Mutual Mastrubation, Neighbors Cum

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Mutual Masturbation…

Some would call me a dirty old man, some might call me crass, but I think I am just over sexed. Like most guys, I think about sex all day long. Rose and I have been married for over twenty five years, needless to say I envision other women quite a bit as I masturbate.

Such is the case with our neighbor, Jennifer. Jennifer is thirty eight, divorced, has three children and a definite MILF. She has auburn hair and dark mysterious eyes. I have seen her in a bikini a few times and can attest the fact that she has a hot body. Tits that fill a bikini top and a nice ass that begs to me squeezed or spanked.

Jennifer is a regular visitor to our house and I help her with odd jobs at her house. Rose and I enjoy entertaining especially when food and drink are involved. As the drinks flow the conversations tend to get a bit more risqué. I don’t know how we get on some topics, but one time Rose mentioned that I am clean shaven all over, I like the feel of skinless balls and a smooth pubic region.

To my surprise, Jennifer admitted that she shaves as well, “No hair in the way down there for me either,” she blurted out. “Yep…smooth as a school girl,” she continued with a little laugh. The thought of her bare pussy caused a stir in my groin. We all had a laugh and I tattled on Rose, who shaves because no one likes hair pie, right?

That night I couldn’t get Jennifer off my mind. I envisioned what she looked like in the nude; I pictured her nice full tits and bare pussy. I had to get up in the middle of the night, took my hard on down stairs and stroked my cock as I fantasized about Jennifer. Finally I got the relief I desperately needed, and came for the second time that day. I masturbate on a regular basis.

As I would see Jennifer in the yard, I would think of how nice it would be to see that bald flower, with the lips of her labia protruding from her slit. How from the rear those smooth folds would look against her ass cheers. Jennifer is no dummy and I am sure she knows my dirty little mind is racing when I see her.

One evening Rose and I were sitting on the front porch and Jennifer stopped over. She told us about a song her kids were listening to on a CD, Dance with My Disco Stick. She said she had heard the turn before but did not get the lyrics before. She said, “What kind of Mother am I…letting my kids listen to music like that?” Rose and I both laughed, it’s hard to stay ahead of the kids these days. The song referred to a guy trying to get his girl to go down on his pole, his stick, his hard cock.

I asked Jennifer “Is the guy’s stick nice and smooth, like mine?” Referring to our past conversation about shaving your pubic regions. “I don’t know,” she said, “but that’s the only stick for me.” “Your stick is more like a twig these days,” Rose said laughing. “Rose…..that’s mean, I am sure Rob’s stick can still do the mambo,” Jennifer replied. So the ladies had a little laugh at my expense, but I was sure of one thing, Jennifer would be thinking about my stick.

Since I like my own stick, and stroke it daily, I occasionally take some pictures of myself. So as I was thinking about Jennifer one day, I pulled up one of my photos, did a little cropping work, used some color tools and came up with my own Disco Stick picture. The picture is pretty cool, just my hard cock, head to base in a green and yellow physicadelic shade. The head looks like that of a mushroom and the veins give it some character. Yes my six inch pussy pleaser picture was a sight. A sight worth sharing I thought.

Awe how to go about it, pretty risky, obviously no one would know it’s mine and I could always deny that it is actually me. So I threw caution to the wind and sent Jennifer an email and attached my Disco Stick picture. I wrote, “We all had a pretty good laugh the other night, didn’t we? I came across this and had to laugh. I thought it was worth sharing, hope it doesn’t bother you. Please discard after viewing. LOL Rob your Disco Stick buddy.” With a little apprehension I clicked the send icon.

Jennifer and I exchange emails on occasion so I knew she would get it the same day. A few hours late a reply popped up in my inbox. It was from Jennifer, “Holy shit, Rob you are crazy for sure. I have been laughing so hard I peed in my pants. Nice looking Disco Stick, if I do say so myself. Where it you get it? Knowing you….that really is you? Come on fess up…..I need to know. Unless you tell me the truth, I may be inclined to share YOUR picture with others. Need to Know, Jennifer.”

“Shit,” I thought to myself, “what have I started?” Did she really like looking at a cock, knowing it was mine? Maybe she wanted to see it for real. Or maybe my ass is in deep shit. I didn’t ponder it too long, maybe something to gain, worth the risk for sure, as I thought of her bald pussy.

