Mothership Wilderness Pt. 33

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All Characters in Sexual Situations Are 18 or Older.

“Is this to be my wedding, then?” Truth looked around the small chapel. All of the ship’s women were there. Mary stood under the large cross at the head of the room, her heavy breasts exposed. She wore strange ceremonial robes that Truth did not recognize. She rubbed her legs together. In her years of fornicating, Truth had never been with another woman. She could tell by the way Mary watched her that that was about to change.

“It’s not a wedding, it’s the Two-Fold Baptism.” Mary’s smile was warm and friendly. “You will earn your own wedding, once you have proven yourself a worthy wife to my son.”

“Come on.” Humility led Truth down the aisle.

“For the first baptism, you must drink.” Mary held up her left breast in a sign of offering. The other women in the chapel murmured a short prayer.

“Where’s Jacob?” Truth could see no men in the chapel.

“You’ll have your fill of Jacob when he anoints you with the second baptism,” Pricilla called from the pews. “Don’t be greedy.”

“My daughter is correct.” Mary nodded. “Now drink from the source that nurtured the Messiah. I share my life with you so that you can be born anew.”

Truth shrugged. She had figured out by now that she had been served human milk when she woke from cryo. That milk had given her a good buzz, it wouldn’t hurt to try it from the source. “Do I just… um… put my mouth…?”

“Drink.” Mary beamed at her.

“Okay.” To drink from Mary’s breast, Truth had to bow before the woman. She thought that this was probably not an accident. Truth bent at the waist, brushed her hair behind her shoulders, and leaned toward Mary’s giant breast. She latched onto the nipple and sucked. Hot sweetness burst in her mouth. “Mmmmppppphhhhhh.” She sucked fervently. It was delightful. Her mind slowly spun in pleasant, blissful circles.

“Is that good, Truth?” Mary cooed as she stroked the woman’s head gently. “And we will show them His way. And they will see it is good.”

“And we will show them His way. And they will see it is good.” The women quietly echoed the words back to Mary, many of them watching with rapt attention. A buzz filled the room when there was movement by the door.

Seated on a golden chair atop a litter, Jacob appeared. Bearing the litter were Elijah Sterret, John Carver, Mason Winthrop, and Isaac Winthrop. They silently moved down the aisle and stood near the front of the chapel, still holding the litter aloft on their shoulders. All four attendants sweat with the effort.

“Good, good.” Mary gently pulled Truth from her breast. She wiped some milk with her fingertip and drew a cross on the woman’s forehead. “You are ready.” She looked over at the attendants. “Lower the Chosen One.”

The litter slowly descended to the floor, and Jacob stepped off. He glanced at Elijah. “I want my attendants to stay and see Truth receive her second baptism.” The men filed into an empty pew and sat.

At the same time, the women stood and moved to form a half-circle around the front of the chapel. They all vocalized their support for his decision to have the attendants present with a faint, harmonious mix of “yes,” “good,” and “praise be.”

“Oh, my. That was… quite something.” Truth’s head still buzzed with the magic of Mary’s milk. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and straightened herself. When she looked around the chapel, a thrill went through her at the sight of Jacob, but then she froze when she saw her husband. Elijah was not her husband anymore, she reminded herself. She had cast him aside when she had chosen sin. A little orgasmic shudder went through her at the thought of embracing evil with her dumb, former husband looking on. She took a deep breath and gave Elijah a little wave. He did nothing more than frown at her. When she turned her attention back to Jacob, her new husband was already undressed. Her eyes locked on his pulsing, writhing organ. “What… do you want me to do?”

“You need only open yourself to him.” Mary’s eyes were wide with anticipation. This woman would be the key to everything once they reached New Canaan. They had suffered so many setbacks, but the Lord had steered them true in the end. “He will tell you how to receive your baptism.”

“I’d like you to ride me.” Jacob lay on his back in the middle of the semi-circle of wives. A murmur of assent moved around him.

“Okay… okay…” Truth quickly undressed. She listened to their cultist gobbledygook. She knew the words from her salvation, but they been twisted to serve a wicked purpose. Just like her. When they wanted her to say something, she said it. Soon, she was lowering herself down onto his penis. Her high wail filled the chapel when he entered her. The women around them again murmured their approbation. “Deep… so deep… yeeesssssssss… that spot… aaaahhhhhhhh.” Truth’s eyes rolled back. She was already cumming. She didn’t care about Elijah watching her fall. She didn’t mind all kızıl gaziantep escort the brainwashed women staring at her breasts bouncing. Only one thing mattered. She was chasing the ecstasy that the nineteen-year-old’s deformed penis gave her. Her hips were off to the races, and she rode him hard.


