Mr. Basketball Ch. 01

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* Just like with all my stories, I take the time to build them. If you are looking for something quick, this isn’t what you are looking for.*

“It looks like you got your hands full,” I said to my cousin.

“Isn’t that the truth,” she said with a laugh. “I don’t know what to do with them. I just can’t get a handle on what I need to do.”

“Your play from the post sucks,” I said flatly. “Rebounding wasn’t the best either. I’d start with that and go from there. You let them get way too many second chance points.”

“You think that would help?” she asked.

“That and your free throw shooting was awful,” I added. “They look like they are a good group of girls’ Sam, they just need a focused direction.”

“You think you could help me out?”

“Sam,” I said. Gave her a knowing look, one of animosity as she returned one that was pleading.

“I know basketball isn’t your thing anymore but I need some help. I got the dean and athletic director up my ass. The boosters aren’t happy either. The team is under achieving.”

“This is your second season as the varsity coach. What do they want, a state title out of you already? It takes time to build a system.”

“People have their opinions and they carry a lot of weight,” she sighed. “So, what do you think?”

“I don’t know Sam,” I said.

“Just for a week, help me out please.”

“I will think about it,” I said.

“We have practice at 4 every day except game days,” she said. “I hope you will change your mind.”

“Sure Sam, I will give it some thought.”

“Thanks,” she said. Gave me a hug before she disappeared into the locker room to talk with her team.

I started driving home. I had never been a coach before but that wasn’t the issue. I had been around basketball my entire life. I started when I was three years old. Played on one of those plastic hoops meant for little kids. By the time I was five I was playing in the youth leagues and doing very well. By ten I was shooting hundreds of shots a day and only getting better.

I entered high school and took over the starting point guard position my freshman year. Each year we got further and further into the post season. My junior year we were the runner up at states and won it all my senior year. I was recruited by a few big name schools and choose Duke to play college ball.

I got some playing time my freshman year. Usually when we were blowing out the other team but it was playing time. I did get in here and there against quality opponents when we got into foul trouble. By the end of the season I was getting five minutes a game on average. My sophomore year I saw a lot more playing time. I didn’t start but I shared the roll with the current guard who was a senior that year. I got 10 to 15 minutes a game and was well on my way to the starting spot for next season.

Then disaster struck. Playing summer ball I blew out my knee. Tore everything you could possibly tear inside my knee. Had it reconstructed but my recovery time was so drawn out I missed the whole next season. My knee just didn’t heal right and they had to open me up and fix it again. The prognosis didn’t look good for me and Duke decided it was in their best interests to pull my scholarship so it could be used elsewhere.

Luckily my parents had taken out an insurance policy on me so if something did happen I could have some funds to finish school. I transferred out of Duke and finished school closer to home. I got a degree in physical therapy. Ever since then I was mad at basketball. The one thing I loved had let me down. Stopped playing it all together and moved on with my life.

It consumed me when I played. I constantly watched film and studied my opponents. I almost knew them better than they knew themselves. I didn’t know whether I wanted to revisit that part of my life. And I didn’t know if I wanted to coach girls’ basketball. Nothing against them, I just know how teenaged girls are.

I pulled into the garage and got out of the car. I glanced into the corner and there sat a brand new basketball to go along with the brand new hoop I had out in the driveway. Sam got it for me as a house warming gift when I moved in here about a year ago. It had sat unused since then. I grabbed the ball and bounced it. Still had life to it.

Dribbled out to the driveway and looked at the hoop. Took and shot and watched it fall right on through. Grabbed the ball and brought it back out. Took a jab step to fake my imaginary defender before driving to the hoop and making a shot over a fake seven foot guy. The knee still had that dull ache to it as the shot fell into the hoop like it used to when I played.

I found myself playing on the driveway for an hour before I realized how long I had been out there.

“What the hell,” I said. “Not like I have anything else going on besides work and the occasional one night stand. May as well do something.”

I got to the gym early the next day and started shooting free throws. I was about 100 or so in when Sam opened the door and walked in.

“I can’t believe escort bursa you came,” she cheered. “Thank you so much.” Came running and gave me a big hug.

