MSDS Society Ch. 13

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I am in Master’s arms when we are awakened by Master Jason and Danny crawling in bed with us. Master Jason starts kissing Master’s neck and Danny is doing the same thing to me. Soon, my Master pulls out of me and starts making out with Master Jason. So, Danny and I start kissing too. It is so nice to be kissing Danny again. Our Masters are too busy loving each other to carry about what their slaves are doing. I love Danny so much. Having Danny in my life has helped completed me in a way I would never have thought possible. Having my Master to serve and Danny to love gives me the purpose to keep on going as a slave. Our Masters make out for an hour before Master gets a door charm on his phone. He sees Master Josh and my half-brother on the camera outside our door.

Master breaks off his makeout session with Master Jason. So, Danny and I do the same in order to have our Master’s attention.


Master Josh and my brother enter the room. I feel nervous now with my brother in our room. After last night, I am not sure what will happen. Is Master going to continue to allow my brother to make me his bitch. I look at my brother, seeing a sadistic smile and his cock growing as he stares directly at me! Master Josh is stroking him casually as he talks to Master.

“Good morning Josh, or should I say good afternoon,” after Master looks at his phone, seeing it is 1:00 pm, “Why don’t you join us?”

“Sure if it is OK with Jason?”

“Sure we are all family. Have your slave join us too,” Jason pats the bed but I also see him glancing at my brother and me then he smiles.

“Thanks, Guys! You guys are so fucking hot!”

Master Josh climbs into bed and starts feeling up my Master’s and Jason’s chests. It looks like Master Josh has the hots for our Masters.

Master says, “I see your slave is ready for his new role as a breeding bull. He is not 100% sub, is he?”

Master Josh laughs, “No, he is 50/50, half Dom and sub. I kind of like my subs a little more aggressive. That is why Father purchased him instead of one of the other Anderson slaves. Father knows my tastes in slaves.”

“Oh! I see that is why you’re going to make him a breeding bull then?”

“Yep, he will be perfect! I will make a fortune whoring him out to other Masters to fuck their female slaves. It is not common to find an Anderson breeder as a slave. He will be a busy boy.”

“Well in that case he will need a bitch to mount often or he may become too aggressive.”

“Exactly, his Dom side needs to release that aggression as we Master do. That is why we have our slaves in the first place. Except, I do not want him to fuck a female slave without getting paid. So, I need a bitch for him to use between his breeding sessions.”

All three of the Masters are now looking at me. FUCK!

Master suggests, “I think my slave would be a perfect bitch for your slave bull. He already seems to have an attraction to my slave.”

At that moment, I feel my brother starts rubbing my ass.

I hear Master say, “Slave, you’re now your brother’s bitch.”

“Yes, Master.”

I lean my head down beside Danny’s head in defeat and whisper in Danny’s ear, “Sorry Danny.”

“It is OK. You have no choice.”

My brother smiles at my Master, “Thank you, Master.”

“Just remember it is my slave first and foremost. You can mount it anytime you need to fuck but only if it is not serving me, another Master, in classes, or doing school work. I am still its Master and you both are still slaves, understood?”

My brother and I both yell out, “YES, MASTER!”

“Good, now slaves fuck while we watch.”

I see our Masters jack each other off while my brother climbs on top of me. I am still on top of Danny from our makeout session earlier. I grunt when my brother enters me!

He then starts fucking me hard and deep. I am pushed up against Danny, causing our dicks to rub each other. I start to moan. I am afraid I might cum which would be horrible! Master would not be pleased. So, Danny grabs me by my face and starts kissing me. Oh! Fuck yes, that is the distraction I need. It helps to keep me from falling off the cliff and shooting my load.

In the corner of my eye, see my Master and Jason resuming kissing but also watching us. Master Josh starts kissing my Master’s chest and sucking on his tits. Master grabs Josh’s head and directs him where he wants to be worshiped. Master Josh is licking and sucking on both Master Jason’s and my Master’s hard muscular bodies. He worships them as I would. I wonder if Master Josh is not 100% Dom either like his slave. Maybe that is why he likes a slave that is not 100% a sub?

I am broken out of my thoughts as my brother grabs my hips and pulls me to my hands and knees so he can fuck me harder and deeper.

Master comments, “Dam Josh, I think you are going to make a fortune off your slave. He breeds like a true slave bull. You have quite the find in that beast. Fuck watch the beast fuck my slave! He takes control of my slave as a breeding slave should. You’re going to have some very pleased Masters after he impregnated their female üvey kız kardeş porno slave bitches.”

