Mounded by Monique: Introduction

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Thrusting … My cock thrusting into Monique’s pussy … thrusting hard, my cock filling her wet pussy with each thrust. Sweat trickling down my forehead, I’ve been fucking her for twenty minutes and still she has not cum. The co-ed’s from school almost always have cum by now as I feel my cock twitch, my balls tighten … inside her, my body trembles and my cock slit blasts inside her pussy. Cumming, I groan in pleasure as my body gives way to her, cumming inside her. As if waiting my cue, Monique’s body shakes and she erupts. I can feel her spraying my groin with her orgasm as we nearly cum together. Her nails grip my ass and hold me tightly inside her as I orgasm with her.

Four hours earlier I had met Monique at a bar downtown. I was there to blow off steam and maybe pick someone up for the night after a week of seeming futile job interviews. I graduated three months earlier and am still trying to find work. In the interim, I tend bar and do some temp work to pay the rent. Monique is at least 45, older than I am accustomed to being with but she chatted me up and bought me drinks as we danced and got to know one another. Finally she asked if I would like to go home with her. She told me she’d give me cab money to get back into the city.

The house was enormous located just outside the city. When she caught my look as we pulled into the garage she assured me her husband wasn’t home and wouldn’t mind if he was. An open relationship, she called it. Monique led me into the house through what appeared to be a side entrance but I soon found myself in a very large, very female bedroom. She asked me if I needed to use the bathroom or if she could get me anything to drink. I said yes and yes and excused myself for a couple moments. When I reappeared, Monique had poured two Whiskey’s like we had been drinking in the bar. She was also standing in very expensive underwear, bra panty garter and stockings. I sipped my Whiskey, very good by the way, as Monique slowly undressed me.

Soon enough we were in her large bed fucking. She had made me hard with her mouth, taking my cock into her mouth while commenting on my shaggy blonde pubes. Her tongue was exquisite and I thought I would cum just from her foreplay. When I finally had her as nude as I, I was enthralled by Monique’s pussy. Not smooth as the co-ed’s of today so often are but her pubic hair neatly groomed. Black, thick pubic hair that stopped just short of her clitoris. Her labia were exceptionally meaty and long, her clitoris soon became as long as a tiny penis. Monique had an amazing pussy. I licked and sucked until she finally pulled me over her body to take my cock in her pussy. We fucked .. I moved in and out of her … fucked for nearly half an hour before cumming inside her.

It was nearly 3 a.m. before she reached for her cell and called me a cab. She asked me to text my phone number to her – that she would like to fuck me again very soon. When I awoke the next morning, I had a text on my phone asking if I was available for dinner on Sunday night. She included a picture of her pussy. I quickly texted back asking when and where.


The next six months were like a dream with Monique. We would meet for dinner and a movie or a play or whatever it was that she desired. She bought me clothes and always paid for the nights out. They always ended up back at her bedroom with me fucking her. My wardrobe had greatly improved with my shopping forays with Monique. She knew tailors and dressers that soon knew my proper sizes and had suggestions waiting for us. It was mostly fine dining but sometimes a taco shop just for something different. Monique spoke of her husband sparingly. He worked long hours and traveled often.

My job search was moving along at a snails pace. I was working more hours at the bar just to keep my head above water. I loved spending time with Monique as she showed me another side of living I have only dreamed but I also found myself becoming more dependent on her. And her money. The age difference never seemed an issue. She acted like a much younger woman. And the sex? She fucked like the girls I knew from college only with experience and wisdom they could only dream. And did I mention beautiful?

Monique is nearly six feet tall with curves in all the proper proportions except maybe her breasts slightly more proportioned. Her nipples are large brown nubs with wide aureola’s. Her hair is long and black, nearly down to her mid-back with intense brown eyes. I believe I already mentioned her amazing pussy. Somewhere in the fifth month, Monique’s demeanor both in public and private became a bit more dominant but I was slow to realize.

I had always been a lady’s man but was soon finding myself Monique’s boy toy. Somewhere along the way she stopped giving me head, using her hand to get me hard for fucking. I never realized. At some point, my oral attentions to her pussy became more the part of our foreplay. I loved lapping her pussy and getting her wet so I didn’t realize the shift in the dynamic but it was happening. Monique mersin escort had always paid so she was in charge of the shopping, the dining, the entertainment outside the bedroom.

