My Adventures with The Annes Ch. 18

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All persons in this story are of legal age. No sexual detail involves any persons under the legal age.

### ### ###

Like my Mother I was a hooker. We’d been on the game since the last days of the war, after my Father died in the Far East.

I didn’t so much as follow in her footsteps as we went hand in hand to a more secure future.

Early Summer, 1950, I’d recently celebrated a birthday with two clients in a big hotel in London, a whole weekend of London, The Windmill, sight-seeing and sex, all expenses paid and a bloody good pay-check at the end. Mind you, I earned every penny, couldn’t walk proper for a week afterwards.

I was good, I was busy and I was having a great time! I was ready for anything!

Certainly ready for Bob when he pulled up in his little white sports car with red leather upholstery!

### ### ###

“I just know you’re going my way,” said the driver, “hop in, I’ll give you a lift.”

I was trying to find my Zippo. I looked up, straight into the eyes of this incredible guy. Big smile, sparkling eyes, wide shoulders and… he looked dangerous. Maybe not as dangerous as going off into the woods with a stranger as I had when I first started whoring my body but certainly somebody I’d be happy to get inside my silk knickers, for free! He swung the door open.

I totally forgot about my unlit cigarette, hoisted my skirt higher than absolutely required and lowered myself into the red leather upholstery. Swinging my legs over the sill I left my skirt high enough to show an inch or two of bare flesh above the stocking tops.

Within two hundred yards his hand was on that bare flesh. I made no move to stop him. A hundred yards later it was trying to move my knickers aside. I turned to face him. Put one arm along the back of his seat and my other hand resting on his thigh. It stayed there mere seconds before I moved it to where his cock should be. It was already big and growing bigger.

“Do these come off?” he said, pulling at my knickers.

“Only if this comes out to play,” I told him, blatantly stroking his cock, “know anywhere we can stop?”

“Got a couple of ideas, gonna take your knickers off while I drive there?”

“Nope,” I told him, “not until I’ve seen the size of your cock. Want to ensure it’s worth the effort.” I stroked again.

“You get it out, I’m driving,” he said changing his position a little so I could get at him a bit easier.

I was used to getting cocks out quickly and his belt and flies were no problem. I worked my hand inside his pants and gasped. It was big! AND still growing. I stroked and felt it respond. Hooking my wrist over the top of his pants I bent my elbow and looked down. The big, fat, purple head of his throbbing cock winked at me! I swear it did. My first thought was that I wouldn’t want another cock alongside it when it was fucking me.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed, “get to the nearest place fast. I want that in my mouth, first.” I told him then reached down, unbuttoned my skirt and in one simple move removed skirt and knickers.

“Put your knickers in the glove box,” he demanded.

I didn’t argue.

He pulled up beside a five bar gate. Chained, padlocked and rusty. I got straight out, grabbed my skirt and waited for him to join me. There was a little gate beside the big gate for walkers, and I pushed it open and went through. Bob followed. I stopped him as soon as he was through. Pushed him back against the gate and knelt before him. His cock was still sticking out of his pants. I pulled pants and trousers down in one go and attacked his beautiful cock with my lips. No way could I get anything like all his cock in my mouth, bigger and fatter than I’d ever had before, I tried my best. I sucked and stroked, listened to his breathing and licked. I knew how to give head, big time! I edged him so many times I lost count. He called me a teasing bitch then told me not to stop. I knew I had to give him release soon but…

“How long to recover after you’ve shot your load down my throat?”

“Fifteen, twenty minutes,” he said, “depends how good you are,” he added with an evil grin.

I sucked him and stroked him into my greedy mouth. He filled me. I nearly choked he gave me so much spunk. I didn’t spill a single drop of his delicious fluid. I kept his cock in my mouth until I felt it softening. Working it out of my mouth I sorted his pants and trousers out so he could walk. I looked at my watch, pointedly.

“You timing me?” he said with a laugh.

“Yeah! You got twenty minutes, quarter past, OK?” I grinned up at him as I hacked the watch.

He helped me up. I waited while he went and collected a rug out of the back seat.

“Greedy bitch!” he said on his return.

“You don’t know the half of it!” I told him, “where’re we going?”

He took me down the path, fields on one side, woods on the other. At a ‘T’ path he led me into the woods. We stopped by a big beech tree. We went round behind it. Putting the rug on the floor he told me to step on. He removed my top, my silky bra and just looked at me. Naked but for stockings, suspenders and heels. It wasn’t even ten o’clock in the morning!

We fucked all morning. We didn’t stop for lunch and fucked all afternoon and into the early evening. I got tidied Escort bayan up. He dropped me off at home. He picked me up the next day. He took me to his house. We fucked in very room. It was a very big house. We fucked in the gardens. We fucked everywhere. I couldn’t see him every day nor all day again but we met as often as we were able and fucked whenever we could.