“Yeah, Alex you now see what a gold mine the beast is! If his sperm count is high which I suspect will be, he will easily impregnate any bitch he mounts. I am going to have the campus doc check him when all the slaves get their physicals before starting classes. Sperm count is not normally done on slaves due to they would normally never breed anything and subs have been genetically bred over time to have a lower sperm count. But my slave is not a normal sub is it”

All the Masters laugh.

Master says, “No he is not. You know my brother owns my slave’s sister. Mike is going to breed the female. I wonder if he would like to breed her with her half-brother? Nowadays with Crispr gene-editing tech, they could fix any abnormal genes. You could create a purebred Anderson slave without needing to purchase a slave from the Anderson family. The Anderson family has so much livestock that they have been able to avoid inbreeding issues. It took years for the Anderson livestock to get diverse enough to not have inbreeding concerns. Yet with Crispr technology, Mike and you would only need the two slaves.”

“Shit I never thought of that. Can you talk to Mike for me to see if he is interested?”

“Sure no problem. Glad to help my family. Plus, you would be helping my brother out big time.”

I cannot believe our Masters are considering breeding my sister with my half-brother together! Our Masters really only see us, slaves, as livestock don’t they?

This talk only got my brother more excited to fuck me harder and faster! I can feel my brother getting closer to orgasm. I will soon have my own family DNA inside me! I think of my sister and she may soon be where I am.

My brother asks, “Master, may your slave breed the bitch, Master”

Master Josh replies, “Yes, breed the bitch. Make your Master proud!”

With his Master’s approval, my brother roars out the most animal scream I have ever heard. He buries his cock deep in my hole, intending to breed me with his seed. My gut feels like it is bloated. I know for sure if my brother fucks my sister then he will most certainly impregnate her on the first try.

My brother falls on my back breathing hard.

“Bro, do you like being my bitch? Because that is what I am going to do to our sister!” He laughs in my ear. “Our sister is going to scream like the bitch she was born to be.”

Now I feel sorry for my sister. She is going to be his bitch just like me. I know Master Mike was going to breed my sister, she told me on the first day of my enslavement. I just never expected it would be with our own brother. I have no doubt that Master Mike will agree to this. I do not see any downside for any of the Masters. My sister can raise the children until it is of age to sell. It is just another way for my Owner to recoup his investment in my sister and half-brother. Plus, my half-brother does not even care. He seems to just want to breed and torment me for not having the love of our father. In a way, he is going to be just like our father breeding and selling his offspring. Just he wouldn’t see any of the proceeds from selling them. They will not have their father’s love either.

I hear my Master say, “Slaves come, take care of your Masters”

My brother pops his half-hard cock out of my hole and we quickly crawl between each of our Master’s legs. All three of us suck our Masters in unison. The room is filled with sounds of sucking and moans from our Masters. They must have been excited watching my brother fuck me because it didn’t take long for all three to shoot deep into our throats.

While we milked the last bit of cum from our Master’s cocks, Master gets a message on his phone.

“Jason, the college Doctor wants to do a physical of my slave.”

Master Josh and Jason both get the same text from the doctor.

“Hey Love, I got the same text,” says Master Jason.

“I got the same message too. Let’s schedule them for the same time.”, Master Josh suggests.

Master replies, “Sounds like a great idea, and the doc can test your slave’s sperm count. That way I can tell Mike how potent he is. How about we schedule the physicals for this afternoon?”

Both Jason and Josh confirm that this afternoon is good. Then my Master gets out of bed and heads for the shower.

“Come slave, its time to clean your Master again. You guys are welcome to join in.”

Jason and Josh agree it would be good to get cleaned up. So, all six of us are in the shower room together. The shower stall is huge so there is plenty of room for us. I start cleaning my Master’s feet as Danny and my brother work on their own Masters.

After we clean and dry our Masters, my Master orders, “Slaves, can clean each other.”

All three of us reply at the same time, “Yes, Master.”

Then he turns the water to cold. When the Masters leave the bathroom, my brother pushes me into the cold water, and I shiver as the cold water hits my naked body.

“Now bitch clean me!”, my brother says with a sadist smile.

I xnxx porno am so used to following orders that I automatically start soaping up my brother’s naked body while the cold hits my back. Danny, wanting to help me, starts to soap up my brother’s back.

