Mr. thRob and Gina

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Note from SouthernPeaches: The following is a response I received to the “Gina series” of stories.

Thanks to “Mr. thRob” for the lovely and romantic tale, and for being a Gina admirer!

********* *********** **********

I had been thinking of her for a while. She had been on my mind in the best of ways. She would appear in my dreams, and sometimes she would appear in my reality as well. It was sometimes difficult to tell them apart.

I would sometimes see her at church. I’d sit behind her, and I loved it when she stood to sing. Staring at her ass I would get one of those fantastically frustrating church pew erections. I mean, really, you can’t do much about it…just rub your dick into the back of the pew and bask in the glow of that fantastic ass.

I thought about her in the gym when I was laying under the steel bar, pushing the weight and feeling my muscles flex and contort under the weight.

I thought about her while I ran at the lake, the drops of sweat held her face on their tiny concentric circles. If thoughts are things – and if we are what we think – then my very muscles are made up entirely of her gorgeous face her sexy rack and her inviting backside.

I can’t remember exactly when only that I seemed to have awakened to the fact that she is somehow beautiful in more than this dimension, as if the frequency upon which she resonates is actually an alarm clock waking up something deep within my soul.

It came to pass that I was traveling through a town not too far away from home, and I happened to walk through the lobby of a hotel and who did I see at the bar?

“Hello Gina,” I said, smiling.

“Oh my God what are you doing here?” She replied, standing to hug me tight. She lingered a Sakarya Escort long minute, gently rocking her hips from side to side against my groin.

“Hitting the lottery Gina… I am so lucky!”

She was wearing a black skirt and a low cut slinky blouse and that framed her cleavage perfectly. In other words, she was in rare form. We looked each other up and down, and both smiled knowingly.

Gina took me by the hand and I followed her. I could hardly take my eyes off of her ass. Her skirt swayed as she walked. Her skirt was a thin veil for the sacred geometry that shaped her ass. How I longed to resonate with it. How I desired to touch it and squeeze it. How I wanted to hold it between my teeth and leave my mark on it for all time.

Once inside her room she closed the door behind us. Gina didn’t say a word because (like me) all Gina wanted to do was fuck. Our arms folded around each other and the palms of my hands found her sides and began to gently caress her skin as I slipped down to finally feel that fabulous booty I had dreamed so much about. That progenitor of so many Sunday school hard-ons was now in the grip of my lucky fingers. It was a Fibonacci spiral, a perfect creation.

My tongue began to skewer her lips, as we got lost in the soul stirring cloud of heat and passion. She stood upon her tiptoes as if levitating with emotion and passion. Her face pushed against mine as her full lips chased my mouth and caught my tongue. My fingertips continued to explore her body.

She removed her blouse revealing her lovely tits that sat upon her chest like two bubbles filled with hope and love. I dove into them, rubbing and licking their fullness.

I looked into her eyes and I saw she was lost in Sakarya Escort Bayan the moment. Her perfect ruby lips and white teeth framed her sensuous mouth. Her torso was covered in beautifully complected, smoothly tanned skin. It was as if God herself was saying, “This is for my gift to you. Revel in her divine beauty, delight in her pleasure and be sure to give her all of yours.”

Our eyes were now closed as we began to submit to each other’s desires, man and woman melded as one – hips grinding together, our loins longing for more. I held her tight and savored the moment making note of the smell of her perfume the new rich smell of her clothes I pressed my mouth against her neck and smelled her nervous sweat, her female pheromones. Briefly and strongly I held this sensory information committing it to memory forever as I never will forget becoming one with my Gina.

I felt her tug at my underwear and her reward stood tall to greet her, swollen and hopeful. She held my manhood with both hands, feeling the heat it generated. Her fingers looked small as they tried and failed to wrap around it. Gina gasped and looked up at me with pure lust in her eyes.

I removed her panties and pulled her onto the bed. I worked hard to contain myself as if I would devour her if I were not careful. Tasting her, tonguing her clit soft but fast…after long minutes I felt her legs twitch, and I heard her breath rise and fall in anticipation. I took the time to tell her how grateful was to be living this dream. Her pussy was throbbing and moist beneath my tongue. I trailed my kisses up her torso to her lovely tits then her neck. I hovered over her, looking into her eyes, as she panted in need beneath me.

Gina was on her back Escort Sakarya with her legs spread wide and her feet pointed at the ceiling as I slid my dick along the wet warm slit of her pussy. Then that moment came when I entered her head first, my dick fat and swollen, searching for something deep inside her. Encouraged by her gasp and beckoned by her eyes, I began to thrust and pound into her as if I was searching for her backbone.

Gina’s pussy was tight and velvety; it felt like a magical wonderland as if it were in fact a unicorn’s vagina. I could feel her thrust and writhe under me, bucking and moaning, face flush with impending orgasm. She let out a muffled scream. Lost in the fire of her eyes I felt her knees clinch my waist as she thrashed under the spell of a glorious orgasm.

Gina rose quickly from her earthquake. Between heavy breaths she urged me onto my back. My love demon was not conquered. Like a succubus she climbed upon me and perched her orchid upon on my cock.

With furious wrath and unbridled wonton desire her hips thrust back and forth like a pendulum. My cock throbbed and swelled fat with ambition as if it were trying to touch a part of her yet unscathed by any other. My hands kneaded the muscle and skin around her ass as she rotated her hips up and down back and forth in an unending cycle of passion.

I had to fight the onslaught of womanhood like a mighty warrior, but she had forced me mercilessly to the point of no return. I screamed and moaned as I filled her velvet tunnel with my juice. Tightly I held her, and deep I thrust as I pumped my cum into her womanhood.

Exhausted and happy, we lay beside each other enfolded in a shiny blanket of sweat and cum, sliding against each other as we moved. It somehow gave me continued satisfaction to know that even now my sperm was searching for her fertile crescent.

I was grateful to have had such a monumental experience with such a beautiful partner. Life was indeed so very good and I was in fact perfectly content with the present.

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