It was a Thursday evening and I didn’t realize it was the six month anniversary of our first night. We had been out drinking. She had hired a car for the night. I should have realized something was different, obviously Monique had planned to get me drunk. After I had got down on Monique, my tongue getting her off … Monique rolled me onto my stomach and I soon found myself with my hands tied to the headboard. I didn’t even realize she was wearing a harness with a six-inch dildo until she pressed lube to my asshole. I turned as quickly as I could to protest but I was still seriously buzzed from the fine Whiskey she had been pouring me for hours. Monique proceeded to fuck my asshole with the small dildo until I was rutting on her sheets. Her latex cock slid into my lubed asshole. Monique lay her body over mine, her tits pressing into my back, her lips kissing my neck to soothe my fears. Always, I could hear her voice softly in my ear to encourage me to relax. Finally my asshole took the cock and she fucked. Her body rocked into mine and the latex cock slid through my ring. I had never been touched here and now Monique was fucking me. I could feel her touching spots inside me and soon I was pushing to her, I was rubbing my erection on her sheets. When I came by rubbing my cock on the sheets, she collapsed on top of me telling me how sexy I feel, how pretty I look.

Monique had been thoughtful to have the driver wait for me. She walked me to the door and I stumbled to the car. It was after four in the morning but the driver was just as polite as when he had picked me up hours earlier. I shifted uneasily in the comfortable back seat all the way home, the feeling of Monique’s dildo in my asshole had me sore. And excited. The driver was kind enough to help me inside as if sensing I would struggle.


Fortunately I didn’t have to work the bar until nine the following night. It gave me all day to sleep off my hangover and to move around my one bedroom in my pajama’s. I was surprised how little my ass hurt when I moved. Monique had been very gentle with me it seemed. Monique had talked me into growing my hair a little longer – she told me it made me look so much more handsome. It was now down to nearly brushing the collar on my white shirt I wore for work. Monique texted me mid-morning to check that I got home safely and to remind me she had made an appointment with her hair stylist, Shayne. She had told me when she made the appointment I just needed to show up – Shayne would know what to do and Monique would pay her.

I showered and found some lunch before taking a cab to the appointment. The studio was small but very nicely decorated, if not a bit more feminine than I was used to using. Even though I had recently showered, Shayne shampooed my hair and had me take a seat. She mostly trimmed the ends and tidied it up though the cut did look a bit ‘softer’ than when I started. I didn’t really see anything different, but a couple of the waitresses at the bar seemed to notice.

I was quite surprised to look up from the rush to see Monique sitting at the bar with a smile on her face. Monique mentioned liking my hair, Shayne had texted her after I left. It was a little past eleven and the place was hopping. I told her I couldn’t really talk much and she just tapped the bar to order her Whiskey without saying a word. But she watched me as I worked, making drinks and hustling tips. Monique left about fifteen minutes later, a $20 on the bar and a note telling me she would pick me up for dinner at 8 the following evening.

The following evening Monique looked devastatingly sexy. The back of her dress was cut to the small of her back. She wore heels that made her over six feet tall and somehow accentuated her shapely ass. We sat in the lounge of the Four Seasons and seemingly everyone – man or woman – turned to look at us. I wore slacks and a leather jacket but hadn’t realized Monique had pushed my hair over my ear while we talked. My look had subtly became more androgynous the more time we spent together. Monique had ordered appetizers and just before they arrived, she leaned over and suckled my earlobe, whispering that she wanted to skip dinner and go home to fuck. She ordered us both a second Whiskey when the waitress brought the variety of apps. Forty-five minutes later we were leaving the bar and soon enough pulling into the garage. Monique had teased me all the way home by slipping her breasts from her dress and fondling herself even as she wouldn’t let me touch her. Or myself. I didn’t even notice the Bentley parked in the third slot of the garage as we stepped from hers and moved to the side entrance as always.

I slipped off my jacket and hung it over the back of a chair. Catching myself in the mirror, I noticed for the first time my hair style and how in the right light I looked less masculine but shook it off. If Monique liked, that’s all that mattered. I poured our Whiskey’s and Monique stepped out of the enormous walk-in closet wearing only a floor length sheer robe and the heels she had worn that night. As she moved, her legs were languid, each step showing skin nearly to her pussy. Her breasts were barely concealed by the robe. She stepped into me, her free hand pressing my slacks over my nearly hard cock as the other hand tilted the tumbler to her lips to drink. It was not quite eleven, much earlier for us to be back at her house than usual, but I was not thinking about that at all.

