Mother of Love Ch. 02

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Sean let out a breathy sigh and steadied his back against the wall; cold tiles providing sanctuary from the aggressive downbeat of ten thousand warm raindrops. Coupled with the post-orgasmic sight of witnessing me, his loving mother, on her knees, choking back gurgles and swallowing his cum with genuine enthusiasm, I could see why my Son was having a hard time standing up.

“Mom, where the hell did you learn to do that?” He asked, wiping his eyes to convince himself he wasn’t in some sort of hyper realistic dream. “No girls at school-.”

“Have even half the experience that I do, so none of them will ever be able to make you come like that.” I stayed down on the floor for a minute longer, gently nursing on Sean and running my fingertips over his freshly emptied balls.

An odd sense of surreality came over me; his balls, so wonderfully plump like two large, smooth eggs, weren’t just empty. They had drained their entire contents into my stomach, like an injection of warm, gooey medicine, but continued to seize up as if desperate to squeeze out one last drop. Somehow, “empty” seemed like an understatement.

I had stopped swallowing for Donald years ago, and I didn’t miss it for a second. What fascinated me was how devoted I was to getting Sean hard so he could feed me again, with an urgency I hadn’t felt in ages.

I wasn’t sure why I felt so compelled to deliver a knee buckling orgasm to my Son, but the sounds he made had encouraged me like a carrot to a horse. I gave him everything I had to give, in a way I never had with my husband, with more devotion than I thought I could muster.

“What did I do to deserve that? You are fucking amazing, Mom. You should teach the girls at school a thing or two.” The nervous excitement of my babyboy’s voice was bringing up all sorts of motherly emotions in my womb.

I squinted my eyelashes together, pushing the water drops from my eyes. “You know what, I was just about to ask the same thing about this python.” My hand gripped his semi-rigid shaft halfway up, letting my finger tips slowly run over its surface until I twisted my palm around the head, polishing the water off the bulging, glistening helmet. “Momma hasn’t tasted a cock like this in a long, long time.” I not-so-subtly gestured to my throat. “You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting someone to scratch that itch.”

I stood up next to my grow-up son, letting the warmth of his embrace shield me from the water. “I love you, Sean.” I whispered into his neck, placing a tiny kiss on his collarbone. I closed my eyes and let my mind float in the gelatin thick lust saturating the air.

My hands mindlessly wandered up and down the impressive length of Sean’s dick, coaxing it back from the brink of softness with a few well-trained strokes & tickles. Donald never got hard again this soon after an orgasm, but truth be told I had never had such a desire to make him so.

I knew taking Sean in my throat again would likely mean a trip to the hospital for a punctured trachea, and there was no way I was letting him really fuck me without some serious soul searching to determine if I was still a good mother or not.

With that, I knew I had to call Caitlin and pump her full of details just like how my Son had done to me with cum.


Sean was still in the shower when I left the bathroom, clad in only a simple towel that didn’t quite covered the bottom of my mound. I had to admit, showering with Sean had given me a thorough soaking, worthy of investigation once I was alone.

My leg muscles were so unbearably shaky as they carried me back to my room, I felt I could crash at any minute. It was like coming home from a party late at night when I was in high school; stumbling through the halls like a drunk, using the walls as a sturdy brace to keep me upright, walking at a snail’s pace so I didn’t feel an oversized load of semen sloshing around in my guts.

It was unusual for the sloshing in question to belong to my Son, but I relished the nostalgia all the same. Every step I took nearly reduced me to a whimper, finding myself helplessly to the incredible feeling of Sean’s cum bubbling around inside my belly.

The longer I went feeling the weight in my gut, growing accustomed to being full, the more my critical thinking returned. I left me wondering how, and why, I had just sucked my son off in the shower.

Because he had cut the lawn, right? That’s how most mother’s reward their sons isn’t it? The more I thought about it, the more I agreed that if it wasn’t, it definitely should be, since our shower was exponentially more fun than paying him an allowance. The worry and guilt was beginning to dissolve, leaving me with nothing but the unrivaled thill of having Sean’s gooey deposit costing the walls of my stomach, splashing around with every step.

I caressed my belly with both hands, like I used to when I was carrying Sean as a baby, and rested my back against the wall. Escort bayan My eyes closed and a smile slowly spread across my face. Maybe it’d been hard to admit at first, but now I was completely committed to how blowing my son made me feel, and I wanted to chase that feeling.

