Mother Knows Best Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Learning to Dance

I know why Susan was my girlfriend.

I was in my mid-20’s, a graduate student at a medium sized university, and I had plenty of girls to choose from, even if I wasn’t the kind of guy to get the beauty queen. Susan wasn’t particularly pretty—or ugly. She was about 15 pounds overweight—a little on the plump side. She did have enormous knockers—cantaloupe sized, that I adored because although they were big, they were firm, not saggy. But the reason I liked being Susan’s boyfriend was that she loved to fuck. I don’t know what the clinical definition of nymphomania is, but she must have come close. She was always horny, and if she wasn’t horny, she was willing to get that way. I didn’t take much. All I had to do was say, ” God, your tits look delicious today” and she be unzipping my pants. She’d fuck anywhere anytime.

We had a little project gong on—we were trying to screw in every building on the campus. The other thing about Susan was that she would talk about other women all the time in the most lewd way. We’d see a woman walking down the street and she’d say things like, “I’ll bet she’d like to do it with another woman—she looks like a bisexual.” I found all this dirty talk very—stimulating.

Susan had invited me over to her house one evening. Her mom was going out and we would be alone for a few hours. She wanted to fuck me in her mom’s bed—which I found kinky in a pleasant sort of way. I guess that makes me slightly kinky too. Susan’s mom had been divorced for about 5 years and I wanted to see what a middle-aged divorced woman kept in her bedroom. Did she have sexy lingerie? Dildos? Or just boring old granny panties? Susan told me I could find out for myself.

I arrived about 7 p.m. and rang he bell. Martha, Susan’s mom answered the door. “Come on in, David,” she said, “Susan should be home from work any minute.” Susan taught a couple of evening courses at the junior college about 60 miles away.

“Thanks, Mrs. B., ” replied. I went in and sat the living room couch. Martha must have had a hot date because she was dressed in a black cocktail dress, black hose, and high heels. She had on make-up and her hair was done. I didn’t usually see her like this, and she looked goods for someone in their late forties.

She noticed me looking at her and she said, “I’ve got a date tonight with a guy—he’s taking me swing dancing. I really love that and I don’t get to do it much anymore.”

Just then the phone rang. She listened for a minute and then she said, “My God, are you all right? You’re sure? You’ll be ok? You have money? Do you want me to come and get you? Well I’m glad nothing happened to you. Ok, see you tomorrow.”

“That was Susan. Her car broke down and they towed her back into Madison, but they can’t get the part until tomorrow morning to fix it, so she’s going to spend the night there at the college guesthouse. She’s fine, and she said to tell you that she’s sorry, she’ll see you tomorrow too. I completely forgot to tell her you were sitting right here. Do you want me to try and call her back?”

I shook my head “no” as the phone rang again. Martha made a face and picked up the receiver. Again she listened and then she said slowly,” I see… yes… well… What?! Well fuck you five ways and I hope your wife has herpes!”

Martha had surprised me with her last comment and I looked at her questioningly. “My ‘date’ turns out to be married and doesn’t want to take me dancing because he’s afraid someone he knows might see him. He suggested we sit in his car and ‘talk’ out by the lake—yeah, right next to a dozen other cars with horny high school kids in them.” That’s all he wanted—to get his rocks off– Jesus, what a bastard!”

“Uh, sorry,” was all I could think of to say.

“”Looks like we’ve both been stood up,” Martha said. “All dressed up and no place to go.”

“Well, I better be going.” I stood up, getting ready to head back to a lonely apartment and my studies.

“Why don’t you stay a little while and dance with me here. We can slide the dining room table back and make some room on the parquet floor. I’ve got some swing cd’s. It’ll be fun.”

“Uh, I don’t really know how to dance Mrs. B.” She had surprised me into feeling a little embarrassed.

“Oh come on, I’ll teach you. I’m a good teacher. Nobody will see you and you might enjoy yourself. C’mon, just a little while. I got all dressed up and I don’t want to waste it. You wouldn’t deny an older lady a little satisfaction, now would you?” As she said this she made a disappointed puppy dog face.

I had to laugh. She made that face very well and she was very convincing.

“Ok, Mrs. B. but you have to promise you won’t laugh at me.”

“I’ll promise if you’ll promise me one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Call me Martha.”

