Ms. Rhonda’s Finishing School Ch. 02

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DISCLAIMER: All characters in this and any additional parts of this story are all over the age of 21.

This tale involved crossdressing and BDSM. If these subjects do not interest you then I wish you well and hope you find a story on the site which you will enjoy.

If you choose to read this tale then I thank you in advance for doing so. When you have finished I hope you will leave a comment or a suggestion and I would ask that you please vote as well.

Before you begin I want you to know that the first two chapters of this story contain very little sexual play. It was important that I establish not only the characters but also the story line before any physical interaction comes into play. I hope you will still take the time to read but if not, I understand.




After I had myself a good cry I had absolutely no idea how I could pick up the pieces of the unmitigated disaster that had just taken place. I knew I had to try but for the life of me I was struggling to figure out how. Finally, I simply decided to just head back to the scene of the crime and take my punishment, from whoever might still be here. I had almost rounded the corner when I heard words being spoken and I paused, just out of eyesight.

From where I stood, I could hear voices and the first one was Patricia’s saying, “I…I don’t understand.”

I peeked around the corner and to my surprise I saw my maid sitting in the chair I would normally be in while she was surrounded by my three friends. The meals still sat in place growing cold, as they had decided this was far more important than dinner. I watched as Michelle took one of Patricia’s hands and with her beautiful smile said, “Rhonda did all this for you luv. She wanted you to see that being a submissive isn’t about how much pain you can withstand. It’s not about being a target for some bully to tease and to torment. It’s about being not only what you want to be, but who you want to be.”

Helen was standing behind my chair and when her eyes caught mine she shook her head as if to tell me not to enter right now. I could still see a look of puzzlement on Patricia’s face as DeeDee took the gurl’s other hand and gave her a brilliant smile. “Patricia, when you first met Rhonda at the party, how did she treat you?”

“She was wonderful. She was so kind to me. No one had ever treated me like that before.”

“That was because she saw how hard you were trying. A submissive that is just starting out without any proper training is bound to fail. She wanted you to know that she saw wonderful possibilities in you so even if you didn’t do everything right, she knew in your heart that you were doing your very best. Rhonda hates to see people bully others. She was trying to show you that a real dominant encourages you, wanting you to be happy, to have fun and embrace your role.”

She looked a little less confused as my rocker friend who fronted her own band continued. “Now, when she offered a ride, how did she seem to you?”

You could see the look of concentration on Patricia’s face as she remembered. “She was being nice at first but then she was…different.”

“She behaved that way honey because she saw you were in shock. The only way she could get you to respond was by acting like she never dare to in real life. She was mean to you, treating you badly because you were at a place in your life where you only would respond if someone basically gave you no choice. She hated doing that but she had hoped tonight would show you that not all dominants, male or female, use their submissives as either whipping posts or someone you can browbeat until they simply can’t take anymore.”

I was still mostly hidden by the wall I was peeking around as I saw Helen eyes were locked on mine as she began to speak, “Miss Rhonda is a dominant, a real one who at the end of the day cares more about a submissives heart than she does about their role or their service. This Mistress Brenda who treated you so badly should consider herself to be extremely lucky that all she got out of her encounter with Rhonda was possibly a sore wrist to go with her deflated ego. Rhonda has a heart of gold and though it hurt her badly to talk to you in the manner she did, she suffered the pain gladly. It was worth her anguish if in the end you realize that you should not only be proud in your service, you should find happiness in it.”

I once again felt the sting of tears come to my eyes but Helen’s smile helped keep them at bay. That and the look on the young maid’s face showing me that finally she might be realizing that which I had hoped she would. She appeared to be thinking quite hard as Michelle said to her, “Right now Rhonda is in her bedroom at the end of the hall. I know her heart is breaking because of the words you spoke Patricia. It hurt her for you to say that you’re not worth anyone’s concern. For a dominant, when they hear a submissive make such a statement, it Pendik Anal Escort means they’ve failed you. Not the other way around as you stated.”

