MTMF League Ch. 01: Connor vs. Johnny

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Connor has been fucking the newcomer back and forth for almost one hour now. He has turned the poor boy in his whining bitch. Connor would have some mercy on the younger man if the freshman wasn’t a cocky bastard that thought he had a chance against him. Connor not only is a bigger and stronger specimen of pure toned muscles, he also has 2 years of experience on the Man to Man Fraternity League. Although he never has been in a final, Connor is definitely one of the best… And this year is his fucking year!!

So when this little and slim freshman, Johnny, challenged him, Connor felt offended and degraded. So he took the challenge to give the boy a valuable lesson and put him in his place. And Damn!! Connor has really done it so far! He took control of the match from the beginning (not at all surprising!) and has practically fuck-wrecked the boy in earnest. When Connor broke into the freshman for the first time, Johnny cried in pleasurable pain… music for Connor’s ears. Since then, Connor has fucked Johnny’s ass in multiple positions, not letting the boy put any kind of resistance or to fight back.

Connor also has fucked the boy’s mouth, made him suck his whole length and chocked him multiple time with it while playing with the boy’s nipples, watching in amusement Johnny’s hard average cock jump with every nipple twist, and the limp sweaty body writhe helplessly. Connor really has destroyed the cocky freshman and turn him in his moaning bitch for his own pleasure and the entertainment of his 3 fraternity brothers in the room. But tame Johnny has been too easy and Connor is a little bored now, so he decides to put an end to his victim abuse and to close his first season match with an easy victory.

Connor manhandles the battered freshman body until he has it on his knees at the bed edge, his arms wrapped together against his own back forced by Connor’s strong hands, his sweaty face and chest are pressed against the mattress, so Johnny’s ass is in the air helpless and exposed… ready for the final take. Connor enters effortlessly in the wet and used hole and starts fucking it in earnest, looking for the boy’s sweet spot, which he doesn’t take long to find.

Connor wants to make the “bitch” come on his cock only just because he can make it happens. Johnny’s dick has been angry hard almost since the battle started, and he hasn’t come yet. So Connor is going for adana escort it! He really wants to humiliate the smug newbie. He fucks the moaning and helpless boy without mercy, battering his prostate again and again. And it seems that Connor is getting there, considering how much wetness Johnny’s dick is producing and how desperate he tries to escape from the mean fuck he was being victim.

“You got it, bro!” says Michael, one of Connor’s fraternity brothers.

“Come man!! Give the little guy an opportunity… This match has been so easy that win like this would be almost insulting for you, Connor”, says Kendall, a guy from another fraternity, serving as the neutral witness/judge for the match.

“You just want to hear the bitch moaning a little longer, you pervert!” is Connor’s answer, not letting the freshman’s prostate to get even one second of relief.

“Sure I do!!” Kendall replies, smirking while massaging the huge boner under his pants.

“OK… Let’s spice this up a little bit” Connor says after a couple of poundings over Johnny’s weak spot. Kendall is right, wining like this is a win but isn’t fun. He’s confidence he has this already, so why not make it more interesting? Connor lets go the sweaty and almost defeated challenger and sits on the only free couch in the room.

“Come on, champ! This is your chance, ride me to see if you still can take it… Show me what you got!” he says with arms open, cock wet and hard, confident. For a minute Johnny stays sprawled over the mattress, trying to compose himself, before he gets hardly on his feet, faces his cruel rival and starts walking towards him. Connor smiles amused, he really thought the boy wasn’t going to take the challenge… Fool cocky bastard!

“Come on, John… Teach the fucker!” Johnny’s friend, Oliver, shout out. Connor’s friends laugh in respond, calling the boy “crazy”. The beaten freshman ignores all of this and get his body over Connor’s, who finds hot the determination in Johnny’s eyes. Connor also takes the opportunity to admire the limp and fit body he has been abusing for more than an hour now… a really nice view!

“You don’t know when to give up, boy” Connor says while Johnny straddles his body, face to face, and guides Connor’s cock into his ass. The thick member sinks smoothly into the boy’s ass, who lets out a big moan of pleasure, putting his hands over Connor’s stronger shoulders.