“Ok, Martha, ” I laughed.

I pushed the dining room table to one side while gaziantep rus escort bayan she picked out a cd and slid it in the player. A big band started to play a lively song and she adjusted the volume so we could speak in a normal tone.

“Ok, put this hand here”—and she placed my left hand in the small of her back—and this one here.” She placed my right hand on her left shoulder. “And I’ll do this.” She placed her hands on me the way mine were on her.

She was a good teacher and made me feel confident and relaxed. I wasn’t that bad although I wasn’t always sure of what I was doing. After a few songs I had the hang of it and I was starting to enjoy dancing with Martha. I could feel the heat of her body and smell her perfume and occasionally we would get pretty close to each other—her tits would press against my chest or our crotches would briefly rub. I was starting to get turned on.

If I passed her on the street I probably wouldn’t look twice at Martha. She was average in just about every way. Average height, average hair color—a sort of medium brown, a little overweight—I guess that’s “average” now—and very average looks. Nothing remarkable at all either towards the pretty or the ugly. But tonight she looked very good. Her dress came to a point about 4 inches above her knees. Not a mini-dress, but close. She also had on black hose that I guessed were the old-fashioned silk kind. She was wearing high-heeled black patent strappy shoes. Her hair was curled in a frame around her face which was very artfully made up to accentuate her lips and eyes. And every time we bumped our bodies together I got a little more aroused. I thought she was getting aroused too because her face was a little pinker than normal and her eyes had a funny look in them.

The song that was playing stopped and a slow song came on. We hadn’t danced a slow one yet, so I wasn’t sure what to do. Martha showed me. Without any discussion or argument she moved a step closer to me, put her arm up behind my shoulder, and laid her head on my shoulder. “Like this,” she said.

I quickly discovered how to hold her and we moved in slow circles around the parquet floor. I hadn’t ever thought about slow dancing to old music with an older woman, but with Martha is was a purely pleasurable experience. I could feel the soft curves of her body as she moved against me and I could feel the heat of her head on my shoulder and smell her shampoo.

The song stopped and she said, “Hold on, I’m going to put on a slow cd.” I didn’t object. Another slow song started and she put herself expertly in my arms again, only tighter and closer this time. Her hand was lower –no longer on my back, but on my ass, and she turned her head the other direction so she was breathing on my neck. “Mmmmm,” she said as she snuggled against me, “this is nice.”

And I had to agree. Holding that warm woman close against me was really getting me turned on. I’m sure she knew it. She made sure her thighs were pressed close to mine, her belly was pressed into me, her boobs were tight against my chest. Her hands weren’t idle either. Her fingers were making little doodles on my body. But then she surprised me. She had been breathing on my neck, her lips just two inches from my skin. Now she pushed her face into my neck and I felt her lips hungrily but lightly working themselves over my skin. I felt the feather touch of her tongue.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she whispered in a husky voice.

Instead of saying anything I turned my head a bit and nuzzled her ear, brushing her earlobe with the tip of my tongue before giving her a long kiss on her smooth and inviting neck.

Suddenly we were liker two teenagers, thrusting our tongues into each other’s willing mouths, out hands going wild, pushing and pulling and stroking and grabbing. One of her hands was massaging my chest while both of mine dropped to her ass, cupped her ample ass-cheeks and pulled her towards me. I felt her thrust her pubis against me and the deep thrum of pleasure came from her throat. I squeezed her ass and felt her wrap one leg around me and push her pussy against me again. We finally broke for air and then went right back to deep-tonguing each other as we filled our hands each other’s bodies.

Without paying any attention to the music we danced each other towards the sofa in the living room. When we reached the sofa I unzipped the back or her dress and slid it off her shoulders, pushed her gently back so she sat down on the couch, and knelt in front of her. I pulled the dress forward and pulled her arms out of it so her lacy black bra, full of soft, warm tit was exposed. I nuzzled her boobs, gently biting the swollen nipples through the material of the bra. She sighed and slid the straps off her shoulders, off her arms, rotated the bra, unsnapped it and tossed it to one side, exposing full tits with gaziantep swinger escort bayan big, red, hardened nipples that pointed in my direction. “Please lick me,” she said in a voice thick with desire.