After Truth was welcomed into the fold, the Errand into the Wilderness didn’t have to wait long for another joyous occasion. Judy gave birth to another of Jacob’s daughters just hours later.

“She’s beautiful. God has given us another blessing.” Jacob held his new baby proudly, standing next to Maureen, Penny, and Mary.

“Amen.” Mary nodded and rubbed her own swelling belly. She would have to wait until they arrived at New Canaan to birth her son another daughter.

“My third granddaughter.” Maureen tickled the baby’s nose. “And one of them I made myself.” She blushed and looked at Jacob. “I mean we made her together. This is a strange and wondrous time.”

“Wondrous, indeed.” Jacob nodded and handed the baby back to Judy. He smiled at his mother. “After the last wedding… I was thinking… we should have a wedding before we go back into cryo.”

“You and me?” Mary thought her face might crack from smiling so wide.

“Yeah, Mom. What do you say?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” Mary had it all planned out. She even had a wonderful surprise for him.


“Well then, you may furrow the bride’s fields so that she may ripen as He wishes.” Pricilla threw her hands up in celebration. It had been such a joy to officiate her brother and mother’s wedding.

“Come with me.” Mary took Jacob’s hand and led him up the aisle. She was still wearing her white wedding dress, but the veil was thrown back.

“I thought that we…” Jacob let his mom pull him out of the chapel. They were followed by everyone awake on the Errand, both wives and attendants. The women were all shouting for joy and throwing confetti up in the air. The men moved silently after them, picking up the mess.

“You thought you would furrow my fields in the chapel like some common wife?” Mary laughed. She had to raise her voice to be heard over the chorus of cheers. “I have something special planned for our wedding, sweetie. An instant honeymoon, if you will.”

“I will.” It wasn’t easy to race along with his mother with his cock fully ready and trying to escape his uniform. But the expectation of what she had planned spurred him on. They ran laughing through the corridors, everyone else following just behind.

Their journey ended at the holopark. They entered to thunderous applause.

“It’s the Iowa Eagles playoffs from four years ago.” Jacob kissed his mom on the cheek. “This is where we first did it.”

“Yes.” Mary turned him toward her and kissed him deeply. When she came back up for air, she glanced at the assembly staring in through the open door. “To those that don’t know, I was the first to make the holy bond with Jacob. I brought my sweet son here after his sister had taken him with her mouth.” Mary held a hand out to Pricilla. Her daughter curtsied in return. “Foolish woman that I was, I thought I could control his growing power by deflecting his thoughts with baseball. He showed me the folly of my ways, and we mated here for the first time.”

There was a round of applause from the women. Some of the attendants joined in, but they seemed confused about what they were applauding.

“Now, on our wedding day, I come here to let him take me again. Although I already carry his second child, I give myself to him so that we both may better know Him through the Heaven he shows us.” Mary undressed her son as she talked, but she kept her dress on. “When we finally arrive at New Canaan, the attendants will build us a real baseball stadium. I pray that it will be completed in time for Jacob to plant his seed for a third child inside me while we watch a game.” There was more cheering from the assembly, followed by a roar from the Eagles crowd as someone hit a double down the line. When his penis was free, Mary dropped to her knees and lovingly sucked him until the bottom of the inning.

“Can we sit in the same spot, Mom?” Jacob pulled her to her feet.

“Yes, of course, Jake.” Mary led him to their old seat. The rest of his wives and attendants filled in the seats behind them. Members of the holocrowd got up and moved out of the way for them. Mary sat him down, stroking his hair. She hiked up her dress, straddled him, and looked up at her growing congregation. “We pray that every woman on this Errand will know the joys of opening to Him and serving her true purpose. We pray that every man will learn his place and serve as his position dictates.” She lowered herself and let the penis head squirm into her. She inched down, hugging Jacob’s shoulders. “Ohhhhhh… it’s all the way in.”

“I don’t think… it wants your pussy… Mom.” Jacob’s voice was muffled by her massive gaziantep kızıl escort bayan bosom hidden in her wedding dress.

