Move Closer Ch. 02

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This is the second part of a long love story. If you haven’t read the first chapter, I recommend that you do so. If you’re looking for instant thrills with little or no plot, please look elsewhere. Both chapters contain some low-key violence. While I consider myself a moderately experienced writer, I am new to the world of erotic fiction. I would therefore welcome any comments or feedback, positive or otherwise. Characters in sex scenes are eighteen years old or over. All characters are imaginary—any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental.

Copyright © 2014 to the author.


There was a light tap on the door followed by the sound of it opening. Caro didn’t turn round. “Please don’t say anything more, Lainy. I’ve apologised for upsetting you. If you’ll just give me time to find other accommodation, I’ll leave as soon as I can.”

Gentle hands turned her around. “I’m the one who should apologise for hurting you, Caro,” said Lainy, “After all these months I should know you better than to think you were just after a cheap shag.” She reached out to wipe tears from Caro’s cheeks. “Did you mean what you said, that you’re in love with me?”

“Every word,” Caro replied, “I’ve been falling in love with you for ages but I haven’t had the guts to admit it, not even to myself, until recently. I was so mixed up about my feelings. All I know is that for a long time now I’ve been getting up in the morning happy, knowing that I’ll see you at breakfast. I’ve been coming home from work happy, knowing that I’ll be spending the evening with you. These months with you have brought me so much joy. And when we danced together tonight, I knew for sure that you’re the only one for me. Whatever you think of me, Lainy, I love you.”

“But you’re straight.”

“Right now, I’m not sure what I am,” confessed Caro, “All I know is that I’ve never felt about anyone the way I feel about you and I truly love you.”

Lainy pulled Caro close and stroked her hair. “I’ve got to tell you, Caro, I’ve been in love with you for months but said nothing because I thought you were straight. Forgive my bad temper please—ever since Susannah died I’ve had so many hit on me just for what they thought they could get out of me.”

She cupped Caro’s face in her hands and kissed her on the lips. It was a sweet kiss, a loving and gentle kiss, one that hung between them like a sigh evaporating in the air. Then Lainy’s fingers began to toy with the top buttons of Caro’s pyjama jacket. “May I? If you still want me?”

Caro nodded. “Oh yes… ”

Lainy opened all the buttons and turned Caro so that she could ease the jacket from her shoulders. She slipped her hands into the trousers waistband and slid them down so that they pooled at Caro’s feet. Caro shivered as she felt a warm tongue travelling from the cleft in her buttocks, up her spine and to the nape of her neck where Lainy planted a series of tiny kisses and nibbles. Lainy reached round to hold and caress Caro’s breasts and felt the nipples harden in her palms.

Then Caro seemed to stiffen and was shaken by a tremor. “What is it?” said Lainy, “Do you want me to stop? It doesn’t matter if you’ve changed your mind—we don’t have to do this now if you don’t want to.”

“Don’t stop, Lainy—I want to so much,” whispered Caro, “It’s just that I’m a bit scared… I’ve never been with a woman before. I don’t know what to do…” She placed her hands over Lainy’s to press them closer to her breasts.

Lainy led Caro to the bed and laid her face down. “I’ll help you relax, Caro, just trust me. Remember, anything you don’t like, tell me and I’ll stop.” She began to massage Caro’s shoulders and back with a deft and certain touch. Her hands were firm yet comforting as she stroked her way down Caro’s back. Lainy took her time, pausing to knead Caro’s shapely buttocks, and carrying on down her thighs and calves. Caro felt her tension easing and a warm, tingling sensation slowly overtaking her body. She gave a tiny sigh and wriggled a little into the comfort of the duvet.

Lainy moved back up Caro’s body but now, instead of her hands, she used her lips and tongue, licking and kissing her way up one leg and then moving back down to repeat her actions on the other leg. When she reached Caro’s bottom, she spent a very long time just licking and nipping all over each round buttock in turn as she caressed the other. Caro felt herself becoming very wet and she started to make little mewling noises. Slowly, Lainy kissed and tongue-bathed almost every inch of Caro’s back before planting a seemingly endless series of baby kisses across Caro’s shoulders and neck.

Lainy turned Caro over and kissed each of her eyelids and cheeks and the tip of her nose. She lowered her lips to Caro’s, at first keeping her mouth lightly closed, leaving it to Caro to choose what to do next. Hesitantly at first, then more surely, Caro’s arms came around Lainy’s neck and pulled her closer. Her lips parted slightly and Lainy allowed the tip of her tongue to play along Caro’s büyükesat escort mouth. Caro responded and their tongues touched for the first time. Caro moaned and tightened her grip and thrust her tongue forward more firmly so that Lainy could suck on it.