“Just for a week Sam,” I said firmly. “I’m just going to try it out and see if I like it. Don’t get your hopes up for anything longer than that.”

“I will take what I can get.”

More of the girls started coming in now. They loosened up and started shooting around to get ready for practice. I started shooting around with them. They were checking me out and trying to figure out who I was and what I was doing in the gym during their time. No one said anything to me or asked any questions at first. Then the point guard, Mandy, broke the ice and introduced herself. We talked for a minute getting to know each other.

I challenged her to a one on one match. Nothing formal just a take your best run at me and let me see what you have. A couple of the other girls saw Mandy and took a run at me as well. I took mental notes on every ones skill set and what I thought they could use to improve. They looked unsure but their competitive side came out as they tried to beat me.

“Alright,” Sam called. “Let’s get started.”

She looked at me. “How do you want to do this?”

“Do your thing and I will join in as I see fit.”

She started them on a defensive, two on one drill that left me a little confused.

“What is this?” I asked.

“It’s a drill,” she said the obvious.

“I can see that Sam, but why?”

“Got to get them to hustle and get back,” she said. “Why, should I be doing something else?”

“We always started with free throws and conditioning,” I said. “It got us running and got us tired to start with. Then we always went to work drilling. This way we don’t feel it so bad during the game. Free throws are just an added bonus. Quite frankly, they need to practice them. They were horrible.”

She looked annoyed at me now. Folded her arms over her chest and gave me an awful look.

“What, you wanted me to help. This is what I would do. Then I would move to work on rebounding and posting up.”

Her look never changed as she stared at me still.

“That girl,” I said pointing at one of them, “has some size but hasn’t a clue how to use it. That one and that one are great ball handlers and can shoot but you can’t rely on them to carry the team.”

“That girl you are referring to is Teagan,” she snarled.

“Fine,” I said annoyed at how this was going. “Teagan needs some work on her post play. She’s tall but she needs to figure out how to use it.”

I looked at Teagan as she stood waiting her turn to get into the drill. She looked like she needed to be a cheerleader instead of playing basketball. She had some height standing at 6 foot. She lacked size and skill though. She might be 135 pounds at the most. Brown hair and greens eye, perky B cup breast at best guess. Maybe a C, sports bra had then flattened out. Nice ass in her tight little shorts with tanned and toned legs. Yeah, cheerleader material. My dick twitched just a little at the thought of her in a little cheer outfit. Reminded me of a college girl I had dated.

She stood out though. Her athletic frame and flawless curves spoke to me. Had that quality I liked in a girl. Couldn’t put my finger on it at this moment but she was attractive so say the least.

“That would be Teagan Tilly,” Sam continued. The emphasis on Tilly.

I looked at Sam hard now. Wheels in my head turning at the name. Sounded so familiar to me. Then the light bulb came on in my head. “Thom Tilly’s daughter?”

“The one and only,” Sam snickered.

“Oh boy,” I sighed.

Thom Tilly was an asshole by anyone’s standards. But you can be an asshole if you have money. Thom owned the car dealership and repair shop in town. He also had money stuck in a few other things around town too. Chances were if you went to something locally owned, Thom had some kind of money invested into it. Everyone kissed his ass to try and get on his good side.

Thom also knew people too. Knew the city commissioners and higher ups that could make things happen. He also gave a sizable contribution to the school’s athletic department. That meant with his daughter on the team, Sam needed to produce or step aside and let someone else give it a shot.

Thom and I were no strangers to each other. We had a run in about two years ago when I first moved here to take my job at the doctor’s office. His wife had hurt her knee and needed some physical therapy to help the healing process. That meant she came in and saw me. She was flirty and things got a little too close for comfort. Nothing ever happened between his wife and me but it was right there. Would have been so easy to take advantage of it but I wasn’t into the fifty something crowd even if she was still in fantastic shape for her age. Plus the fact that I was involved in a relationship at the time.

Thom, on the other hand, thought there was no doubt that I was screwing his wife. Came storming into the office one day and fired bursa merkez eskort off all kinds of accusations. We had words and in the end we stayed clear of each other after that. My relationship with my girlfriend came to an end soon after when I found out she was messing around on me. She thought I was messing around on her so she wanted to get me back for something I never did. I wouldn’t say Thom played a direct role in everything but I had that feeling.