I thought I saw where this might be heading so I made my way back to my room, leaving the door open, but I do wish I would have heard the last words that my friend said to her.

“A dominant woman like Rhonda takes her responsibility to someone who serves her very seriously dear. When you said you weren’t worth the effort then she feels like neither is she. Miss Rhonda has fought other’s prejudices and their scorn for far more years than she should have. She has invested her time and money in making sure that others like you and the three of us have a place to go without judgement or ridicule. For many whom for so long felt like they didn’t belong or were simply lost with no one to help them find their way, Rhonda has touched their lives in ways that many of them never will know. She doesn’t want their praise or just their money. She only wants the same thing she desires most of all for you. Their happiness.”

By that time I was sitting on the end of my bed, thinking about how lucky I was to be blessed with such wonderful friends when I felt the presence of another moving slowly down the hallway. When Patricia walked in, I couldn’t see the look of concern on her face as she approached and to my surprise, took a seat next to me. We both sat there for a few seconds before she began to speak in that same soft voice I had first heard just a night ago.

“Growing up, I was an orphan. I got sent from one foster home to another, never feeling like I fit in anywhere I went. Children can be cruel, especially when they know you don’t have anyone who will stand up for you. By the time I was a teenager, I discovered something that made me happy, or at least as happy as I could be. The woman whose house I lived in at that time was delighted when she caught me dressed as now she had someone else to do her work for her. I was laughed at, called a lot of names but I didn’t care. I was doing what I wanted to until her new boyfriend kicked me out into the street, saying he didn’t want some fag in his house.”

“By then it was easy to fall through the cracks in the system until I found work fixing up things in a building in the Southside of the city. It doesn’t pay much, a few dollars, but people leave me alone and the landlord lets me use one of the rooms to stay in so I don’t have to sleep outside. Most of the stuff I have to fix is pretty simple but it keeps me busy. I could dress up when I wanted but when I heard about Maid to Order it sounded like a dream come true. I had no idea it would be more like a nightmare but when you’ve never had a chance before you grasp at anything, any straw. I’d been abused all my life so when Mistress Brenda beat me, or treated me badly, I took it. Not because I liked it, but because without it, I had nothing left.”

This time I didn’t hesitate, I pulled the beautiful young woman into my arms, holding her tight as she returned the favor. I kissed her softly on the top of her head, knowing how hard it had been for her to tell me the pain she had endured in order to find herself sitting next to me. We sat there in silence for a few minutes until I heard her say softly, “May I ask you a question please Miss Rhonda?”

I nodded my approval as she said, “Why are you being so kind to me. I’m not…,” as I put a finger up to her lips, while shaking my head.

“Patricia, if you tell me again you’re not worth the effort then I fear I will really beat you within an inch of your life. As long as we are together, whether it is just tonight or longer, please never say that again. Just look at you young lady. You’re worth every second, every minute, and every bit of effort that I or anyone might put forth in order for you to finally be happy. I’ll make you a promise though, if you say it again tonight, then I will cane Randolph’s feet until he has to walk on his hands and knees around the house.”

The poor gurl’s eyes grew wide as I gave her a wink and she realized I had made a joke. It was good to hear her giggle for the second time as I hugged her again. I offered her my hand and we made our way back to where the others had been only to find the room empty, the food uneaten. I heard voices and as we went further into my home the sounds seemed to be emanating from the kitchen.

We entered, my eyes wide to see my friends along with Randolph and Deidre all laughing, having opened several bottles of my wine as I tried my best to sound angry. “So, while I’m struggling, falling to pieces, my world crumbling around me and in great emotional distress all five of you can do is have a party?”

It got quiet for just a moment before DeeDee grinned and said, “Yep sounds about right.”

With that everyone laughed and so did I. Patricia meanwhile just stood there quietly by my side, her hand still in mine until to both of our surprises Randolph held out not one but two more wineglasses, Pendik Yaşlı Escort one to each of us. “Might I suggest Madame that for the rest of the evening this be a gathering of not dominants or submissives, that it be one that involves just friends?”