I got sloppy, lazy, stupid! I got pregnant. I told him. He was delighted. Said we’d get married as soon as possible. He dropped me off at home, told me to tell my mother and that he’d look after me. As he drove away I knew I couldn’t ever see him again. I told my Mum. She was excellent.

Fortunately it was a Friday night. Ted, the bank manager, and her current live in lover, offered to drive us to Lincolnshire where my Aunt Bet, Uncle Albert and cousin Geoff lived.

“Do we know the way?” he asked plaintively.

“Get us to Sleaford and I know the way from there,” said Mum.

I dashed upstairs to my room and sorted through the maps Chuck had given me, way back.

“Where’s Sleaford?” I asked.

“On the road from Peterborough to Lincoln,” she replied quickly, “A15, I think.”

I navigated to Sleaford and Mum got us the rest of the way. She was surprised that Chuck had taught me to read the maps he’d given me. I just love maps!

Uncle Albert worked on a farm and they lived in a detached house in the middle of nowhere, a perfect place to hide a pregnant slut without a husband. I’d no memory of ever seeing my Mum’s sister let alone her husband and I’d never met Geoff. He was the same age as me give or take a couple of weeks. Mum and Aunt Bet always wrote, regularly, sent birthday and Christmas cards and like all sisters, always offered to be ‘there when needed’. Well, she was needed! And she came up trumps!

Mum explained the situation, pulling no punches. Aunt Bet gave me a big hug and told me not to worry, she’d look after me.

“Not sure where we’ll sleep her,” she said, “but we’ll find somewhere.”

“Oh! She can sleep with Geoff,” said my Mum happily, “S’not like she can get pregnant again, is it?”

Aunt Bet gave Mum a look that said, quite clearly, that they had a lot more in common than people might think. She grinned, looked me up and down appraisingly and smiled a big smile.

“I don’t think Geoff’s going to argue with that. I take it you won’t complain too loudly either?” she grinned at me.

I told her I wouldn’t but didn’t mention that I might not be very quiet at times.

“You just let the poor boy sleep now and then, OK?” laughed my mother.

### ### ###

I awoke with the sun streaming through the window and lighting up the bedroom with a nice warm glow. It seemed far too early so I checked my watch. Zero seven hundred! It felt as if it should be more like three am! I tried to go back to sleep but then felt a hand on my bum. My bare bum! My silk nightie had ridden up in the night. It didn’t feel like the amorous hand of a client seeking further attention. I’d woken up a few times to discover someone’s hand exploring my body but seldom after a night’s sleep. It was usually when we’d dozed off for a few minutes after a hectic session. This hand was more the hand of someone who had discovered somebody else was in the bed and trying to discover who?

Suddenly all the covers were thrown off the bed. “Who’re you?” demanded a bleary voice.

I rolled onto my back.

“Hi Geoff, I’m your cousin Valerie,” I announced brightly. He wasn’t at all as I expected.

“Are you?” he smiled “Mum’s told me about you but I didn’t realise you were so beautiful. What are you doing in my bed? Not that I’m complaining you understand?”

He was looking directly at the swellings of my big tits under the near transparent silk while talking.

Rolling onto my side and raising myself onto one elbow I looked down the length of his body. His morning stiffy, a better than decent sized cock at that, was poking out of the gap in his pyjamas. I wrapped my hand around it.

“And nobody told me how handsome my Cousin Geoff was,” I told him, stroking his cock lovingly, “this all ’cause of me or d’you need to pee?” I said teasingly and raised my knee, just a little.

He didn’t so much as flinch! Just looked straight at my tits then down the rest of my body. I liked that. And I liked what I was holding in my hand. I turned around so I was kneeling over his cock and went straight down on him. A great way to start a new life! I didn’t play, just concentrated on sucking him off.

### ### ###

“You two coming down for breakfast?” came Aunt Bet’s voice.

“Just cumin Mum!” shouted Geoff and even I heard the snort of a stifled laugh from downstairs.

He was, and I swallowed it all and laughed as I rolled onto my back. I opened my legs wide, very satisfied. To my surprise and delight he went straight in, licking my pussy deep then sucking on my engorged clitty like an expert. I was so delighted I came quickly. He chuckled happily.

“Better get down, Mum’s waiting.” he said straightening out his cock and tucking it back into his pyjamas.

I got off the bed and stood up. My nightie fell back where it should have been.

“Stand by the window,” he suggested.

I stood and Bayan escort saw my silhouette on the lino where the light streamed through the silk.

“Nice!” he said appreciatively, “‘m I gonna wake up next to you tomorrow morning?”