So I replied, “Jennifer, Yes the Disco Stick is indeed mine….busted. As you know I am a rather free spirited individual, hope the picture doesn’t Trabzon Escort offend you. The talk of shaved private parts and Disco Sticks was just too much, so I thought I would take a chance. Wanna see the untouched version…..better yet do you have a picture share….no faces just organs? Sounds like a Nike commercial, lol. Comon girl give a guy a break. Rob” I clicked the send icon and exhaled.

This was getting crazy, I just admitted to my neighbor that a dick shot I sent her was mine and asked to see a picture of her bald pussy. Before I knew it a reply came back, no attachment though. “I knew it was you…just had the feeling you would do something like that. So why do you have a hard on anyway? Was Rose around? Maybe you like playing with yourself….I know I do. Yes I would like to see the untouched photo. I don’t have any of myself to share. Jennifer”

Not wanting to lose anything from the moment I sent a reply with several other untouched pictures of me. One showed a close up of my cock and balls, I have big balls, full erection of course. Another self portrait I took in the mirror after a shower, the camera hid my face, but she could get an idea of my whole nude body. The last was a short one minute video I took of myself masturbating. No face just my mid section; I had the camera on the tripod. I shot my load at the end. I attached the file to my reply.

“Jennifer, since you asked I feel compelled to send these. Obviously this is very risky for me, but I feel I can trust you. Yes I do love to play with myself as you will see. I will lend you my camera, or better yet we can play together some time. No sex just mutual masturbation, I am sure it would be quite stimulating. Rob” Send click.

Since I sent a couple of pictures and the video I didn’t expect an immediate response. In fact I heard nothing until the next day. A new email message popped up in my inbox. My heart was racing, what would Jennifer say, maybe I went too far.

I opened her email to find, “Rob, well you are certainly a man of your word and a man who is comfortable with his manhood. I looked at your photos and you brief video, I must say your Disco Stick gets quite a work out. Nice cum shot by the way, in fact I rubbed my own clit into frenzy last night watching the video again and again. Who knew neighbors could be so interesting.”

“Rob, this is risky for both of us…I certainly don’t want to affect you marriage, but maybe some adult entertainment is in order. Bring me your camera and I’ll return it a few days. Jennifer p.s. You better guard my material, as I am sure you realize I already have your files.”

I quickly replied not wanting to lose any time. “Jennifer, this could be fun. I’ll bring the camera over this evening, Rob.” That evening I told Rose that Jennifer needed my camera and I had to show her how to work it and I would be back shortly.

I ran next door and knocked on the door. Jennifer answered with a sexy little smile. This was the first I had seen her since the email exchanges had started. I walked in and we went into the kitchen. I gave her the camera and the small tripod I have, which comes in handy for self photography.

I showed her how to work the camera and timer, as well as the video capabilities. “So you really want me to do this?” Jennifer questioned in a low voice as her children were there. “Sure,” I said, “it’s fun once you get into it…just relax..have a glass of wine to loosen up….and make sure you smile.” “No faces just body parts right?” she questioned. “Yes no face shots….but smile just the same,” I replied.

“Ok, now get out of here before questions come up…I’ll get this back to you in a day or two,” Jennifer said. She took the camera to her bedroom and I left.

The next two days were tough on me, I kept thinking about her, wondering if she would really do it, when she might be doing it. I stroked my cock with my fantasy dancing in my head. One the third day I got a short email. “Done…..I’ll bring the camera over later, Jennifer” I replied, “Great I can’t wait to see your work, Rob”

Jennifer came over and Rose answered the door. She handed the camera to Rose and said, “Thanks for letting me borrow the camera.” I showed up just then, worried what might be said or asked. “So did you have any problems working the camera?” I asked. “No everything worked out fine, could you down load the pictures and email them to me?” Jennifer asked. “Sure, I’ll do it after bit,” I replied. Jennifer left after that.

I certainly didn’t want to open the files with Rose around so I had to wait. It was killing me not to see what Jennifer had left on the camera. Finally in the middle of the night, I had to sneak down stairs and hook up the camera to my computer, good thing Rose is a sound sleeper.

