Mountain Biking

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The winter had been way too long, but the long term forecast indicated that this first day of spring would last a while. I broke out my bike after work and headed down to my favorite mountain bike trail. It felt good to ride again, bouncing across the uneven path. I was pretty much out of shape after the long winter, but it would come back quickly enough. For now I would just make all the stops I needed. I stood next to the trail, leaning on my bike taking a long drink from my water bottle. She came by fairly quickly, going the opposite direction. At first all I saw as she came up the rise was a helmet with a mane of blond hair flowing in the wind. She bounced up the trail toward me and past, wearing an outfit not dissimilar to mine, spandex shorts, and shirt. The biggest difference, however was how she filled hers out. She obviously had a sports bra on to reduce the bounce of her breasts outlined by her spandex top. I waved at her as she rode by, just out of friendliness, and then watched her tight ass encased in the spandex headed down the trail. To my surprise she looked back. I’m not a spring chicken but I try to stay in shape. Clearly not in the same league as the beauty heading down the trail, but she did look back. I watched her until she was out of sight and then climbed on and finished my ride. I got home and took a long shower, remembering how she looked as I stroked myself to some level of satisfaction. I couldn’t remember the last time I was so taken by someone just riding by.

The next day I could hardly wait for work to get over. I hoped that I would see her again on the trail. I rode to the place where I had seen her the previous day, and waited. It was nearly an hour before she showed, riding over the top of the hill as I stood there. I tried to look like I was just taking a break again, last thing I wanted was for her to think I was waiting for an hour. I watched her ride by, a bit slower this time. She was looking at me as much as I was looking at her as she rode by. She didn’t stop, but she smiled at me and gave a small wave as she went past, heading down the trail, looking back several times. I checked my watch when she was gone, almost exactly the same time as the day before. I climbed back on my bike and rode on, noticing that I had grown a significant bulge in my pants as I watched her.

Thursday came and went, a spring rain keeping me from riding. I wondered if she had come by looking for me. In the summer it would have been an inconvenience to have to ride in the rain, but this time of year, that ice cold water would bad news.

Friday was cooler, but I left a few minutes before I needed to, getting to the top of the rise just as she was topping the hill. We waved and smiled at each other as we passed and both of us tried to look back and not crash at the same time. I guessed that she did the same thing I did, rode after she got off of work. That meant that I wouldn’t have any idea what time she might ride over the weekend. I tried Saturday and didn’t see her, waiting until Monday to go again.

The day at work drug on slowly, finally drawing to a close so I could head out. I could have left earlier, but I had already decided that the only way to see her was to keep to the schedule. I came to the hill top and saw her stopped, still straddling her bike and getting a drink. I pulled up, and stopped next to her, facing the other way. I pulled my water bottle out and took a long drink.

“Hi.” I said, thinking to myself that was about as smooth as sandpaper.

“Hi.” She said with a smirkey little grin.

“Nice day for a ride. Do you come here often?” I asked, again kicking myself that I hadn’t used any of the lined I had practiced just in case this occurred.

“It is a nice day, and yes, I do come here often.” She said smiling.

“Sorry, I guess that was a stupid line.” I said as I tried to look at her body more closely without being obvious.

“It was a stupid line.” She giggled. That was something you didn’t hear to often. I figured she was mid thirties or so, a good ten years younger than me. “See if you can do better tomorrow.” She continued as she put her water bottle away. “Bye.” She said as she stepped on the peddle and headed down the trail, leaving me standing there watching her firm ass disappear. It took me a full minute or maybe ten, before what she had said sunk in. It was clearly an invitation to be here again tomorrow, presumably the same place and time. MY shorts were practically bursting with my hard dick and there was simply no way to ride this way. I stepped off my bike into the bushes and pushed the spandex down, letting my raging dick loose and then quickly stroked off, spraying my cum all over the bush I was standing behind. Once I had gone down I put myself away and headed down the trail once again.

Tuesday afternoon found me headed up the hill again. I pulled off the side and leaned my bike against a tree. It wasn’t long before she showed up, rolling to a stop a few feet from me.

“Hi” she said.

