Mother’s Bedroom

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Normal people might wonder how I came to be in my mother’s room, lying on her bed holding a pair of her dirty panties over my nose. Normal people might think I was sick.

I wouldn’t say I don’t care what normal people think – I’d die if I thought anyone knew what I was doing.

I was naked. My clothes were in my room carefully laid out on the bed so I could put them on in only a few seconds. Although the house was empty I was terrified of being caught. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if mom found me laid on her bed, cock in my hand, inhaling the smell of her pussy.

It had started a few months back. I was looking for new ways to turn myself on. I have the most insane sex drive – honestly, I only have to see a picture of a hot girl in a magazine and my cock goes hard. Sometimes it goes hard on its own for no reason. I’ve tried a load of different things. I’ve placed a plastic bag between the base of my bed and the mattress, put some oil on my cock and fucked the home-made slit until I came. I’ve rubbed my head on the sheets until I came. I’ve even fucked a melon after reading about it online. The only thing I’d never done was fuck a woman.

I was on my own in the house, watching some porn and wanking but it wasn’t enough. I wanted more so I decided I’d put on my mom’s bra. I’m not gay or even bi, but I felt like it would be fun. I went into her room and looked around. It was all very alien to me. It’s not a place I go in very often and I’d no idea what lived in all the drawers and cupboards. I opened what I guessed would be a drawer for underwear but was just some books and a phone charger.

The next drawer was a hit though. A pile of mixed lacey cloth in blacks, whites and pale pinks. I was already hard but the sight of it made my end began to twitch. I’ve never touched women’s underwear before. I picked one up – it was panties – simple white ones. My hands were trembling. I’d come for a bra but I just had to put them on. I pulled them up and although they could just about cup my balls, my erection wouldn’t stay inside. I continued to look through the drawer until I found a bra, it was black but I thought what the hell. When I figured out how it worked and managed to do up the clasp I walked over to the mirror.

I thought I looked a little bit like a girl in her underwear. I couldn’t help but start pumping my cock at the sight of myself. It sounds pathetic, I know, but this was the closest I’d come to seeing a ‘real’ women in her underwear.

Things had escalated since then. I still loved to wear the panties but I’d found out that I liked used ones too. I’d like to point out that I don’t fancy my mother. I know it sounds weird but there is no attraction there – she’s my mother for god’s sake. The thought is just too weird. But somehow I’m able to dissociate her from the underwear. It’s just underwear, it could be anyones. I know that when I sniff it, it’s her pussy I’m smelling, but it’s so hot I just block out the details.

Sometimes I like to rub them on my hard cock and when I’m really horny I suck the crotch on them while I masturbate.

I heard the sound of a car in the drive. Fuck!

I jumped up and ran to the bathroom burying the panties back in the laundry basket. Then I raced to my room and pulled on the prepared clothes. By the time I heard the front door opening I was sat at my desk, opening up some chemistry revision.

“Hi Steve, I’m home.”

I got up from my desk and walked went to the top of the stairs. Mum was in the hall taking off her shoes. She was average height, had dark brown hair and was reasonably slim. I guess she had an average chest and average looks. I’d never thought of her as sexy or not sexy – she was my mother.

“Did you have a good day?” I asked.

“Okay. Your father is being difficult and says he can’t bring Kimberly back until Monday, but we’re supposed to be in the Oxford on Monday for the wedding.”

“Ah. Can’t Kim get a train or something?”

“I guess so. It’s just always the same. I swear he does it deliberately.”

“Do you want some tea?” I asked.

“Yes please love, that’d be great. I’ll just get changed.”

Mum worked as an English teacher at the local sixth form school. She was getting a bit fed up with it but we needed the money. When I finished my exams I’d get a job too and maybe she could find something less stressful.

I went down to the kitchen and she went upstairs to get changed.

I put the kettle on and got out some mugs.


I turned around to see mum standing in the doorway, a handful of toilet paper in her hand. I went cold.

“Why were these on my bed?”

Oh my fucking god.

“I…um…I don’t know.” My mind was racing. I felt faint.

“Were you in my bedroom?”

Uh…no. What would I be doing in your bedroom?”

“That’s what I’m asking you.”

I was desperately trying to think of something. Anything.

“Perhaps they fell out of your pocket.”

