Ms. Marca Ch. 05

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I had to go pay off a bet that I was looking forward to paying. One of those dumb things you guys think we girls do when we make a bet to have sex with you if we lose. Don’t you think we know that we try and lose the bet? As a single lady my girl friends and I went where the men were and that was to a sports bar to watch them as they watched football…

The guy I had bet with at a sports bar on a football game was named Mike and was told by my girl friends that it was reported that he had a cock to die for and I could see he was a hunk.(I lost thank God) I went over to his place and he invited me in to have a drink and small talk. His name was Mike about 30, 6′ 4″ 235# and was built like a linebacker for the NFL. Marca sat in Mike’s apartment, on a couch that, while comfortable, gave the apartment that bachelor feel. She looked around the small room while she waited for the drink he was fixing her. Guy stuff filled the room, a stereo, TV, VCR, several stacks of videotapes and a couple of men’s magazines. (God what I could do with this place) She was already feeling a buzz from the drinks I had before i got here but if he had what was reported, she thought she needed one more drink. Mike came back to the couch carrying the promised drink and one of his own.

“You are a beautiful woman.” He said, looking deep into her eyes as he handed her the drink. “I can’t believe my luck that you are going to pay off as you said you would! I think most men would die to have a model in his place and,” I put my finger up to his lips and said “Hey are you trying to talk your way out of this!” Marca blushed at the compliment but did not look away from him as she quickly took a long drink from her glass. Her eyes followed him as he sat on the couch next to her and took her into his arms gently. They kissed. A long deep kiss that started slowly and quickly built in passion. Both wanted this. Both knew the other wanted it too, and Marca lost the last bit of reluctance as she felt his tongue slip past her lips and into her willing mouth. The first kiss lasted until both were forced to breathe. They shared excited, eager looks and then both sat their drinks down on the low coffee table in front of them and returned to their passionate embrace.

Mike moved slowly, savoring the moment, relishing her taste and feel, reveling in the passion arcing between them. He slowly removed her blouse and then her bra. She relaxed and pushed her shoulders back, exposing her 40DD breasts to a man that had not seen them before and the look on his face told her he liked what he saw. He gently kissed his way down her neck, letting his lips barely brush her soft sensitive skin, until he reached the gentle swell of her chest. He paused here and let one hand slide from her back around to her breasts. He explored them gently, feeling her firm softness contrast with her dark hard nipples and then lowered his mouth over one tit. He sucked her gently, holding her erect nipple between his teeth and swirling his tongue around it.

Her breathing quickened as Marca gave herself over to the moment. All that existed was Mike’s mouth on her breast and the spark of orgasm already blossoming between her legs. She moaned in pleasure and took her lover’s head in her hands, guiding him down lower. She pushed his head down and he took the hint quickly, kissing his way down to the tight blue jeans she was wearing. He began to unbutton them and soon they were discarded on to the floor, leaving only Marca’s thin cotton panties between him and paradise. He kissed down over the light fabric, enjoying the musk smell of her sex as his lips passed over her pussy without actually touching it. He kissed her inner thighs sivas escort sexily; moving from one side to the other, teasing her, delighting in the little quivers his attention was drawing from her.

Finally she could take his teasing no more. She grabbed his head and forcefully shoved his face into her panties. “Eat me damn it! Eat my pussy!” She growled in mixed passion and frustration. Mike did not hesitate. He sucked her pussy greedily through her wet panties. He tasted her juice as it soaked through the material and instantly loved her taste. Roughly he pulled her panties down and off, quickly returning his mouth to her, now gaping, hole. He sucked deeply on her dripping pussy, tasting her exquisite juices as they poured from her velvety lips and across his tongue. He lapped at her ravenously, as if she were the last meal he would ever have. He sucked her clit into his mouth and let his tongue play with it gently but vigorously. Marca held his head between her legs, gyrating her hips in perfect rhythm with his tongue. Her orgasm grew from the fire between her legs to consume her entire body. She screamed as her climax mounted. A scream of relief and desire. An expression of lust and release.