How could I refuse? I leaned for ward and began giving my full oral attention to her aureole and nipples. I spent a lot of time on her nipples, licking and nibbling slowly because I could feel by the way she squirmed under me that she was getting more and more excited. I wanted her so hot that the second I put my tongue in her cunt she would explode in passion. I wanted her to come all over my face. I wanted her pussy juiced to run into my mouth. And so I slowly gently, teased her nipples with my mouth.

I stopped for a minute and looked at her and said, ” You’re my girlfriend’s mother.”

She looked back at me and said, “You’re my daughter’s boyfriend. Is that a problem?”

“The only problem is that I prefer making love to you instead of Susan.” And I went back to teasing her nipples while I slid my hands up and down her silky legs.

“You can do both,” she said, as she pushed her swollen and hardened nipple into my greedy mouth. She slid lower on the couch and spread her legs wide, took my hand in hers, and slid it all the way up her gorgeous silky thigh to her sweet Venus’s mound. She was wearing stockings and I felt the change as my hand slid off her nylon-covered leg onto her soft, warm inner thigh, and then back onto a silky material that was covering her cunt. Her panties were soaked. I massaged her swollen lips through the panties for a minute or so, all the while licking her boobs, then put my finger inside the band of her panties and found her dripping slit. I rubbed my finger between her pussy lips for a moment before sliding it into her hot open love hole. She grabbed my head reflexively and moaned loudly, pulling my face into her tit, feeding me her nipple. I slowly rotated my finger inside her cunt as I looked for the fabled G-spot. I don’t know if it exists, but who cares? When you’ve got a mouthful of eager boob and a finger inside a dripping cunt which is tightening around it, and a woman is telling you she wants you to fuck her, what does it matter?

She was whispering now that she wanted my cock inside her, that she wanted me to fuck her hard and deep, but I wasn’t done with my tongue. I took my mouth off of her nipple and pushed her dress all the way up around her waist. I rubbed my face down the front of her panties that were now wringing wet, down to her nylon covered inner thighs which I kissed gently on each side before pushing the crotch of her panties to one side and plunging my tongue into her pink and open slit.

Normally I take my time, licking gently at a woman’s clit and kissing her pussy lips before tonguing her love-hole, but Martha had me so hot I couldn’t wait—and she couldn’t either. I burrowed my face into her crotch, poking my tongue as far into her cunt as I could and she helped me to tongue-fuck her by grabbing my head again and pulling my face into her snatch. I could hardly breathe, but I was licking her like there was no tomorrow and I knew I was doing the right thing by the rhythmic sounds coming form her. I don’t know how to describe the noise—I suppose it was like a high-pitched “uh” sound—the sound of a woman being driven to orgasm by an eager tongue.

Suddenly she clamped her silky legs around me, pushed my face deeper into her cunt, and writhed and shuddered as she moaned “yessss! yessss!” I had made her come for the first time with my tongue—and I intended to give her more orgasms before the night was through. I couldn’t help but reflect on how much Susan was like her, because when I licked Susan to orgasm she did the same thing—wrapped her legs around me and pulled my face into her pussy.

“Oh God, do me again,” Martha said at last. ” I haven’t come like that for—for – I don’t know if I’ve ever come so hard and long.” But I had waited as long as I could.

I moved closer to the couch and pulled her ass towards me. I rose to my feet and had my jeans and shorts off in aobout 2 seconds. I knelt down again and placed the tip of my throbbing cock against her open and dripping pussy lips. “Martha, I said, I’m going to fuck you now.” I leaned forward with all my weight pushing my cock all the way into her cunt as I looked straight into her eyes.

Her mouth formed an ‘O’ and her e eyes got wide as she felt the length of me slide deep down into her vagina. When I was all the way in her I pushed my hips forwards a little more for that extra bit of depth in her cunt and she let out the first of her moans that so turned me on. “Oooooooooohhhhhhh;” she groaned, “yessssss!” And she locked her silky legs around my back and frantically started pumping her pussy onto my shaft. I was trying to pay attention to every thing, and in addition to the gaziantep travesti escort kızlar feel of her wet love canal sliding up and down my cock, I enjoyed the feel of her legs wrapped tight around me and the silkiness of her nylons on my back.