We stood there kissing and touching as we drank the drink. When it was finished, I was nearly bursting the zipper on the slacks. Monique doesn’t like when I wear underwear so I don’t. A large wet spot had appeared beside the zipper. I started to ask if she wanted another drink but she just took my hand and led me to the bed. Slipping her robe from her shoulders, she pulled back the sheets and lay on her back. Her legs opened to me as a flower does to the morning sun. Her meaty lips were wet and glistened in the low light. I pulled off my shirt and quickly unzipped my slacks. I folded each neatly and lay them on the table near the closet as she had instructed the second night I came back to her home. Monique looked up to me, reached down and spread her cunt lips open wide. My cock throbbed at the invitation. No more foreplay, I quickly climbed between her legs and began to fuck. My cock pushed into her and Monique arched towards me, taking all my cock in the first thrust. Kissing her mouth, my cock began to thrust and ram into her. For the first time in months, I felt as if I was the top and I fucked her hard and fast with long, steady strokes. At some point, her fingers laced with mine and she held be as we fucked. My ass rising and falling, my cock filling her cunt with each thrust. Her wetness making the sloppy sounds of sex as I fucked her. Monique was really enjoying this action tonight I thought to myself as I fucked her. Her legs lifted over mine and wrapped around my thighs to hold me agains her as we fucked. I couldn’t lift my ass quite as high, her thighs strong enough to hold me in place as we fucked.

Without nary a sound so I didn’t even notice, a man was now standing beside the bed. I realized only as I caught Monique’s eyes move to the side, a different sort of smile on her face. I looked to see a distinguished man of 55 or perhaps a bit older standing there holding a tumbler much like we had just used. I froze inside Monique, my cock hard, my body now shaking as I knew this could only be her husband. “James, I’d like to introduce you to my handsome husband Gaylord. And Gay, this is James.” The man smiled, ran his hand through his wavy salt-and-pepper gray hair then touched the mustache above his lip. I really couldn’t move. I surely did not know what to say with my cock in his wife’s pussy so I smiled weakly.

Gaylord, or Gay as Monique had called him, sat down on the edge of the bed about even with our hips. He seemed to look us both over but I was now realizing he had likely been watching for some time and I was just not aware. “Hello James. I can see you quite enjoy fucking Monique.” Then without waiting for an answer he turned to his wife, “You do have an amazing eye for beauty my love.” He swallowed the last of the liquid in the glass, Scotch I would later learn. “I have been watching you both for some time. James does have quite the vigor for fucking and you have told me he quite fills your pussy when he does.” I was somehow still hard inside Monique even as the two of them spoke of me without speaking to me any longer. Gaylord reached out and stroked the top of her left thigh that now was locked over my right. His hand moved over her skin until it brushed my butt. Monique kissed my mouth just before that happened, knowing it would before I did. She felt my cock twitch in her cunt when Gaylord did so.

Gaylord stood and paused, I thought he might leave us alone. “I saw you leave, Monique … you looked incredible in that dress I bought for you in Paris.” As he spoke, Gaylord began to unbuckle his belt and then unzip his slacks. He subtly held the belt up but Monique shook her head to say it wouldn’t be needed. Kicking off the loafers, Gaylord lowered his slacks to the floor and stepped from them. His cock was hard, eight or more inches long. I began to squirm but Monique only tightened her grip on my hands, my thighs.

“Just relax baby … I won’t let Gay hurt you.” I could see him returning with a tube of lube in his hand, his hard cock bobbing like a grandfather clock’s pendulum. Monique looked to Gaylord, “I told him you’d be gentle. You promised me you would.”

