Mrs Riesin’s Son Ch. 02

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Anne sobbed quietly with her head in her hands as the small army of doctors poked and prodded at her tiny son. The past few days had been a whirlwind of activity at the Riesin household, with government medical specialists and disease control agents coming and going to inspect the shrunken phenomenon. Almost immediately upon seeing Luke’s 4-inch tall form on the bed, Mary had called the Centre for Disease Control, and the moment that she had mentioned Luke’s shrinking condition the line was suddenly intercepted by another agency. They gave no name, but very clear instructions. Lock down the house. Isolate the subject. And perhaps the most ominous of all – not a word of this event shall be spoken to anybody outside their immediate family on pain of swift incarceration. Immediately after the phone call ended, the house was cut off from the power grid, and despite Mary’s attempts to call her colleagues and Anne’s attempts to call her daughter, neither of their phones seemed functional. Something had jammed the signal. Anne was so shocked and grief stricken over the predicament of her tiny son that she barely even remembered what happened next, only that Mary held her as she sobbed, and poor Luke seemed to have fainted out of fright.

Agents had arrived at the Riesin household within the hour. Displaying no badges or identification, they secured the property and immediately placed Luke’s tiny body into a small, strange box. It was clear on all sides and sealed completely, except for a small black unit on the side that seemingly filtered the oxygen entering and leaving the tiny prison. Having shrunken out of his clothes, poor Luke was forced to sit naked and exposed on the cold perspex floor of his new prison, his knees tucked tight up to his chest and his head hung low as he tried again and again to wake up from this nightmare. Open seeing her son trapped and naked in his prison, she cried out to the agents in the room.

“For heavens sake!” She cried. “At least let me give him something to cover up with!”

The agents glanced between each other, and one nodded to her. She withdrew a cotton handkerchief from her purse, which was lightly used but she didn’t care at that moment, and one of the agents unsealed the lid so that she could gently place the light cloth over his exposed form. Luke looked up at his beautiful mother as she reached in with her giant manicured hand, and felt a surge of overwhelming gratitude towards her. He felt reassured that she was there and looking out for him in this terrifying and confusing moment in his life. He stared up at her beautiful green eyes, her iris almost the size of his entire head, and he could see the love and concern she harboured for him. Her heady breath exploded towards him as spoke softly “I love you, Luke”.

“I love you too Mom!” he cried, and then her hand was withdrawn and the perspex lid was replaced above his head, sealing him in once again. He drew the makeshift blanked close around himself, and was comforted by the lingering scent of his mother’s sweet perfume.

As Anne walked shakily back to sit at her table to watch the continuing flow of secretive medical and security agents coming and going from the scene, she saw her beautiful daughter Margaret enter the room, a very professional looking 50-something man at her side in a dark suit, blue tie, and carrying a briefcase at his side. Margaret was trembling, her pale freckled face wrought with bloodshot eyes, and she wailed as she ran across the room to her mother for a comforting embrace.

“Oh mother! They told me what happened to little Luke! How he’s well…well…” She couldn’t finish her sentence, and burst into tears. Margaret hugged her daughter tight, patting her on the back and trying to hold back her own tears as the older man approached the two ladies.

“I’m very sorry that you have to go through this, Mrs Riesin, and I apologise for the necessary response.” He swept his hand at Anadolu Yakası Escort the table with Luke in his cage, and the surrounding agents inspecting her sweet son. “I know you have your questions, and I will be happy to answer those which I am able to. You must understand however, that some answers will remain classified.” Anne sniffled and nodded as the man continued to speak in calm, level and considered tones. She knew the type – he was a legal man.

“Clearly things are going to be very different from now on, and we need to establish a few important preliminary items.” He reached into his briefcase, producing a small stack of documents. As he handed her the first of these, he spoke again.

“First and foremost of these, is absolute, iron-clad non-disclosure. Until we know exactly what this affliction is, we cannot and will not allow news of these events to spread. Without a strategically crafted response and explanation to the public, there would be panic in the streets, and conspiracy would fester. We consider this to be an unacceptable outcome.” He looked Anne straight in the eye as he spoke, and she gave a faint nod in reply. “You will notice in these documents a few clauses that you won’t see in civilian legalese. I trust you understand that outside this household, your silence on these matters is essential, and mandatory. Doctor Mary will be signing one of these also”

Anne blurted out as he finished “Ha-have there been many cases before?” she pressed.

