Mutual Seduction

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The characters within this story are a work of fiction, both are of legal age and consent. This is my own work.

The theme is heavily based on Incest/Taboo between a Mother (54) and Daughter (27).


I had moved out of the family home nearly 3 years ago now, I had finished my studies and had taken a position in London as a junior in one of the largest accountancy companies. I have enjoyed my career so far and although I am still young in it at 27 years old, it was beginning to take its toll on me and I became more and more stressed lately, we had some big audits on the go which brought a lot of paperwork and late nights working at home as well as in the office. On top of that, I couldn’t afford to live close to the city which meant I also had about an hour commute each way via the underground and a bus ride on top. So, that didn’t really leave me any time for a social life or for dating and other activities that I would have liked to do in my spare time… I simply didn’t have much of it!

Friday night and I was leaving the office just before 8pm, it was dark and miserable which pretty much summed up my current mood as I was laden with my work bag as well as a heavy document case, homework! To further add salt to the wound, it had started to rain and i had not brought a coat today as I was in a rush this morning, i hated oversleeping although i had been quick to recover, i just missed my bus by minutes. At the time I hadn’t hid my frustration well as I screamed, thus turning the heads of passers by. Could this day possibly get any worse? I had thought as I made my way to the underground station, almost soaked through by the time I got there.

The rest of the commute home was pretty normal, having missed the rush hour was a win for me and produced a little smile on my face, another thing I seldom did these days. Looking around, I could see that I was not the only miserable person on the train, it was nice to see party-goers talking loudly, dancing with each other and I couldn’t help but wish I was joining them. I looked back down at my feet and tried to drown the noise out of my mind, feeling weary from the week I had just had and knowing that the weekend wouldn’t be any different. I could feel my eyes burning and with that came the tears, I wished my mother was waiting for me at my flat because I desperately needed a hug.

Finally arriving at my flat, I was grateful to be there as I could finally dump the weight I was carrying and get myself out of my wet clothes and run a bath. It was a cosy flat that consisted of 2 bedrooms, bathroom, lounge, kitchen/diner and storage cupboard,the second bedroom I had been using as a wardrobe and office space. It was on the top floor as well, a bit of a luxury but was able to afford it and I could just make out the city skyline if I tip-toed enough which at the time was a big selling point when i moved in. Checking on the bath before walking to the kitchen to get a glass of wine, the benefit of living in this flat on my own was that I could walk around naked! Climbing into the hot soapy water, submerging my tired aching body, took a sip of wine before sliding down so that my head was under water too.

Feeling a lot better for having a bath, I dried my body off and then wrapped my hair in the towel before going to the kitchen for a refill of my glass. Still naked as I preferred to allow my body to air dry before putting clothes on, looking down at my average breasts, they were firm and had dark brown nipples. Running my hands down my stomach, noticing I had put on a few pounds through lack of exercise before running a hand through the thick dark hair on my pubic mound. I could feel my clitoris twinge and thought about bringing myself off but i wasn’t in the mood for it. Grabbing some freshly tumbled nightwear, I dressed before heading to the lounge with my glass and the cheeseboard I had apparently prepared without knowing it! Glancing at the bags in the hallway, I sighed heavily before sitting down on the sofa to eat my dinner. After a while, my mobile phone had lit up and was vibrating away on the seat beside me, picked it up to see that it was my mother calling! Looking at the time, now just before 10.30pm I had thought it a bit late for her to be up at this hour. Feeling myself frown, I answered.

“Mum, is everything alright?” i said full of concern.

“Hello dear, it’s your mother calling.”

“Hi mum, is everything alright?”

“Yes yes, I thought i would call you because I couldn’t sleep and well, it has been a while since we last spoke and i haven’t seen you for such a long time!” she said cheerily. “How are you my dear?”

I felt relieved to hear that. She lived by herself now as my father had passed a year ago after having a heart attack, she was coping well but she was all by herself out there in the countryside just outside Oxford. It wasn’t too far from civilisation, but far enough for me to worry that something should happen to Escort bayan her and she had no one to look out for her.