My friend always had a way of stating the obvious as I happily nodded his way and I took a sip from my glass and after a moment or two, so did the young gurl. Finally, we all found ourselves sitting in the living room, all of us growing a bit more comfortable around the young woman who seemed to be enjoying her wine. A bit of red now showing on her cheeks and I couldn’t help but hope she might be a bit more forthcoming about the idea that Randolph and I had first discussed the night before.

I had a feeling Deidre might have shared a little about the store as she helped Patricia transform but I took a few minutes to explain to her about it, before beginning my proposal. I had told all of them in advance, but I didn’t want the young gurl to think this was some form of charity. I wanted her to feel special having been selected into our initial foray into a new avenue for my current shop.

I made sure that I was addressing all of them, not wanting to feel singled out as I said, “What I’m thinking is there has to be a way to give gurl’s who are just starting out the kind of guidance they need before they find themselves thrust into a situation or a position that they’re not prepared for. Maybe some type of knowledge or schooling based against what their individual needs or desired might be?”

Now I turned to the submissive maid, my voice asking hopefully, “Would that sort of thing have been helpful to you Patricia instead of having to find out all this the hard way dear?”

I think she had possibly drunk a little more wine than she normally did as her voice was a bit louder, even dare I say with a bit of confidence in it. “Yes, it would have been wonderful to know what to expect. But I think it would have been even more comforting to know there are others like me, that I’m not as alone as I think I might be. I’d rather make people happy than have them be mad, if that makes sense?”

The smiles she got from everyone in attendance was the only answer she needed as she stood up a bit unsteadily before asking if anyone needed more wine? “Why don’t you just bring out the open bottles dear that will make it easier on you? It is quite sweet of you though to still want to serve even when you’re not required to.” I got her full smile with that one as she headed back toward the kitchen.

I knew I had only a brief window as I turned my attention to the remainder of those in attendance. “If I’m going to do this I’m going to need all of you to help. If you can’t or are not willing to do so please let me know right now.” Not a single hand was raised, nor a single word spoken, as I gave them a grin. “Very well then, when Patricia returns would one of you suggest that she might be a good candidate for our first student?” Smiles again were the order of the day but when she returned I found out the young lady was already ahead of me.

As she walked slowly back, the wine bottles affecting her balance, she managed to put them on the coffee table before sitting down beside me. “If it’s not too forward of me Miss Rhonda, may I please volunteer to be your first pupil? I don’t have a lot of money but I’ll pay you back, honest.”

I saw the look dismay on some of my friends faces as I shook my head at Patricia saying, “No my dear, I don’t think you understand. Unlike the people you have associated with in the past if we do this we will do so together. I’m not going to charge anyone a fee when they are already struggling with their own identity. Besides, if we give them the confidence to take that first step, then come the time when they are ready to either expand their wardrobe or need something to bring their dreams to life then they will think of me and my store. They will become not only customers, but also friends. This lifestyle is nothing without having people who can relate to what you’re feeling and who knows, in the future, you could be the one who guides them.”

The smile she gave me was well worth the effort it had taken to get there. “Your friends are right; you do have a heart of gold.”

I blushed, something everyone else besides Patricia found absolutely delightful and I put up with their good hearted teasing until I heard the young gurl say, “Please don’t tease Miss Rhonda. She told me if anyone upsets her again tonight then she was going to cane Mr. Randolph’s feet until he had to walk on his hands and knees.”

That brought a quick and sudden end to their ribbing until suddenly she giggled and everyone joined in. It was the perfect end to what had turned out to be a wonderful day. When everyone said their goodbyes we all shared hugs and kisses, including the far less shy maid who was obviously on her last legs. Deidre excused the two of them and by the time I got Pendik Zenci Escort back inside and had the house secure she was waiting for me.