She was looking at me intently. She was used to dealing with boys my age and had learnt Escort bayan to see through their bullshit. “I don’t use toilet roll for tissues. We have tissues to use as tissues.”

“Right. Yeah. Oh, I know. I went into your room to look for Trampy. I hadn’t seen her all day, I was getting worried. They must have fallen out then.”

Mum’s expression changed to mild relief and she smiled. “Did you find her?”

“Yeah, she was under the bed.”

Her face showed mild panic and she flushed a little. “You went under the bed?”

“Oh no. She came out on her own.”

She smiled again. “Ah, great, Okay. I’ll finish changing and we’ll have that cup of tea.”

I knew I had to be a lot more careful now. There was no way I could give up my favourite pastime but I could not afford another near miss like that. What did interest me though, was what was under the bed?


Mum headed out at 7:30 the next morning. I was supposed to be revising, but fuck that. I wanted to know what was hidden in her room. I got up. My cock was already hard. I gave it few stokes but stopped myself.

I didn’t bother getting dressed. I prefer to be naked when I was doing this. Fortunately, the window of her bedroom was not overlooked so I didn’t have to worry about being seen by a neighbour.

Dropping on all fours I peered under the bed. There was a suitcase, a few shoe boxes, some bags of clothes and a couple of rolls of wrapping paper. I tried the boxes first – both had shoes in them. They were fairly racy ones; black with high heels. I’d never seen mum wear anything like that, but since the divorce, she’d not seemed to show much interest in men.

I pulled out the suitcase. It was heavy which I thought was a little odd. Adrenaline swam through me as the anticipation built.

I clicked the latches and opened the case. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The first thing that drew my attention was a black rubber cock about eight inches long. It had a sucker on the bottom to attach it to the floor. There were about another dozen fake dicks in various shapes and sizes. Some were pink and ridged, some were curved some had switches and one had a lead with a control box. But that wasn’t all – there were bottles of lube and weird gels. Metal balls connected with string and a harness which I guessed was used to hold a strap-on cock. I could feel my blood pumping through my body and my cock was rigid. I reached down and felt it. While I was stroking it back and forth, I picked up one of the rubber cocks and sniffed it. I hoped I’d be able to smell pussy but all I got was rubber.

I’d read online once about fingering your arse. Apparently, there is something up there, the prostate, which if you hit it just right, can make you cum. I’d tried it, and I liked it, but it had never made me cum. I wondered if one of these would do a better job. I picked the smallest one and grabbing the bottle of lube went back into the bathroom. One of my rules was never to make a mess in mum’s room.

I lifted one leg up onto the edge of the bath and squeezed a little of the lube on to my finger. After working some of it into my arsehole, I applied some to the flesh coloured cock. It was a soft, but firm material so I figured it would be a good one to start with. I started to push it into my arsehole but as I eased it in, the pain began to build. It hurt like hell. I stopped, added more lube and tried again.

“Shit!” It really hurt. But then as the head popped in, the pain suddenly stopped. Apparently the first inch ‘is’ the worst. The rest went in easily and it felt fucking good. I slowly moved it in and out and I loved the way it felt on my ring. There was also something deeper inside, like a weird twitch. A cross between needing a piss and squeezing my balls. I carried on working it in and out and could start to see why women liked being fucked. I grabbed my cock with the other hand and started to pull. The combined sensation was incredible. It was like nothing I’d experienced before. I could feel the cum welling up in my cock and although I didn’t want to cum yet, I couldn’t help myself. I jetted hard across the bathroom. It splattered on the wall and three more spurts sprayed the tiled floor.

An hour later, after I’d cleaned up and meticulously put everything back, I was horny again. I looked up some mother/son porn on the net. I really loved that stuff. The mothers were always kinda hot with big maternal tits. The fantasy of it was amazing. The reality – the idea of fucking my mum – was not so good. I began wanking but my mind kept going back to mum’s bedroom.

Still clothed, I entered her room. What else might be in here? I opened the wardrobe and rifled through the clothes – mostly work stuff, a few colourful tops, some heavy winter coats. And something in a black canvas hanging bag – the kind you store suits in. I undid the zip and was treated to the glint of PCV and zips. I pulled the bag out and laid it on the bed. I unzipped it fully to reveal two extremely kinky outfits. One was a lacy basque with suspenders. The other Bayan escort was a one-piece PCV skit and top which zipped up down the back. A PVC choker and some fishnet stockings were in a small cloth bag tied to the inside. I couldn’t resist it. I had to put it on.

