Ms. Lane’s Master Ch. 05

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The next day star walks into the school sore and miserable from the beating Erik had given her the night before. Every step she takes make her flinch with pain. Mr. Smith watches as she humbly walks down the halls and to her classroom. His heart fills with compassion as he sees what she is going through.

She enters her room without speaking to anyone and closing the door behind her. Before she has time to close the door completely Mr. Smith sees the marks on the backs of her legs that reach below the bottom of her short green skirt.

He flinches at the sight of the black and purple strips on her legs. He decides to leave her be at the moment so she has time to collect herself in her humiliation. He takes a breath and then hurries back to his office. He slams the door shut and goes to the window. His hands clutch the window sill turning his knuckles white as he lets out a sob of anguish.

There is a knock at the door. Mr. Smith quickly wipes away his tears before turning to face the door. He gives the order allowing the person to enter the room. The door opens revealing Erik on the other side. He steps inside the office shutting the door quickly behind him.

“What the hell did you do that for?” yells Jacob. “You said you did the usual! That is so cruel what you did to her! Have you seen her legs? How could you?” His anger builds as he looks at his long time friend. All he could think about was hurting him as much as he hurt his star.

Erik sighs and replies, “you are in love with her. What I did to her was no more or less than what I have done to the others. You just see it so much more because you love her! Now go and get her and make her yours forever.”

Jacob looks at Erik and nods. “Yes, you are right. I do love her and she will be mine. For now on she will be different than the others. First whoever wants to be with her must ask permission before they are with her and second no one is to harm he for disobedience or any other reason. I will handle all her punishments and she will be mine.”

On that note Jacob walks out of the office leaving the door open behind him. He hurries out of the front office and down to star’s classroom. He finds the door is still shut and raps his knuckles on the door three times.

Star hears a knock on the door. She rubs the back of her legs nervously and then calls out to allow the person entrance. The door opens to Mr. Smith standing behind it. Star quickly stands wincing as her legs stick to the leather chair. She puts her arms behind her sore back trying to touch it as little as possible.

“Amber, relax.” Mr. Smith says. His voice thick with emotion. “I am so sorry. I never intended him to be so harsh on you.” He approaches her and grabs her hand using it to turn her around. He lifts up the back of her skirt to her upper thighs and gasps.

He can see her legs shaking from the pain they are still in. There are still welts sticking out on the darkest parts. He runs his hand up her slender leg feeling the bumps of the welts. He runs his finger along one of the thicker welts to find goose bumps appear on her legs.

He moves her skirt up farther revealing her ass. Her ass is covered with marks. There is not a single patch of white skin showing through. Tears form in his eyes as he runs his hand over her ass. He feels horrible that he let this happen to her.

He continues to look over the rest of her back as if he is memorizing every mark. He caresses her skin and feels her welts. He looks all the way up to her shoulders and arms and then back down to her ass.

His hand wraps around her inner thigh as he stares at her body and feels the welts. He removes his hand from her thigh and starts to stand until he realized his hand is wet. He raises his hand back to her thigh slightly higher than before. He feels more distinct wetness.

“Star lean forward with your hands on the desk.” he requests of her. In obedience she leans forward placing her hands on the desk. He grabs the butt plug and pulls it down and out and watches her asshole tighten back up.

He leans forward and starts flicking and licking her pussy lips with his tongue. She moans with pleasure as her teases her pussy with his tongue. He flicks his tongue at her clit and then plunges it into her. Her sweet juices coat his Tipobet tongue making his dick harden with excitement.

Her moans sends another throb to his cock every time. He wants himself inside of her but first he needs to make sure he takes care of her first. He wraps his hand around her leg to pull her into him making so he can go deeper into her pussy. He uses his out hand to tease her clit. He grinds his finger into the bone with her clit between the two.

Her pussy tightens on his tongue pushing him out as he fights to keep his tongue inside of her. The force of his tongue in her pussy makes her wetter with pleasure. Subconsciously she leans her body back into him making his face bury deeper into her pussy. He runs his tongue from her pussy back to her ass that’s been nicely loosened from the anal plug.

He plunges his tongue into her ass and starts to work her pussy with two of his fingers. Her moans get increasingly louder however it is obvious she is trying to stay quiet. He thrusts his fingers deep inside her and the pulls out slowly only to thrust then in fast once more. He mimics what he does to her pussy with his tongue that is in her ass. When his fingers slide farther out of her pussy his tongue also slide out her ass only to be thrust back in at the same time and speed.

Star quickly becomes intoxicated with pleasure. The continuous rhythm builds the excitement inside of her. With a loud squeal of excitement her juices release from her and squirt out covering her master’s hand. They quickly run down his arm and drip onto the floor. He slides his tongue smoothly out of her ass and sinks it back into her pussy licking up all her cum.