“I am ok I guess, just work is bringing me down at the moment and I never seem to get on top of it. I am so stressed out, I have no life, I am lonely and I just want a cuddle from you and I miss dad!” Everything just came out and I started to cry my eyes out, shaking uncontrollably and I could feel myself hyperventilating.

“Emily dear… Emily? Listen to me, you need to calm down, breathe slowly. Come on dear, you can do it, listen to my voice! Breathe… breathe… That’s it.”

“I…I…I…” Not being able to fully breathe, I was panicking.

“Listen to my voice dear, mummy is here.”

I vaguely understood what she was saying but I knew what I needed to do whenever this happened to me, I just focused on my breathing as I could hear her calm but muffled voice. After a few minutes, my breathing had settled and I wasn’t shaking as much as I had been.

“Its..its ok mum, it is subsiding.” I could feel my eyes burning still, the tears had stopped at least.

“Listen to what I am going to tell you now!” her voice stern and commanding. She meant business!

“Ok mum.” there was no point in arguing with her, i succumbed to the fact and listened intently as i could hear her breathing before she softly spoke.

“You are going to phone the office and leave a message, you are going to tell them that you are not feeling well and that you need to take some time off. No arguments! You will then come and visit your dear mother and stay for a while so I can take care of you! You need to rest, you work too hard and you do too much! You will work yourself into an early grave and I simply won’t have it!” her voice got louder and more urgent as she finished.

“I will send my manager a message in the morning, I promise.”

“Or I will come and stay with you! Either way, you must take some time off! Life is too short Emily dear.” she said imploringly.

We spoke for another 10 minutes or so, briefly catching up on life and she joked with me bringing smiles and laughter. I felt a lot better after the call, a little weight off my shoulders, she was right after all, I had needed to take time off as it had been over 6 months since I had last done so. I just had to square it with my boss, it could go either way but I knew if I didn’t ask, I would not get it! No point in wasting time, I quickly formulated what I was going to say before typing it on my phone and sending it.

I was surprised to have a response so fast, he basically said that he agreed and I could have the following week and to not worry about the work I had taken home, he would send a courier out to collect in the morning. I had refused that part and told him that i would work the files over the weekend and courier them monday morning. I wouldn’t take no for an answer! He thanked me and finished by saying good night and for me to have a nice week off. I looked at the message exchange and smiled to myself, that was easy I thought. I phoned my mother and filled her in, she sounded so happy and proud of me.

“See you on Monday afternoon Mummy, I love you!”

“See you then my dear, we are going to have so much fun and i am going to take good care of you. Love you!”

Feeling tired, I went to the bathroom to prepare myself for bed, sitting on the toilet. I could feel how wet I was as I parted my labia to wee, rubbing my clitoris, I decided to bring myself off right there and it didn’t take long for me to cum. Finishing up and heading to climb into bed, I felt a little weird because I was thinking about my mother. I was going to see her in a couple of days and the sound of her voice. It turned me on so much, smiling as I slid under my duvet before pulling it over my head. I fell asleep.


The following morning I had woken up a little later than I normally would have done, probably owing to the attack I had and the subsequent self pleasure on the toilet. Thinking back with a smile on my face, it had felt really good and different than it normally did, usually I would browse online for material to bring myself off to. It was just gratuitous and meaningless, my mind never fully engaging with it but it had always been just enough for my body to go through the motions, almost robotic with no feeling.

I pushed my thoughts on it to the back of my mind, I was being silly and didn’t want to read too much into it. So after eating breakfast, I helped myself to a second mug of coffee and set off to attack the work I had brought home from the office. I had lost all sense of time as I ploughed through it, subconsciously pausing for refreshments, relieving myself on the toilet and stretching my legs every now and then. It was nearly 11pm by the time I had finished, checking everything was in order and ready to be collected the following morning by the courier as promised.