At last Lainy broke the kiss so that she could raise herself slightly to look at Caro’s body. Caro’s breasts were probably 34B and beautifully shaped with large rosy nipples and areolas. Her torso, flat and trim from all the gym-work, displayed a prominent belly button, and there was a neatly-trimmed auburn bush between her legs. Lainy whispered: “You’re so beautiful, Caro,” and lowered her mouth to Caro’s once more so that their tongues could continue to duel before she moved to lick and kiss Caro’s ears and throat. And all the time she was stroking Caro’s breasts and body slowly, over and over, while Caro, eyes closed, moaned with mounting pleasure.

Lainy’s mouth closed upon one of Caro’s nipples while she took the other between thumb and forefinger and played and tugged gently. Caro, fully aroused, went to reach between her legs but Lainy stopped her. “Pussy’s mine,” she admonished, “You’ll wait until I’m good and ready. Believe me, you’ll appreciate it all the more.” She continued to suck at Caro’s nipples while Caro whimpered and small tremors shook her body. She was no longer shaking with apprehension but with urgent need.

Lainy continued play with Caro’s breasts while kissing and nuzzling downwards, spending a little time delving in Caro’s belly button with her tongue and gently biting here and there. At last she placed one hand between Caro’s legs and moaned a little herself when she felt slick wetness. She slipped two slightly hooked fingers into the sodden folds and Caro’s hips gave an involuntary twitch. Lainy felt her fingers clamped in a velvet grip and she knelt between Caro’s open legs so that she could more easily bring her mouth to Caro’s pussy. Using the flat of her tongue, she began to lap at the flowing moisture, then with the tip she flicked at Caro’s tiny clit which was just protruding from its hood.

Caro grabbed at Lainy’s head to hold it in place. She could feel her pussy rippling and clenching and an unfamiliar heat surging through her nerve endings. “Yes, Lainy, yes! Don’t stop! Please… don’t stop!” Suddenly her body had a massive spasm, her whole torso stiffening and almost rising from the bed. “Yes, oh God, oh please, yes!” She was shaking and laughing and crying all at once as her body jerked several more times. Lainy looked up and saw that Caro’s face and breasts were heavily flushed and that tears were pouring down her cheeks and that her whole face was a picture of wonder and delight. Chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath, she clutched at Lainy. “Oh my God, Lainy, I never knew it could be like that!”

Lainy moved up and held Caro close. “You’ve never come like that before?”

“I’ve never come before. Well, not with anyone else present.” She buried her face in Lainy’s shoulder, still panting, and Lainy held her close, stroking her as she calmed down.

Caro’s body relaxed and her breathing became more easy as it returned to normal. Then she explained: “Sex with Bruno was like everything else with him—brutal, unpleasant. Bruno’s idea of foreplay was ‘I’m ready, you’re ready’. He just used to ram his cock in and come pretty quickly. I think sex was more about power than pleasure for him. And if he was in a nasty mood and I didn’t come, I’d get a slapping. If he was in a good mood and I didn’t come, then he’d complain that I was a frigid little bitch. I got into the habit of lubing up when we went to bed so it didn’t hurt too much and I got pretty good at faking orgasms. But it wasn’t just Bruno. I had three lovers before him. They were all far more caring and considerate and yet I never enjoyed sex with any of them. I began to think that perhaps I was frigid—either that or possibly asexual. I barely got damp with any of them, Lainy, but you only have to touch my hand and I’m soaking wet. So I don’t think I am frigid. It’s just that men don’t seem to turn me on.”

“You’re certainly not frigid, not with that performance,” Lainy assured her, “When you came, your pussy damned near nipped my fingers off.”

Tears appeared again in Caro’s eyes. “That was more wonderful than I would ever have imagined, Lainy. I loved it all and there was nothing I would have wanted to stop you doing.” The two women cuddled for a while, Caro naked, Lainy still in her pyjamas. Then Caro said: “Lainy, can I make love to you now?”

“You know, Caro, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to.”

“But I do want to, Lainy. You’re so lovely and I love you so much and I want to make love to you. I probably won’t be much good, and I’m not even sure how to go about it, but I want to try.”

“You’ll be just fine, babe.” Lainy sat up and slipped off her pyjama jacket. “Just do what feels right and natural to you.” She laid back and waited, closing her eyes. cebeci escort Caro’s eyes lit on Lainy’s breasts. They were small, perhaps the size of peaches, with hardly any areolas, but they were perfectly shaped and Lainy had long, thick chocolate-coloured nipples. Caro immediately wanted to latch onto those nipples but refrained, determined to give Lainy as much pleasure as she possibly could. She lowered her mouth to Lainy’s.