Once he swallows all the cum that didn’t drip down his arm he stands and turns her back around to face him. He takes a deep breath and tries to focus his thoughts to explain to her what he’s thinking. He opens his mouth hesitantly to begin.

“Amber, I’m not sure how to tell you this but we need to talk.” he begins. “I have deeper feelings for you then I have for anyone else. I love you , Amber. I want you as my own. I want you to want me as well though. You are am amazing slave and you are very sexy but I don’t want you to be my slave unless you want me as well.”

Star looks him in his eyes and they are full of joy. “Master I would love you be your slave. The last weeks have been the most exciting of my life. Anything you want of me you can have. All you have to do is tell me. I am yours.”

“In that case you still have to do what I want and when I want it. You will also have to fuck anyone I want you to fuck. Understood?”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.”

Jacob grabs star gently and pulls her into him and kisses her deeply. He lifts her up by her legs and places her softly on her desk. Taking a step back from her he lowers his pants and pulls out his erection and pushes it inside her tight hot pussy.

Grabbing her hips with the lightest touch he pulls her into himself with every thrust. Star puts her hands behind her on the desk and leans back moaning with each stroke of his cock inside of her. He reaches up and grabs her hair pulling it forcing her head back even farther.

She whimpers in pain from him pulling on her hair. Juices cover his cock as he pulls her hair still harder then before. A cry of pain and pleasure fills the air as she now covers his dick with hot cum making him thrust into her faster then before. He lets go of her and opens her shirt to reveal her breasts glistening with sweat.

Leaning forward he places kisses on her breasts and kisses up to her chest. He bites down on her neck and sucks on it. She tries to pull away so he wouldn’t leave a mark but he grabbed her neck to pull her in and with the other slapped her lightly on her ass. The pain of the slap was more extreme then it would have been but the beating from yesterday multiplied it.

She stops fighting against him sucking on her neck and allows to let him do as he pleases. After a minute of pumping into her while sucking on her neck he pulls back. On her neck see the dark purple hickey that he left just above her collar that she wears faithfully.

He thrust into her once more sending ho cum up into her pussy. He steps back slightly lightheaded and helps her off the desk. “Now Tipobet Giriş clean me off, star.” he orders her firmly. She kneels on her knees in front of him and takes him in her mouth and she licks the cum off his cock.

He tucks his now mostly soft cock into his pants and zips them up as she buttons up her shirt to cover her breasts. After she buttons the last button the door opens and students start to come in one by one. Mr. Smith smoothly steps away and walks toward the door. “Have fun in class Ms. Lane” he says with a crooked smile.

Ms. Lane stood slowly and felt the rush of liquids between her legs as his sticky cum slowly dripped out on her upper thighs. Seeing she is completely mortified he turns around satisfied and leave the room.

She continued through her first period class completely aware of the cum on her upper thighs. The students continue to make curious glances at each other through the class. She hopped beyond all hope that they couldn’t smell what she could.

The aroma of his cum from between her legs made her even more aroused. Every time she moved and her legs stuck together it made her juices drip onto her thighs again making her thighs stick together more. Once the first period class ended she sighed with relief and hurried off to the teacher’s lounge to use the restroom there. She opened the door to find none other then her master with Erik inside.

“Oh there you are star. I was just telling Erik about our conversation this morning. What brings you here?” he asks curiously.

“I just came to clean myself off since I had a couple minutes between classes.” she said with a blush knowing that Erik knew everything that had happened.

Erik looks at Jacob with lusts in his eyes. Jacob nods at Erik with a smile. Erik rises to his feet and approaches star. “Here let me help you out.” he leads her to the table and makes her lie down on it. Star’s head ends up right in front of Jacob. He leans forward and kisses her as she feels Erik’s lips touch her pussy. Her master reaches down her shirt and gropes her breath as Erik causes her orgasm to build.

She is on the edge of cuming as the bell rings. Erik stands and wipes her juices off his face and leaves the room. Mr. Smith stands and says to star, “time for class.” He waits for her to get up and leave before he follows her out.

Her second class of the day was worse then the first. She remained on edge for the first part of the second period class and then for the second part she was conscious of her juices dripping down to her knees.

Once she got out of her second period class she got her break for lunch. She hurried back to the teachers lounge and was happy when she saw it was clear of people. She quickly went in the restroom and cleaned herself up and then sat down to eat lunch.

A short time later Brittany Leilah slips into the lounge. Star suddenly realized she was wearing a choker around her neck. She nervously looked at star and bit her lip.

“I know this is going to sound weird but Mr. Smith sent me and gave me orders.” She looks away from star shyly blushing.

Star sighs to herself, looks at Mrs. Leilah, and says, “well I guess you better do as ordered then.”