Letting out a long sigh, it was more Bayan escort of a relief than anything else and I could feel some of the weight lift from my shoulders as I stretched my arms in the air. Suddenly becoming aware that I stank, a shower was called for so I stripped off and made my way to the bathroom to go through my usual bedtime routine before climbing into bed. My thoughts were on what the coming week would be like, to get out of the commotion of the city and see the countryside, my mother’s face and the other evening where I had been pleasuring myself thinking about her. Rolling over and burying myself deeper into my duvet, I pushed those thoughts back and focused on sleep, it didn’t take long.


I woke up around 8am, considerably later than I normally would have on a Monday morning with work and my early morning commute to the city. Aware that the buzzer was going for the intercom, I quickly answered and informed the courier I would be down in a minute. With the document case collected and on its way to the office, I smiled knowing that there would be no need to think about work for a week, a rarity! By 11am, I was finally on my way out of the door, the taxi was waiting to take me to Paddington station where I would catch the train to Oxford. Stopping at a kiosk, I bought some flowers for my mother, a sandwich, packet of crisps, a Snickers bar and a hazelnut latte for the approximate hour long journey.

The train had arrived on time, it was a nice journey and I enjoyed seeing the countryside as it had been a while since I had seen so much green space. I was glad to step off the train, public transport was never a joy for me, I would have driven myself but I just wanted to shut off. My mother had suggested the train and said that she would pick me up, she actually insisted because she didn’t often get the chance to give Betty a good run. Betty was a British racing green Morris Minor traveller, it was her first car and she cherished it dearly as it had been a gift from my grandfather. She also had a modern car but that was just a run around, she only took Betty out for special occasions so i felt honoured for this little treat.

“Milly, over here dear! Milly?” I could hear her voice calling out to me, she used my pet name.

Turning around on tiptoes, I surveyed the platform and spotted her near the exit, she was waving her hand at me rather frantically. Upon seeing her, I was suddenly overcome with a feeling of intense love and admiration, my heart skipped a beat and I now had butterflies in my tummy, I almost ran to her. Finally reaching her, I threw my arms around her and gave her a big hug and kissed her on the cheek.

“Hello mummy, it is so good to see you!” I beamed at her, she wiped her eyes with a handkerchief laughing at herself for being so emotional in public. She wasn’t really one for public displays of affection, it was a rare thing but she was always kind and loving, she just didn’t see why it should be done with other people looking.

“Milly dear, let me look at you! You have lost weight since I last saw you, working so much I guess and eating at inconvenient times no doubt!” she scanned me up and down and spun me around tutting away to herself.

“Mum, can we please not do this here and just get to the car and home?” picking up my bags, we made our way to the car park. Spotting the car, my face lit up at the sight of her. “Betty!” I cried out as we approached, having to wait for her to manually unlock the doors to the boot so I could throw my bags in before closing them. She had loved her flowers, keeping them safe between my ankles as we got ourselves out into the countryside. “She still goes then?” I commented on the car, intentionally teasing her, she looked at me with a playful scowl before turning her attention on the road.

“This car has…” she started.

“Been with me since…blah blah blah!” I started mocking her, intentionally teasing her about the speech I had heard many times before. I laughed as she reached her left hand across and shook her fist playfully in my face.

“Cheeky girl, I have the right mind to put you over my knee when we get home!” she laughed to herself.

Upon hearing that, I felt my body shudder and a twinge in my pussy. I fell silent in thought, why was I all of a sudden having thoughts about this wonderful lady, my mother? About 15 minutes had passed through the nearest village, nothing had changed since my last visit. We turned into the lane leading to her house, feeling Betty rumble over the cattle grid as we passed through the open wooden gate onto the gravel driveway and came to a stop at the front door to the cottage. I had said that I would put Betty away as she unlocked the door, nodding her agreement before she disappeared.

My mother’s name was Susan, at 54, she was an attractive lady. She was a bit old fashioned in the manner she carried herself, always dressed well and her hair was relatively short and had curls, Escort the type you see ladies had done in salons with the big rollers and would be sat under one of those dryers reading magazines or gossiping. She was about 5 foot 7 inches tall, she carried a little extra padding, her boobs weren’t too big and she had amazing legs. Her face was pretty, nice blue caring eyes and she always seemed to be smiling.