“Have it your way!” Connor says putting both of his hands in the back of his head while Johnny starts to ride him. He starts really slow but then his pace intensified until everybody can here his little ass slapping against Connor’s lap. The boy fucks Connor´s cock for a few minutes, fast and hard, up and down, back and forth… Connor lets him do, taking it.

Connor doesn’t want to admit it but he’s kind of chocked because the boy still has the stamina to maintain such kind of fucking, and for the fact he hasn’t come yet. Connor also doesn’t want to admit how good Johnny is making him feel after just a few minutes, that the boy’s moans are tickling inside his balls, that the fit and slim body jumping over him looks beautiful all sweaty and strained, that he wants to kiss that little agape mouth so bad, that his cock is being fucked so good and hard he doesn’t want to move a muscle to stop it…

Connor can’t notice it but the minutes keep running as Johnny keeps riding him perfectly. Connor hasn’t even notice he has closed his eyes and let his head falls back, neither that he’s griping the couch fabric frantically. He only notices when he recognizes his own moans and the strong need to cum right away. He lifts his head quickly to look at his rival still fucking his cock.

Johnny isn’t moaning anymore, he’s just grunting savagely, working to finish the match with that wild ride. Connor now can hear his friends warning him to do something before Johnny makes him bust everything he has been keeping in for more than an hour. Damn!! He’s really close, he wants to come! He got fucking caught in Johnny’s ride and now he wants to fill the boy with his cum so bad… but the thing is that he shouldn’t.

“Man, do something!” Michael screams making Connor finally react. He takes Johnny’s hips with his hands and tries to stand up to take the newbie off him, but the boy thrusts harder against him, putting all his weight over Connor’s lap, making him lose valance and fall down sprawled awkwardly over the sofa. Johnny looks him right in the eyes and starts to suck the bigger guy’s cock with the muscles of his rectum while he bounces and sways over and around it, fucking it really good.

Connor tries to resist. He kicks his legs pathetically trying to stand up, but Johnny attack and the awkward position make it futile. He then tries to stop Johnny’s hips from fucking him loser but the freshman is going for the kill… no one is stopping him now. When Johnny stars to fucking back and forth with long strokes over Connor’s whole length, the bigger boy knew he has lost. His hands drops to the couch while Johnny rides him wild.

“Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!! Oh Fuck!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!” Connor screams exploding helplessly inside Johnny, who sits on Connor’s lap keeping the twitching dick in his rectum, milking it dry with his muscles.

“No way, dude!!” Michael exclaims incredulous.

“He’s fucking coming!!” Oliver screams proud of his friend.

“He sure is!!” Kendall says laughing of the tamed hunk. Meanwhile, Johnny pulls back Connor’s head taking it by his hair. “Yeah, cum for me, bitch!!” he says cruelly and then link the stud exposed neck. Connor can just moan in defeat and pleasure, feeling his dick releasing shot after shot of hot cum into the freshman ass.

When Connor’s orgasm seems to be done and the stud looks a little bit rational again, Kendall declares Johnny as the match winner to the disbelief of everybody in the room. But Johnny hasn’t finished yet. He keeps over Connor’s lap, milking his still hard dick with his inner muscles and then starting to ride it again. Connor moans for the over stimulation but doesn’t fight it, he just grips the freshman hips with his hands… he starts fucking back wanting to come once again… turned on by the boy magic ride.

“I’m gonna cum again… I’m gonna cum again… OH FUCK!!” he moans helplessly, eyes lose in Johnny’s. The freshman suddenly stop and get off Connor and kneels between the beaten stud’s legs. He grabs the base of the jerking cock with his free hand and his mouth swallows the rest. Johnny sucks the engorged dick for a moment and then starts to jerk it furiously while his tongue and lips tease the head slit. In no time Johnny is forcing another orgasm/submission from the stud.

“That should be some extra points…” Michael mumbles in awe.

Johnny lets the loser cum fly in the air and spread all over his own face so everybody can see how he owned the bigger and stronger stud completely, winning his first match against. Nobody was expecting this, no after how the match was going. Everybody is kind of chock, but Connor. He can’t really grasp on it yet… He’s still in a blaze, looking the freshman licks the cum off his face with a smug and devil grin.

It turned out the cocky bastard indeed had a chance!

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