“Hi yourself.” I said as I looked her over. Something was Sakarya Escort different, but I didn’t catch it for several seconds. My dick grew quickly as I surveyed how the spandex encased her tits, this time without any bra. The thin tight material allowed me to clearly see the outline of her entire breast, including her hardening nipples. Other than the color, it was as if she were almost naked.

“So, come here often?” she asked with a smile.

“Actually, I do. But this particular spot has had a much better than normal attraction for me.”

“Ohhhh nicely done!” she smiled “I hoped you wouldn’t let me down.”

“I take it I didn’t?”

“Nope. Good looks and brains are hard to come by.”

“Thanks.” I said not sure what else to say. “But I’m not really all that good looking. Certainly not as good looking as you are.”

“Getting better all the time.” She said stepping off her bike. “Is that a broomstick or are you happy to see me?”

“I have to admit that you’re the root cause of this.”

“Oooooo! I like that. I take it you appreciate my change in wardrobe?”

“Very much!” I replied as she stepped closer to me, pulling her bike along with her. She reached out and stroked my dick through my shorts with her free hand, making it try to grow even larger.

“I agree, very nice.” She said as she continued to stroke me. “Feel free to touch too if you’d like.”

I accepted the invitation and gently stroked her tits with my fingertips, rubbing small circles around her nipples, teasing them harder.

“Ohhhhhh very nicly done. Not too aggressive, not too timid, just enough to make my pussy wet.” She cooed as she stroked me.

I slid my finger tips down her front and slowly stroked between her legs, as she stepped her feet apart so I could feel her better. Sure enough her pussy was wet, right though the spandex pants. I lifted my fingers to my nose and gently inhaled her scent. “Sweet.” I said quietly.

“I’m glad you approve.” She said as she tried to push the front of my shorts down with one hand. I reached out and took hold of the handlebars so she had two free hands, which she quickly put to work pulling my shorts down to my thighs. “Now this I defiantly approve of!” She stroked me slowly, while I worked my fingers between her legs, rubbing her pussy up through the slick material. “Let me help you with that.” She said letting go of my dick. She pulled her shorts down to her thighs and pushed the bunched up material to her knees, spreading her legs as far as she could before returning both hands to my dick. I slipped my finger between her legs and stroked her lips, slipping a finger between them and drawing the moisture up to her clit. “Ohhhhhh yes.” She hissed quietly, moving closer to me, her spandex encased tits just touching my chest. We stood there in full view of anyone that might ride by, but not caring, each of us stroking the other, concentrating on working the other toward a peak.

“Ohhhhhh” I said. “That really feels good.”

“I’m glad”, she panted. “What you’re doing feels pretty fantastic too.”

The two of us came almost at the same time. My dick spurted cum up between us, as her body twitched and shook in orgasm. “Oh god.” She whispered as she tried to catch her breath, leaning her head on my shoulder. “That felt really nice.” We stood there half dressed for several minutes before she pulled my pants up, covering my softened dick, still covered with my cum. She backed up and pulled her own pants up, and wiped her cum covered hands on them before taking the bike back. She leaned over to me and kissed me wetly on the lips. “thank you.” She said before quickly climbing on her bike and taking off.

“What’s your name?” I called as she rode off. All I got in response was a wave of her hand. I stood there for some time, wondering if I should chase her or not. I decided not to. I didn’t want to chase her away forever. I just planned on being there the next day.

Wednesday went as slowly as any day I could remember. The whole day was filled with thoughts of her. I could practically feel her body and smell her scent, even though she wasn’t there. She had me totally under her spell. Finally four o-clock came, I practically raced home to get changed and on my bike. I was there well ahead of when I expected her. I waited, and waited, but she never showed up. I was disappointed, but I continued to wait, looking around idly where I sat. I noticed a small red bundle tucked under a bush. I didn’t notice at first, far too interested in waiting for her to come. I crawled over and pulled the bundle out. It was a pair of red lace panties, very sexy and very new. I could tell there was something rolled inside, so I unrolled the panties to find a small piece of hard paper. I recognized it quickly as a business card. The back side was what I saw first, with “8 PM sharp” written on it in an obvious feminine hand. I flipped the card over and read the printing. It was a card for a business, Holly’s Boutique. The only other information was an address and phone number. Sakarya Escort Bayan There was a picture in the corner of a bra and panties, so I concluded the boutique was a ladies lingerie business. What I didn’t know was who my female friend was. Did she work there? Just want to meet me there? I simply had no idea. The only thing I did know was that she had already been by, well before I was, and that I was definitely going to be at this boutique at eight o-clock tonight. I got on my bike and headed home.