I loved my son, he loved me, and we both clearly liked seeing how far I could take him into my throat. Nobody was getting hurt, so why should we stop? How could we, considering I was just rediscovering how much fun my mouth could be? “Maybe next time he’ll be the one using his tongue on me.” I sighed hopefully, patting my pussy mound and slipping my middle finger through the moist, glistening folds of my vagina.

My eyelids fluttered and I let out a soft purr. I didn’t want to stop playing with myself, but Lucy would be awake soon and if she saw me having “time to myself” she would go ballistic, with good reason. I knew Sean didn’t need any more stimulation, and if he walked out to that sight I was sure he would take it as an invitation.

Quickly, and with my fingers still dripping with beads of honey, I dashed into my bedroom and locked the door behind me. Dressing myself seemed half important, so I only threw on a small pair of baby blue boy shorts. They didn’t do much to cover my bum, but seeing as I was alone, classiness was no longer my top priority.

I flopped down on the bed and groaned into my pillow, reaching for my phone on the bedside table. My fingers flew like lightning plugging in Caitlin’s number, forcing me to repeat it couple times to compensate for my shaking hands. A few deep breaths settled me enough to punch the it in properly, but my heart continued racing through the four long, drawn out rings coming from the other end.

Caitlin picked up in the middle of me criticising her for taking so long to answer, thankfully after I’d already gotten the cursing out of my system. My sister answered with an elegant tone I only heard from her when she knew people were watching. “Caitlin Ried speaking, how may I help-.”

“Cut the shit, Cait, its me.” I didn’t mean to interrupt her so sharply, but I didn’t have time for her pleasantries. “Where are you right now?”

“At home, why?” Caitlin arched an eyebrow, though she knew Sophie couldn’t see it.

She could probably tell based on my behaviour that something was up, and she knew I wanted to vent about that something. The more anxious I was to share, the juicier the gossip, so my sister knew she would barely have to prompt me to spill the beans. “Come on little girl, let me hear it.” Years of practice had taught Caitlin that, as her baby sister four years her junior, I was a routine proprietor of the art of “kiss and tell”. There wasn’t anything yet to hint at an aura of sexuality to my words, but that didn’t stop Caitlin from making assumptions.

“Who was it, Soff?” She teased me with pet names, pushing my patience to the point of bursting before I was allowed to relay my story. Her jokes didn’t stop even when I gripped the phone with iron fingers, trying to crush the tiny machine in my palm like a stress ball. “Usher at a movie theater? Maybe a mechanic? Ohohoh no wait, was it a bouncer again?”

The cheery pitch behind my tone took a violently sharp turn, and I snapped at my sister like a disgruntled alligator. “A big, generous fuck you to you too, Cait.”

“Oh, come now, love.” Caitlin cooed. “We both know how hard it is for you to say no to a cock, isn’t this what always happens?”

I knew Caitlin was referring to my old sexual escapades, wherein I was a young, horny teenager willing to stuff anything in my vagina if it led to an impending orgasm. “I’ve never cheated on Donald.” I exclaimed proudly, which would have been completely true, save for the last hour or so. I felt the need to defend myself even though I knew she was right.

“i know sweetheart, I know. So, you met a new man. Start from there.” Caitlin excitedly urged me to keep going, brushing off the impending judgement I saw coming my way.

“Well, not exactly.” I groaned, resisting the urge to wimp out and disconnect the call immediately. I took a breath of new confidence and tried to keep subtlety in my corner. “Cait, you’d do anything for your girls, right?”

“Of course I would, Sarah and Jess mean the world to me. But I don’t see what-.”

“Bear with me, just for one minute, please.” I was practically begging my sister to hear me out, desperate to vent everything I could about how the past 2 hours had gone. “I don’t really know where to start, but I guess the ball started rolling when Sean came home today.”

“Oh my goodness, my Bunny is home!” Caitlin squealed like she’d just won a free vacation, remembering all at once how much she missed her nephew. “I haven’t seen him in ages, I miss my pudgy little bun-bun.”

“You know he’s shed the baby weight, Caitlin, he looks better than ever. You can’t keep using a nickname you gave him when he was-.” Bayan escort

“A chubby bunny?” She interrupted with a giggle.