I copied the file to my hard drive there were eight pictures and a video. I open the first file to find a blurred image of Jennifer, what a disappointment the camera was way too close. My heart sank, Trabzon Escort Bayan until I opened the second, apparently Jennifer previewed the first picture just like I instructed her to do. This time the camera was further back and you could see all of Jennifer, she was sitting against the head board of her bed, her legs spread wide apart. I fell in love with her beautiful body, nice firm tits and a bald pussy. She even had a smile. I wondered why she took it that way as it is a very clear picture face and all.

The next two pictures were close ups of her shaven flower. Her labia protruded out showing a pink little hood. My cock was growing hard just looking. In the next picture she used her fingers to spread her lips and reveal her clit. It looked swollen from use, her lips were very moist.

The next picture was of her from behind, she was on her hands and knees her love nest looked terrific between the cheeks of her round ass. The next picture was the same angle but her finger was burring in herself. So she wasn’t lying when she said she liked to play with herself.

The last two pictures she had gone into the bathroom and took pictures of herself in the mirror, much like I did. Her face was a bit hidden, but what a body. The poses were incredibly sexy; you could tell she was very comfortable with her own body.

Finally I watched the video; she must have placed the camera on a nearby dresser as the angle was shooting down at her in bed. I could see her complete body; she made no effort to hide her face. Her legs were spread wide apart and the center of the camera was on her bald pussy.

Jennifer’s fingers rubbed her clit in an up and down motion, she spread her outer labia and you could see her inner lips were swollen and a very deep shade of pink. Her other hand squeezed her nipples. Her had rocked back and forth, every once in a while she would look at the camera and smile, as if to tease me a bit. I pulled my pants down and grabbed my ragging hard on.

I pumped my shaft as she fingered her love hole. She must have been on the verge of coming as her head snapped backwards and she thrust her hips into her waiting fingers. You could see her liquid pour from her hole, running down the crack of her beautiful ass.

I watched the video two more times before I dumped my own load onto the floor. I couldn’t believe what I had just watched, my gorgeous neighbor, pleasing herself for my amusement. Finally I went back up to bed, with visions of Jennifer locked in my head.

I got up early the next day just to look at the pics and video again and again, I brought myself off to her beauty. I had to write her and thank her and send her the pictures. I wrote, “Jennifer…holy fuck girl….you are amazing….I can’t believe how fucking hot you are. I have now come three times just looking at your gorgeous body. Thanks for sharing. I will return the favor soon, Rob.”

That afternoon Jennifer wrote back, “Rob, You horny goat you. Glad you enjoyed the pictures and video. I did get into it myself, knowing that you would play with yourself as you watched. I may buy myself a camera, lol. So it’s your turn big fella. Jennifer.”

My dick got hard just reading her email. No time to waste I had to come up with some more material to share. Luckily for me Rose was out the next day. I took two Cialas tabs to assure a nice long hard on. I shaved my body as best I could chest, pubic region, balls and ass. I took a shower and rubbed on some lotion to moisten my skin. I set my camera up in our large well lit bathroom.

My cock was hard in no time, posing for my new confidant. I took some whole body pictures so Jennifer could see my face and all, no hiding now. I even bent over so she could get a view of my clean shaven ass, with my nuts and cock hanging in the breeze.

I could feel the moment approaching so I switched to the video mode. With a smile on my face I spewed my load of cum toward the camera. With my dick still hard I shook it in front of the camera. I scooped up some of my cum and put it to my lips, licking my fingers clean. I wanted Jennifer to know, I don’t mind tasting my own come.

The session timed out but my dick was still hard. I re-hit the timer to catch some more action. I took my ice blue dildo, lubed it up with some trust K-Y and shoved it into my ass. I squatted on the floor so I could ride the big blue one, while I stroked my throbbing member.

I turned around and bent forward on my knees so that Jennifer could see the dildo deep in my ass. I was near the end so I turned around and let some more cum fly. I felt I gave her a show to remember.

I clean myself up and head for the computer, I down loaded the pictures and two videos. “What to write?” I thought to myself. Wasting no time I wrote, “Jennifer, I have been a busy little guy as you will see. Some of my best work yet. Hope you enjoy. Did you buy your camera yet? lol, Rob.”