“That guys an asshole,” I hissed.

“Geez Jake, keep your voice down,” Sam snapped.

“Can’t deny the truth,” I said.

“Well, what do you propose we do then?” she asked annoyed.

“Let’s skip all this shit and throw them into the fire.”

“Alright girls,” I boomed. “Line up and let’s do something a little different today.”

They looked confused as they stopped and looked at Sam for direction.

“Just do it,” Sam assured them.

“And who the hell is he?” Teagan now asked her coach.

“I’m Jake,” I fired right back. “I’ve played ball my entire life. My high school team finished second at states my junior year and first my senior year. I play two years at Duke before I was injured and had to give up my scholarship and basketball all together. Sam asked me here as a favor to help you girls improve.”

“We play just fine,” Teagan hissed.

“So, one win and three loses is fine?” I asked. “Shooting 6 for 24 at the free throw line is fine? Giving up 20 offensive rebounds is fine? Scoring just 8 points from the post is fine? Do I need to continue or are we fine with the facts?”

“Well,” Teagan was quiet now.

“So, you have some room for improvement then?” I asked.

“Fine,” she mumbled.

“Sam,” I said. “Divide us up. Put two starters on a team with me. Make sure little miss fine is on the other team with the remaining two starters. Pick the best remaining girls to fill in what’s left.”

Teagan looked fired up now. I called her out and she was going to show me what she was made of. It didn’t matter what résumé I had following my name in basketball. I was an intruder into her little world and she wanted to show me she didn’t need me. I’m sure nobody in their right mind had ever spoken to Thom Tilly’s daughter this way. Maybe it was what she needed.

Sam pointed where she wanted the other girls to go. I gave them the ball at the other end of the floor and we began the full court scrimmage. They picked up defenders before they inbounded the ball. I was shadowing Teagan as she started down the floor.

She looked at me and only smiled. She liked the challenge from what I could tell. It certainly wasn’t my charming introduction that had her all giddy.

“Let’s see what you got old man,” she teased as she tried to take up a spot in the post.

I laughed at her as she leaned against me in the post. I wasn’t a big guy by trade, I was always the point guard but at six foot three I was the tallest one out here. I understood how to play the post and this leaning on me shit wasn’t going to work.

I gave her a firm push on her back right above her ass and moved her out about five feet. That soft flesh was nice to touch but I had to remain focused on practice and not on groping this sexy little thing in front of me.

“Foul,” Teagan cried.

“Not a chance in hell you’re getting that call,” I said.

She pressed against me again in another attempt. The guard tried to get her the ball in the post. She went to pass it as I spun away from Teagan and grabbed the pass before she knew what had happened. Teagan flopped to the floor hard as she didn’t have me to lean against now. Mandy saw the play unfold and knew just what to do. She darted down the floor as I easily threw the long pass to her for an easy layup at the other end.

I looked down at Teagan lying on the floor. Her legs spread apart as she looked up at me with a surprised look. Couldn’t help but smile at her and steal a glance between her legs. Little white panties in view as her shorts parted. I might have seen a little flesh from her mound but I didn’t focus for too long even though the sight was delicious.

I reached down to pull her up. “Not bad for an old man,” I teased her.

She said nothing, just looked annoyed at what had just happened.

The ball came back down the floor now and she tried again. She went right back to leaning on me again. Thought she would have learned that wasn’t going to work. I spun away from her again but grabbed her so she wouldn’t fall this time. I couldn’t spend the whole practice looking between her legs after she had fallen on the ground even if it was a nice view.

I face guarded her now, denying her the ball as she tried to signal she was open. My fore arm rode her chest as she panted to get the attention of the guard. Spent way too much time in the painted area trying to get open.

“Ok,” I said. “That’s a turn over. It’s been over five seconds and you haven’t cleared the paint. You only get three, you know that.”

She puffed. Face bursa sınırsız escort scrunched in anger but she held her cool as I told them to reset and try again. I was confused why they just didn’t call a different play. They weren’t getting the ball in here if Teagan didn’t work for it.