I was devasted when it wouldn’t fit. Mum must be slimmer than I thought. There was no way it would go around me. I tried the basque too but I couldn’t do it up. I was desperate for release so went to the bathroom and rifled in the washing until I found a pair of her panties. The crotch was still slightly sticky with her juice. Normally that would be a step too far for me, but right now it was exactly what I wanted. I put them in my mouth and sucked at the sourness while I massaged my head with a thumb and forefinger.

I needed more. Still sucking on the panties, I went back into the bedroom. What else might I find? I opened a few more drawers – photo albums, old VHS tapes, a pile of romance novels. Just a minute? Old VHS tapes? I started looking through them. The titles were short and ambiguous – ‘Dec ’14’, ‘Peg’ and ‘Heya’. I need to watch them.

We’d not used the VHS player in years. It was in the spare room under a pile of Becky’s old school books. I dusted it off and connected it to the TV in my room.

I started with the least interesting sounding tape – Dec ’14. It was better to save the best till last in my experience.

The machine ground into life and a picture appeared. A man – one I didn’t recognise – looking into the camera. He was titling it and zooming the view to get it just right. As he stepped backwards, still looking at the camera, I could see he was naked. He was not an attractive man. White, a little pudgy with a hairy body and thinning hair. He was in my mum’s room. Shit. I paused the tape.

My heart was racing and my cock was still hard but I did not know if I wanted to see this. I knew what was coming and if I watched it there would be no turning back. It’s one thing to suck some panties because they are the closest I can get to a female, it’s another to watch your mum being fucked while playing with my boner.

I wanted to turn it off but I just couldn’t. I pressed play. I heard my mum speak. “Are we ready to go?”

“Yep. Just waiting for you now.”

He was right; he was ready. His cock was hard. It was bigger than mine, but a lot hairier.

My mum walked into the shot. She was dressed in the black basque and stockings from the cupboard and I hated myself thinking how fucking hot she looked. She was wearing makeup and her hair was tied into a single long braid. She looked like a dominatrix. She’d got the kinky heeled shoes on too. Fuck.

The man walked back to the camera and picked it up. It was filming from his perspective now.

My mother walked over to the bed and looked directly into the camera. It was the most fucked up feeling. She smiled sexily at me.

“How do you want me, Steve?”

I swore out loud. It must have been Steven Becker from the school. I think he was a history teacher. She’d mentioned him a few times.

Hearing her say my name like that – with that voice – in that context – I couldn’t think straight. I just carried on watching.

“Bend over for me. Let me see that gorgeous arse.”

She placed her hands on the end of the bed and struck a pose. Arse up, head back. Legs apart. She was side on to the camera.

Steve began to walk around her. I could already tell what she was planning to film.

“I thought we were going to use the tripod so we could both be in the picture.”

“We will, I’m just setting the scene.”

My mum’s arse filled most of the shot now. Steve had almost moved all the way her and the moment of truth was rapidly approaching. I asked myself if I wanted to see my own mum’s pussy. The fact that I was unconsciously working my cock back and forth told me everything I needed to know.

The first thing that struck me was that it was shaved. I thought only porn stars did that. It was smooth and very firm looking. The lips met but there was just a hint of her labia coming through. Her arsehole was smooth too but that wasn’t what I was looking at.

“Come on Steve, slip a finger in me.”

My stomach somersaulted. I really wanted to. Fuck – I was actually thinking it now. I wanted to finger my mother. No. I wanted to fuck her. My cock was raging, pre-cum was glistening on the end. I desperately wanted to bury my cock deep in my mother’s cunt and spray my hot load inside her…

I came hard all over my desk. Cum ran down my monitor and splattered the front of the video player. I felt dirty and immediately pressed eject on the tape.

I wiped up the mess and threw the tissues down the toilet. I went into my mum’s room still despising myself and put the clothes back and the videotape. I then made sure I’d not left a thing out of place and returned to my room.

I felt ashamed. What the hell was I thinking of? I was the worst kind of deviant. I revised for the rest of the day and didn’t think about sex again. Escort

Mum’s car pulled up just after 4:30. Oh shit. How would I even look at her? I heard the front door open. “Hi, Steve.”