Eight o-clock found me showered, shaved and walking up to the door of a little out of the way boutique. Through the windows I saw lots of racks of clothing, ranging from very skimpy panties to very sexy lace teddies. I stepped in the door and saw that the store looked much larger from the inside. There were many more racks than I had seen from the outside, and some of these included a variety of adult toys and goodies, such as fur lined handcuffs, as well as vibrators and dildos. Most of these were more toward the back of the store. A sales lady saw me walk in and moved in my direction.

“May I help you sir? We’re just getting ready to close.”

“I’m sorry. I think I was supposed to meet someone.” I replied, turning to leave.

“Excuse me, are you talking about a lady on a bike?” she called at my back.

I stopped and turned. “Yes. Tall blond haired lady.”

“Oh yes!” she said with a huge smile. “Please come with me.” She continued as she turned and walked toward the register. She walked behind the counter and got out a package. “Here, this is for you.” She said handing me the package, and then scurrying away to close the window blinds on the front and turning the open sign to closed. She came back, collected her purse and coat and then headed for the door with a huge smile on her face. “Enjoy” she said brightly as she walked out the door and locked it from the outside.

I looked down at the package and pulled the folded note from the wrappings. “Use one of the changing rooms. Wear only what is in this package and then sit in the only chair in the store and wait.” It had a kiss mark on the bottom and a single script H. I looked around and saw dressing rooms along one wall, each one having a curtain to block it from the store. I stepped into one and hesitantly stripped completely. I opened the package and found a pair of black silk boxers covered with red kiss marks. I pulled them on and then padded out into the store. It didn’t take long to find the chair. There was only one, and it was situated in a horseshoe of racks of lace and ruffles. The open end of the horseshoe pointed toward the rear of the store. I sat down to wait, not sure what I was waiting for. I looked around at the sexy lingerie and began to imagine how my mystery lady would look in them. It got my motor running pretty well and I soon had a hard dick inside the silk boxers.

The metallic click of a door lock opening startled me. I turned my attention to where the sound came from and saw my mystery lady stepping from a closed door. She looked much different than that last time I saw her. Her blond hair was flowing over her shoulders and down across her tits. Her body was encased in a flowing white lace gown, held closed along the front by small bows. I could see through the shimmery material that she had something on under, but the material prevented me from getting a good look. Gentle music started as she stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. She walked elegantly to a spot a dozen feet in front of me and began to gently sway to the music, slowly moving and turning to the music. She was carefully giving me a view of every direction, making sure I had a good look from every angle, occasionally seeing the material of the gown spread and show me her white stocking encased legs.

Slowly she began untying the bows from the bottom up, never stopping her swaying and turning. As she untied them I saw more and more glimpses of the white lace that she wore beneath the gown. She turned and let the gown flow to the ground, exposing her back. Her slender body was encased in lace that arched up over the cheeks of her firm ass. Her legs were encased in white stockings with lacy tops, stopping just below her most private area.

She slowly turned, her blond hair cascading over her shoulders and covering her breasts. Between the strands I could see her bare nipples poking through. She waited until she was facing straight to me, slowly swaying her hips to the music, and reached up, pulling her hair back so it hung down her back, revealing her lace encased body below her breasts. She had gorgeous breasts, firm and large, about a C cup, and clearly not needing much support, but getting some anyway from the top of the white lace. She continued to sway and turn, again giving me a view from every angle. She began unbuttoning the tiny white buttons down the front, slowly revealing more and more skin as she swayed and turned.