Later that day my reply came back. “Rob, You Escort Trabzon are just too funny, loved the pictures and especially the videos. You cock stayed hard a pretty long time, have some help? Like you I pleasured myself in front of my computer. I hope we don’t get caught. I have saved the file to my flash drive for safe keeping; hope you are doing the same. Rose told me she was going to visit your daughter next week, hum….No I did not get a camera yet, but going shopping tomorrow, Jennifer”

Jennifer was right, Rose was due to leave for two weeks, and this just might be the right time to push for a mutual masturbation session. I wrote back, “Jennifer, Let me know when you get your camera, I have an idea, could be fun….humm. Yes, I do get some help from a little pill, amazing stuff, still waiting for the four hour erection, lol. Rose leaves on Tuesday, will you cook for me, lol. Rob”

The weekend came and went, I was anxious for Rose to leave. I saw Jennifer in the yard on Monday I went over to say hello. “Hey, what’s up girl?” I asked. “Got my camera yesterday, but haven’t had a chance to see how it works,” Jennifer replied.

“Great maybe you can come over Tuesday and I can help you out,” I laughed. “Yeah I bet you can,” she said.

“No kidding these little cameras’s can be tricky,” I said with as much sincerity as I could muster.

“Ok I’ll come over when you get back from the airport,” she said with a wink. “Deal,” I replied.

After I took Rose to the airport on Tuesday, I call Jennifer to let her know I was on the way home. “Good I am just finishing up with dinner, I’ll be over in a bit,” She said.

I was pretty excited when Jennifer rang the door bell. I greeted her at the door. She had a couple of boxes the camera I assumed. “Your right, there’s more to this than I thought,” she said making her way to the kitchen.

We unpacked the camera and started to read the directions. In no time I had the thing up and running, it was more of a movie camera than mine which was good. She also got some accessories including a microphone and tripod. You are able to run the camera though the TV so you can see the images on screen while you film, way cool I thought.

So I set the camera up and we watched our images on TV. “Glass of wine?” I offered. “Sure but I can’t stay long need to get back to the kids… what’s your I idea?” she asked.

” Well…,” as I handed her a glass of wine, “I certainly enjoyed looking at you pictures and your video, and you said the same right?” I questioned.

“Yes….that’s is correct,” Jennifer replied.

“I thought it would be fun if we could be together ….well… know…play with ourselves, kind of a mutual masturbation session,” I concluded.

“Are you nuts, Rob, you are married I can’t have sex with a married man,” She exclaimed.

“Hold on, no one said anything about sex….I am talking about you watching me masturbate and I watch you…that is not sex. No touching, no contact…just watching. If you can get off watching my video, think how it would be in person…just two adults thinking outside the box,” I concluded.

“You are one crazy dude, Rob quite a concept, would we film this? You know that might be better, it was difficult to do self photos and video,” Jennifer laughed.

“Yeah just think about that aspect of it, the tripod you bought that should make things easier. So what do you say, Jennifer let’s go have some fun,” I pursued.

“Not so fast, Rob first I can’t do it now I have to get home. Maybe tomorrow night late. Let me think it over,” She replied.

“What’s to think over….think of how many times you will come,” I said with a laugh. “Do you use any toys, you can bring them along…I have a few others to show as well.”

“What your blue ice dildo? Yes of course I have toys. After all I have been divorced for almost two years now,” she replied.

“Ok then we are set, see you tomorrow. If you want to leave the camera you can, I will get it set up, Ok?” I asked.

“Yes, I will leave the camera, but I’ll tell you this the first time things get out of control, I am out of here….understand…no bullshit. No touching, just watching….right?” She questioned.

“Yes, Jennifer, yes I would not want to do anything to make you uncomfortable, or cause problems with our relationship. Just live adult fun promise……dress sexy Ok.” I implied.

“Your one sick puppy, Rob, see you tomorrow after I get everyone settled in.” She said as she left.

As I showed Jennifer to the door, she noticed the bulge in my pants. “See you took you little pill, have enough for tomorrow too,” she laughed.

“Sure do, maybe you ought to try one……I can promise an intense orgasm,” I laughed back.

“Good night, Rob,” she replied. “Sweet dreams sexy lady,” I said.

The next night Jennifer came over about 9 pm. She looked really hot; she had done her hair and wore some makeup. She wore a pair of tight shorts and a tank top that showed he ass and tits well.

“Hi, my do you look nice, humm you smell nice too, I smell lust,” I said.

“No that’s just lust in your pants, fella,” She laughed back.

“Come in, let’s have a glass of wine and enjoy some jazz,” I invited.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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