Oh god.

“Hey, mum. You have a good day?”

“Ah, you know. Same old thing. How about you? You been hard at it?”

I baulked.

“Sure have.”

“Cup of tea?”

“Sure, I’ll be down in a second.”

I switched off my computer, took a deep breath and went downstairs.

Mum was sat in the lounge, he legs were on the footstool.

I saw her pussy. Not in real life, but in my head. My cock was getting hard. “I’ll make us some tea.”

“Thanks, love.”

I boiled the kettle and made tea. I took the tea in and we chatted a little while. I was not all there. I was looking at her legs. Those shapely legs wrapped in black tights. The knee length skirt. A white, crisp blouse and a small black cardigan. Her fell loose around her shoulders and her skin looked smooth. When she spoke I watched her lips move and wondered what they tasted like.

“Are you all right Steve?”


You seem distracted.

“Me, no. Sorry. I did a lot of studying. I’m a bit tired.”

“Oh, poor baby. Have you actually had to do some work? Do you need a massage?”


“No, not really you idiot. If anyone needs a massage it’s me.”

“I’ll give you a massage.”

“Oh, thanks love. That’d be wonderful.”

She settled back in the chair and I took up position behind her. My hands were shaking as I placed them on her shoulders.

“Just a second, I’ll take off this cardigan.”

Her hair smelt intoxicating – coconut.

“There, carry on.”

I placed my hands back and began to gently rub her shoulders. They felt delicate and slight. I’d not really felt a woman’s body before. I’d had a few quick kisses at parties, but they’d had never lead anywhere.

She let out a slow breath. “Thanks, Steve. This is wonderful.”


I could see the curve of her breasts and when I moved my hands forwards, I exaggerated the movement so my fingertips got as close as possible. My cock was pressing hard against the inside of my pants and because I’d not cum for most of the day, I could feel an irrational lust starting to build inside me. Her hair was brushing my hands and all I wanted to do was reach down and take hold of her breasts. I almost considered it for a second. But it would destroy our lives. How could she live with a son that wanted take her upstairs and cum in her pussy?


Over the next week, I watched all the videos. I used the camera on my phone to film the monitor while the video’s playing so I could have my own secret digital copies.

I finished watching the first video – after a little more filming Steve put the camera on the tripod and fucked my mother. It was over in a few minutes. She made some noises like she was cumming but I think she was faking it. There was lot more of him on view than her. It was a poor video, you couldn’t see much of note.

The second one, Peg, was a reversal. She was wearing the strapon from the suitcase and Steve was knelt up on the bed. She fucked his arse for at least fifteen minutes. It was sexy to see my mother take control, but it it was the third one that became my staple. I think it must have been made for Steve to take away with him. Why it was still here I don’t know. Perhaps the fling had ended early.

It started with her clicking record on the camera and then crawling on all fours back down the bed. She had on the tiny PVC dress and as she moved away you could see her pussy lips sliding against each other. She then lay on the bed and spread her legs. She was far more flexible than I’d imaged and she opened them so wide her lips parted showing her wet pink clit and a hint of her hole.

“Hi, Steve. Hope you’re comfortable.”

She then licked a finger and ran it up and down her lips before sliding it into her hole. I had to discipline myself every time I watched it. If I let myself start masturbating too early, I couldn’t finish the video before I came.

She slid her finger in and out for a few moments before reaching outside the shot. When her hand came back into view it was holding the big black cock I’d found under the bed.

She took it in her mouth and sucked it whilst fixing the camera with a filthy look. Then slowly fed it into herself. It was hotter than any internet porn I’d ever seem. The first time I watched it I was trembling, and even just thinking about it make me hard. But that wasn’t the best bit. After a minute or so of pushing it in and out, she started to moan. Quietly at first but then it got louder and more urgent. She started calling out my name. I know it wasn’t me she was doing it for, but it might as well have been. I came every time – thick jets of semen that I wished could be inside my mother.

But soon it was not enough and again. I needed more.


It was a Tuesday. I’d been through the laundry looking for her panties. I especially wanted the ones that were still a little wet. I liked to suck them while pushing her dildo up my arse and wanking over my staple video. I’d not yet managed to make myself cum just using just the dildo, but I loved the feeling anyway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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