My dick felt like it was about to explode I was so hard watching her. Finally the last button Escort Sakarya was open and she let the material fall from her body, sliding down her legs in one smooth motion. She stepped out of the white lace and again continued to sway and turn, her body completely naked now except for a tiny white g-string and the white stockings. She turned and swayed for me, this time bending and moving so I had a look at every angle. She lifted and squeezed her tits for me, moving even closer. She turned and looked over her shoulder and spoke the first words of the night. “Pull the strings.” She said seductively. I reached out and pulled the tiny strings that held the material to her body. She stepped forward, leaving me holding the string in one hand, and allowing the material to pull from her body. She again began swaying and turning, bending at the waist with her legs stiff and spread, exposing her pussy to me for the first time.

She had a beautiful pussy, full lips, wet and spread as if waiting to be penetrated by my raging hardon. She began swaying and rocking her hips, slowly moving closer to my lap, just barely brushing her pussy across my silk covered dick. I so wanted to reach up and pull her to my lap, but I could tell she wanted to control this… this was her show and I was going to let her show me what she wanted.

She began rubbing her pussy harder against the material covering my dick, working her juices through the material to my dick. The music changed and a new song started. With the change in music came a change in moves. She lifted herself off my lap and turned. She began moving lower until she was crouching in front of me, her knees spread wide, showing me her fully spread pussy. She brought her hands to mind and pulled me out of the chair, standing in front of her. She slowly slid her hands up and down my legs, each stroke traveling higher and higher up my thighs, until her hands were sliding up under my boxers. She continued until her hands were reaching up to my waist, and then she began working the boxers down, inch by inch. She continued to pull them down until my dick popped out, sticking straight at her face. She slowly worked the silk down my legs and let me step out of them and then dramatically tossed them over her shoulder. She leaned forward, and pushed my hips, making me sit in the chair, and continued moving, wrapping her lips around my hard dick in one smooth motion.

I was so turned on I wasn’t sure how I was going to keep from blowing my load as she expertly stroked my chest with her hands and my dick with her hot mouth.

“Oh god. You’re going to make me cum!” I groaned to her. In response she sucked harder, obviously wanting me to climax. She wasn’t disappointed. In only a minute or so more, I tensed and began shooing my cum into her mouth. Shot after shot of my hot juice pulsed into her mouth, and she expertly swallowed every bit, not stopping until my dick had softened in her mouth. She stood, the music having long since changed to a quiet love song. She moved to a rack and pulled two step boxes over to the chair, placing one on each side. She stepped up on one and then straddled the chair, standing on one box on each side. This move put her pussy just at face height, my face… I reached out and pulled her closer to me, gently kissing her completely shaved pussy. She spread her legs as far apart as she could and I gently licked up her lips, spreading her lips with my tongue and drawing up across her clit. She moaned quietly as I stroked her pussy again with my tongue.

“oh yes.” She moaned quietly. “Just like that.”

I continued working on her pussy, taking my time, stroking and sucking her lips and clit. I squeezed her tight ass in my hands as I flicked her clit with my tongue. Her whole body shook and shivered in my hands, her orgasm washing across her body. I held her tight so she wouldn’t fall and after a few short minutes, she lowered herself down to my lap, her knees high in the air with her feet still on the boxes.

As I had sucked her, my dick had responded and was again hard. She lifted herself up enough to get my dick positioned at her opening and slowly sank down on my dick, encasing me with her soft wet pussy. She moaned softly as she began to ride up and down my dick, stroking me until my head nearly pulled from her and then dropping back down. She watched my face, gauging how far along I was and driving me higher and higher. I used my hands on her bouncing tits, squeezing and massaging her perfect tits. I let her nipples stick between my fingers and squeezed them in time with her strokes. I knew I was getting close and I could tell she was as well. We had been at it like this for nearly fifteen minutes, a normal woman would have long since petered out, but her athletic body, well toned from riding her bike had no problem keeping up the pace. My dick however, had its limit. I grabbed her hips and pulled down, driving her fully onto my dick as I began spouting into her. The feel of my cum pumping into her body pushed her over the top and she began to shake and twitch as her body spasmed around my dick in ecstasy. She fell against me, her tits pressing to my chest. I put my arms around her and held her close while she pushed the boxes aside and let her legs down so she was sitting more comfortably on my lap. We sat like that for a long time before she finally spoke.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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