The man in the suit inclined his head as he answered. “Some, yes. The first caught us off guard, but now we have a task force equipped to deal with this, as you can see. Now the seco-“

Anne interrupted him again “Were the other cases OK?” She cried “Were they alright and… healthy??!”

He pursed his lips, waited for a moment, and then to her great relief he nodded. “Yes Mrs Riesin. Despite the drastic change in size, in all of the other cases we have observed the subjects have all been in otherwise good health. In fact, the subjects even seem to be slightly more hardy than you might otherwise suspect. We’re not 100% on the physiological changes that they experience yet, but we believe that during the transformation process, certain critical aspects such as bone and muscle density, and immune-response actually end up being quite favourable for the subjects. That’s not to say they are not vulnerable to harm, but they have displayed a surprising amount of fortitude.”

Anne smiled and inhaled raggedly, a great amount of relief visible on her face as she still clutched her quietly sobbing daughter to her heaving chest. The man in the suit handed her the second document.

“Now, to the second item. In the prior cases that we have addressed, not all of the subjects had adequate… continuing support available. Accordingly, we have a facility where we can house your son should you find yourself unable to care for him discreetly in the family home. And so, Mrs Riesin, I give you a choice. If it is all too much, you can sign your son into our care, should you wish.”

Anne shook her head emphatically, sending wavy auburn hair fanning about her shoulders. “I absolutely won’t let him go. He has to stay here with us! He’s my baby!” She cried.

The man nodded. “Of course Mrs Riesin, and as I suspected. There is no doubt that you are a dedicated mother.” He withdrew the second document from the table, and handed her the last of them. “The final item, is that which allows us to return periodically to your home – with your consent of course – to study the effects of this affliction, should we need to. I’m sure you agree, it is imperative that we understand this more clearly in time.”

A look of concern passed over Anne’s face. “You won’t hurt my baby boy will you?”

The man gave a reassuring smile “We won’t hurt your son, Mrs Riesin. Past cases have warranted more thorough medical investigation, Bostancı Escort but at this stage we simply need to make sure that your son’s symptoms are congruent with those that we have observed previously. Most of these observations will be taken care of in the next few days, and then we will be out of your hair.”

The next week flew by in the blur of commotion, and then suddenly the house was quiet again, and Anne was left alone to try to figure out how to live with her 5”10′ daughter and 4 inch son. Adjusting to their new circumstances was extremely strange at first. Anne was very protective of Luke around the house, being as gentle as possible out of fear of crushing him when she carried him from room to room. She refused to let him walk around on his own, lest he be stepped on accidentally. She had Margaret drive to the local mall to pick up various figurines from the toy store, so that their clothing could be used by Luke, who had up until that point remained wrapped in his mother’s handkerchief. At meal time, she sat him up on the table with them and gave him a small morsels of food served in a sauce dish, and at night she had him sleep on a pillow on the floor by the bed in her room.

The most embarrassing moment of adjustment to their new lifestyle came when Luke needed to use the toilet. His mother refused to accept his request to simply do his business down the drain of the shower floor, where the drain guard would have protected him from falling to harm. “You may be shrunken but that doesn’t make you a savage! You’ll continue to use the toilet like a civilized young man!” She had insisted.

Anne picked her son up gently and placed him on the edge of the toilet seat, and then squatted down on her haunches and waited patiently, watching. She wore a pink cardigan that buttoned up rather low on her round chest, and a stretchy maxi skirt that hugged the pronounced curve of her bottom as she squatted. Luke peered apprehensively over the edge of the seat and into the waters below, and then looked up at the beautiful face of his giant mother. He was not pleased. Perhaps up at normal height it smelled fine, but down so close to the seat he was dealing with the gamey-heady scent of a toilet regularly used by his giantess mother and sister.

His mother’s features seemed slightly amused but he couldn’t be sure – he was still adjusting to perceiving expressions up so close – it was a bit like trying to watch a film at the cinema when too sitting too close to the screen. It was the first hint of a smile he had seen on his mother’s face since this all began.

“Can’t you at least turn around while I go? Jeeze Mom.”

“I’m sorry darling, but I can’t risk you falling. I’m staying right here until you’re done” she stated in a very motherly fashion, her minty breath rustling his mop of black hair as she spoke.