As I walked into the house, closing the door behind me I could smell that there was a fresh pot of tea on the go, she had laid out a few scones with a pot of clotted cream and raspberry jam as well as a plate with a selection of sandwiches, crusts removed and cut into perfect fingers. I was so happy to be home with her, she did so much for me which made me feel a bit guilty for moving out.

“Expecting the Queen?” I teased, eyeing her over the rim of my cup to see her reaction,

“Ever the wind up merchant I see.” she looked at me smiling. “Then again, I suppose that you have not visited your dear old mother for so long… it is almost like royalty is visiting with you being here!” she added, laughing at her retort.


“Finish up, why don’t you take your bags to your bedroom and have a nap, you must be tired after your travels!” Knowing that it wasn’t a question, I offered no resistance. We both stood up, she had gone to the sink and I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist, she flinched, putting her hand on mine pulling me into her. I gave her a kiss on her neck.

“Thank you Mummy, I love you!”

“I love you too my dear.”

I had almost left the kitchen before turning, she had her arms wrapped around herself and was just staring out of the window. I left her be and went for a nap.


I must have been asleep for about 3 hours before I woke, jumping a little when I noticed my mother sat on the bed beside me, she looked at me when she realised that I was now awake and apologised. She had been crying as I could see her eyes were puffy and her mascara was smudged, I asked her if she wanted to speak about it, patting the bed indicating for her to lie down next to me. She had politely declined and told me that dinner was nearly ready and that I should put some clothes on and join her when I was ready. Looking down at myself, I had stripped down to my underwear, suddenly realising that she must have been embarrassed to see her daughter invite her into bed with hardly any clothes on. Subtle Emily, very subtle I thought to myself.

We sat and ate dinner, she had made a cottage pie with the crunchy top that I always liked, buttered peas and a salad, she wasn’t a big drinker but she had opened a bottle of wine to which we shared with each other. It must be bad I thought to myself, I didn’t want to press the matter so spoke to her about random topics whilst we ate. I insisted on tidying up, she had protested but putting my foot down, I ordered her to go put her feet up and I would bring in the Tea.

We sat there watching some gardening show, drinking our tea. It was nice to be in her company but I was concerned about her, before I could ask her if she got up and said that she was going to go run her bath and settle down for the night in her room. She leant down and gave me a kiss on the cheek before she left the room. At that point, I couldn’t help but feel awful that I had felt aroused about her, her voice, the thought of her body, her strength and now her weakness too. Tidying the lounge before heading back to my bedroom, I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

“Milly dear?” hearing her calling me, I went into her bedroom but she wasn’t there, so i followed the sound of water splashing and remembered she was having a bath, entering her bathroom I felt my stomach leap as I saw her lying in the bath. She gave me a little smile when she saw me.

“Would you be so kind and wash my back for me dear?”

“Of course I will!” taking the bar of soap from her outstretched hand, i lathered it up and began rubbing her back. I could feel she was tense. I was very thorough at washing her back, making sure to go right down to her bottom, her shoulders and down her arms, she approved. Without thinking, I started to knead at her shoulders and back, she showed her surprise but was quick to ease back and lie down in the tub. Her boobs were just out of the water, they were a lot bigger uncovered like this and she had nice brown nipples that as far as i could tell were erect, not able to take my eyes off her chest I continued with my efforts.

It wasn’t long before she stood herself up, she reached for a towel and put it to her face. I gasped when she turned towards me, looking up at her as she bent down for a kiss before climbing out and drying herself off. She had just exposed her entire body to her daughter. I thought I couldn’t be anything but aroused when I saw her bend down to dry her legs, turning to expose her hairy pussy inches from my face. I stood up and excused myself and left as she thanked me again as she wrapped herself in her towel. This was nuts I thought, naturally feeling embarrassed about the feelings I was having towards my mother, I just couldn’t stop visualising her naked body.

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