Mrs Riesin’s Son Ch. 01

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Luke was 18 years old when his life changed completely. He had asked the school nurse if he could be picked up from school because he was feeling a bit off that day – suffering a headache, cold sweats, and feeling slightly nauseous. Certainly not feeling great, but also nothing terribly alarming. His mother Anne was in the middle of her hot yoga class when she saw her phone buzzing at the edge of her mat as the school nurse dialled.

She cursed inwardly as she saw the phone rattling about on the floor – it was uncourteous to the other students to bring a phone into practice with her, but as a devoted mother she knew it was moments like these when her children needed her that she knew it was OK to break the rules occasionally. Anne was in the middle of a quite tricky inversion pose at the time, and gracefully untangled her long legs as she returned to all fours on her mat and wiped the dripping sweat from her face before grabbing her phone and tiptoe-ing from the room with a silent “sorry” to her instructor, her sizeable breasts bouncing and barely contained by her sport bar as she made her way outside.

She attempted to key her unlock code into the touchscreen, but with her fingers still dripping in sweat the screen was mistyping the numbers she needed. “Oh good heavens!” she sighed in frustration, and wiped her sweaty palm and fingers across the driest piece of cloth she had available at the time – the tight yoga pants that stretched to contain her round, pert bottom. As she wiped her hand against her backside, her large cheeks were spread apart and a light hiss of gas escaped her dark hole in a girly fart. She sighed and smiled in relief. The various poses in her yoga sessions always left her a bit gassy afterwards, and she secretly loved the feeling of the hot gas leaving her body, puckering her under-appreciated arsehole as it went. Her fingers dry, she unlocked the phone and dialled the last missed call.

“Hello? This is Mrs Riesin calling. I just had a missed call from this number?” She flicked away a strand of long auburn hair that clung to her pale cheek as she spoke.

“Oh hello Mrs Riesin, it’s Linda from St Albans here. I’m afraid young Luke is feeling under the weather and will need to be picked up from school this afternoon if you are able.”

“The poor thing! I’ll head over shortly and pick him up. Thanks Linda. Tell my darling boy I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

“No worries at all Mrs Riesin. I’ll let your daughter Margaret know that her younger brother is heading home sick also.”

All thoughts of finishing her yoga session now put aside, Anne Riesin made her way to the school to retrieve her beloved son. She coasted along the long straight roads towards St Albans, fretting as she thought of Luke ill. She had lost her husband Mark shortly after the birth of Luke in an accident at work, and had become extremely protective of her two children in the wake of that loss.

At 18 years old, Luke was the younger of her two children. A wonderful boy, she thought, and becoming handsome to boot. He stood at almost 5″8′ now; shorter than her own 5’11” frame but still growing, and he sported a cute mop of black hair, unbeknowingly in similar fashion to his late father. That brought a smile and a rosy warmth to her cheeks as she drove – they were beginning to look so alike. He was gentle, quiet sort – more interested in solitude with his music and books than socialising.

Her oldest child Margaret on the other hand, was turning into quite the socialite! She had inherited some of Anne’s best assets it had seemed; her flowing auburn hair matching her mother’s, and her plump bottom, thin waist and ample breasts giving her a classic hourglass figure that was beginning to attract plenty of attention from the boys at school. And occasionally the boy at home! Anne giggled to herself as she recalled earlier that morning when she spotted Luke struggling to conceal an unexpected and embarrassing erection in his boxer shorts – Margaret had unceremoniously Escort Bayan bounced into the kitchen for breakfast wearing nothing but white cotton panties and a pale pink tanktop, her nipples clearly visible through the thin fabric. She had walked up beside Luke and leaned across the table directly in front of him to grab a piece of toast, and Anne laughed when she recalled poor Luke’s eyes widening and his mouth opening as his sisters barely clothed and glorious buttocks appeared unexpectedly directly in front of his nose.

“Margaret! Don’t torture your poor brother like that!” She cried with a laugh. “I need to get you a silk robe like mine or something! You can’t just walk around the house like that young lady. The poor boy has enough hormones running through him to make him horny enough as is, without you sticking your butt out there like that”

Luke blushed furiously as his mother talked about his obvious arousal. Anne loved her son, but she loved to tease him too, and thought he was extremely cute when flustered.

Margaret seemed quite unphased about tormenting her younger brother, shrugging as she remained bent over the table – leaning forward on her elbows, her bottom poised high, her back lightly arched as her fingers danced in the bread basket as she picked out a morsel for her breakfast. “That’s just slut-shaming mother!” She sung as she tore off a small piece of toast and popped it into her mouth. “I read about some articles about it on facebook the other day!”.