“That’s not fair! I’ll be perfectly safe!” he argued, but Anne disagreed. Still squatting down by the toilet bowl in front of her son, she folded her arms in front of her as she spoke. This caused her already large pale breasts to be pushed upwards, and Luke couldn’t help but ogle at the site. Her cleavage was ridiculously massive in front of him, and this close up he could see the veins beneath her pale skin and the light sheen of sweat between her breasts. His tiny cock stirred in his makeshift trousers.

“In fact, we should have your sister here for this too. She’ll no doubt need to help you with this at some point if I’m out of the house somewhere. Margaret!” She shouted out over her shoulder. “Come and learn how to help your little brother go to the toilet!”

Luke groaned in embarrassment as his sister entered the room with a smirk, standing by the doorway in a tanktop and yoga shorts that clung tightly to her ample figure, with a hand on her wide hips. “Hey!” She said chirpily. “Your butt looks great Mom, all those squats at yoga are doing wonders Ümraniye Escort for your figure!” She laughed. Anne smiled at her daughter and wiggled her backside in appreciation of the compliment. Margaret seemed to be adjusting the quickest of all of them to their new situation, and had already begun to resume her sisterly teasing.

“Mom this is so humiliating. Can’t you just let me do this alone!” Luke protested.

She shook her head dismissively, sending her auburn hair waving about her shoulders. Luke watched her enormous red, plump lips part as she spoke. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about honey. Everybody poops you know. I do it all the time, your sister does also…”

“Yeah!” Margaret cut in with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “Before all this started you smelled some evidence of that fact first hand little brother!” She cried out with a giggle.

Luke blushed furiously and oddly felt his tiny cock twinge again at the humiliating memory. He noticed his mother try to stifle a laugh herself. Despite his embarrassment, it warmed Luke’s heart to see some small joy evident in his lovely mother’s expression again.”Fiiiine then. Let’s just get this over with already.” He sighed in defeat. Dropping his trousers and looking over his shoulder, he swallowed his pride, squatted down, and pushed out his dinky business over the edge. The tiny amount of waste he produced barely even made a splash as it hit the toilet water in what seemed like metres below him. Margaret giggled uncontrollably at the site, and with Luke’s pants drawn down, Anne couldn’t help but notice her son’s tiny, semi-erect cock. She felt a familiar wetness creep into her panties.

“Hmm” Anne hummed. “I didn’t quite think this through entirely… the toilet paper is far too coarse for your cute little bottom…” Luke looked horrified at what his mother might propose next. “I know!” She beamed a wide smile “I’ll just wash you under the tap, like when you were a little baby!”

“Mom no!” Luke cried, but before he could protest further his mother reached out and surrounded his 4-inch body with her soft, well manicured hands, lifting him from the seat of the toilet and carrying him over into the basin of the bathroom sink. “Oh don’t be silly Luke, I washed you like this all the time when you were little… the first time!” She said with a little laugh. He desperately tried to wriggle his way out of her hold, but Anne easily turned her miniature son over so that he was facing downwards, pulled his tiny clothes off his body, and then turned the tap on.

The lukewarm water rushing from the tap sounded like a roaring waterfall from his perspective, and felt like one too as it pushed down on his back with considerable force, pinning him in position. Anne used her soft fingers to rub the water over her helpless son’s back, and then drew her fingers down to his backside. The hair on the back of her neck prickled, and the wetness between her thighs surged as she used her index finger to spread her tiny son’s bum cheeks, rubbing his bottom gently. She noticed his tiny cock hung down below him and pushed up against the hand she help him in, and with her motions she couldn’t avoid rubbing against his tiny erect cock it as she cleaned him. Margaret stepped up behind her mother, peeking over her shoulder at the site.

“He’s a helpless little thing, isn’t he mother.” Margaret spoke softly into her mother’s ear, not wanting to let Luke hear their conversation over the roaring of the tap.

“Yes my love.” She replied softly to her beautiful daughter” We need to take extra special care of him now. And not just his little body, but his mind too. The future he had planned… schooling… girls… none of it will be normal now, and he will need us more than ever” Anne sighed, guilty in her secret arousal as she continued running her soft wet fingers all over his tiny body in the basin, long after any pretense of actually cleaning him had faded. Margaret nuzzled her face into the softness of her mother’s neck, seeking comfort in Anne’s fragrant auburn hair, as the two Riesin women studied the naked and helpless 4-inch young man before them, trying to imagine where their lives together might take them next.

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