“Yes! To be fair, the only word he knew was ‘bunny’.” I found it hard to not leap to Sean’s defence, but it was encouraging to know none of it was made up. Sean had shaped himself into a man whom I was losing the ability to keep off my mind.

“Wow, somebody has a little mommy crush, huh?” Caitlin teased me, making kissy noises into the phone. “Well, I don’t care, he’s always gonna be Bunny to me. What does Sean think of this new boytoy you’ve found?”

“Uh, he’s okay with it I guess. It’s a bit strange for both of us, to be honest, but he doesn’t seem to mind.” My heart was thumping in a quick rhythm, the bass echoing around my chest with powerful reverberation.

“Makes sense, he’s a mature boy. He knows you and Donald have been unhappy for a while, and he’s always been a momma’s boy so I don’t doubt he would keep your secret.” Caitlin said mischievously. “So, he and the new guy have met? Does he know you’re fucking him?”

“No, I mean yes sort of, but no, no not really. We haven’t, uh, had sex yet.” I gave my head a vigorous shake, trying to work up the courage to be direct. “Do you remember a couple years ago, at the Alister’s Christmas party, we were drinking on the couch, probably the last couple of people awake?”

“I remember that, we talked for like 2 hours. God, I remember it so vividly but it’s like I wasn’t even there, mentally, ya know?”

“Sort of, yeah.” I was growing more anxious with every passing second, biting my tongue to hold from rushing the explanation. “Anyway, I remember you said something about us that I still, admittedly, think about every so often.”

Caitlin gave me a soft chuckle. “I can’t promise I’ll remember it, I was reasonably drunk. Paraphrase it for me?”

“Sure.” I exhaled deeply through my nose, silently praying this would play out the way it was in my head. “It had to do with you and I, how we were slightly too…explorative, for sisters. Do you remember that?” Hope rang true in my voice.

Whether she did or not, I got the feeling she was playing me. “Not quite, what else did I say?”

“Well, I mean, do you remember how we used to…God, how do I explain this? We were very self-educating in the realm of our bodies.”

“You mean when I came back from university the first time?” Caitlin was past chuckles now, launching into a fully formed laugh. “Soff, sweetheart, I still remember exactly what your pussy tastes like. And more importantly, I remember how incredibly talented you are with those hands, wow.”

“Oh, great, so you remember us having sex.” I felt my body decompress for a short second, a brief reprise for my overstressed psyche before the realization that I’d used the word ‘sex’ tensed me back up again.

“I don’t know if I’d call it sex, we were still technically virgins when we met our college boyfriends. At least, I was.” Semantics, some would say. But I didn’t see it that way. Fooling around with Cait was just between us, no matter what I did with her it didn’t do anything to prepare me for the first time I saw a penis in person.

“I’m sure if we’d asked them for a foursome they would’ve said yes. Guys seem to have a permanent hard-on for the whole ‘fuck me and my sister’ angle, so the convincing would have been minimal.” Caitlin said. ‘I doubt I would’ve had to convince you that much either, you little whore.”

“Fucks sake, Cait!” I yelled, cupping a hand over my mouth to stifle the shock. I had clearly forgotten how crass my Sister could be, and how even after all these years I had a hard time deciphering if she was being genuine.

“Oh relax, you spaz, I’m half kidding.”

It might have been my imagination, but I picked up on a hint of nostalgia in her voice that had me thinking all sorts of devious thoughts. Caitlin and I hadn’t been…”together”, in over twenty years, but now the vault of memories had swung open and they came tumbling out.

“I kind of miss our exploring.” I pouted, curling a strand of hair around my middle finger.

“I don’t know how much professional exploring is usually done with mouths and fingers, but we got the job done.”

“Did we fucking ever!” The two of us cackled like we were in middle school late at night at a sleepover again, gossiping about boys we imagined were gossiping about us. A brief silence led me to prompt my next question. “And it wasn’t…weird, was it?”

Caitlin lapsed for a second before filling in the gap. “It was just between the two of us, so if it wasn’t weird for us two then who gives a damn what other people would’ve thought? They don’t know us, that part of us, and they don’t need to. It didn’t change who we are, if anything it just brought us closer.”

I found strange, familiar comfort in my sister’s words. Despite her being a mere handful of years older than me, she had always Escort been known to speak far beyond her years.

