust.

“Marthaaaaa!” Adam yelled. “Ohhhh, I just want to live inside of you!”

“It’s okay, darling! I have yoooooou! I have….ngh! I have you for three….whole…days! AHHHH!”

Martha’s mind went blank with joy as she felt those young hands wrap around her footlong dick, rubbing it with a fury that she could not stand. Though she wanted to last longer, her balls were already aching, overburdened with a sea of hot cum. She kneaded her breasts, trying to temper the waves of ecstasy that were washing over her.

Adam’s hands grew slick as Martha’s dick continued to froth with pre-cum; he could tell that the two of them were about to climax. His dick wasn’t too far behind, being immersed in the wet, fiery gash that was Martha’s vagina. He loved feeling the wet, tight walls massaging his rod, urging him to cum.

“Martha, I…..AUUUUUGH!”

Martha hadn’t even bothered to wait to orgasm with him. He was unexpectedly blasted in the face by her dick. Several large, inhuman spurts later, Martha lie there, heaving and totally spent. Though Martha’s dick softened in his hand, he was nowhere near done with her; it was his turn to cum. With his face dripping wet, he let go of her cock, grabbed her waist and continued to fuck her.

“Oh, Adam,” she chuckled wearily. “I got you all dirty again, you poor dear.”

“That’s because you have a huge fucking cock,” he grunted.

“Yesssss…but….mmmm…that’s why you like to fuck me.”

“That’s not the only reason I…….Ohhhh!”

Adam roared as he felt a flutter in his stomach. He lost all control and surrendered his seed to Martha’s womb, uncaring of what he could possibly sow. His ejaculation was nowhere near as long or copious as Martha’s, but the satisfaction he felt afterwards was no less rewarding than hers.

With a weary smile, Adam lie his body next to Martha’s and took one of her breasts into his hands. She rolled over to face him and smiled.

“Why don’t you go wash your face, sweetheart?”

“I won’t shower unless you go with me,” Adam said. “I never want to lose sight of your naked body.”

“I don’t feel like a shower right now.”

“Well, how about this?”

Adam grabbed the sheet and wiped all of Martha’s semen off of his body. He looked over at her with his somewhat cleaner body and gave her a cheesy smile.

“All clean!”

“Mmm, good boy. Why don’t you take care of me, too?”

Adam used the sheets to wipe the splatter off of Martha’s torso. As he rubbed down her crotch, to his great amazement, her penis sprang to life again, becoming fully rigid.

“Wow! So soon!”

“I told you that I couldn’t stand to be away from you for so long.” She sat up in the bed and began to massage Adam’s barely limp cock, trying to get it to rise.

“Sorry,” Adam breathed. “It’s going to take my body a while to catch up with you.”

“That’s okay, love. Actually…there’s something that I want to ask you. Please, feel free to say no…I don’t want you think that you have to do this…”

Already, Adam’s mind was filling up with ideas of what Martha wanted to do. In the past, when he and Katie had finished a round of fucking, they would usually snuggle, fondle each other, and engage in pillow talk until Adam was hard again. He soon realized that his bed partner, too, had a dick, but one with a shorter recovery period than his. He thought that handjobs would be enough to satisfy that monster between Martha’s legs, but, apparently he was wrong. He said nothing, but waited for one of the only two other things he could do to please her member.

“Would you…suck my dick?”

Adam didn’t answer, but simply looked down at her hard rod, which was already bubbling with pre-cum. He mulled the question over and over again in his head. On the one hand, what he was doing wouldn’t be considered gay, since this penis was attached to a woman. However, years of social convention were screaming within him, begging him to refuse.

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