Mum’s Dogging

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I leave the house. I have a short walk to the bus stop and then a 15 minute bus journey to the cliffs.

My mum has come round to babysit, my husband has gone to the pub. I’m supposed to be cleaning tonight, but I’ve rung in sick.

The bus is late. I stand at the shelter and look at the bus map. I catch my reflection in a shaded screen.

I study my short stature standing alone. My long blond hair is tied back and is slick against my head, my black Tesco vest top has slipped showing the pink Primark bra strap underneath, and my small tits don’t have much of an impression on my frame.

I’m thankful my arse is quite pert in my elasticated mini skirt and I look down, and see the garter tattoo I got, to be sexy, is looking old and faded, as is the dragon tattoo on my calf. My black shiny heels make me totter.

The bus pulls up and the doors spring open. I get on, tapping my card on the reader and take a seat on the empty bus.

I feel fresh from my shower and my cheap perfume smells strong. I use a compact to check my makeup. I look tired and feel my 24 years. I wish I was young again. My make up is thick, but I’m attractive – I think.

My two kids cause me stress, they are a nightmare and they run rampant. Mum says I should be strict with them and give a slap when they’re out of order, but I can’t deal with the hassle.

As for my husband, he used to be nice, he was a good looking man. Both of us were desirable at school, but after after we had the kids he lost interest in me and now drinks a lot. He spends his free time with his mates at the pub. I’ve given up caring.

The bus leaves my estate and starts winding down lanes. Everyone else will be heading in the other direction into town. Not me.

I sit and lean my head against the window and look at the scenery. The vibrations of the bus are going through my head and they give me a headache. Occasionally a pothole makes me bump my head. I wish I could afford a fancy phone so that I can listen to music.

Eventually the bus approaches its stop, I rouse from my daze and I press the buzzer.

I wave at the bus driver, and thank him, he wishes me a good evening.

The walk is a little way into the woods and I come off the path and walk towards the glade. I can hear voices and the unmistakable sound of sexual moaning. I get a flutter in my tummy, I love hearing women moan during sex. It’s soft and pleasurable.

I get closer to see if there are any faces I recognise from the last gathering here. I’m not so sure. Some girls don’t like to be touched by other girls, whilst it turns the men on, I hate having a cock shoved at me.

I stop and look at the men stood around an older woman, she must be in her 30’s, has red shoulder length hair and black leggings on. She also has a cock in each hand and is sucking another off, being groped by two guys as she multi tasks. The men have their trousers down tossing themselves off. “Alright love.” They turn to me. I smile at them and lean against a tree and watch.

There’s a girl being bent over a tree branch being fucked up the arse. She looks a similar age to me, a brunette, her hair is sticking to her plump face. Her jacket is undone and her big tits are hanging out.

I stand and watch, I hitch my skirt up and put my hand Maraş Escort into my pink wet knickers and feel my freshly shaved twat.

The girl being arse fucked is very noisy. I make a closer move towards her and watch. I catch her eye and she smiles at me. I see the dimples in her cheeks. “Can I?” I ask.

“Yes.” She says and closes her eyes. The bloke fucking her looks at me and I shake my head.

“You’re no sport.” He comments. I ignore him and play with the fat tits. I squeeze and suck at her big round nipples. I hold her milky udders and dig my face into the softness. They are substantial and exquisite. I hear her moan louder.

She moves her arse off the cock and turns to suck the filthy dick. Her arse is big and round. I drop her tits and play with her arse.

My fingers, each with small cheap gold bands on each feel her crevices. My fingers find her sticky hole. It feels tacky, like fresh fucked arse would, and I screw a finger in. She’s giving her best shot sucking the girthy cock. She cups the balls in one hand and strokes the cock with the other.

I turn my attention back to her arse and finger fuck it slowly. I enjoy her slimey warmth. My left hand reaches round and slides down her belly to her hairy snatch. She’s very wet.

Her folds are swollen and slimy with her wetness and probable cum. I massage and feel my way round her forcing two fingers into her. I work away at her holes. She moans with the mouthful of cock. She takes it from her mouth and laughs as the mans cum shoots over her tits. She milks him as much as she can squeezing every last drop from the grimmacing man.

He starts to wank himself, trying to get hard again. He looks at me fucking the girl. I shake my head and he walks over to the other group. I have this girl to myself. She holds the tree branch as she seemingly cums again onto my hands.

My fingers are sticky and I wipe them inside my skirt. She turns and yanks down my pink undies, flashing my cunt. She dives in, sliding her tongue between my legs. I open further without hesitation.

Her eyes full of lust, I tumble back unprepared for the sudden onslaught. She licks between my folds and finds my hole. It’s wet and its ready, she moves her mouth to my clit and sucks it hard, its painful, then she releases. Her fingers are stretching my twat. It hurts, but its good attention, and it’s not me pleasuring myself for once.

She fucks me hard and sucks my clit enthusiastically. I don’t want to cum yet, but I feel it brewing. The waves of anticipation are spiralling through me. I moan, as she continues her lapping of me. She is brutal and unforgiving, fast and furious. I writhe with her between my legs, and cum hard. She lifts herself up and leaves me there, spent on the floor.

There is no romance, its just sex, dogging. I hear more voices, more girls.

“I just fucked her, on the floor.” The girl says. I try to get up, but there’s another woman standing over me now. She’s tall and blonde, her legs are big, with muscles not fat.

“Is that seat saved for me?” She bends over to look at me. I look up at her, startled. She pulls her leggings down to her knees and steps a trainer either side of my head and crouches over my face.

Her holes, hot and sweaty are hovering over Maraş Escort Bayan my face. She’s obviously stopped here mid run, or stumbled over us and decided to join in.