“I hope so,” I told him honestly.

Geoff led the way into the enormous kitchen. It surprised me until I realised that it was basically the whole of the ground floor of the house. The front parlour was tiny, just room for a small three piece suite clustered around the open fire. The outside privy was just outside the back door.

“You two bin getting acquainted?” she asked quietly.

“Yes, Mum,” Geoff said without even batting an eyelid.

I just smiled and nodded.

“Told him why you’re here yet or shall I?” she asked kindly as she plonked two large plates of cooked breakfast on the table before us.

“I’m pregnant.” I told Geoff looking straight into his big, brown eyes, “so you’ll won’t have to worry.”

I watched his face while he processed the information. I saw the little light in his head click on and he smiled. He looked at his Mum. I looked at his Mum, worried that I had probably overstepped the mark despite what she’d said when we arrived.

His Mum smiled happily.

“OK, Geoff,” she said seriously, “it’s complicated but Valerie is NOT here, never has been never will be. OK? She can’t leave the farm. Any running around Valerie needs, you’ll have to do it. OK?”

“Yes Mum. No friends visiting either. Don’t worry I’m good with secrets Mum.”

“Now, Valerie, yer Mum and me had a good long chat before they went back. You packed in a hurry and there’s stuff you’ll need so she’ll make up a couple of parcels and put them on the train.. She’ll be up in a month to check you’re alright. She said the Dad will likely be trying to find you. She’ll write, keeping you posted on everything that happens and says you’re sensible enough to make your own decisions on what you do, OK? Ted says he’ll send up some cash with your Mum, as you won’t be able to get to the bank. Geoff will post any letters you want to send. Stay around the house all the time. When your time gets close I’ll call Dr. Satchel, he’s good. He’ll see you right. Questions?”

“Valerie going to sleep with me tonight?” asked my cousin, pointedly.

Aunt Bet smiled. I grinned happily

“Yes Dear, where else would she sleep? There’s hardly room in with your Dad ‘n’ me, is there? Now, get lost for half an hour. Valerie and me need to talk, girl talk, hoppit! And close the door.”

With just the two of us left in the room Aunt Bet came and sat across the kitchen table from me.

“Well pet, are you OK? Did you sleep alright? You look a bit shell shocked, if I may say so, but then it’s understandable. Yesterday you were in the arms of your lover and now, you’re in the middle of nowhere with people you’ve only heard of.

I laughed out loud.

“Aunt Bet,” I spluttered, I’m fine, honest. Slept like a log. I know my world’s turned upside down but I know it’s my own fault, totally. I was just stupid. The important thing is that my man doesn’t suffer from my stupidity. He’s a well liked wealthy man in our area. Getting a stupid hooker like me pregnant will not do him any favours. No, I was laughing coz I’m happy. It’s lovely here. You’re lovely and so’s Geoff.” I stopped abruptly, “errrm…” I hesitated, “bit surprised about you letting me ‘n’ Geoff sleep together though,” I blurted out uncomfortably.

Aunt Bet has a lovely smile, it’s because she practised a lot. She smiled at me and leaned forward conspiratorially.

“Sweetheart,” she said kindly, “there’s nothing your Mum hasn’t told me about how the two of you survived after your Dad died. I’m proud of you both, my little sister and my niece. Bit jealous to be honest. I’ll be blunt, Rose says I can be as blunt as I like with you. Old beyond your years. Nothing fazes you right?”

I just nodded in agreement. It’s fair to say I’d packed a lot of living into my few years.

“I could do with the extra help,” she continued, “to be honest Geoff is as greedy as his Dad and between them they’re wearing me out. Any help you can give me will be very welcome.”

Reaching over I took Aunt Bet’s hand in mine and squeezed it tenderly.

“Aunt Bet, it’ll be a pleasure to help you out, any way I can. I’ll have to await your guidance with Uncle Albert though. I’d hate to upset any apple carts,” I confirmed with another squeeze of affection.

“Your Mum also said…” she tailed off to silence.

I could see where she was trying to go and smiled warmly.

“That I also enjoy a cuddle?” I suggested, “to be honest, while it’s nice to have men’s rough hands and mouths on my body, I find the soft touch of another woman very enjoyable.

She beamed, happily.

“Yes, exactly. It’s just as difficult out in the middle of nowhere for us girls as it is for our men,” she said pointedly.

I felt all warm inside. I just knew I was going to be happy in the middle of nowhere.

“Question?” I asked after a few minutes.

“Ask away!” she said delightedly.

“Did you teach Geoff to eat pussy?”

She roared with delight!

“I did, is he good?”

“Best ever!” I told her happily, “brought me off in Escort no time this morning, exactly what I needed too.”

