Mother’s Life Ch. 04

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The very next month, Donna had a little surprise for her master. After being let in, she knelt on both knees, bowed her head and held out both her hands. Laying across her palms were a black collar and leash. He knew what she wanted him to do: he took the collar and leash and wrapped the collar around her neck, she had even made sure it fits around her neck without strangling her. After standing back up, her hands were cuffed behind her, she was blindfolded and gagged and led to the bathroom to strip.

Once she was naked, she was led into the bedroom. In the bedroom, her ankles were also cuffed. Before they got started with that nights activities, he began suckling at the right side of her neck. This got her moaning, still her body was his body. As he suckled at her neck, he also began to roll his hand over her breast, this got her moaning even more. With his arm across her torso, under her breasts, he reached down, grabbed the chain of the handcuffs around her ankles and used it to lift her feet into the air. Setting her down on her knees, what happened next was the usual routine.

Before she fell asleep, he thought he heard her ask him, “Could you lift me up like that again?”

4 years after their first encounter, with her daughter leaving for college Tipobet (thanks to no small part of her master), Donna was moving out of the apartment she was living in to live with her master in an estate he had inherited. The meant she didn’t have to be back by morning and she could be left bound and gagged for as long as her master wanted.

The night before Tom entered her apartment and picked her out of her bed. When she woke in the morning, she had her blindfold on and duct tape over her mouth. She also had her wrists and ankles bound with duct tape (with hands behind her back) and lime green washing line above and below her breasts. Wearing her pink pyjamas and shiny black stilettos, she was laying on a dull mattress with all sorts of objects around her. Although she couldn’t see, she felt the vibrations of the engine. She was being transferred along with all his other processions. She was, after all, his procession; she even had her collar around her neck like a pet.

After a while, they came to a stop. Soon after, Tom came into the back compartment and knelt on the mattress beside Donna. Undoing the buttons of her pyjama top, he soon had her breasts on show. After rubbing them for a couple of minutes, he was suckling at each of Tipobet Giriş her nipples in turn.

Even after he had returned to the driver’s seat, Donna was still laying there with her top unbuttoned and her breasts exposed.

When they eventually got to their new home, she was the last to be unloaded. Firstly, he cut the tape binding her ankles and she was led into the house with the leash (He had parked in the garage so no one saw). In the master bedroom, the tape binding her wrists was also removed and she was striped out of her pyjamas. But, he dressed her in a fishnet onesie and tied her wrists behind her back with green string. He brought her down to the lounge, sat her in front if the stone fireplace, tied her ankles together with the green string and removed the blindfold.

After a glance around, Tom went over some of the new rules they were to have now they were living together. Most of them, he had thought up on the way over.

As they had already established Rule 1; she has to always address him as ‘Master’, Rule 2; if she displease him in any way or do something without permission, she would get a slap (so far, he’s only had to slap her once), Rule 3; as long as she’s with him, and unless he says otherwise, she’ll Tipobet Güncel Giriş be tied up and Rule 4; he is granted access to all crevasses of her body (a rule she has already willingly submitted to).

“Rule 5: you’re welcome to shower yourself, but when I’m having a shower, you have to shower with and wash me.

Rule 6: Unless told otherwise, you are only allowed to pleasure me, whenever I will it.

Rule 7: Except for special occasions, you will remain naked all day and night. However, I will be keeping you warn.

Rule 8: When I need to go out, you won’t be in this house alone.”

To show her understanding, each time he made a new rule, she just nodded (well, she couldn’t do anything else). She also agreed to sleep in his bed with him every night. He also agreed to tie her in the bathtub when she has her monthly bleeding.

With the issue of the new rules of their relationship done with, he untied the string binding her ankles, stood her up and led her to the bedroom. Once there, the tape over her mouth was removed, but it was replaced by a Ping-Pong ball with a shoelace through it. Then, the string binding her wrists and the fishnet were removed and she was laid on her back on the bed. She was tied spreadeagled with soma of his neckties.

As he stripped and knelt on the bed, looming over her, he said, “Now, I think I promised you something.”

Before she knew it, his dick had penetrated her virginal walls and as he pumped it like a piston, the pleasure was sweet. For both of them.

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