“You’re right, Cait. Thank you, I needed to hear that.” Sometimes going so long in between phone calls to Caitlin gave me the sense that she wanted to be distant, but I was happy to find myself mistaken at her overwhelming support. Leaning on the momentum of her charitable positivity, I chose to push the envelope a little further. “Have you ever thought about doing it again?”

It didn’t even take a full second for my sister to respond, and she dropped the three words she knew would send goosebumps through my entire body. “All the time.” I couldn’t help it, I groaned a little, and she heard. “You like that, huh Soff?”

“God, yes I do. I haven’t even touched a woman since-.”

“Since you had both hands gripping to the roots of my hair when I tongue fucked you at Shephard’s Bay twenty five years ago? Even then it’d been ages since we were intimate, and yes I’m using the word even though I know you hate it.”

“I’ll let it slide.” I whimpered. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, if Donald wasn’t around so often I probably would have already started pleading for you to come over.”

“Tsk tsk tsk,” Caitlin scolded with a bubbly tone. “Once a slut, always a slut, so it seems.”

“Careful who you’re calling names; I know exactly how to work that ass so that you’ll be calling me whatever the fuck I want.” I snapped, dropping the innocent tone and feeling a rush of warmth surface from the pit of my stomach as I recalled one of Caitlin’s favourite fetishes.

“I guess sisters just have that bond between them.”

My eyebrow arched. “What bond would that be?”

“I dunno, same parents, same genes, similar bodies, I spend enough time practicing on myself it doesn’t surprise me that I can flip your switches, too.”

“Ease off the horn; its inflating your ego like a cheap balloon.” My eyes swam circles. “I see where you’re coming from, though. It’s hard to get past the taboo, but he doesn’t seem to mind.”

Silence. Pin-drop, gut-wrenching dead silence let me know I’d accidentally shown way, way too much of my hand. I resisted the urge to fill the silence by backpedalling into an incessant ramble, and waited to see how my Sister would react.

Thankfully, it didn’t take more than a handful of painfully slow seconds before she clued in. “Wait a minute…’he’? Are you talking about your new boyfriend? Why would that be taboo, Soff?” Caitlin seemed calmly alarmed, prodding the subject further but apprehensive to learn too much about it. “I mean, cheating is taboo, sure, but not the way incest is.”

My throat tightened at the mention of the word incest; the stigma of my new favorite thing was wired into me biologically and I couldn’t help but recoil at hearing it phrased that way. Knowing what I was hoping to accomplish with this call, her interest served as a green flag to let me know I was picking my words well. “Just hear me out, and save your judgement for someone who’ll listen to it.”

“Relax! For crying out loud I haven’t even judged you yet, what’s gotten you so wound up?”

I swallowed a lump the size of a baseball and found my voice buried beneath the rubble of my wavering confidence. “Okay, so, you know how Sean got home today?”

“You mean like you mentioned a whole 2 minutes ago? Now you’re just repeating our conversation back to me, I thought you called with juicy gossip?” She was starting to grow impatient, I could hear the pout forming through the receiver.

I had two options laid out in front of me. One: bail and tell her some bullshit story that even I knew she would only pretend to believe to end the call.

Or option two; The “risk alienating your only sister because she thinks you’re slutting up for your only son” kind of option.

Swallowing my fear, I chose the latter.

The air hung heavy with a peculiar sense of silence that left me less sure of myself than I was when I first called her. I picked my words carefully, not leaving myself any breathing room to ensure Caitlin didn’t interrupt me. Relaying the story back gave me a somewhat villainous vibe, so I started throwing in some extra details to lessen the judgement against my character.

When I came to the part about my son shoving his dong halfway down my trachea, I heard her take a dramatic breath. She said nothing, weighing the outcome of every line of dialogue hoping there was one that didn’t go along the lines of:

“You let Sean…throat fuck you? Fuck’s sake, Soff, I’m all for being adventurous but you just made me blowing that guy on the ferris wheel look like a marital consummation.” She was shouting, but not angrily. There was almost a sliver of relief, like she had been expecting worse, but the overwhelming aura of desperate intrigue was what shone through in her voice. “I mean, that’s probably the last thing I ever expected of you, I knew you two were close but…doesn’t this count as cheating on Donald?”

“It’s not like that, not at all.” I stated firmly, stomping my foot but gaining nothing from it. “I love Donald, and I love Sean. I just love them in very different ways.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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