She leaned her head forward and found my lips with hers and started pushing her tongue in and out of my mouth as if she were fucking my mouth. I loved the feeling of her hot urgent tongue in my mouth as she wriggled her hips, trying to take my cock deeper into her cunt. Without warning she moaned long and loud into my eager mouth as she bucked furiously on my cock, and I understood that she was coming for the second time. I concentrated on pressing my cock as deep into her as I could. I listened with excitement as she groaned with pleasure, juddering her whole body against mine.

And then I came. It was quick and unexpected, and longer and harder than I had ever come before. I kept thrusting deep into her cunt as I cried out. Even after I stopped pumping jizz I continued to thrust into her welcoming pussy.

I only let her rest for a minute before I slid my cock out of her and s started massaging her pussy with my hand. She shuddered each time I ran my hand over her soaking cunt. No, no,”, she cried , trying to twist away. “it’s too sensitive!”

I relented and stroked her nylon-covered legs instead, savoring the feel of her warm flesh through the black nylon. I kissed her feet and then her knees, and then her thighs, but she pressed them together, denying me access to her pussy. “I can’ t do it yet,” she said.

“Martha, I want you to spread your legs for me so I can gaze at your exquisite cunt,” I said,. I won’t touch you until you’ve calmed down a bit—I promise.” Slowly she spread her legs apart and put my face close to her pussy, inhaling the wonderful scent of her pussy juice and her cunt that had so recently been twitching in orgasm.

A minute or two later, I gently touched her pubic mound with my hand. ” Is that OK?” I asked. She had her eyes closed with a look of bliss on her face, but she nodded.

I slid on finger down, carefully touching one of her red and swollen pussy lips. “How about this?” Again, she nodded.

Slowly I stroked her open pussy with my fingers being careful not to touch her too hard or stroke her too fast. Then, I slipped on finger inside her cunt. She moaned and squirmed a little, but she didn’t resist. She was starting to recover from the post-orgasmic sensitivity she had been experiencing.

I pushed my finger in deeper, rotating my wrist so my finger rubbed against all sides of her pussy’ interior. Her hand came down between her legs and she laid the back of hand in the palm of hers and slipped her own finger inside her cunt as well so we were feeling the inside of her pussy at the same time. I was incredibly turned on. I took her finger out of her cunt and raised it to her lips and slid her finger into her mouth. She licked the juice off her finger, saying,” I like to taste myself. This is what I do in bed when I’m horny—I finger my cunt until I’m dripping and then I lick the juice off of one hand while I finger –fuck myself with the other. But it’s so much nicer with your finger inside me—it’s getting me ready to come again.”

I slowed down the motion of my finger inside her. I wanted this orgasm of hers to last along time. I wanted to feel her vagina contracting around my finger, those involuntary muscles that were the sign of her ecstasy. I worked my finger slowly round and round inside her pussy until with a long drawn out “aaaaaahhhhh,” she came again, not as hard as before, but longer. I could feel her cunt tightening around my digit and it made me need to come—and quickly.

I got behind her on the couch, both of us lying on our sides, and I slid into her drenched love canal for the second time. I reached around her and massaged her tits as I pushed as deep into her as I could. I rubbed the silkiness of her leg as I pumped into her. And then it happened.

I came for the second time. It wasn’t as hard as my first orgasm, but it was longer and perhaps more satisfying. When I stopped heaving, I lay inside her, feeling the warm wetness of her pussy.

“David?” she asked.

“Mmm?” I mumbled drowsily.

“I love it when you come inside me.”

“Good,” I said, nodding off.

I don’t want this to be the last time.”


“But I’m Susan’s mother. How will we work that?”

I thought for a minute. “We’ll just have to make love when she’s not around—she works late two nights a week.”


“Mmm?. She could join us.”

She had my attention now. “What?”

“I’m sure I could get her to join us. Well, I’ll put it to her that I want to join you two. I’m sure I can get her to agree. I’d really like to see you fucking my daughter and I know she’d like to see me doing it with you. We’ve actually talked about this before, but we’ve never tried it. I think now would be a good time to have a threesome with her.”

“I’m ready for it”, I said, with some animation. I’d love to see you two licking each other’s cunts…”

“I’ll talk to her tomorrow. I can’t wait…”

And neither could I. All the way home, I imagined what that converstion had been like—Susan and her mother talking about sharing a man…

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