For quite a while, the pair just lay there, swapping tiny kisses as Caro caressed Lainy’s cheeks and shoulders. The kisses became deeper and more passionate, tongues caressing and dancing together, before Caro moved her attention to Lainy’s neck and jawline, kissing and licking as she massaged Lainy’s chest between the breasts. Slowly, tentatively, she took Lainy’s breasts in her hands and thrilled at the feeling of the stiffened nipples pushing into her palms.

Unable to resist any longer, Caro bent and took one of those fascinating nipples into her mouth and sucked deeply, then moved from one nipple to the other, over and over. It was as if she had long been denied nourishment and had now found an abundance and she continued to toy and tug at the free nipple. The feel of those hard, erect nubs between her lips and tongue and fingers gave Caro more pleasure than she could have imagined. As she suckled, Lainy moaned loudly and held Caro’s head to her breasts, stroking her auburn hair.

Still feasting, Caro moved one hand down Lainy’s belly until she reached the waistband of the other woman’s pyjama shorts, where she hesitated. “It’s okay, babe, go ahead,” Lainy whispered, “Do whatever you want.”

Encouraged, Caro allowed her hand to go deep into the shorts and down to Lainy’s mound. Straightaway, two things thrilled her: Lainy was shaved smooth and her pussy was drenched. I’ve done that to her, thought Caro, I’ve made Lainy so wet. Letting go of Lainy’s nipple, Caro moved down the bed and stripped off her lover’s shorts. For the first time in her life, Caro found herself gazing, rapt, at another woman’s honeypot.

Lainy’s bare pussy gaped slightly to reveal a glorious inner dark-pink colour. Her outer and inner lips were swollen and she was oozing creamy, slippery moisture. A rich musky smell rising from Lainy made Caro shiver with delight. She reached out a finger and coated the tip with a little pussy-juice which she brought to her lips. The taste was similar to her own yet subtly different and perhaps a little stronger. “She’s so lovely, Lainy. Can I kiss her?”

Lainy sighed. “Oh, yes…yes… please…”

At first Caro merely touched her mouth to Lainy’s pussy, revelling in the smell and the wetness against her lips. Finally, she put out the tip of her tongue and gently licked from bottom to top to flick against the clitoris. Lainy let out a muted cry, encouraging Caro to repeat the action. Caro pulled Lainy a little closer and began to lap with greater confidence, coating her tongue and lips with the delicious fluid. Emboldened, she used one hand to ease back the clitoral hood while sliding the forefinger of her other hand into Lainy’s tight vagina which was hot and clinging. Sheer instinct took over and, adding a second finger, she started to finger-fuck Lainy while drawing the clit into her mouth and sucking hard.

Lainy whimpered, breath coming in short gasps, and her hips jerked. She grasped Caro’s head to hold her there and suddenly came hard, crying out as she did so. Her body convulsed several times and Caro’s heart leapt with triumph. I’ve done it, I’ve made Lainy come!

“Come up here.” Lainy tugged at Caro until they were on the same level and then she covered Caro’s face with kisses. Despite the obvious power of Lainy’s orgasm, there was an element of doubt in Caro’s mind, quickly dispelled.

Lainy hugged Caro close, kissing her deeply. “My God, Caro, you’re a natural. You’ll probably break me in half when you’ve had some practice and I’m going to make sure you get plenty of that.

“Caro, when I was nasty to you earlier, you said that you’d move out of here. Do you still want to go?”

“No, I didn’t want to go in the first place but I didn’t want to hurt you any more.”

“Good.” Lainy sounded relieved. “Right, there’s only one place you’re moving to–straight into my bedroom. I love you and that’s where you’re going for keeps.”

Lainy finds peace

When Lainy came up to the flat from the gym the next evening, the first thing she noticed was that the lights were low and that there was a mouth-watering smell of cooking. The table, set for two, was covered with a white cloth. A single rose in a slim crystal vase stood in the centre of the table and candles flickered in a candelabra. To one side was an ice-bucket with the neck of a bottle protruding. Lainy lifted the bottle. It was her favourite San Pellegrino mineral water, with a label, hand-written by Caro, plastered on: This was a very good year.