I let Teagan get in front of me this time. Put my hands on her perfect ass and gave her another push. She stumbled and moved out five feet again. Once again she cried for a foul.

“I’m hardly touching you,” I said.

She looked pissed now. Pushed her way against me again as I used my hand to turn her hip and get back in front of her again. Loved the soft feel of her skin as I moved around her. They swung the ball away from her this time and tried to a jumper from the other side of the floor. It clanked off the rim as I worked my way around and grabbed the board.

Teagan climbed my back in frustration trying to get the ball. Her body draped over me as I got the ball and cleared it from the paint to Mandy. That was a foul on Teagan but I let it go. Liked having her almost dry humping me as she tried to get the ball.

Teagan remained hanging on me longer than she should have. I just let it go. Why was I going to stop her? Sam had this look on her face as I trotted back down the floor. She wasn’t happy about it. I ignored Sam. Bumped Teagan with my hip as we crossed half court. Had this look like she hated me but liked me all at the same time. Set up at the top to run a pick and roll with Mandy. I picked, she curled around us and Teagan didn’t cover Mandy which led to another easy basket.

I immediately found Teagan and followed her very closely. Hand touching her on the hip and just slightly below on her ass. Kept pushing her with firm pressure all the way down the court which was frustrating her the whole time. She flicked my hand loose as they tried to set the offense up. I let off and let her have the spot on the block. She leaned on me again. I had seen enough now.

“Ok, stop,” I barked. “Teagan, back your ass up into me like this.” I pressed my ass and hip into her and created and opening for the pass. An easy bounce pass and I had the ball deep into the post.

“You can’t lean on the defender. Use your ass to get some space and get the ball.”

“Fine,” she huffed. “Just don’t grab my ass.”

“Don’t worry about what I’m doing,” I said. “Just get the space and wait for the ball.”

She got back on the block and finally used her ass and hips to push against me. It wasn’t the best effort but it made her in better position to get the ball. I pressed against her ass to hold my ground and yes, to feel her. She finally got the ball and turned in a quick but predictable left turn since it was to the base line and had the least amount of people to get by to make it to the hoop. I knew it was coming and slapped the ball out of her hand.

“What the fuck was that?” she quipped as the ball bounced away.

“We can start by calling it a technical foul for the F bomb,” I said.

“Sorry,” she quickly said.

“Come on Teagan, I know you can do better than that,” I scolded her. “Keep the ball away from my reach. Use your body and arms to shield it. You should know better than to hold it out there like a dirty diaper. Give me the dam ball.”

We switched spots. I turned and let her follow. I quickly switched around and pivoted my whole body around to seal her off. Now I had just the hoop in front of me with her sealed off to my back.

“Look how easy I just did that. I completely shut you out of the play. Get me moving one direction and seal me off with a simple pivot. It’s a basket or a foul every time.”

I pushed the ball into her stomach now. I was being a little hard now but I figured it would stick if I gave her a little nudge. I was quickly learning that’s how she learned. She looked at me with anger but had a slight smirk on her face as well.

“Again,” I barked now.

She tossed the ball back out to the point and reset. She started leaning into me then quickly changed and used her ass to make a space. It was still not what I was looking for. I could have easily nudged her and gotten her out of position.

“Teagan, dam it,” I yelled. “Use your ass and your legs. You don’t have a wide ass so you are going to need those legs too. Push me away from your body so you can get your hands out in front of you and get the pass.”

She finally got into it. Pushed her ass into me and bumped my cock in the process. Made the space and got the ball. Twisted the same left turn as before but quickly turned back to the right. I knew it was coming but she was still able to hold me off long enough to have a decent shot. It clanked the rim and missed.

“At least you have the turn down,” I said. “You didn’t dribble so you can take a quick one or a jump step and shoot. You don’t have to be stationary. Always move to the hoop.”

“Ok,” she smiled. The first compliment I had given her since we started. At least to her face anyway.

“One last time then we play on.”

Ass into my cock again. Pressed my hand into her ass hard and tried to move her out of position. Her legs held her still and she got the pass. One quick turn and sealed me out to my surprise. Ball kissed the glass and went through. Ok, I was surprised she got me with the single move. She was learning quickly.

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