Gaylord smiled and unbuttoned his shirt before slipping it off his shoulders. Regardless his age, he was quite fit from head to toe. He has a soft tuft of chest hair that matches the grey on his head. A thin trail of slightly darker hair starts at his belly button and trails all the way to the base of is cock, only flaring out to the width of his base the last couple inches. His balls smooth as it appeared were his legs. Gaylord liberally squeezed the lube onto his hands then rubbed them together to warm the gel. He smeared it on his head and shaft before moving on the bed behind me. Monique just squeezed tighter to hold me as she could feel me struggle with him now behind me. She lifted her head and kissed my mouth, pushing her tongue past my lips as Gaylord pressed two fingers against my anus and smeared the warmed gel all over my opening. Finally he spoke once more, “of course I will be gentle with the young man’s tight anus … I wouldn’t want him to think us rude hosts.” And with that I screamed out even with Monique’s tongue in my mouth. Gaylord had pushed his bulbous head past my ring and into my asshole.

His body now pinning mine to Monique’s, she was able to relax her thighs a little bit. She pushed her pussy towards my groin, swallowing my cock in her womb. Gaylord slowly pressed forward, his cock pushing deeper into my asshole. I could feel him opening me up around his shaft as he pushed into me. My entire body shook – I’m not sure of fear or excitement – but I shook. Finally Monique began to fuck me and then I began to fuck her. And Gaylord … Gaylord found our rhythm and pushed into me as I pulled from Monique. Gaylord is just over six feet tall, his body now over mine as he reaches to kiss her mouth with his cock in my ass, my cock in his wife’s cunt. Fucking, the three of us now fucking together as we all found the rhythm. My balls flattening against her wet cunt as I plunged into her. His balls flattening against my asscheeks as he filled my bowels with cock. He was significantly larger than the dildo Monique had used two nights earlier but his skill allowed my asshole to take him without feeling like he would rip me apart.

“That’s it baby … you can cum …cum for Monique … I want to feel you cum inside me tonight … ” My body was thrusting, I found myself pushing back to Gaylord, his cock stimulating my prostrate making me want to cum. I cried out perhaps a little higher than usual, his cock fucking my ass as I came inside Monique. She clenched my shaft and held to me, pushing herself against me as she watched Gaylord fuck me. The man of his age had stamina to go with his physique. I could hear his breathing grow shallower, knowing he was about to … oh fuck … Gaylord cumming inside me. His cock exploding inside me, shooting his seed deep inside my bowels. As he does, Monique moans out and her body spasms under me. Monique sprays her orgasm over me with me inside her, with Gaylord draped over us both. We all lay there moments to catch our breaths. For me to try and comprehend what just happened to me. I had never been with a man nor had I ever fantasized about it. And now I’ve just cum while being ass-fucked by my lovers husband.

“James … may I call you Jamie?,” Gaylord continued without waiting for an answer, “Jamie you were a wonderful fuck. Monique said you would take my cock and you did so wonderfully.” I started to correct him, that my name was James but just shrugged it off with his cock slipping from my asshole. A rush of cool air washed over me with his body weight no longer on me. He walked to the bathroom, I could see his ass move as he walked, a full body tan. I could hear him pissing in the toilet before flushing then returning with a warm cloth he used to clean his cock. Gaylord leaned down and kissed his wife on the lips, a long kiss of affection for the fuck she just gifted him. I lay there without saying a word or barely moving. I could feel his sperm beginning to ooze from my asshole and down between my thighs. Gaylord spoke of breakfast with his wife as he buttoned his shirt. He tossed the moist towel towards the bathroom the pulled on his slacks and loafers. From over his shoulder as he left, “Very nice to meet you Jamie … ” and then I heard the door close behind him.

Only then did Monique roll me over, her cunt gripping my cock as she did. Her thighs pulled up so she was crouching over me, her incredible breasts hanging downward. She lifted off me then moved quickly up my chest until her cunt was over my mouth. I opened and she pressed her labia against my lips and gave a soft grunt. My cum came pouring from her cunt to fill my mouth. I choked at the first of it not realizing how strong my orgasm then did my best to swallow my cum as she rubbed herself on my face. Monique finally moved alongside me and slowly stroked my cock, now only semi-hard and covered in drying cum. “What .. what … was that all about Monique?” I was so confused by what had just happened and really didn’t know what to say even though I had so much to ask.

She smiled and kissed my lips, tasting my cum and her cunt on the kiss. “That was Gaylord. He pays for all that you see, all that I do and for those that I choose to do it with – you. He had seen you with me a few times and I speak of you always. You are so dear to me, I hope you know James. He and I decided the time was right for him to meet you and you to meet him. Was he gentle?” Monique asked with a devious smile on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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