Mother-in-Law Panties Ch. 02

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This is the brave next step into pushing through my mother-in-law better…but first a little background for those who missed the first story.

So I’m just the average Joe. But I married into a wealthy family…both in money and in looks. My wife is the eldest of five kids, two of whom are budding and beautiful women. Now I don’t want to take away from the kids (of whom I will have another series of stories about) but the most gorgeous and beautiful of them all is their mother.

Her name is Angie. She turns 51 this year but does not look an age over 30. I still fantasize about the fist time I met her 15 years ago. She would be 36 and I would be 18. Perfect timing, if I would say so myself but that’s for (yet) another story. Angie is 5’7″ tall with a very fair complexion. A size 6 with 36C breasts that are to die for. They’ve slightly drooped down with age but are true fun bags in bed. But her best asset is her perfectly proportioned peach-shaped hips. Doing her from behind is such a pleasure as her bottom naturally opens up giving you a very welcoming sight and (truly) easy access to all her fucking glory.

Now on to the story…

My mother-in-law has now made it a habit to visit us at least once a year; usually during the summer so she can spend time with our daughter and relax from the hustle and bustle of running their family business. I could not be more than happier to have her in our home. I have a keepsake panty to remember her yearly trip by. Plus, of course, the countless hours spent sniffing her panties from the hamper.

There was this one year where all she brought over were string bikinis from Marks and Spencer (a famous UK brand). Nude. White. Black. Those were the colors. Stains would vary from yellowish on the white ones. To whitish on the black ones. Regardless of the color, they just smelled heavenly and sweet. I took one as a keepsake that year. A black one with thick mucus stains near the rear gusset is stashed in a zip lock bag to retain it’s wonderful odor.

The next year all she brought were those nice and frilly satin and lace ones. Man! I was in heaven. There is a certain property those satin fabrics have the amplifies a woman’s pussy’s scent. I still remember the first time I sniffed a woman’s panties was when I was a teenager spending the weekend at my aunt’s place. They were a very liberal and open kind of family who did not bother covering up after coming out from the shared bathroom. What I’d do Escort bayan was to wait for her to leave for work and then hustle over to the hamper to get a wiff of her freshly worn panties. I think that is how I got hooked into panties; specifically, those satin ones with triangle stitched seams. This year, I saved a nude colors all-lace front string bikini. This, by far, is the best in my collection. So pungent. So fragrant. So Angie.

This year, though, was a fresh set of Victoria’s Secret Pink panties. I guess she scored those 7 for $25 deals they do twice a year. Kinda kinky I would say to see such a mature and lovely woman wearing these teeny-type panties. She had one boyshort that said “I love Boys”. But the one I liked best was the plain white string bikini which stained so well, especially when she did not wear panty liners for the day.

So with all these years of pent up sex and desire for my mother-in-law I decided to make my move.

I’m a consultant by profession which means I travel a lot for a living and that week when “IT” happened was a really tiring one for me. I came home on a Thursday evening and did my “dues” to my wife who’s been wanting it for the last 3 nights. I thought that would have killed my libido but it did not. The next night, I ended up working late again (Friday, mind you) so my wife went to sleep alone.

At around 2 AM, being tired a stressed out from the week, I decided to call it quits and started browsing Watchersweb. Man! That really got the juices going and after a round of “in-law” stories something inside me (hehe) just pushed me over the edge and urged me to “go-for-it” which I did. I slowly crept up the stairs into the room she stayed in. For whatever reason it was relatively hot upstairs so I saw my mother-in-law over the covers, laying on her back with only her knee-high nightie on. My heart was pounding I thought I was going to have a coronary. Inch by inch as I neared her bedside my penis was inching to attention. As I made it to her bedside she twitched a little and jerked her right leg outward, slowly exposing her pink lace-trimmed string bikini to me. I almost came at the sight! I can replay that over-and-over in my head and could literally cum in seconds.

Slowly and quietly I brought my nose closer to her panty-covered pussy and took a long whiff. I nudge my nose a bit into her pussy to gain more fragrance and she did not move. I stood up a bit and lowered my boxers and had my Bayan escort right hand stroking my penis in delight while I contemplated on whether to push through. I guess my penis did all the thinking at that moment so my left hand reached out, palms all open and caressed her pussy through her panties.