Her body jerked and convulsed, but she didn’t release her lover’s head, instead she held him tightly forcing him down on her pussy through her orgasm’s peak until it began to subside. Finally she relaxed, letting him breath again. When she released him, Mike slid up her body, a wide smile on his wet face. He kissed her on the lips, letting her taste her own juices on his tongue. She smiled at him and pushed him off her. “Let’s go to your bedroom, so that I can fuck your balls off!” She said huskily, her throat still slightly raw from her screams of passion.

“Mmm, I love it when you talk like that.” Mike said standing up and helping her to her feet. They padded down the short hallway to his bedroom. I know he has a monster cock and was ready to see it and feel it. I went to the bathroom while he got in bed, when I came out and got in bed with him he continued to play with my tits. Sticking above the sheets was the head of a large cock and I have seen some big cocks. (As a cowboy once told me “Honey this ant my first redo”) His cock was at least 3 inches above the sheets and the head was as big as a small orange. “My god, is that thing real?” I asked. Mike laughed and said that it was all him and that I could have as much of it as I wanted today. His cock was at least a foot long and as thick as my wrist. It was hard as a rock and I reached down and took it in both hands to bring it toward my mouth. There was no way I was going to get this thing in my mouth so I just started licking the head and then up and down the shaft. Mike moaned as I flicked my tongue around the head of his cock and slipped my tongue in the pee hole several times. “I have to warn you,” he said. “I cum easily, often and a lot so be ready at any time.”

Looking at the cock and not at Mike I said to the cock, “I love a challenge” I mumbled as I attempted to take the head of his cock into my mouth. I worked and stretched and finally was able to get the head into my mouth. I thought Mike would go wild. He started bucking his cock into my mouth and I had to remove it and tell him to slow down. I once again took the head into my mouth and was determined to get at least some of this monster into my throat. It took some time for my mouth to get used to his cock but I slowly started to adjust and work an inch or two into my mouth. As the head of his cock reached the back of my throat, I thought I was going to gag. As determined as I was though, I kept working at it and attempted to control my gag reflex and soon the head of his cock was actually in my throat. I had tears in my eyes but I got the thing where I wanted it. “God baby, no one has ever been able to take it that far before. It feels great.” I slowly removed his cock from my mouth and told him that he must tell me when he was going to cum. I had to prepare myself if I was going to swallow his cum.

I slowly worked his cock back into my throat and started working more if his shaft down into me. I had about 7 inches in my throat when I felt him tense and say “Oh, Oh, OOOO” that was not the way I wanted him to tell me he was going off. I wasn’t ready but it was too late because I felt his hot cum shooting into my throat. I couldn’t do anything but swallow and I was having a really hard time doing that. I managed to keep from gagging though and I couldn’t believe how much he was cumming. He finally stopped and I slid his cock from my mouth and took a deep breath.

“Bravo, Bravo” I heard from behind me. Mike and I both jumped and there was a tall guy, his name was Bill, sleepy eyed but with a big smile on his face. “Damn Mike, where the hell did you get a set of tits like that” Bill quipped. “I think she was born with them I guess” Mike replied, I just smiled as I looked at his roommate. “This is Marca and she is the first person to ever take all my cock into her throat. Man what a blow job” “My throat is NOT where I had wanted that thing” I groaned. “How long will it take to get it back up?” “Just start playing with it and I’ll be ready to go in a few minutes or so” Mike bragged. That was what I wanted to hear so I grabbed his cock and started sliding it up and down in my hands. I couldn’t believe it but he was getting hard again. “Mike, I don’t know how much of this I can take but I want it in me now!” I suggested that Mike lay on his back and that I mount him from the top. That way I could control everything and take as much of him when I wanted. That is exactly what I did and as I lowered my dripping pussy onto his huge head, I pushed until it hurt slightly and his cock did not enter me. I moved up a little and rubbed the head around my pussy to get us better lubricated and then sat down on his cock again. I didn’t think it was going to fit when, with one last and rather painful push, the head of his cock stretched me enough to enter. There was still some pain but it was bearable, so I told Mike to hold still for a minute until my poor pussy adjusted to his monster. He just smiled and said, “Not many women have ever taken it all. In fact, only two or three had taken more that half of it.” His friend Bill just stood and watched, I told myself I guess he will be next.