“Nice! this feels great. You bitches like washing your Alpha?”

We both reply, “Yes.”

“Yes, what bitches?”

Fuck my brother wants me to submit to him other than just when he is fucking me. Being born 100% submissive, Danny and I instinctively obey any Dominant.

“Yes, Alpha.”

“Nice! When we are alone you two will call me ‘Alpha’ from now on. Do I make myself clear, bitches?”

“Yes, Alpha!”

My brother and now my Alpha rinses off and then pulls out the enema tube from the wall. He roughly shoves it up my hole. He smiles at me, as he watches me groan from the pain of being filled up more than I have ever been. When my brother pulls the tube out, I have to rush to the toilet to release the dirty water. He fills me up three more times and then does the same to Danny. Next, he orders me to do the same for him but not to leave the tube in as long. He says an enema shouldn’t hurt, laughing. Yeah right, when he filled me up, it fucking hurt!

So, I have to fill him up several times more with less water than he did to me. This way it doesn’t hurt him. After my brother is cleaned inside and out, he orders us to dry him. We still had to use the old rough towel since he is still a slave.

“Bitches, now clean each other. I am going to see what my Master may need.”

Fuck, he is going to come out of the shower first and look like he is the quickest slave than gain more browny points with our Masters. I can see it now, he is going to use his newfound Alpha authority over us to become the favorite slave of all three of us.

Not long after he left, I hear my Master call for us.

“Slaves, what is taking it so long? Get out here now!”

Danny and I run out to the bedroom only half-dried, quickly sinking to our knees beside my brother.

“Slaves, what took you so long? Its brother slave was out here 2 minutes ago.”

Fuck now we are in trouble with our Masters and it is my brother’s fault. He now looks better than us.

“It is so sorry, Master. Your slave washed its brother first before we could wash each other.”

“So, slave it really likes being its brother’s bitch? It must if it cleaned its brother before itself. Well if that is the case I think my slave should be its brother’s bitch full time! Josh, what do you think?”

Master Josh replies, “I am fine with that. My slave needs a sub to release some of its Dominant aggression.”

“Good, slave, its brother is now the Alpha slave and it is his bitch slave.”

Shit, my brother once again manipulated me so he could get me even more under his control?

Master asks, “Jason what do you think about your slave serving as the Alpha’s bitch slave too?”

Master Jason replies, “Of course, anything to help my cousin. What are families for? The only thing I ask is that I come first. I am his Master after all!”

Master says, “Yes, they are our slaves first and foremost. They should always serve us before serving their Alpha. Is that clear slaves?”

All three of us yell out, “YES, MASTER!”

So, now it is official Danny and I are now my brother’s bitch slaves. I fear what he is going to do to us with his newfound power. In the corn of my eye, I see a sadistic smile on his face.

“Good, it is settled. The bitch slaves will follow its Alpha’s commands unless it conflicts with your Master’s needs or commands. Let’s see, I think the bitches need a new designation to tell them apart. How about bitch

and bitch


Master Josh laughs, “That sounds good, Love. Yours can be bitch

and mine will be bitch


“Excellent then that will be their new names from now on. If we call on both then we will just call them bitches.”

Oh great now Danny and I have new names.

“Also, bitches when alone with your new Alpha, its needs to respect its Alpha. Do I make myself clear, bitches?”

“YES MASTER, IT WILL RESPECT OUR ALPHA!,” Danny and I both yell out.

Great now not only do we have new names but I have to call my brother ‘Alpha’. Plus, when we are alone with him we will have to follow his commands and respect his authority.

“Now Alpha slave, it will be the Alpha’s responsibility to make sure its bitches get to classes on time, does their after-school assignments, and most of all please their Masters. Do I make myself clear, Alpha slave?”

“YES, MASTER!,” my brother yells.

“GOOD, Now it’s time for the Alpha slave and its bitches to go see the doctor. Here is a tablet and a backpack to carry it. The tablet has a map of the campus and Alpha slave and its bitches schedules in it. Take itself and its bitches to the see doctor now! Your Masters wish to have some alone time.”

My brother yells out, “YES MASTER, THANK YOU, MASTER!”

Master then pulls Masters Jason and Josh to his bed. My bother takes a look at the tablet figuring out where the doctor’s office zenci porno is on the map. He then pulls Danny and me up to our feet. He puts the tablet in the backpack and hands it to me.