She still remained asleep. I then became braver and kneaded her pussy through the panties and through the healthy pubic hair the protected her clitoris. This went on for a good minute or so which at that time I knew that I’ve already crossed the line and everything would be downhill from here so I slipped my entire hand to the side of her panties and simultaneously teased her vaginal opening and clitoris. It was moist, warm and soft. And it was enough stimulation that my mother-in-law opened her eyes, still sleepy, and gave me a quizzical look, but never bothered jerking away from my caressing hands.

“What are you doing?” she asked. But before I could answer her eyes veered towards my very hard shaft and I continued to stroke amidst all this tension and she had her answer. It was another sight to remember. She gave me this “awww-poor-little-puppy” look and pouted her lips and said softly “We can’t do this here. You’re sister-in-law is a light sleeper.” So off we went to the game room which was sound-proofed and had a large leather sectional.

She led me to the room and before I could shut the door she started lowering my boxers and knelt in front of me ready to “take care” of me. But I wanted her pussy more than I wanted a good blow job. So I lifted her up, sat her at the edge of the sectional and lifted her nightie off so I could nudge my nose back into her panties. As I did, moisture and fragrance was all I encountered. It was heaven. I stuck my tongue out and tried to lick her through the gusset but she had nothing of it. She slightly slid her index finger and pulled her panties to the side.

At that moment, I knew I had died and gone to heaven. I was staring face-to-face with my mother-in-law’s pussy. Such a creation that I’ve only experienced through soiled panties and masturbation fantasies is now inches away from getting savored. So now I pushed through. Sticking my tongue out I licked and lapped her pussy like a popsicle on a hot summer day. I sucked her clit. Tongue-fucked her vaginal walls. And teased her arse hole which made her squirm and moan loudly. This we did for the next hour and at least 5 oh-so-wet orgasms for Escort her. At one point she wanted me to take her panties off but I did not want that. I’m this guy whose panty fetish includes fucking a lady with her knickers on so she kept hers on.

I was so busy savoring her vaginal juices that I did not notice her removing her nightie altogether. Wow! was all I could say. This lady that I’ve desired for all these years is in her naked glory in front of me. The woman whose pussy gave birth to the pussy I’m married to. To the pussy that I’m currently savoring and pleasuring. To the pussy that is responsible for two other pussies (of my sisters-in-law) that I will be craving for years to come (pun intended).

After her sixth orgasm my mother-in-law nudge my head a bit and whispered that she needed a “time-out”. Such a funny request in the middle of this hot sexcapade. So as I stood up, she used her foot to hold my boxers down on the ground while she grabbed hold of my penis and guided it into her mouth. Man! I was in heaven. Her tongue gave me sensations that I never thought were possible. And she kept on sucking. All the while I slowly reached out both my hands around her side and grabbed hold of her 36C breasts. Just as I expected all these years. True funbags indeed. Slightly saggy but they were really enjoyable. I twisted her nipples oh so slightly which evoked a slight muffled moan while she blew me. I knew I could not hold out any longer.

I pulled out of her mouth and saw the glistening penis that I knew would want to come home to Mama! (hehehe). I stroked it a bit. I saw her looking up into my eyes. Again she must be thinking, “What else could be next to this amazingly hot but torridly taboo encounter?” So I leaned her back. Licked her pussy hole wet for a copule of seconds and then lined up my penis to her now soaking wet pussy. Then upon looking up to her eyes it communicate a concern to which she voiced out “No. Not like this. It needs to be more beautiful than this.”

It drove me nuts (another pun intended)! In the midst of all this passion. All this indecency. All this taboo. She was able to think of a better manner by which I would push through. And I could not be happier for the suspense. She then took my penis, lined it up to her slit and dry humped me to satisfaction. It was an amazing feeling. The combination of pussy juice, saliva, bare pink skin and pubic hair rubbing onto my penis sent waves and waves of pent up ejaculate out. First it hit her in the cheeks, then two ropes onto her breasts and the remainder gushed onto her fabulous bush until I was spent.

We laid on the couch, spent, breathing heavily and pondering on what we have just done…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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