“No?” Mary lifted herself up. Sure enough, his penis pulled out of her and moved to her butthole. “It only wanted my vagina… for lubrication… ooohhhhhhh… I always forget… how big you feel… back there.” She settled down, letting him stretch out her butt. Her hips moved quickly and she took him with great long strokes. “To think… Jake… I once believed… that this was unnatural… because it didn’t lead to… procreation.”

“It’s the most… ugh… natural thing… in the galaxy, Mom.” He reached around and took heaping handfuls of her butt cheeks. He didn’t need to do much to help her, she was already riding him with vigor. “You make such… a good…” He thought about calling her a bitch, but deep down he knew that what flew with the other wives, wouldn’t always fly with her. “You make such… a good… wife.”

“Yessssssss… your wife… I’m your wife… Jake… oooohhhhhhhhhhh.” Her butt clenched on him, and she had her first orgasm. There was a time in her life when she would only have sex with her husband with the lights out. Now, she humped like the saint of fecundity that she was, with her whole congregation looking on, including her now insignificant bygone husband, Isaac. And nothing could make her happier.


“If Jacob asks for it, it is his.” Elijah bowed his head. His mind swirled with confusion. The only thought that seemed to stick was to never disappoint the teenager that stood next to his wife. Whose wife was she? She was once his, but now she was His. Elijah’s eyes fell to the floor.

“I won’t always be around. Especially in the early days, after we’ve just arrived. So, you must listen to Truth. She will guide you.” Jacob stood with his arms folded. He was getting used to command. “I will be very disappointed if you listen to the other pastors or anyone else in Colony Control. Your new chain of command is me first, and then my wife, Truth. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Elijah nodded.

Jacob turned to Truth. “Will it work? Will others be suspicious?”

“With the computer working with us, we will have no problems.” A dark smile spread over Truth’s lips. “We will subjugate them one by one, turning them against Him.”

“We shall free them one by one, turning them toward Him.” Jacob didn’t always like the way Truth saw things. But she would play ball.

“Fine. Have it your way.” Truth laughed and knocked a nearby glass of milk to the floor, where it shattered. “Clean that up, Elijah.”

Jacob frowned at her, but followed her out of the room. She made plans with him as they walked, telling him about the different men in the false chain of command. And when she could see she was beginning to bore him, she talked about their wives. That seemed to interest him more. They arrived at the holopark and entered. There they found Judy and Pricilla. Both of them started talking the moment Jacob and Truth entered.

“One at a time, please.” Jacob looked around. They were in a large cathedral, with a high, vaulted ceiling. Sunlight streamed in through many stained glass windows.

“Mom’s idea about building the baseball park got me thinking.” Pricilla stepped up to her brother and hugged him. “The original design for many of our buildings has to change. So, with Judy’s help, we put together a concept for our new cathedral on New Canaan.”

“It’s nice.” Jacob shrugged. He wasn’t sure why he had to come see it. They could have used the original design for all he cared.

“You haven’t noticed the best part.” Judy stepped up to him and linked her arm in his. It was a thrill to touch him. She wondered if they had time to get her pregnant again before cryo. It would be wonderful going to sleep with a baby in her belly. She shook her head to focus. “Come here.” She led him down the farthest right-hand aisle. Her voice echoed in the vast room as she talked. “This is where the panels start.”

Pricilla linked her arm with Jacob’s free arm and walked with them. Truth found herself a seat and watched.

“What do you see?” Pricilla looked up at the stained glass.

“Is that Errand’s departure from Sol?” Jacob could see that it was. He looked to the next window. “And that’s me waking up from cryo. Am I really that skinny?”

Judy giggled. “We love you just the way you are.”

“I wouldn’t trade this body for anything.” Pricilla smacked him on the rear.

“And this one… is Mom working me with her hands. And that’s you Pricilla, on your knees.” Jacob laughed.

“Your first blowjob.” Pricilla said proudly.

They worked their way around the cathedral. There was Jacob playing baseball with Heather, and the next panel had the First Chosen riding him in the dugout. Other scenes included his date with Penny in the undersea restaurant and Judy riding him at her Two-Fold Baptism.

The gaziantep kızıl escort panels depicted difficult moments as well. There were stained windows that showed Jacob valiantly defeating Mason in single combat when his brother had plotted to destroy the Errand into the Wilderness. Another depicted him conquering Dr. Cole and choosing to take them to Tigov 19. Near the end, Jacob saw himself bravely launching the ship away from Tigov 19 to save all on board. When they had finished their tour, both women looked at him expectantly.