“Is that a challenge?” I asked. “Only if you want it to be,” he said. Bill spoke up and said that he was sure that I would soon have that big cock buried to the hilt. He came over to me and kissed me, telling me how much he wanted to see me ride this monster cock. The pain had subsided so I slowly started to sit on Mike’s cock and work it into my spread pussy. I was experiencing a feeling that I had never felt before. I thought that I was stretched when I did a guy from the Caribbean Islands of Peter Island tall black and hung like a $50.00 mule, as my foul mouth grandfather would have said. I could feel his cock slowly working its way into me and I continued the pressure so that more of his cock entered me ever minute or so. It seemed like an eternity since the head had spread my lips and went in but I know it was only a few minutes.

I thought I was doing pretty good and wondered how much of the monster was in me, so I looked down to see that only about half of his cock was buried in me. I felt so full and wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to take any more when Bill whispered in my ear “Come on baby, I know you can do it. I want to see your pussy swallow the whole thing.” In the meantime, I decided that I needed a little help so I started playing with my clit. I had already cum once or twice but as soon as I started playing with myself, I came again. This time much harder that the ones before. I guess the pain was dulling the intensity of my orgasms. I pushed a little harder and felt a little more if his cock enter me. I decided to raise up a little and allow Mike to fuck me with the half of his cock that was in me. As I did, Mike got the message and began to slowly hump up into me, each time hitting bottom when he pushed in. I could feel the resistance but could also feel that there was more room to go so each time he thrust into me, I would meet him and I finally felt him slide another inch or two deeper into me. It hurt like hell when he did and I told him to stop for a minute.

As we lay there waiting for the pain to subside, Bill came over and put his cock in my mouth. I started taking him into my throat and concentrated on sucking him. It worked, and the pain went away so I sat on Mike’s cock a little harder. “It’s about three fourths in baby,” Mike said. “I think you might do it.” He began fucking me again and each time he thrust into me; I would meet him, driving that monster cock deeper into me until I could finally feel his pubic hair against my bald pussy. I had cum so many times that I had lost count but the feeling had been different to this point. Once again, I figured that it must have been because of the pain. I removed Bill’s cock from my mouth and told him that I wanted to give full concentration to fucking this baseball bat of a cock that was buried in my pussy. He and Mike both laughed and I began moving Mike’s cock in and out of me.

Slowly we started fucking and as soon as the pain was gone, my orgasms began getting more intense and soon I was cumming and screaming for Mike to fuck me hard. I was riding him and driving his big cock completely into me with each thrust. I was now cumming continuously and shuddering like there was no tomorrow. I hadn’t been paying any attention to what Bill was doing but all of a sudden I felt something touch my ass. I turned around to see Bill with a smile on his face, playing with my ass. “No way!” I moaned and another orgasm racked my body. “Just wait and see” he said. I felt a finger enter my ass hole and it actually felt good. There was no pain at all but it sure felt tight. “I can feel your finger” Mike told Bill.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet” Bill replied. I was now oblivious to what was going on except the monster cock that was filling my pussy and driving me wild. I could feel Bill finger in my ass but then I felt him withdraw his finger and heard him moving around behind me. “Hold on baby” Bill said. I was about to ask him what for when I felt something push against my ass hole again. His cock entered me with ease and as he slowly slid his cock into my ass, I have never experience sensations like I was right now. I was cumming and cumming and shaking violently. I screamed for them both to fuck me and in only a few more strokes I heard Mike say that he was about to cum. That was all I remember because I just screamed and shouted how good it was and humped both cocks. The next thing I remember was I was in bed and Mike and Bill were sitting next to me talking.

“That was something else fella’s” I moaned. “You bet it was,” said Mike. “I can’t believe you did that!” I looked at both of them and said, “ANYONE WANT TO BET ON THE COTTON BOWL!” “They both looked at each other and than at me and Bill said “but they haven’t picked the teams to play yet!” “WHO GIVES A FUCK, LET JUST BET!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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