, carry the backpack. It will be your job to carry the tablet everywhere we go from now on. Then hand it to me when I need it.”

“Yes Alpha,” then I put the backpack on.

My brother wraps his arms around both our naked shoulders and then escorts us out of my Master’s suite.

Once the doors close, my brother says, “Well bitches, that worked out better than expected. Not only do I have my brother as my bitch, but I also have his lover too.”

He laughs sadistically.

“Let’s find the doc shall we?”

My brother pulls us closer to him as we are forced down the hallway with his arms around us like I saw boyfriends do with their girlfriends in high school. He is showing everyone we are his bitches

As we walk through the house Masters and slaves watch with curiosity. One Master stops us asking what is happening. My brother explains that our Masters have made him an Alpha slave and we are his bitches. The Master laughs saying he has not seen this before but if my brother has his Master’s approval then who is he to interfere? Have fun with your bitches, Alpha slave, smiling at my brother and ignoring us then patting my brother on his head. My brother thanks the Master with the respect due him.

I have to give my brother credit, he really knows how to play the game. My brother pulls Danny and me outside then down the road to the main campus center. Being on my brother’s arm makes me feel even more submissive now. Another slave now ranks higher than me. I see stares from other slaves who look at Danny and me as if we are no longer equal to them, something less than a slave which I guess is a bitch. I feel the same vibe coming from Danny. We both feel ashamed while my brother now feels proud. He walks in front of all the rows of houses, showing us off. Every so often he is stopped by a Master and has to explain our new status. I am sure soon everyone on the island will know our new status.

We arrive at the doctor’s office and walk in with my brother still holding Danny and me by the shoulders. He looks around to see there are some chairs but above them is a sign ‘MASTER’S ONLY!”. Then on another wall is a sign that says “SLAVE’S WAITING AREA”. No chairs just a line on the floor boxing in the area.

My brother orders, “Bitch

get its hands and knees and crawl into the ‘Slave Waiting Area’.”

I have no choice, I fall to my hands and knees and crawl to the slave waiting area. My brother then walks over to me and sits on my back.


kneel beside me.”

Danny kneels beside our new Alpha. More slaves enter the office, looking at us strangely. Most have never seen an Alpha slave before. Due to The Society’s breeding program, there are very few who are like my brother 50/50, half Dom and half sub. There are even fewer who actually choose to be a slave. My brother is very rare indeed. It is something I will learn in the ‘History of The Society 101’ class.

My brother is less than 1% of the population of ‘The Society’. The breeding program is designed to create 100% Dominates and 100% submissives. This is why Danny and I have the 100% sub gene and our Masters have the 100% Dom gene. If it wasn’t for ‘The Society’ breeding 100% Dominates then there be a lot more wars throughout the 500 years of ‘The Society’ existence. I will also learn in the class, us slaves keep the Master’s dominant aggression and lust for power in check. We are their outlet for dominance so the Masters do not start attacking each other. ‘The Society’ is the governing body that punishes any Master that breaks the ‘The Society’s’ laws. A Master’s worst fear is to become a slave. Hence, the need for 100% Doms. If there were more like my brother then the fear of punishment wouldn’t be so great resulting in wars between Masters. This is where Master Josh is going to have to plan well if he is going to make my brother a breeder. My brother will need to be bred with 100% subs female slaves and hope to get an offspring that is 90% sub or more. Another option would be gene editing to create a 100% sub-offspring before it is even born. It turns out that adding 10% more submission into the gene is less risky than adding 50% like they would have had to do to my brother. There are a whole lot more risks in editing genes for a slave like my brother. I guess there have been cases where gene editing has caused slaves to be complete drones without any thoughts in their minds to accept total complete obedience. You would think that would be what a Master wants but you would be wrong. These drones could only learn simple tasks and couldn’t anticipate what their Masters may want. Luckily, the drone slave’s genes were reversed to a normal slave before too much damage could be done. It could have been permanent if not reversed sooner then later. The fear of many Masters is that gene editing would be used on them to make them slaves. I can’t imagine what would happen to a Master if that happened. Therefore, within ‘The Society’ gene editing is highly regulated. Gene editing can only be done on slaves. Plus, any Master, doing unauthorized gene editing is immediately enslaved. So, gene editing can be done with the right approvals. Only slaves with 80% submissive genes can be made into a 100% submissive slave.

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