Brittany slides down to her knees and crawls under the table and over to where star is sitting. Star was wondering to herself what Brittany could be doing under there but her question was answered as she felt Brittany’s lips touch her bare pussy.

She instantly wants to pull away from her but then remember that her Master is the one that gave the orders so she was just going to have to sit it through. She made herself breathe and try to relax even though she had never kissed a girl, much less have a girl eat her out.

Once she got herself to relax slightly she started to realize how nice it felt. Soon she was moving her hips back and forth from the pleasure between her legs. The bell sounds off in the background but she doesn’t realize what it is as she goes into an orgasm. Brittany continues to bury her face in star’s pussy swallowing star’s cum as she cums a second time.

As the door opens it makes both of them jump. Mr. Smith comes into the room and looks at them with a smile. Brittany crawls out from under the table and is licking the cum off her lips. Tipobet Güncel Giriş

“Well, well, well, looks like we are having a load of fun. No need to worry I have found subs for you both for the rest of the day and neither of you will be missed. So that said lets have some more fun.” he says still watching us both.

“Star scoot your chair out and Brittany continue eating her out.” Star and Brittany quickly did as they were told. Moans fill the air once more. Mr. Smith lowered himself to his knees and positioned himself behind Brittany.

He quickly brings out his fully erect cock and rubs it up and down her pussy. He looks star straight in her eyes as he thrusts himself deep into Brittany. She moans with pleasure sending shocks of vibrations into star’s pussy.

Star once again cums into Brittany’s mouth. Mr. smith begins to thrust hard in and out of Brittany. He watches star’s reactions to make sure she was continuing to enjoy herself. He notices every time he gives an extra hard thrust to Brittany he gets a loud moan in reply by both slaves.

Mr. smith pulls his cock out of Brittany’s pussy and pushes it into her tight ass. Brittany whimpers in pain as his cock stretches her ass. He pushes into her body purposefully making her face bury deeper in star’s pussy. The cry of star cuming sends another surge through his body. He slams his cock into her Brittany’s ass with a loud slap of flesh hitting flesh.

He fucks her ass without mercy, the rough treatment of Brittany’s ass makes her cum moaning loudly. The moan sends star into another orgasm. Mr. Smith releases his load into Brittany’s ass. He slaps her ass hard and pulls his cock out of her.

“Clean me.” he orders Brittany. She turns around still on her hands and knees. Her mouth opens to welcome his cock as soon as his cock touches her tongue she cringes at the taste of her ass on his cock. Obediently she licks his cock clean and sits n the ground looking up at him.

Mr. Smith stands and pulls his pants back up but leaves his belt unbuckled. “Slave, stand.” he says. Both Brittany and star quickly stand in the same stance that star was taught. He turns and looks at star, “you are my star, not my slave. Sit back down.” Stars cheeks flush crimson and she returns to her seat.

Mr. Smith turns back to Brittany, “Slave, I gave you orders. I told you to eat her out but not to make her cum. You disobeyed me. Stand against the wall.”

Brittany flinches as she turns and faces the wall. She places her feet at shoulder’s width apart and spreads her arms out on the wall. Mr. Smith pulls his belt out of his pants and places it on the table. He turns to star and asks, “How many times did she make you cum, my star?”

“Five, sir.” she replies in a whisper for she knew what was going to happen as he turns back to Brittany.

“well five times… and five whips per a cum mean si get the pleasure of whipping you twenty-five times.” He reaches up and pulls on Brittany’s should to make her stand up straight. He removes her shirt and skirt and places them on the table neatly folded then returns her to her former position completely naked.

He picks his belt back up with both ends of the belt in one hand. Looking at star he catches her eye and smiles and immediately turns and strikes Brittany the first time. A hot wave rolls over star and builds in her pussy.

Strike after strike star watches and each strike made her hotter and hotter. Without noticing star’s hand wonders down to her pussy and starts to pleasure herself. Every strike on Brittany’s ass got star closer to cuming.

By the end of Brittany’s punishment it took all the will inside star to not tear off her Master’s clothes. She wants him inside her so badly. She wants him fucking her as hard as he fucked Brittany. Master looks over at star and is happy to see she enjoyed him beating Brittany so badly.

“Brittany get dressed and go.” Mr. Smith ordered. Brittany stands up and dresses herself and walks out while wiping the tears from her eyes. As soon as the door shuts Master walks over to his star. He gets down on his knees and pulls star’s hand from her hot pussy.

He thrusts two fingers inside her pussy and wiggles them making her moan happily. “Tonight my star we will go out to eat. While I eat you will pleasure me. Afterwards we will go back to your place and I will fuck you raw and you will love it.”

He dips his head down licks her clit and then stands back up pulling his fingers back out of her pussy. He walks out of the room and shuts the door.

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