Much to Anne’s amusement, poor Luke just sat in his chair, mouth open and mesmerised by the wanton sight in front of him. Margaret had begun to slowly sway her hips from side to side, her cotton panties slowly sliding up her glutes and gathering into the crack of her beautiful arse. The edges of her dark hole and the curve of her outer lips were visible beneath her bunched up panties as she spoke. “It’s not my fault if some pervert fart-sniffer ogles me for wearing something that I’m perfectly comfortable in!” she said with a smirk.

Luke furrowed his brow and retorted hotly “I am not a fart sniffer!”

Margaret looked over her shoulder at her little brother with a mock look of shock her face, her auburn hair fanning out as she did so. She met his gaze framed between the globes of her backside. “Is that so?” Suddenly she slammed her bottom back towards his face, pinning his head against the back of the chair, his features lost in the round cheeks of her large bum, his nose and mouth pressed suddenly and tightly against the barely covered arsehole and pussy of his bossy older sister. Without skipping a beat she grunted and squeezed the muscles of her lower bowels, and Luke felt her anus balloon out against his nose as she ripped a hot, steamy fart into her brother’s pinned face.

“MARGARET!” Screamed Anne, shocked by her daughters lewdness. Luke recoiled with an audible groan as the foul wind forced it’s way straight up his nose and settled into his lungs. His head swam and a thick musty taste materialised on his tongue, making him gag and inhale even more. Anne stepped forward and swatted down hard on her daughter’s right arse cheek, sending waves of flesh rippling outward with a stinging slap.

“Oww!” shrieked Margaret as she hopped to the side and out of her mother’s reach, allowing Luke to take a ragged breath of fresh air as he struggled to recover from the humiliating act that his sister had just subjected him to. Margaret laughed as she rubbed her stinging backside, giggling even as she winced. “I brewed that one up all night long for you, little pervert!” she boasted, before turning and fleeing upstairs to her room to get ready for the school day.

“Oh you wicked girl!” Anne called out after her daughter, trying to suppress a shocked laugh herself. Luke, having regained his composure, put his hands angrily on the table and began to stand, ready to chase his sister down and make her answer for humiliating him to thoroughly. Anne pressed Bayan Escort down hard on her son’s shoulders from behind, forcing him to sit suddenly once again. When he looked up at her in confusion, she softened her grip and began to gently rub his shoulders. She noticed his erection was still visible, now even harder and straining beneath his boxer shorts. She leaned and put her lips close to his ear.

“Now sweetheart I know that what your sister just did was extremely unfair and upsetting to you, but I absolutely will not tolerate you coming to blows over silly pranks.” She stated in a soothing low voice.

“Prank?!” Exclaimed Luke incredulously. “She just-“

His mother cut him off abruptly, her voice turning more authoritarian. “I saw exactly what she did! … and I promise you I will have a very stern talking to her about it, trust me.”

Luke let out a long sigh, his shoulders slumping under the weight of his mother’s hands. She always sided with his sister, it wasn’t fair, he thought.

It was true that Anne had a particularly close bond with her daughter Margaret. She looked so much like a young, freckled version of herself that she couldn’t help but treat her daughter as if she was imparting life lessons unto an earlier version of herself. She had worked methodically through the years to gain her daughter’s complete trust. She wanted to know everything that Margaret was thinking and doing, even going as far as to coax her daughter into becoming comfortable in sharing the most intimate details of her life. When they had their inevitable discussion about the birds and bees, Anne had bought her daughter a range of various sex toys to experiment with – to instill the point that she should be comfortable talking with her mother about anything and everything, no matter how potentially embarrassing. She even knew about which boys her daughter had fooled around with at school, and how far they had gone with them. Anne had even given her daughter various sex tips – she figured it was better for Margaret to go into these inevitable relationships with some ammunition, and as little sexual naievete as she could. It lowered her daughter’s chances of being taken advantage of. It resulted in a household of open sexual discourse.