She smiled, and then just as abruptly her smile disappeared. kolej escort Four framed photographs of herself and another girl stood on a side coffee table, photographs that she knew she had hidden away. Caro appeared from the kitchen, threw an arm around Lainy’s neck and kissed her hard. “Hello, gorgeous.”

Lainy didn’t respond. “What’s this?” she demanded.

Caro looked surprised at Lainy’s tone. “I took the afternoon off work so that I could make a special celebration dinner for us—our first as a couple.”

“Not that, those.” Lainy gestured angrily towards the photographs. “Have you been snooping?”

“Ah…” Calmly, Caro took her by the hand and led her to the sofa. “Now you listen to me, Lorraine Marshall, before you let your temper go off half-cocked again. Do you recall some months back asking me to get some important papers from your desk? You couldn’t remember which drawer they were in and said I’d have to search.” Lainy gave a grudging nod. “Those photos were in the first drawer I looked in. It wasn’t snooping—I found them by chance.”

Lainy had the grace to look abashed as she mumbled an apology.

“Anyway, I thought the photos too good to be hidden—love simply shines out of them. I take it that’s Susannah?”


“She looks lovely.”

“She was. Lovely and funny and sweet and kind.”

“Then why in heaven’s name did you hide her away?” said Caro.

“Shame, I suppose,” Lainy admitted, “Shame at the way I reacted after her death.”

“There’s nothing shameful about grief,” Caro said, “It’s all part of the healing process.”

“There was plenty to be ashamed of in my grief.” Lainy’s voice was low and her violet-shaded eyes were downcast.

“Look here, Susannah was a part of your life, a very important part. Don’t hide her away—be proud of her, have her out in the open and remember the love you shared.”

“You wouldn’t be jealous?”

Caro shook her head. “Of course not. Why should I be? Tell you what—if you like, we could have our photos taken together to display with those.”

“And you really do love me, Caro? You’re not just saying that?” There was a note of uncertainty, almost of fear, in Lainy’s voice, something Caro had never heard there before. It was as if, having lost one love, she was terrified that she might lose another.

“No, I’m not just saying that. I really do love you, with all my heart.”

“And I… I… love you… oh God…” Then without warning, Lainy—tough Lainy—collapsed into Caro’s arms, weeping bitterly. She wept and wept, her cries almost animal-like in their pain, and terrible shudders wracked her body. Caro said nothing, just held Lainy close, rocking and soothing her as best she could, waiting for the storm to end. After a long time the cries and the tears slowly subsided. With a final sob or two, Lainy hugged Caro tightly.

“I’ve soaked your top,” she hiccupped.

“Doesn’t matter.”

Lainy mopped her eyes. “I must look like hell.”

Caro smiled. “You’ll always be beautiful to me, no matter what you look like.”

“Whatever, I guess I needed to do that. Thank you for being here for me, Caro, thank you for holding me, and for loving me. You see, I never wept properly for Susannah before.” Lainy’s voice was choked. “I told you why she died but I didn’t tell you how. We were living in our old flat and were watching a film on the TV. I had my arm around her and about half-way through the film I turned to tell her something and at first I thought she was asleep. But she wasn’t—she’d gone. She’d just slipped quietly away. I didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye to her.

“Oh, I had a little weep but it was only a little one. I loved Susannah to distraction but thought I was too hard-boiled to show my grief. People said how brave I was, but I wasn’t being brave. I was being a coward, shying away from things. I blamed myself for not noticing when she died. I blamed Susannah for not telling me of her heart condition, although I suppose she was trying to spare me worry and heartache. And I blamed myself again for not saving her, despite the doctors telling me I couldn’t have done anything, that she must have died within seconds. So instead of letting it all out in tears, I crawled into a vodka bottle. Within months… no, weeks… I was borderline alcoholic and I was on the wrong side of the border. I was like that for a year or so, just living on booze and very little else.” A rueful grin. “Not recommended as a healthy diet.

“Thank God for Joss, I don’t know why he bothered, the way I treated him at times, but bother he did and helped save me. That’s why I don’t drink now and that’s why I was filled with shame and hid her pictures away. You’ve probably wondered sometimes where I disappear to for the odd hour. I go to AA meetings. I’m pretty sure I’ve beaten the booze but it does help me and if I can help somebody else, I will.

“When we were at that concert, I came close to weeping then but managed not to—I felt as if the ‘Pavane for a Dead Princess’ had been written specially for Susannah. I said I didn’t tell you I’d fallen for you thinking you were straight. That was true enough, but it was only part of the truth. The other part was that I believed I was betraying Susannah, being unfaithful, for loving somebody else. You know, last night was the first time I’ve made love since she died.”

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