I eagerly reach up to her thighs with my hands and pull her down onto my face. Briefly I’m smothered by her hot sweaty box. I lick her as she rearranges herself over me.

She smells, but I don’t care, its nice and a sexy treat. It’s different from my boring and mundane life. It’s sex, hot and horny. It’s not something I do all the time, but when I do, I do well.

I lick and taste her sour arse. I lick her salty sweat and kiss her hole. I use my finger to prize her brown hole open, she squeals and pulls her fit and firm arse cheeks further apart with her manicured hands. I wish I could afford hands like those, they’re looked after, they don’t look like they’ve done a days work.

Greedily I feed from her arse some more, pushing my finger further up her. She leans forward a little placing her hand on my leg. She strokes it, I want her to return the favour in some way, but I’m neglected.

I continue arse fucking her with my finger, her hole is tight a gooey. It starts to give and release and I am able to start drawing in and out more comfortably.

I spit up at the hole to add some librication and get some more give. I’m soon able to fuck her more easily. She moans loudly as I smash her dirtbox over my face. I try to draw my face to her hairy twat, I’m too far back and too low. Disappointed I can’t reach it, I want to taste cunt.

This slut starts bouncing her arse on my finger above my nose. Her smell becomes richer. Her moans become louder, before she stops. She stands, pulls up her leggings and continues her run. I don’t even get a ‘thank you.’

I look around, the two girls are being face fucked and I stand and watch again. I’m not impressed.

Some of the guys look over at me, they beckon me over to join in. I shake my head at them. I wipe my fingers on my skirt again, and think about heading home. There aren’t any girls up for girl on girl.

I straighten my gusset over my fanny and pull my skirt back down. I wipe my face in my hand and spit on the floor.

Its time to think about heading back, and I check the time. It’s too early to go home and I wonder what I can do.

There’s a disturbance from the bushes as someone walks through and enters the wooded clearing. The action briefly stops and people turn to check whether its another participant or someone likely to call the Police.

A redhead, her hair long walks towards us. I instantly get a lady boner. I’m discontented as she heads towards the men getting blowjobs. She turns towards me, her skin is pale, her eye shadow is dusky and she’s tall and thin.

Her blouse is open, quite low, but her breasts are hidden. Her black jeans are super tight, and her red open toe heels add more height to her.

She’s fit, and I get nervous as she approaches. “Not joining in love?” She asks. I shake my head, and try to avoid eye contact. I shuffle a little against the tree I’m leaning on.

She doesn’t smile, she’s quite serious. “What, watching your husband?” She asks.

“No.” I quietly say.

“Why are you here then?” Her mouth us wide, her lips, red and thin. She has Escort Maraş some freckles that match her hair. She has a confidence that I am not blessed with.

“Just for fun really.” I shrug, not knowing how to answer correctly.

“Are putting out or what?” She’s demanding.

I stand, feeling uncomfortably, looking at her shoes. I feel anxious. My tongue is caught. I look at my hands the nail varnish fading to smudged dots on some of my fingers.

I wipe my nose with my hand, and smell arse on it. I lose my thoughts a little more.

“Do you want me to fuck you over that tree?” She stares at me looking at my legs and skirt. I feel her looking at me, her eyes are boaring into me.

She takes my head and pushes it onto the a branch, firmly and swiftly. I don’t mind, I feel myself leak a little more. She holds me there with her left hand. Her right hitches up my skirt and pulls my sodden knickers down my thighs.

Her hands run over my buttocks, and between my legs. I feel her fingers examine my cunt, and expertly enters, quick and precisely. I sigh and hold my breath waiting for the fucking to begin.

Her finger withdraws and she slaps my pussy with her cupped hand, it shocks me. She fingers me again. She starts to fuck me, again another hard fucking, she slows and enters more fingers into my hole. She screws her hand round and pushes some more, my cunt is lubricating heavily. She screws it a little more the other way.

I feel my heart beat faster, as her little finger enter against the ring of my pussy. It feels stretched and painful, she slowly pumps her hand in and out, each time in she gets a little more closer to entry. I moan, my head jammed against the tree branch by her other hand. I shuffle my feet trying get more comfortable.

She pumps and twists, I feel her thumb maybe gain entry. I cry as my cunt finally swallows her knuckles. I moan as she she enters my channel further. I feel her fist inside me.

“Anything to say now?” She says. I stand bent over the tree branch quietly whingeing at the euphoric discomfort I’m now in. She fists me slowly and gently at first.

The others start to walk over. The wanking has stopped, the men are spent, some wonder off, a few stay and watch. The gobbling girls are here with us now.

“Shit, she’s up to her wrist in her.” One says. “Good girl.” The other exclaims.

I panic a little knowing that a fist up to the wrist is deep inside me. She pumps her fist in me. I moan more loudly. I feel a tongue in my arse crack. I can’t see who it is, I just complain. I don’t want her to stop.

The tongue finds my shitter, and now there’s a finger. “Oh, God.” I shout. The fucking is getting serious. The orgasm is spreading from my deepest depths.

The fucking is driving me on, and I start to feel flushed. I begin to fall back, the waves of cum are washing over me. “Fuck.” I complain again.

The tongue and finger are doing their part, and I shout. I’m spent. I feel the fist relax, patiently and carefully she withdraws. The pain is uncomfortable as she exits.

My head is released and I look back. The red head who fisted me is pulling my pants back up. The blond and the older redhead share a kiss.

The girl who fucked me, looks at her hand and offers it to me. I like her fingers, sucking them clean. Her nails are smart and pretty.

“Wow…” I comment.

“Thank you…” I add.

“I’ve got to go catch my bus.” I feel awkward, and relieved of my sexual tension, or rather sexual frustration.

I make my way back home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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