“Rose tells me you give great head. Bert will appreciate that.”

### ### ###

It was a wonderful day. I was able to walk around the house and into the nearby fields. I could see for miles in every direction. There was little to see, anywhere, just fields with hedgerows and the occasional farm house. The odd farm vehicle in a field. About a mile away, according to the map was a main road and I spent ages trying to locate it. There was very little, if any traffic. Geoff had gone into the village, about three miles away to get some bits for his Mum. I watched as he cycled down the track then he just seemed to disappear.

“It’s a lovely day, Aunt Bet, mind if I take my clothes off?”

“No dear, might join you in a while.”

It was a wonderful feeling! I’d not been totally naked and free, outdoors for ages, except getting fucked by Bob on his land. That didn’t count. I was laying on a small patch of grass just letting the world go by.

“That looks comfy. Mind if I join you?”

Opening my eyes I looked straight up and up and up. Aunt Bets bare legs seemed to go on for miles! Then her pussy, flat stomach and on to her nice, big tits. I licked my lips involuntarily and looked up further into her smiling face and sparkling eyes. I patted the grass beside me. I had grown up a lot since the war ended!

She laid down, not quite close enough to be touching.

“Geoff’ll be gone for at least another hour,” she said suggestively.

Rolling towards her I took the initiative and kissed her full on the mouth.

“Good,” I told her, “time to get to know you.”

I kissed her again, tenderly, nibbled her ear, down her neck and onto her shoulder. She began to sigh contentedly so I carried on to her large breast, nipped and nibbled before circling her areola with my tongue. She started to moan softly as I sucked a nipple into my mouth I stroked my hand downwards, across her flat tummy. I felt her legs part invitingly and carried on down. Soft, tickly hairs told me I was close to her desire. I probed gently, feeling her wetness and slipped my finger inside. She shuddered instantly and sighed contentedly.

Removing my finger I ignored her sound of dismay and spread her wetness all around her pussy before sliding a finger back inside her. I probed, seeking her button while my mouth abandoned her nipple and wandered downwards. As it approached its goal she pushed her hips up, begging for my attention. I didn’t keep her waiting and my tongue circled her clitty before my lips sucked it into my mouth.

Sucking her clitty and fingering her pussy brought her to climax quickly. She shouted her release to the heavens before I brought her down in loving stages until she trembled and called me to her arms. We cuddled and kissed and I stroked her breasts tenderly.

I snuggled and we dozed contentedly.

### ### ###

“Hi, Mum!”

“Hello Darling, you were quick!” said Aunt Bet totally un-fazed by being discovered naked in the garden cuddled up to her young niece.

“No,” I said, looking at my watch, “we’ve been asleep for over an hour.”

“Have we? Well you had a very long day yesterday, you must have been exhausted!,” she said with a little smile, “Geoff dear, put the kettle on please. We’ll be in directly.”

When Geoff was out of earshot Aunt Bet leaned in close.

“Meant to ask you earlier dear, got distracted, would you mind blowing Bert this evening?”

“Not at all!” I responded without hesitation. Where? When?”

“I’ll send Geoff on another errand after dinner. Maybe then? I can stay in the kitchen if you prefer?”

“I don’t mind you being there, if you don’t?”

She looked at me, as if trying to decide if I was kidding her or not.

“I’d like that Dear, thank you.”

### ### ###

So Geoff went off on a wild goose chase. I stripped naked in the kitchen and walked into the front room where Uncle Bert was sitting in the chair reading an old newspaper. He looked up at me. I stopped, held out my arms, nearly touching opposite walls and pirouetted slowly.

“You like?”

“I do, very much!”

“I’m the blow-job fairy. I’ve cum to make you cum and help you relax after a long day in the fields.”

Kneeling at his feet I undid his trousers and slipped his braces off his shoulders.

“Be easier to get these off if you stand up,” I suggested sitting back on my heels.

He stood obediently. I worked his trousers and pants down as one then over his feet and put them to one side. His cock was just above my head, beginning to look interested. I knelt up, looked into his eyes and wrapped my hand around his fat cock. I stroked upwards until I could feel his cock head under his foreskin. I stroked down exposing his knob end. With it fully exposed I opened my mouth and swallowed his helmet completely. Flicking it with my tongue then worked my tongue around and under the glans. He started to tremble. Stroking his length I kept my mouth on his knob and started to explore his balls, his perineum and his anus with my other hand. He started to twist and turn under my exploring fingers but I wouldn’t let him escape. He started to pant. I stroked down his length and followed my hand with my mouth taking his knob end deep into my throat. I swallowed and could feel his cock throbbing. Relaxing my muscles I withdrew his entire length, paused then swallowed him deep again.

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