“Come take a look.” I gave her a confused glance but when she stopped by the same door to the room Patrick had slept in the night before now it was Patricia in a pink baby doll nightie with matching panties. Her hair spilled over her pillow and she looked like an angel in her sleep, a sight which left me quite a smile on my face. We both shut the door and then headed back to the living room.

“You know Rhonda, I think what you’re doing is a wonderful thing but have you thought it completely through? I gave her words some thought as she continued, “People like Patricia are one thing but when a gurl comes to you saying her desire is to be used by numerous men or women, what are you going to do? You have to set some limitations or what might come out of the wood works might just surprise you.”

Her words made perfect sense and to be honest I really hadn’t given it any consideration other than Patricia. I knew what I didn’t like but would it be fair to judge others against my own standards. Finally I just said, “There has to be certain things we will not do. Scat, blood, extreme violence and perhaps water sports are something I just do not feel comfortable with. Otherwise who are we to judge our own peers when it comes to their desires? It would be like we’re condemning them just as society might, correct?

She nodded her approval as another list was about to come into play. I knew that New Beginnings would be a great place to initially advertise and to build our clientele. I also couldn’t help but wonder if a dear friend of mine, Leanne, another friend short in stature but big in heart like Deidre, would be interested in helping. She always had the heartbeat of the community when it came to gurls like me and I knew if any of them required a certain kind of Owner or possibly player, she would be the perfect matchmaker.

Deidre got up as if to leave but stopped and turn around saying, “One final thing hun. This Brenda character doesn’t sound like the type to forgive and forget. If push comes to shove, I’m here for you and I promise if she tries to push then I’ll happily shove her off the cliff. Deal?”

“Deal.” I should have known she was far wiser than I when it came to matters like this. She warned me it would happen but at least when it did, I had her to count on, as always.

The next morning when I awoke, I did so to a gentle knock on the door. When I bid the person to enter it was Patricia already back in her maid’s attire with a cup of coffee and a fresh bagel with a side of fresh fruit and cream cheese alongside of it. “Why Patricia, how sweet of you dear.” The smile was genuine and I could already checkmark off domestic service on the sheet of likes and dislikes for the beautiful young maid.

As I enjoyed my coffee, I once again went over in my mind the sheet I had gone to sleep the night before thinking about. If we had a starting point then we would not waste any time when it came to knowing precisely what any of the gurls would want to learn. So, with the blue eyed maid in mind, I went to my office and got on my computer to put the spreadsheet in order. There were so many different aspects to consider and I hoped that wouldn’t prove to be daunting to any future attendees but at least now, we had a place to begin.

It was around eleven that I called Patricia into my office, motioned for her to have a seat as I took my new spreadsheet out for our very first client. She appeared a little nervous so I gave her a smile saying, “I promise Patricia, this isn’t going to hurt and in the end it will help me to make sure we teach you just what you want to learn, okay?”

“Yes Miss Rhonda.”

“Very well then, I’ve already marked down that you desire to be a submissive in service, one who not only can handle the day to day work around a home but also can serve meals and at functions that any dominant woman or man might desire you to. Is that correct love?”

She happily nodded but then remembered my rule from last night. “Yes Miss Rhonda, I enjoy being a maid, it’s what makes me feel complete.”

“Excellent. Now, what else is Patricia interested in?”

I’m not sure, but I had a premonition that this would be difficult for her. I watched as she gave it some thought but I felt perhaps a gentle push might be in order. “I don’t think that you’re really a pain slut based on the way you reacted the other night. Perhaps though a little correction, if you were to perform a task inadequately?”

“Of course Miss, I do need to learn from my mistakes, don’t I?”

“Very well said my dear but harsh punishment and verbal degradation are not something that interests you so we want to make sure when someone requires your service that they know in advance, both of those are as we say, not on the table.”

I watched as she gently bit her bottom lip before saying, “Do you really think anyone would want me just to serve?”

I gave her my best smile before replying. “I can say unequivocally that the answer to that is yes. I would be willing after you have been properly trained to have you serve at any of my functions dear and I have a feeling, I will not be alone.”

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