Mother in Law’s Suitcase Ch. 02

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The next morning I woke up as Sarah climbed out of bed.

“Off for a quick shower” she said as I watched her walk into the en suite. I lay back against the pillow contemplating a day alone while Sarah and her mum went shopping, the possibilities seemed limitless.

Hearing the water splashing in the shower I decided I would put some coffee on, so I slipped into my comfy PJs and headed to the kitchen. I soon had a pot of coffee on the go and poured myself a cup. Shortly I heard footsteps behind me and turned to see Sarah walking into the kitchen wearing a nice blue skirt and white blouse.

“I’ll take a coffee too please” she said.

I poured her a black coffee and she smiled at me.

“Mum is just in the shower” she said which caused a spike in my imagination, thinking about my mother in law rubbing soap in to her magnificent breasts in our very own shower.

“Hope she has enough soap” I said innocently.

20 minutes later Ann walked in to the kitchen asking for a coffee. She was wearing a nice red tee shirt and knee length black skirt and I couldn’t help notice that the tee shirt looked quite tightly stretched across her ample bosom.

“One coffee as ordered” I said handing the cup to Ann “you girls both look very nice for your shopping trip”.

Ann giggled a little at being called a girl and Sarah flashed me a smile, pleased that Escort Bayan I was making an effort to make her mum feel welcomed.

I watched from the window as the car pulled off the drive and gave them both a wave as they vanished into the distance, finally leaving me all alone.

Just as I had yesterday I went upstairs, opened the door of the guest bedroom and walked in. This time the room wasn’t quite as neat as I had found it last night, the bed had clearly been slept in and some of Ann’s clothes were hanging over a clothes rail at the foot of the bed, I recognised the dress she had been wearing. Wondering what else I might discover I walked across the room to investigate.

My luck was in, as I moved the dress to one side I spied a lovely white lace bra hanging underneath, it was the one she must have been wearing yesterday.

I gently lifted the bra from the stand and examined my prize. White lacy cups which had roses embroidered on them but still left the cups themselves semi transparent. As was becoming habit I checked out the label, this one was 36DD, clearly Ann had bras of various sizes. I mused whether the different brands had a slightly different fit or if she just had her favourites. Either way, it felt lovely knowing her intimate measurements.

I lifted the bra towards my face and there it was, the slightest hint of her perfume Bayan Escort clinging to the material. Chanel number 5. The smell was so erotic that it had my cock swelling once more. Without thinking I licked the cup imagining that I could taste her, I then sucked the cup into my eager mouth and began greedily licking and chewing it.

The lace tasted good in my mouth and I felt my cock straining for it’s release and in a moment my hand reached lower and pulled my PJ bottoms down. This freed my cock from its confines and caused it to “twang” upwards slapping against my tummy and then quickly settling down to point directly at the ceiling.

I smiled to myself, kneeling on the bedroom floor, Ann’s bra cup in my mouth and my cock rigid. What would Sarah think if she could see me now?

Taking the bra cup from my mouth I looked at it. The lace was glistening wet from my tongue which made it seem to shimmer in the light, this sight caused my cock to give a large involuntary twitch as if to remind me it needed taking care of.

Taking the bra I lowered it towards my hard cock, making sure that I placed the cup directly onto the head of my cock. Pulling the bra tight around my cock felt lovely and looking down I could clearly see my engorged cock head through the lace of the cup.

This must be how Ann’s nipples show through I thought to Escort myself as my hand began a slow rhythmic stroking motion on my shaft. Each downward stroke stretched the bra cup over my cock, causing the lace to rub across my slit, all adding to the wonderful sensation. The speed of my strokes increased and soon I noticed pre cum was seeping through the lace, for a moment I started to panic.

What if the bra was stained, would she notice?

But then I realised that I had all day and if necessary I could wash and dry it before they returned.

I got back to stroking my cock, building a nice rhythm and letting more pre cum leak into the cup, my inhibitions about staining had fully receded. I reached up with my free hand to feel Ann’s dress as it hung in front of me and increased the pace of my stroking. The feel of Ann’s dress in one hand and the lace of her bra rubbing my cock with each stroke soon had me getting that tingling feel in my balls and I could feel I was right on the edge.

The cum started to build in my shaft and I started to think about where to cum.

“Fuck it Ann, this cup is getting filled” I cried out as the first rope of cum exploded from my cock. It oozed through the lace cup and over my hand. It was quickly followed by a second and third, each rope coating the bra cup and my hand further.

Eventually my shooting subsided and I looked down at my cock, there was cum all over my hands, cock and thighs. Best of all however was the cum caught in the lace of the bra, like a spiders web catching its prize.

Satisfied, at least for now, I decided that I had better go and clean up.

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