“It’s fantastic… but…”

“You don’t like it?” Judy frowned. “We tried to capture every important moment from our voyage. Did we forget something?”

“No…” Jacob looked along all four walls following his journey. “You got everything. But… um… I think some people might revolt if they saw this.”

Pricilla laughed. “We’ll keep it to ourselves until you have converted everyone to His cause.”

“Of course.” Jacob laughed along with her. “I love it. Thank you, both.” He kissed his sister. He then turned and kissed Judy. “They will all know… my story.” Soon, all three were tearing at each other’s uniforms. Judy rode Jacob in the first pew, facing away from him. At Jacob’s request, she kissed Pricilla. Soon the women were making out and groping each other while Judy went from one orgasm to the next. Judy was the first woman to take Jacob’s seed in the cathedral that would someday exist on New Canaan.

Truth masturbated while she watched them desecrate God’s temple. It made her so wet to hear the genius mewl like an idiot when she took Jacob’s cum. Then it was his sister’s turn. They seemed to have an extra spark. Truth came as she watched the hopelessly lost woman scream out her ecstasy. The dumb woman truly thought she was finding Heaven among the stars. Her eighteen-year-old daughter, Charity, would sound like those women one day. Perhaps Truth would present her daughter to Jacob in that very cathedral once it was built. The thought of it sent her into further spirals of arousal.

“We will make… a green… new world… and spread his seed. This is just… the beginning.” Pricilla took her brother from behind. She was up against the wall under the panel depicting her first oral sex. She had one hand against the rough paneling, the other held her belly. Like her mother, she would give birth not long after they reached New Canaan. “We will… spread… new life… ooohhhhhhhhh.” She whimpered when his penis found one of her hidden places.

“I can’t wait… to change the galaxy… with you.” He took hold of her hair, pulled her face to the side, and kissed her roughly. “Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.” He unloaded his cum in her ass.


“I probably shouldn’t let you sleep in. We’ll be sleeping for years soon enough.” Mary crawled out of the bed she had shared for the night with Jacob, Pricilla, and Humility. They were all naked. Mary stood, stretched, and yawned. “Wake up, sleepyheads.” She leaned over the bed, her boobs dangling below her. “Today’s the big day.” She smiled when her son opened his eyes.

“Mom?” Jacob stretched. “I’m hungry.”

“I’ve got just the thing for you, sweetie.” Mary leaned a little forward and hung her breast over his mouth. She sighed when he latched on. “That’s right. I’ll make sure your belly’s full when you go into cryo.”

“Good morning, Mom.” Pricilla sat up and yawned, carefully watching her brother drink his breakfast.

“Good morning, dear.” Mary smiled at her daughter.

“Is it really time to get up?” Humility was sore. She stretched herself in bed, rubbing up against Jacob. He had ridden them all very hard throughout the night.

“Yes. Everyone will be preparing.” With a flick of her wrist, Mary floated a clock above the bed. “The attendants have been working all night. Most of them should already be sleeping in their pods.”

“What can we do?” Pricilla looked eagerly at her mother. She prayed she would be the one to give him his last orgasm before they slept. She looked at Humility and felt guilty for her greedy thoughts. She prayed she would be one of the ones.

“I know what you’re thinking.” Mary smiled and waved a finger at her daughter, while her son continued gulping underneath her. “And yes, of course. We can’t let him go into cryo with blue testicles.” She nodded to where his balls were clearly a purplish shade of blue. “Why don’t you and Lil get him started while I feed him?” She crawled back onto the bed and pulled his head onto her lap. She stroked his hair while he suckled.

“Sure, Mom.” Pricilla’s grin went ear to ear. She took his cock into her hands and pumped him. It didn’t take long for the thing to grow.

Humility watched, feeling left out. She was the only one not in Jacob’s direct family. She bit her lip, thinking. What would Jacob do? He wouldn’t let the universe leave him out. He would seize the moment. She smiled, grateful for the inspiration, and moved between his legs. She lay on her swollen belly and took his right ball into her mouth, swirling it with her tongue.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Jacob shivered when he felt his sister’s mouth engulf his cock. What a way to start the day. When he’d had his fill, he gently pushed his mother’s breast away. His whole body buzzed with the combined influence of the milk, the blowjob, and ball-sucking. “Would you mind helping them out, Mom?”

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