Thinking of the events between Luke and Margaret the earlier that morning as she pulled into the school parking lot, Anne noticed a familiar wetness between her yoga-toned thighs. Something about Luke’s nose being tightly pressed into her daughter’s scantily clad arse crease, and the humiliation as he was forced to take his sister’s hot, steamy gas made her quim tingle. She dropped a manicured hand to the crotch of her yoga pants, cupping her pussy through the tight fabric as blood rushed toward her sex and swelled her lips. “Oh god I need to get laid!” she thought, laughing to herself at the thought of being so aroused after witnessing such a foul display from her mischievous daughter. Pulling into a parking spot, she turned off the car with her spare hand, and thought dreamily of the last man she had slept with as she rubbed her pussy slowly through her pants. It had been more than 5 years since her last tryst, and the man had been far too young for her to date publicly.

She had met him out celebrating over a few cocktails at a bar after finally settling her late husband’s estate – and securing a future of comfortable financial independence for herself and her – young at the time – children. His name was Jason, and at the time he was only 22 to her 34. A young machine-shop welder, he was crude and coarse and way too forward, but she was on a high from finally being finished with the endless meetings and solicitors, and she ached to feel someone kiss and lick and put their hands all over her body. Taking advantage of the sitter she had paid through until the end of the night, she took this young Jason back to a nearby hotel and fucked his brains out. She moaned and bit her lip and she squirmed in the car, memories Escort of the torrid night flooding back to her. The young stud’s wide eyes and she pushed him onto the creaky hotel bed. His muffled groan as she straddled his face and had him sloppily lick her pussy and asshole. His strong hands, gripping her arse cheeks as he pistoned his cock inside her, spasming in the throws of ecstasy. Her son’s nose pressed up to the rosebud of her daughter’s arse…

“Fuuuuuck” she whispered, shuddering as she came, sitting in her car outside her children’s school. Sticky pussy juice flooded from inside her folds, soaking through her panties and yoga pants and into the fingers that gyrated and pushed her on her aching clit. Her sizeable chest heaved as she breathed in gasps, shocked at the final image that had pushed her over the edge and into an intense climax. “Jesus. Pull it together Anne!” she muttered as she tried to freshen herself up before going in to retrieve her son from the school nurse. “At least I’m wearing black pants!” she giggled to herself, as she opened the car door to let herself out. She must have been sitting in there day dreaming and playing with herself for at least 10 minutes!

Anne could feel the creamy, sticky juices continuing to leak from her pussy and dribbling down to her dark hole as she walked, coating the ring of her anus with her cum. She squirmed and smiled as she walked. into the school to retrieve her poor little sick son.

Anne entered the school nurses office and was led swiftly to her son by Linda. Luke lay on a small bed with a damp cloth upon his face, dozing fitfully. Anne squatted down beside her son, and reaching up to his face, stroked him on the cheek to check his temperature. He groaned at her touch, and she was suddenly self conscious that he would recognise the musky scent of her sex that lingered on the fingers that she stroked his face with, but his temperature was soaring and he was sweating so much that she didn’t think he would have noticed even if he had been more aware.

“I’d best get him home and have the doctor make a home visit. Could you help me walk him to the car Linda?” Supported by the two women, Luke walked groggily to his mother’s car and took his seat. He felt horrible. This day just kept getting worse – first his sister humiliating him at breakfast, and now this horrible sickness he was coming down with.

Anne rushed her son home, and insisted he go straight to bed and rest while she called the family doctor, a woman named Mary who had seen to the children since they were just babies. Luke passed into a fitful sleep, and dreamed of terrible things. He dreamed that his hands and feet were bound, and were being stretched apart by some unseen darkness. His joints ached and cracked, his muscles became raw and tired from straining against their bonds. And then suddenly, instead of being stretched apart, he felt the force change direction – compressing his tired body inwards and on itself. He groaned and convulsed in his sleep, sweating profusely, his head seething in pain. Everything seemed to rush fast around him, and suddenly the pain ceased. He settled into a restless slumber.

Not long later, Luke was woken from his sleep by an ear-splitting shriek. He woke up with a start, and was immediately confused by the fact that he was naked and swamped in an enormous and somewhat heavy blanket of cloth. He tried to shrug off his confusion and rustle his way out of this oversize blanket, and emerged from underneath it. He was immediately confronted with the most bizarre and terrifying vision of his young life to date.

Two enormous faces peered down at him, giant mouths agape in shock. He recognised one as that of his beautiful mother, tears welling in her eyes, and the other as his childhood doctor, Mary. Their faces alone seemed to be more than three times the length of his entire body, and were towering over him. He scrambled back in terror, and realised the heavy blanket he had been trapped under was in fact his school shirt that he had worn to sleep. With a horrifying shock, he came to the realisation that he had somehow and against all reason, been shrunk down to a humiliating and diminutive size, and that his life would never be the same…

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